Grade 5 Problem of the Week

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					#1 Card Comparison             #3 Crawling Along

Juan has 4 more baseball       A caterpillar is crawling out
cards than Kim. Larry has      of a jar that is 14 cm tall.
2 more baseball cards than     It crawls up 3 cm and then
Juan. All together, they       slides back 1 cm each day.
have 100 baseball cards.       On which day will the
How many baseball cards        caterpillar crawl out of the
does each person have?         jar?

#2 Number Riddle               #4 Mystery Numbers

The number of my               What two numbers have a
hundreds plus the number       sum of 645 and a
of my thousands is 3. The      difference of 151?
number of my tens is 7
times the number of my
hundreds. The number of        #5 Find the Numbers
my ones is 3 times the
number of my thousands.        The sum of two numbers is
All my digits are different.   113. Their difference is 13.
What number am I?              What are the numbers?

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# 6 What Number
       Am I?                    #8 Record Time

I am a number. Rounding         The line graph for projected
to the nearest thousand         monthly sales at Juan’s
makes me 1000. All my           Records shows a steady
digits are even; their sum is   increase of 5 albums per
12; they are in order from      month during the year. In
greatest to least; and no       January, 100 albums were
digit is repeated. What         sold. How many are
number am I?                    expected to be sold during
                                the year?

#7 Pays to Advertise
                                #9 What Numbers
A bar graph shows the                 Are We?
number of advertisements
in a magazine for 3             A special pair are we.
months. Each bar                Our sum is 100, you see.
represents the                  Our product lets you
advertisements for 1            know some more.
month. The quantity             It’s our sum times 24!
represented by the sum of       What numbers are we?
all 3 bars is 225
advertisements. The first
bar is twice as tall as the
second. The height of the
third bar is midway
between the first and
second. What is the
number represented by                       Page 2
each bar?
# 10 What’s Next?               #12 The Swimmers

Complete the next five          Many animals come to
rows of this multiples          swim in Stanley’s pond. A
triangle.                       beaver comes every 3 days.
                                An otter comes every 7
            1                   days. Stanley saw both the
        2       4               beaver and the otter today.
    3       6        9          How many times in the
4       8       12       16     next 6 weeks will Stanley
                                see the beaver and the
Predict the last number in      otter on the same day?
Row 25 and Row 100.
Identify additional patterns.

                                #13 How Many?
#11 Number Riddle
                                How many 4-digit numbers
I am a number. If you           can be formed using the
double me and add 20, the       numbers 5, 6, 7 and 8?
result is the same as when      How many of the 4-digit
you triple me and add 5.        numbers are less than
What number am I?               7000?

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#14 String Out                   #16 Rhonda’s Blocks

George, Sara and Jeff each       Rhonda has a collection of
have a piece of string.          blocks. The blocks can be
Sara’s piece of string is 14     arranged in piles, with 2
cm longer than George’s.         blocks in each pile. Her
Jeff’s piece of string is 3 cm   blocks can also be arranged
shorter than Sara’s. When        in piles of 3, 4 and 5
all three pieces of string are   blocks. What is the least
placed end to end, the           number of blocks that can
overall measurement is 1         be in Rhonda’s collection?
m. How long is each
person’s piece of string?

                                 #17 Train Ride

#15 How Old                      The train holds 66
      Are They?                  passengers. It starts out
                                 empty. It picks up 1
There are 3 children in the      passenger at the first
Moto family. The sum of          station, 2 passengers at the
their ages is 13. The            second station, 3
product of their ages is 60.     passengers at the third
How old are the 3 Moto           station, and so on. No one
children?                        gets off. After how many
                                 stations will the train be

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# 18 Five Coins               #20 What’s
                                   My Number?
Rashad had 5 coins: a
penny, a nickel, a dime, a    I am thinking of a
quarter and a loonie. How     number between 1 and
many different amounts of     100. If it is divided by 3
money could he pay using      or 5, the remainder is 1.
any combination of these      If it is divided by 7, there
coins?                        is no remainder. What is
                              my number?

#19 Number Puzzles            #21 The Bones

Here is how to make five 4s   Marco’s dog buried ½ of
equal 400: 444 – 44. Here     his bones in Jean’s
is how to make four 5s        backyard. He buried 1/3
equal 35: 5 x 5 + 5 + 5.      of his bones in Guido’s
                              backyard. He still had 4
Solve each problem below.     bones left to bury. How
Make up 4 of your own.        many bones did Marco’s
                              dog have in all?
  1) Make   four 2s equal
  2) Make   three 5s equal
  3) Make   four 6s equal
  4) Make   four 8s equal
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  #22 Number                  #24 The Painted
         Riddle                           Cube

  A 3-digit and a 1-digit     Imagine one large cube
  number have a sum of        made of 1000 white
  147, a difference of 133,   centimeter cubes. Suppose
  and a product of 980.       the outside of the large
  Find the numbers and        cube was painted black.
  then give their quotient.   How many of the small
                              white cubes would have the

                                1)   0   faces painted black
  #23 An Opened
                                2)   1   face painted black
            Book                3)   2   faces painted black
                                4)   3   faces painted black
A book is opened. The
product of the two page
numbers is 600. What are
the two page numbers?
                              #25 The Bookworm

                              Jamie read 50 books in 5
                              months. Each month he
                              read 3 more books than the
                              month before. How many
                              books did he read each of
                              the 5 months?

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#26 The Stamp                #28 Geraldo’s Parcels
                             Geraldo is mailing 3
Myles bought a stamp         different sizes of parcels.
collection for $10.00. He    The parcels have a total
sold it for $15.00 and       mass of 25 kg. The mass
bought it back for $20.00.   of the small parcel is one-
Finally Myles sold it for    half the mass of the
$25.00. How much money       medium-sized parcel. The
did Myles make or lose?      mass of the large parcel is
                             1 kg more than total mass
                             of the other 2 parcels.
                             What is the mass of each
#27 Cube Toss
Zoe had two 6-sided
number cubes. One was
                             #29 Lunch Tables
red and the other blue.
She decided that the red
cube represented tens and    There are 2 sizes of tables
the blue cube represented    in the cafeteria. One size
ones. How many different     seats 5 people, and the
2-digit numbers could she    other size seats 8 people.
form by tossing the cubes?   At lunch today, 63 people
                             were seated at fewer than
                             10 tables. There were no
                             empty places. How many
#31 What’s the
                             tables of each size were
      Number?                used?

If 30 is added to 1/3 of a
number, the result is
double the number. What is
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the number?
#30 The Clock

The clock in the tower on
the top of the town hall
chimes once at 1 o’clock,
twice at 2 o’clock, 3 times
at 3 o’clock, and so on. It
also chimes once every
quarter hour. How many
times does the clock chime
in 24 hours?

#32 And the
     Winner Is…

Andrew, Betty, Clark and
Dino each called the local
radio station to enter a
contest. In how many
different orders could their
calls have been received?
List all of them.

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