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					BWF Programs and Priorities
     Nancy Sung, Ph.D.

      January 23, 2008
      U.S. Veterans Administration
      Office of Research and Development
      Research Cyber Seminar
• Funding for Biomedical Research

• About Burroughs Wellcome Fund

• Mission and Strategy

• Award Programs
              TOTAL GIVING, 1965–2005
                                     ($ in billions)

250          Inflation-adjusted dollars
             Current dollars




      1965    1970       1975       1980    1985       1990   1995   2000     2005
Recessions in green: 1969–70; 1973–75; 1980; 1981–82; 1990–91; 2001

              Steep growth 1996-2000
                                                              Source: Giving USA, 2007
                          ($ in billions)

•Tripling of foundation giving from 1995-2005
•Number of foundations nearly doubled,
        now over 71,000 (50/week)                                               30.00
•Foundation assets in 2006: over $550 billion                   27.88
•Foundation payout in 2006: $40.7 billion                               24.58

         9.56                    8.89
  7.01                                                     10.56
                 5.99   6.66                7.23
                                  4.90                      Inflation-adjusted dollars
         1.90   1.65    2.81                                Current dollars

  1965   1970   1975    1980     1985       1990        1995       2000         2005
                          Data: The Foundation Center

                            Environment International
             Arts, culture, and animals     affairs     Foundations
           and humanities                                 $21.70        Unallocated
                               $8.86        $6.39                         giving
                $13.51         3.4%          2.5%          8.3%
Public-society 5.2%                                                       $16.15
   benefit                                                                 6.2%
Human services                                               Religion
   $25.36                                                     $93.18
    9.7%                                Education             35.8%
                               Grants for biomedical, translational
                               and clinical research account for
                               about 4% of the total
            Funding the Biomedical Research Enterprise
                           140      Medical Device Firms                                               Total investment
                                    Biotechnology Firms                                                tripled since 1996
                           120      Pharmaceutical Firms

                                    Private Funds
                                                                                                       Majority funded
                                    State & Local Govt.
                           100                                                                         by industry
                                    Federal Support Other than NIH
  Funding, $ in Billions

                                    National Institutes of Health
                            80                                                                         Proportion from
                                                                                                       private, non-profit



                             1996            1998                   2000          2002   2004   2006

Source: JAMA 2005; 294:1333-1342; Hamilton Moses, Alerion 2007
                  The Two
             Translational Blocks

   Basic                                                  Goal:
Biomedical    Block        Science        Block           Improved
 Research      1           Knowledge       2              Health

                  This is not the goal!

        Translation from             Translation of
        basic science to            new knowledge
         human studies           into clinical practice
                   Adapted Research Roundtable
 Adapted from IOM Clinical from IOM Clinical Research Roundtable, 2002
              Funding the Health
             Research Continuum

   Basic                                    Goal:
             Block    Science    Block
Biomedical                                  Improved
 Research                                   Health
              1      Knowledge    2

     NIH                                 AHRQ


                                    Health Foundations?

             VHAs: ACS, AHA, ADA, CFF
  Adapted from IOM Clinical Research Roundtable
        Under what conditions should
  philanthropy support biomedical research?

“[Foundations should] concentrate resources
  on problems that are not being dealt with by
  governments or for-profit organizations.
  Being constrained by neither voters nor
  shareholders, they can take risks to find
  pioneering new solutions that can then be
  adopted on a larger scale by governments or
  for-profit firms”

The Business of Giving: A Survey of Wealth and
  Philanthropy, The Economist, 2006.
Silas Mainville Burroughs (1880 photo) started his   Henry Wellcome enrolled in the Chicago College
career as a pharmaceutical sales representative in   of Pharmacy in 1872 and finished his education
 Philadelphia and moved to London in 1878 as an      at the Philadelphia College of Pharmacy, where
             agent for a U.S. drug firm.                         me met Silas Burroughs.
History of the Burroughs Wellcome Fund

1955 Burroughs Wellcome Fund (BWF) created as the
     corporate foundation of the U.S. company
1993 The Wellcome Trust sells the company and endows
     BWF with $400 million; Burroughs Wellcome Co.
     contributes $30 million to give BWF complete
2008 Endowment grows to $800 million
   Top 10 U.S. Foundations Awarding Grants
         for Medical Research, 2005*

Foundation                                                                 Amount, US               No. of
                                                                               $                    Grants
Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation                                           270,976,718               26
The Starr Foundation                                                         33,075,000               14
Burroughs Wellcome Fund                                                      25,804,239               83
Flight Attendant Medical Research Institute, Inc.                            20,461,776              143
Avon Foundation                                                              16,216,577               16
The Dana Foundation                                                          15,506,843               50
W.M. Keck Foundation                                                         14,970,000               16
The Picower Foundation                                                       13,198,221               8
Eli & Edythe L. Broad Foundation                                             12,689,219               45
The Robert A. Welch Foundation                                               10,960,000               37
*Based on grants of $10,000 or more awarded by a national sample of 1010 larger U.S. foundations.
Source: JAMA 2005; 294:1333-1342
    Burroughs Wellcome Fund

“To advance the biomedical sciences by
supporting research and other scientific
      and educational activities.”
      Grantmaking Strategies

• Career development of outstanding
  young scientists

• Development of investigators in
  targeted areas of science that are
  undervalued or underfunded
                 About BWF. . .
            Independent private foundation

             Endowment of ~ $800 million

             Award ~$40 million annually
                  in US & Canada

~ 85% of our grants are made through competitive peer-
              reviewed award programs

      Each program has an Advisory Committee

      ~ 15% of our grants are catalytic and adhoc

    ~ Engage in “Terrain” Mapping every five years
               BWF Board of Directors

• J. Michael Bishop, M.D.                • Mary-Lou Pardue, Ph.D.
    University of California at San          Massachusetts Institute of
  Francisco                                  Technology
• Enriqueta C. Bond, Ph.D.               • Jerome F. Strauss, III, M.D.
   Burroughs Wellcome Fund                   Virginia Commonwealth
• Carlos J. Bustamante, Ph.D.
                                         • Judith Swain, M.D.
   University of California-Berkeley
                                              University of California-San Diego
• Geoff Gerber, Ph.D.
                                         • Philip R. Tracy, Esq.
   TWIN Capital Management
                                             Smith, Anderson, Blount, Dorsett,
• Phil Gold, M.D., Ph.D. (chair)             Mitchell & Jernigan, L.L.P.
    McGill University
• I. George Miller, M.D.
    Yale University School of Medicine
                    Focus Areas

 Basic Medical Sciences
 Interfaces in Science
 Infectious Disease
 Translational Research (bench to bedside)
 Science Education
 Population Laboratory-based biological sciences
 Science and Philanthropy
                    Competitive Program Matrix

                                                    Eligible applicants

                                 Institutions       Postdoctoral          University
                                                    fellows               Faculty

Type of   K-12 education         Student Science
science                          Enrichment
          Physician scientists                      Career Awards in      Clinical Scientist
                                                    the Medical           Awards in
                                                    Sciences              Research

                                                                          Investigators in
                                                                          Pathogenesis of
          Infectious disease                                              Infectious Disease

          Interdisciplinary      New                Career Awards at
          science                population/basic   the Scientific
                                 science program    Interface
                         Biomedical Sciences
  Training Programs:                                 Career Development:
  Frontiers in Reproduction                          Awardee Conferences
  AAOGF                                              Informal Awardee Updates
  RSDP                                               Lab Management Course
                                                     Help with Individual Issues
                                                     Lab Manual
   Wellcome Research Travel Grants                   Career Development Pieces on
         Hitchings Elion Fellowship

                                                          Career Awards for
                          Career Awards at the
                                                          Medical Scientists
                          Biomedical Sciences

       1992          1995        1999       2006   2007
Evaluation:                                 Field Development:
Annual Advisory Committee reviews           Professional Society Support
Academic Medicine                           Support for outside studies and Initiatives
78:177-186, 2003                            Preterm Birth Initiative
Comparative MS Complete
           Basic Medical Sciences

  Career Awards in the Medical Sciences (CAMS)
Goal       To bridge advanced postdoctoral training, or fellowship &
           the first years of faculty service

Target     D.D.S., D.V.M., M.D., or M.D.-Ph.D. degree
           Working in any basic biomedical science, with not more
           than 120 months past most recent doctorate
           Disease-oriented, translational or molecular, genetic or
           pharmacological epidemiology research

Amount     $700,000 over five years

Deadline   October 1
                      Interfaces in Science:
      Physical/mathematical/computational science and biology

Training Programs:                                Career Development:
MBL Modeling Course                               Lab management course
MBL Physiology Course        Innovation           Faculty offer analysis
KITP Programs                Awards in            Awardee convening events

   Institutional Awards at the              Career Awards at the
    Scientific Interface (IASI)           Scientific Interface (CASI)

  1996                        2000   2001                           2008

                                            Field Development:
                                            “Bridging the Sciences” initiative
Evaluation:                                 Support for professional societies
Progress report review                      Disseminating experience at NIH, NSF,
2003: Science 301:1485                      HHMI, NAS
2007: Trainee Outcomes project
              Interfaces in Science

  Career Awards at the Scientific Interface (CASI)
Goal       To bridge advanced postdoctoral training & the first years
           of faculty service

Target     - Ph.D. degree in physical/mathematical/
             computational sciences
           - Working to address biological questions
           - With at least 12 months, but not more than 48 months
             of postdoctoral training

Amount     $500,000 over five years

Deadline   April 15
            Interfaces in Science

Career Awards at the Scientific Interface (CASI)

                Eligibility Exception

           U.S. or Canadian citizens or
              permanent residents

    Foreign scientists who present evidence that
     lawful immigration status has been granted
        & will extend through award duration
        (only one such nominee per institution)
                                Infectious Diseases

       Career Development:
                                                            BWF/WT Joint program
        Communicating Science
           Grant writing course
             Network Building
            Awardee Meetings                 New Investigators
         Lab Management Book                   in Mycology
  International Lab Management Book                                              BWF/ASTMH
                                          Scholars in Mycology                  ID Fellowships

               Scholars in Molecular Parasitology                         Investigators in
                                                                          Pathogenesis of
                New Investigators in Molecular Parasitology
                                                                        Infectious Diseases
1981        1990                      1995              1999     2000                         2005

                                                                        Field Development:
           Field Development:                                              Aspergillus genomes
         Woods Hole Parasitology course                                     C.albicans genome
                    Societies                                             Cryptococcus genome
             Woods Hole Mycology                                                  PlasmoDB
          IOM Microbial Threats Forum                                        Tri-tryps genomes
            NIAID Fungal Workshops                                           Malaria genomes
           Support for small meetings                                       Malaria Next Steps
                                                                 New tools for work on Metazoan Parasites
              Infectious Disease

Investigators in Pathogenesis of Infectious Disease

Goal       To provide new opportunities for accomplished
           investigators at the Asst. Professor level to
           study pathogenesis
Target      - M.D. or Ph.D.
            - Assistant Professor with record of
              independent research

Amount      $500,000 over five years

Deadline    November 1

   Career Development:
   Awardee/trainee convening events
   AAMC, APM initiatives on clinical investigator career track
   Drug Development course
   AAAS website for physician scientists

Scholar Awards
      in                    Clinical Scientist Awards in
 Experimental                  Translational Research
            1997                                                 2007
       Field Development:
       IOM Clinical Research Roundtable, Drug Forum
       Other IOM, AAMC studies
       Support for professional societies
       Clinical research ethics, conflict of interest
       Health Research Alliance
            Translational Research

Clinical Scientist Awards in Translational Research
Goal       To foster the development of established
           independent physician-scientists
           whose work bridges gap between
           “bench and bedside”
Target     - M.D. or M.D.-Ph.D. degree
           - late Assistant Professor or
             early Associate Professor
Amount     $750,000 over five years
Deadline   October 1

 Externally managed programs:       Career Development:
 ASTMH fellowships                  Awardee/trainee convening events
 ACOG/ AAOGF fellowships            AAMC, APM initiatives on clinical investigator
 MBL courses                        career track
                                    Lab management course
                                    AAAS website for physician scientists

                             Investigators in Pathogenesis
     Career Awards
                                 of Infectious Disease
         in the
    Medical Sciences                         Clinical Scientist Awards in
                                                Translational Research
 Postdocs         Early faculty     Mid career faculty
             Field Development:
             IOM Clinical Research Roundtable, Drug Forum
             Other IOM, AAMC studies
             Support for professional societies
             Clinical research ethics, conflict of interest
             Health Research Alliance
              Bridges between the Population and
                  Laboratory based Sciences

Bridges between the Population and Laboratory based Sciences

Field Development:
                                          Field Development:
Econometrics                              Trainee movement across institutions
Computer Modeling                         Program Evaluation
Evolutionary Biology                      Crosstalk with non-biological fields
Public Health and more!

    Field Development:
    Advanced Courses
    Awardee Trainee Gatherings
    Networking with existing BWF family
    Support for small meetings
               Population Sciences
         Institutional Program Unifying Population
              and Laboratory-based Sciences
Goal          The programs supported by these awards will
              develop young researchers who will be equally
              at home with the ideas, approaches, and
              insights generated at the molecular scale and
              at the population scale.
Target        Degree-granting institutions in the US and
Amount        $500,000 per year for five years
Deadline      Letter of intent: March 3
              Full application (invitation only) May 15
                         BWF Science Education
                         North Carolina Program
Student Enrichment                                                  Partnership Building
                             Institutional Capacity
     Science                                       NC Grassroots
                                                      Museum           K-12
    Enrichment                                                         Outreach
                             Convene Awardees       Collaborative                    NC SMT
     Program                Evaluation Workshops                       Conference
                                Sustainability                                       Center
                              Proposal Writing

            Public Policy             NC School of
                                    Science and Math
    Institute for                   Education Future                       Teacher Development
    Educational                          Center
   Policymakers NC Network of
                  Education                                              NSRC        UNC Fast
                   Funders                                               LASER        Track

1996                                                                                       2007
                Science Education

   Student Science Enrichment Program (SSEP)

Goal       To support creative inquiry-based science
           enrichment activities for elementary, middle
           and high school students

Target     non-profit organizations in North Carolina

Amount     Up to $180,000 over three years

Deadline   April 10
           Science & Philanthropy

   Noncompetitive “Complementary” Grants

Goal       To support activities that are closely related to
           our targeted areas and
           are intended to improve the general
           environment for science

Target     Non-profit organizations

Amount     Varies

Deadline   Received all year
                       Award Programs
     Grants Awarded* by Focus Area: FY 2006
Total Grants Awarded $39.6 M

                       Science     Science &
                      Education   Philanthropy
                        12%            1%           Biomedical
   Translational                                     Sciences
     Research                                          32%

                                                 Interfaces in
                   Infectious                      Science
                    Disease                          13%
                                                       *Millions of dollars
Is this how it works?
                    Info for Applicants

The Selection Process
   Application by Nominated Candidates

      Review by Scientific Advisory Committee

          Initial Scoring Leads to Finalists

             Advisory Committee Interviews All Finalists

                 Recommend Awardees to Board of Directors

                      Board Approval
                Info for Applicants

Grants are made . . .
 Primarily to degree-granting institutions on
  behalf of researchers, who must be . . .
          • Nominated by their institution
          • Citizens or permanent residents of the
            US or Canada *

 Secondarily to non-profit organizations conducting
  activities to improve the environment for science

                           * An exception is made for one program