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									                            Making £300 a Day is Easy!
Firstly, I'd just like to say thank you for purchasing this information. I do not charge a huge amount for it so I hope that
you will find it useful. Please note that if you try my system and you are not happy I will refund your money.

               I ask you to give us a couple of minutes of your attention if you want to learn how you may easily and
quickly make between £300 - £1000 a day over the internet.
 All you need to do is read this Site once and you'll understand and be ready to start increasing your income by using a
simple and efficient method.
My system involves playing Roulette online, with not your money, but the CASINOS money.Yes you will not actually
have to put any of your own money at risk. However I do stress, that you must stick to this method. When I first
started using it I started with £80, I had made myself up to £500 within a few hours. I then started to get greedy by
placing £5 bets instead of £1. The key to making this system work is Discipline. You must have your rules and stick by

  • Nobody can see what you're doing on your side of the monitor.

  • You can take as much time as you wan to decide what your next play will be.

  • You can play small amounts (real casinos have very high minimum bets, while
  online casinos have a1 pound minimum bet.)

Many of the Casinos online now allow you to deposit minimum £20 and they will match it for you, thus you will have
£20. The concept we be playing with the £40 that the casino gives you and you will be able to withdraw your original
This means that there is NO RISK for you trying this concept. Unless of course you DO NOT follow my instructions
to the very detail.

Not many people have been able to beat roulette successfully, the reason for this is because the house edge is nearly
impossible to overcome in a single random scenario. But what if you knew a flaw in the Casino formula that generates
these random numbers in a specific Casino? You could easily exploit this flaw and WIN everytime without every
having to worry about the house having an edge on you.

Most online casinos allow you to play for free, this way you'll be able to put techniques into practice before you
start betting real money.

The following casinos I recommend gives you more than 100% First Deposit Bonus.
If you deposit $/€/£100 Casino gives you $/€/£100,withdraw your $/€/£100 or Play with $/€/£200.

Remember Casinos gives this bonus for ONLY NEW PLAYERS. So Play at different Casinos.
Click the following casinos for getting 100% bonus.

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Step 1: Download the application from below to play. All of them are absolutely free and we've put our tricks to the
test on each one of them, and they have been prove high efficient.

    Blackjack Ballroom Casino             Casino Classic                        Casino Action

    Lucky Emperor Casino                   Zodiac Casino                      Casino Kingdom
      UK Casino Club                     Challenge Casino                        Nostalgia Casino

Step 2: Run the setup file (100% free from spyware and viruses). It will download fast and it's the only tool you need
to play, see 3D graphics, and interact with the cashier to get the money you make.

Step 3: Create an account in Real Money First.Close the casino and Reopen it Now Enter your Password.
Here you go.Try our techniques just for fun and you'll be able to easily multiply the invested amount in a couple of

Step 4:If you don’t want to expose your credit card at Casino No problem,you can create best online
instant,Highly secured Bank account for free of cost, withdraw your money directly to your bank
account all over the world and enjoy even more bonus.

To prove how efficient oure techniques are, we suggest that you play the demo mode before playing with real money.
You'll be able to play with "fake money" to test and learn all the techniques. Soon you'll eventually be able to finally
play with real cash. Try it out! We're sure you'll thank us later...

                 Winning Roulette Stragety
Now that we know what the basics are lets continue you with how this system works, please note that making money
from casinos is not a crime, however I do stress to not get Greedy, try and not make more than £150 per day in any one
casino otherwise you will draw attention to yourself.

 At first we are learning to bid using 1 bets, this will not make you £300 a day. You should aim to be making £80-90 in
about an hour to 90 minutes. This will build up your Bankroll slowly to the point were you can start betting more and
making more money. I am at the point where I can safely afford to make £5 bets and make £300 EASILY inside one
hour everyday.

When the software for the online casinos was being created, a certain event was programmed to never occur.
Apparently, the intentions of the original developer was to avoid situations that could cause players to doubt the
randomness of the game. In doing so, however, he created an exploitable flaw that could allow an observant
player to easily win. This flaw has yet to be corrected. Not all of you will go through with this and that is why it
will continue to be exploited by the few of us who do.

The event that is programmed to NEVER occur is for a 'High', 'Medium', or 'Low' number to not appear for more than
15 onsecutive spins. In other words, the flaw in the code is that at least ONE 'High', 'Medium', and 'Low' number
MUSTalways appear in 16 consecutive spins. You may already be guessing how you can exploit this,but please read on
to find out the best, most efficient way of exploiting this successfully.

The Flaw
The roulette table is divided into three sections, a Low, Medium, and High section, each of which you can place bets
on. Here are some images to help demonstrate these sections:

The    LOW[L] Sections contains the numbers 1 through 12

The MIDDLE[M] section contains the numbers 13 through 24
And the HIGH[H] section contains the numbers 25 through 36

For the Low section, any number between 1-12 will give you a win.

For the Middle section, any number between 13-24 will give you a win.

For the High section, any number between 25-36 will give you a win.

Step 1: From now on, just think of these sections as L,M,H. Take a blank piece of paper or use any computer text
editor (notepad is good).
Write down the letter of the section containing the result (L, M or H )

Step 2:Spin the wheel again (DON’T BET).Again,write down the section containing the result (L,Mor H ).
Throughout the system, you keep doing this, always adding the section where the ball lands. If it lands in the Zero,
write down “0”.

Step 3: As you do this, you will get a growing string of results (for example, you might get “L, M, H, H, L, H, M,
H,,H,L,H,M,……....” )

What you are looking for is a SPECIAL EVENT . Once you get a set of 10 spins without one of the sections coming
up, start betting.
For example you got this sequence: L, M, L, M, M, H, M, H,H,M,H,M,H
Since L has not come up for the past 10 spins, bet on section L.

Keep betting on the section until it wins, according to the following staking plan:

  Bet Number          Your Stake          Your Winnings
       1                  $1                    $3
       2                  $2                    $6
       3                  $3                    $9
       4                  $4                   $12
       5                  $6                   $18
       6                  $9                   $27
       7                 $13                   $39
       8                 $20                   $60
       9                 $30                   $90
      10                 $45                  $135
        11                 $67                  $201

As soon as you win, stop betting and go back to looking for the SPECIAL EVENT. When you find it, start betting back
at $1 again, and follow the staking plan each time. By following these instructions EXACTLY, you will make a steady
profit hour by hour. It is possible to lay up to 70 bets in an hour. I'm sure you can see the substantial earning potential
in this.
Now the Real Shocking news is Ready for you. With the above system we are using Only L,M,H bets.
         The following explained about the type of bets that you can able to bet on the roulette table.

Roulette Bet Descriptions
A:    This bet is called a "Straight Bet" and when you make this bet, you are betting on one number to win. The
payout will be 35 times your bet. As with all bets in Roulette, you can make as many bets as you like.

B: This is called the "Five Number Bet" (in American Roulette) and it's the only way to get five numbers with one
single bet. This is commonly known as a sucker's bet because the payout is reduced to 6-1 typically. If you must play
these numbers, and can afford it, you are better off betting these numbers individually.

C: This bet is a "Split Bet" and when you make it, you have two numbers working for you. In our example, we would
win if a 11 or 14 came up. This bet pays 17 to 1.

D: This bet is a "Corner Bet" and you get four numbers. In our example, we would win if the 17, 20, 16 or 19 came
up. The bet pays 8 to 1.

E: This is a "Street Bet" and you receive three numbers by making it. In our example, we would win if a 4,5 or 6
came up. The bet pays 11 to 1.

F: This is a "Line Bet" and you receive six numbers by making it. In our example, we would win if a 7,8,9,10,11 or
12 came up. The bet pays 5 to 1.

G: This is a "Column" bet and you get the entire column by placing it. In our example, we chose the first column so
our winning numbers are: 1, 4, 7, 10,13,16,19,22,25,28,31 and 34. The bet pays 2 to 1.

H: This is a "Dozens" bet. The board is divided up into three groups of twelve. In our example, we bet the 3rd dozen
so our winning numbers are: 25,26,27,28,29,30,31,32,33,34,35 and 36. The bet pays 2 to 1.

I:   This is a "Low or High" bet. You can either bet on the numbers 1-18 or 19-36. The bet pays even money.

J: This is an "Even or Odd" bet. You are betting that the number will be either an even number (example: 2,4,6 and so
on) or an odd number (example: 1,3,5 and so on). The bet pays even money.

K: This is a "Red or Black" bet. You are betting on the color of the number that will come up. This bet pays even

You now know all the main bet types in the game of Roulette! It's pretty easy once you play a few times. Are you ready
to find out how often these bets come up and what your chances of winning are?
It is impossible to play roulette with combination of all these bets with
tracking numbers by noting down . so

This is the Layout of the software,You can see that the software is telling to the player where to bet and howmuch to
bet.You can change the settings of the software according to your playing requirements

Click This link to download the above software Download Blackjack Sniper 2.0 Here

The above program works with Martingale Theory,
If you want to download the latest Casino Cheater                      Download From Here

As I just said, the casinos will give you the ability to deposit the amount you want, and they’ll match it 100%. They’ll
even allow you to withdraw your deposit back to your credit card or bank account right after.

This Casino will happily match your deposit up to £100. Please make sure you take your deposit out IMMEDIATELY
after you do it. This way you can get up to £100 for absolutely nothing. After you deposit and withdraw YOUR money
you will start using the money the Casino GAVE YOU to use this system.

Click below on the respective links, install their software, and deposit £100 to use this System successfully. If £100 is
too much for you, start with a lesser amount like 50 and work your way up.

        Blackjack Ballroom Casino                 Casino Classic                       Casino Action
            Lucky Emperor Casino                     Zodiac Casino                         Casino Kingdom

               UK Casino Club                       Challenge Casino                        Nostalgia Casino

A few GOLDEN POINTS to follow for continued success, please read:

1. - Be patient. Keep to the staking plan; don’t increase your starting bet. DON’T GET GREEDY.

2. - Don’t stay at the same table for more than 15 minutes. Use the “Switch Tables” button to move to a different
roulette table. I don't know why but it seems to get harder when you stay on the same table for an extended period of

3. - Try to keep £100-£150 in your bank to run this system.

4. - Only ever bet what you can afford to lose. There is no point going bankrupt in a Casino. Although, in this case, you
won't be risking your own money.

5. - Set your daily winnings limit to about £150. Be smart about it, try not to get noticed. I always call it a day at £150
and I have never had any problems.
6. Play European roulette gold only.If you can able to spin the wheel freely withput bet play Euroupean roulette also.
 But Don’t play Double Zero or American Roulette.

That is all you have to do to win with my System. The only way that things will go wrong is if you do not follow my
instructions exactly as written. You may not believe this is possible, but give it a try, and you will see for yourself. You
have absolutely nothing to lose. Please keep in mind that it is perfectly legal since you are not breaking any rules or
laws. Fixing this flaw is the Casinos responsibility, not yours.

   Not all of you are going to go through with this and that is why it will continue to be exploited by the
                                        few of you who do.

                                            Happy Playing

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