LEADING DIRECT MARKETING PRODUCTION COMPANY
                                TURNS TO FORCE 3 FOR ADVANCED IP NETWORK
                                Founded in 1968, Rockville, Maryland-based EU Services is one
                                of the nation’s premier full-service direct marketing production
                                companies, employing approximately 385 people.

                            Business Challenge
                                                                       After defining EU Services’ goals,
                            • Aging phone system caused                Force 3 implemented a Cisco Unified
                              daily communications                     Communications platform. The
                              challenges                               advanced solution would converge
                            •Current system threatened to              the company’s data, voice and video
                              erode EU Services high level             networks onto a single IP network.
                              of customer service
                                                                       “Force 3 and Cisco understood our
                                                                       needs and provided a complete solution
                            With an aging Nortel PBX (private          that met our goals
                            branch exchange) that couldn’t keep        and budget,” says
                            pace with its ambitious goals, EU          Paul Nicholson,
                            Services was experiencing significant      Vice President
                            and growing communication challenges       of Information
                            daily. In addition to speed, scalability   Systems, EU
                            and support issues, the antiquated         Services, “And we
                            phone system was growing extremely         knew Cisco would
                            costly to maintain.                        be in the phone
“Force 3 and Cisco                                                     business for years to come so we were
understood our              Perhaps more significant, the company’s    confident we were investing in a long-
needs and provided          existing solution couldn’t integrate       supported solution.”
                            with its Microsoft CRM (customer
a complete                  relationship management) application
solution that met           and there was no way to remedy the
our goals and               solution without major and costly
budget”                     custom programming. This threatened
                            to erode the high level of customer
                            service on which the company had
     -Paul Nicholson,       prided itself for 40 years.
     Vice President of
     Information Systems,   After evaluating solution providers
     EU Services
                            including Avaya and ShoreTel,
                            EU Services selected Crofton, Maryland-
                            headquartered Force 3, Inc., to overhaul
                            its network. The 300-employee
                            company founded in 1991 is a Cisco
                            Gold Certified Partner and holds Cisco
                            specializations in several solutions,
                            including Advanced Security, Advanced
                            Unified Communications and Advanced
                           Network Solution
                             • Cisco Unified Communications
                             • Force 3 Installed Cisco                   “We’re now realizing just how insufficient
                               Catalyst switches                         our prior system was, “ Nicholson says.
                                                                         “It used to be only a few people knew
                           In October 2007, the implementation           how to access our corporate directory
                           began. To ensure a stable network core,       and most people couldn’t conduct
                           Force 3 installed Cisco Catalyst 3560         a simple conference call without
                           and 4510 switches, enabling Power over        consulting the help desk. Our Cisco
                           Ethernet (PoE) functionality.                 solution’s intuitiveness has remedied
                           Force 3 implemented wireless access
                           points and controllers to provide EU          “We now have a solid communication
                           Services the ability to control equipment     solution to improve customer service,
                           remotely from a central location and the      and a platform on which to grow quickly
                           ability to deploy advanced solutions in       and easily. There are definitely less
                           the future.                                   expensive systems out there, but none
                                                                         offering the back-end integration or
                           To satisfy EU Services’ call processing       quality. I definitely recommend Force 3
                           and customer service requirements,            and Cisco – in fact, I already have.”
                           Force 3 implemented Cisco Unified
                           Communications Manager, the powerful
                           call-processing component of the Cisco
                           Unified Communications solution. On top
                           of this, Force 3 added Cisco Unity, a full-
                           featured voice and unified messaging
     Contact us at:
           Force 3, Inc.
                           Business Results
  2151 Priest Bridge Dr      • Solid communication system to
   Crofton, MD 21114           improve customer service
                             • Platform provides ability to grow
                               with the company’s needs
Toll free: 800.391.0204
    Fax: 410.721.5624      Following a smooth implementation, EU
                           Services is extremely satisfied with the
       www.force3.com      functionality and potential its new Force
                           3-implemented Cisco solution provides.

                           “Our VoIP solution is tied into our active
                           directory, making adds, moves, and
                           changes that used to be costly and
                           difficult a breeze,” says Nicholson.
                           “And in addition to increasing customer
                           responsiveness, we now easily log call
                           information into our CRM solution,
                           enabling easy reporting.”

                           Nicholson concludes that the Cisco
                           Unified Communication provides EU
                           Services a reliable, scalable network
                           that empowers the company to satisfy
                           its current and future goals.

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