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                                             MAT 340: Theory of Interest
                                           TTh 5:15-6:30 SLN #80188 PSA 302

        Instructor: Toni Coombs
        Office: ECA 207                            webpage:
        e-mail:                Office Hours: 10:40-12:30 MWF, and by appointment

                  The approach will be applied and problem-oriented. The course will be useful to students preparing for
                  work in mathematical economics and finance. It will also be an excellent preparation for the financial
                  math examination of the Society of Actuaries.

        Prerequisites: Calculus (MAT 270-272).

        Text: Mathematics of Investment and Credit, third edition, Samuel A. Broverman
               ACTEX Study Manual for the SOA Exam FM & CAS Exam 2, Fall 2007 Edition, Hassett, Ratliff, and


        Grading:                 Take home Quizzes:                65%
                                 Midterm and Final:                35%

                                 The instructor WILL be using the plus/minus grading system.

     Schedule: This is subject to modification by the instructor

           Week                         Topics                                      Due Dates
1    8/20-8/24             Ch 1 – Time value of money
2    8/27-8/31             Ch 1 – Time value of money
3    9/3-9/7               Ch 2 - Annuities                Quiz 1 due Tue 9/4
4    9/10-9/14             Ch 2 - Annuities
5    9/17-9/21             Ch 2 - Annuities                Quiz 2 due Tue 9/18
6    9/24-9/28             Ch 3 – Loan repayment
7    10/1-10/5             Ch 3 – Loan repayment           Quiz 3 due Tue 10/2
8    10/8-10/12            Ch 3 – Loan repayment           MIDTERM – Mon-Tue – 10/8-10/9
9    10/15-10/19           Ch 4 - Bonds
10    10/22-10/26          Ch 4 - Bonds                    Quiz 4 due Tue 10/23
11    10/29-11/2           Ch 5 – Rate of Return
12    11/5-11/9            Ch 5 – Rate of Return           Quiz 5 due Tue 11/6
13    11/12-11/16          Ch 6 – Term Structure
14    11/19-11/23          Ch 6 – Term Structure           Quiz 6 due Tue 11/20     Thanksgiving – 11/22
                           Ch 7 – Duration and
15    11/26-11/30          Immunization
16    12/3-12/7            Review/Catch-up                 Quiz 7 due Tue 12/4
  Withdraw Deadline: Nov 2nd
: Restricted Complete Withdrawal Dec 4
  Look at ASU course catalog for policies regarding withdrawals and incompletes.

    Any changes announced in class are considered as official rules for the class. Check my website for
    daily announcements and changes.

    Exams: There will be one exam given during the semester. This exam will involve a mix of mechanical
    skills and conceptual reasoning. The best possible preparation for the exam is regular attendance and
    completion of assigned quizzes. Makeup exams are given only in the case of verified medical or other
    emergency, which must be documented. The instructor must be notified before the test is given.

    Final Exam: The final is comprehensive. It will be given according to the official Arizona State
    University final exam calendar. There will be no make-up's given for the final, and no finals will be
    rescheduled for personal reasons, including non-refundable airplane tickets.

    Quizzes: Quizzes will be collected and graded. Students may work together on homework, but each
    individual student is required to write-up and turn in their own work. LATE QUIZZES ARE NOT
    ACCEPTED! However, at the end of the semester, I will drop your lowest quiz scores to allow for
    something to “come up.”

    Ethics: It is highly unethical to bring to your instructor’s attention the possible impact of your grade on
    your future plans, including graduation, scholarship, jobs, etc. The instructor may exercise an option to
    withdraw you from the course if they think you are compromising the ability to assess your work
    independently of any other consideration.
    Students found to be involved in academic dishonesty will be removed from the class and a grade of “E”
    for the course will be submitted to the registrar. The student will be advised to repeat the course with
    another professor, possibly at another institution. This is the least action taken. Further, more serious
    actions may be taken if the situation indicates that such actions are appropriate. We will act very harshly
    against cheating during quizzes or exams

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