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									aÉÅÉãÄÉê=OMMV=                                              qÜÉ=kÉïëäÉííÉê=Ñçê=eçÄëçåÛë=_~ó=v~ÅÜí=`äìÄ
                                                         easy to use and it guides you through the steps with
                                                         voice and graphics. Instructions will also be posted
                                                         so you can be familiar with the steps. The case is
                                                         alarmed so don’t treat it like a toy!! As this
                                                         purchase was not budgeted for, we are attempting
                                                         to offset some of the costs with raffles and tins at
Xmas wishes from the Office Staff and General
                                                         the bar.
Committee to all members! Also, good luck to those
sailing south at Christmas time with HBYC yachts
entering the races to Launceston and down the
West Coast. Special mention to those competing in
their chosen race for the first time – Robert
Bradley on Escapade (Launceston) and Eric March –
Slinky Malinky (West Coaster) We look forward to
hearing their stories!

Next door – This will be a continuing agenda item
for the club for sometime and the members will be
kept informed as the situation develops.

Yard assistant – Leading up to Xmas, the Yard            2010 Sail Melbourne World Cup.
Manager has an assistant – Jamie – who will be
learning the ropes and attending to those tasks on       The first leg takes place at SYC, starting on Dec 14.
the wish list – like creating better tie up boards at    All of the Olympic Classes are represented with
the hardstand crane. However, it is not his job to       some great racing to watch. Check out the latest
pick up cigarette butts which he has spent a day so      news at www.sailmelbourne.com.au .
far doing so please be considerate! You may see
Jamie and Peter driving the club’s new tractor. Yes,
after 9 long years, the old faithful blue tractor
parted ways with its transmission and the ongoing
                                                                  Inside this month…
costs to maintain it just wasn’t worth doing. So, the
club now has a shiny new one!                                         Officer of The Day
                                                                      VC’s Views
We have been saying this for a few months/ years                      Trim’s Christmas Teaser
now and it is now imminent – the work on the                          Diamonds
roundabout will be starting very soon!
                                                                      Office closing times
The General Committee have approved the purchase                      …and more
of a Heart Defibrillator. This is now installed by the
downstairs doors at the clubhouse. The unit is very

HOBSON’S AHOY DECEMBER 2009                                                                  Page 1
Officer of the Day Roster
 12 Dec    D. Barry           B. Brazier
 13 Dec    C. Begbie          C. Bell
 19 Dec    P. Beresford       L. Berry              Please note the Office and
 20 Dec    N. Williamson      J. Bish                Yard are closed from 23
 26 Dec    A. Blackstock                              Dec to 10 Jan inclusive.
 27 Dec    T. Blunt           G.Briers               There will be no January
                                                    Hobson’s Ahoy so keep your
 2 Jan     K. Brosnan         K. Brown
                                                     eye on the website for all
 3 Jan     N. White           C. Brown
                                                            HBYC news.
 9 Jan     M. Brown           T. Clarke
 10 Jan    J. Saunders        P. Buller
 16 Jan    D. Bock            B. Butler
 17 Jan    M. Cahill          T. Campbell
 23 Jan    G. Cantelo         L. Chalmers
 24 Jan    F. Cascio          R. Cernobrivec
 30 Jan    B. Chaplin         S. Chapman
 31 Jan    R. Bradley         S. Cheney

                      What do you get when a
                      cat walks along the
                      beach? Sandy Claws!

                                                  A very Merry Christmas
                                               to our members, sponsors and
                                               their families and safe sailing
                                               to those hitting the high seas.
                                                  We look forward to your
                                                 continued support in 2010.

HOBSON’S AHOY DECEMBER 2009                                               Page 2
                                                     Skippers should be mindful at all times when near
                                                     shipping channels to keep a watch for ships.
                                                     To all the boats heading away over the festive
                                                     season whether it’s racing or cruising have a safe
                                                     and enjoyable journey.
After a mix up in email addresses for the last
issue, I would like to take this opportunity to      If anyone is interested in seeing how the race
welcome you to the new 09-10 season. Open day        officers start and run races or if you want to
went off well, mother nature provided a near         watch racing from close quarters you are always
perfect day with a good breeze and clear skies.      welcome to come out to learn the ropes and to
It was a good turn out of boats in the sail past     lend a hand. Contact the race committee at
whose owners had taken the time to dress up          racing@hbyc.asn.au . If you have suggestions or
their boats.                                         any enquires regarding sailing please drop me an
Then it was straight down to business with the       email at vice.commodore@hbyc.asn.au .
first two handed race for the season on the
Sunday. A number of our two handed races this                                           Ashley Stevens,
year form part of the Yachting Victoria 2 Handed                                        Vice Commodore
Our first passage race was to Portarlington which
was a delightful day on the water. We added a
non spinnaker division into our passage races this
year hoping to attract some of the more genteel
sailors in the club. A number of boats stayed over   Heat 2 is part of the ‘Living Legend’ series, where a
for the night and Parks Victoria made an area        nominated member presents the race winner with a
available for our visiting yachts.                   classic bottle of wine signed by the Legend. For
                                                     Race 2, our legend was Bob Laughlin, famous for his
The summer pursuit races are once again
                                                     circumnavigation around the world in his 27ft yacht
attracting a strong fleet on Sunday afternoons.      “Flamingo”. Basically, he went out the heads, turned
They race every fortnight for those thinking         left and kept going! Bob is always around the club,
about entering and is a non spinnaker event. This    assisting in Race Management, BBQ’s and working
year we have constructed new courses which will      bees, etc and has featured on an ‘Australian Story’
hopefully give greater variance and close racing.    episode.
The twilight series has also been overhauled, a
new division has been added to reduce fleet sizes    Heat 2 had 31 entrants; 25 starters – obviously the
                                                     32 degrees forecast was too hot for a few. This
on the start line as well as new courses based on
                                                     race was open to all yachts who meet Cat 5 safety
the wind direction. This allows for windward
                                                     category. Of the entrants, at least half the yachts
starts and removes the problems we saw last
                                                     have crew/ skippers that compete regularly in ORCV
season at the first mark.
                                                     races throughout the year. The course is 18 miles
The feedback on the pursuit courses and twilight     long and takes the fleet from Hobsons Bay to Spoil
structure has been positive so hopefully we will     Ground and back.
see more of our members joining in.
                                                     The Race started at 11.00am; 29 degrees, 15 knots
The club aggregate is run on Saturday afternoons
                                                     N tending NE breeze. Wind steadily decreased
and is once again run in conjunction with RYCV
                                                     though the remainder of the morning until just
and RYMS. We have also revamped the club
                                                     after 2pm when the wind was ‘turned off’ for
courses to give some variance and to help stay
                                                     approx ½ hour! Of course this was at the peak
clear of the shipping channels as much as            temperature recorded for the day of just on 34
possible.                                            degrees! Hydration was the key for the day, and
                                                     ‘amber’ was not the priority.

HOBSON’S AHOY DECEMBER 2009                                                              Page 3
The entire fleet had by now rounded ‘Spoil Ground’
and were headed home, where the last of the fleet
eyes must have lit up when they could still see the
sagging spinnakers of the head of the fleet ahead
                                                          (Information courtesy of the Victorian Diamond
of them!
                                                          Association - www.ywdiamond.com.au)

Two of the lead yachts are regulars on the ORCV           HBYC currently has 3 Diamonds actively sailed out
race circuit; Bill Feore’s well travelled “Turbo” and a   of the Club. These are Challenger, Osprey and Belle.
recently new ocean racer Eric Marsh’s “Slinky
Malinky”.                                                 The Y.W. Diamond is a 9 metre keelboat originating
                                                          in England in 1960 when the editors of Yachting
The Northsore 33 of John Neilson “DeJa Blue”              World magazine sought ideas for a reasonably
(ORCV Sovereign series and Rudder Cup winner)             priced yacht for national and international racing.
sailed impressively around the course, carrying his       The main requirements were low cost and high
spinnaker the entire race – leaving the headsail to       performance. To meet these demands, an easily
flounder on the deck for the entire race.                 driven, light displacement design was indicated.

At about 2.30pm a 10 knot S-SE breeze pushed
through, bringing the smaller end of the fleet home
to take the top 5 places. Gary and Debbie on “Bondi
Tram” took a well earned victory while Rocket
Science took out the AMS division.

The 7 races of the Bay Two Handed series
concludes with the ORCV two handed race on the
2nd May 2010.

                                                          Club Champion – Challenger
                                                          The prototype of the class was displayed at the
                                                          National Boat Show in London in January 1961, and
                                                          immediately aroused a great deal of interest. In
                                                          July of that year, a Diamond was outright winner in
                                                          a mixed fleet of 250 yachts in a race around the
                                                          Isle of Wight. New registrations quickly followed
                                                          and the class was established. The confidence that
Gary & Debbie receiving their trophy from Living
                                                          Yachting World Magazine had shown in Jack Holt
Legend ‘Bob Laughlin’
                                                          was completely vindicated and here, at last, was a
                                                          keelboat that would plane. Up until May, 1967, the
                                                          yachts were known by the design name of “Yachting
                                                          World Keelboat”. The yachts were given the title of
                                                          Diamond Class after the Australian Association
                                                          approached the designer and the Yachting World
                                                          Magazine, the holder of the name copyright.

                                                          The first Diamond in Australia was launched on
                                                          Pittwater, in N.S.W., in January 1962.

HOBSON’S AHOY DECEMBER 2009                                                                   Page 4
Diamonds are a one design, open keel boat class and       Better Sailing, with 16 graduating Basic Skills 2
have a mainsail, genoa and spinnaker. There is no         and/or 1 last year.
provision for reefing sails. Sails can only be made
from Dacron cloth - no exotics allowed, carbon fibre      This season’s group has been split into two streams:
is restricted to use on booms, tillers and kite poles.    The first being those who are still doing the
No carbon materials are to be used in the hull or         introductory Basic Skills 1 & 2, and the second
deck construction. Genoas are generally on a furling      group who are working on the Better sailing and
forestay and the spinnaker is launched via a shute.       Racing Skills programs. We have a few spare spots
The total crew compliment consists of 4 — 2 crew          available so if you know of juniors over 8 who are
on trapeze and with the helmsman and trimmer              suitable for Cadet Membership send them along.
swinging from hiking straps. Diamonds constantly
                                                          The arrangement with Kealba High School is working
prove to be almost unbeatable in 25 plus knots of
                                                          well and we have offered membership to any
breeze and are not for the faint hearted.
                                                          members of their sailing program as Cadet or Junior
The Diamond is 9m overall, 7.3m waterline, 2 m            Members (age dependant). The X3s have been used
beam and 1.3m draft. Displacement is 1075 kg of           a couple of times, they look to be a good
which weight, of which half is lead ballast.              introductory boat and the kids are really enjoying
The hull has a moderately fine entry and a long flat
run aft giving ample planning surface. The topsides       Safety Equipment has been high on the agenda this
are unusually high which contributes to the dry           year with all rescue boats being checked thoroughly
sailing of the keelboat. The foredeck is well             and equipment like Flare packs, torches, spares etc
cambered, tapering aft to a fairly to a fairly flat       being replaced as necessary. Log books are being
aft deck. The cockpit is large and roomy making the       used to record running hours and items of note.
boat a delight to work. It is divided by a box girder,
                                                          We have successfully rigged one of our pacers for
which results in a separate helmsman’s cockpit.
                                                          spinnaker, we can now confirm the correct fittings
There is only perceptible weather helm on the wind
                                                          etc and are working on the list of requirements and
and, properly tuned, a lifting breeze should bring an
                                                          getting quotes for the rigging for the other 4
instant similar response from the yacht. On a reach
with a good beam wind and spinnaker set, the
Diamond will readily plane. Speeds of 15 knots are        We have purchased two copies of the Yachting
common with a strong wind aft. In the latter              Australia Start Sailing Right book which we have
conditions, even at sea, the flared bow resists any       found to have great basic information for the
tendency for the nose to bury in the waves.               juniors and are starting a library with these first
Boats can be built from timber plywood, aluminium         purchases. Other than these two books we have a
or fibreglass. The Victorian Diamond association          number of resources being reviewed that are on
owns a complete set of moulds to produce glass            loan from Georgie Mitchell’s private library.
boats. These moulds are available to anyone wishing
                                                          We are in preliminary discussion with two adjacent
to construct a boat.
                                                          clubs re the concept of having a novices pacer
If you are looking for a ride sometime, the skippers      regatta with 15 to 18 boats participating.
are always looking for crew!
                                                          Our biggest issue is the lack of licensed boat
                                                          drivers for the kids rescue boats. It is a constant
                                                          effort each week to get enough volunteers. For the
                                                          Junior Program to run successfully we need some
                                                          drivers, Please help if you can.

                                                                         Jonathon Fryer and Georgie Mitchell
Junior Fleet started earlier this year, Sunday 11
October with a working bee and a quick sail. We
have consistently had about 15 participants each
week since starting the season. We have 18 juniors
enrolled in 3 courses: Basic Skills 1, Basic Skills 2 &
HOBSON’S AHOY DECEMBER 2009                                                                   Page 5
            What’s on at HBYC in December….
Twilight Series 1 Heat 9 (HBYC)                                   Wed 2nd 6pm
Thursday Twilight (RYCV)                                      Thurs 3rd 5.30pm
Range Series #3 (RMYS)                                             Sat 5th 2pm
Junior Fleet/YATC (HBYC)                                          Sun 6th 9am
Two Handed Series Heat 3 (RBYC)                                  Sun 6th 11am
RM Smith Pursuit #4 (HBYC)                                     Sun 6th 1.30pm

    Cruising Group Christmas Party - HBYC                          Sun 6th 5pm

Twilight Series 1 Heat 10 (HBYC)                               Wed 9th 6pm
Thursday Twilight (RVYC)                                  Thurs 10th 5.30pm

        Christmas at the Docklands – Victoria Harbour (MCC)
                                              Harbour          Thurs 10th 6pm
Port Arlington Race (RYCV)                                      Sat 12th 10am
Commodore’s Cup – Club Agg #6 (HBYC)                             Sat 12th 2pm
Junior Fleet/YATC (HBYC)                                         Sun 13th 9am

   Kid’s Christmas Party - HBYC                                Sun 13th 1-3pm
Commodores Christmas Party - HBYC                              Sun 13th 4-6pm

Twilight Series 1 Heat 11 (HBYC)                              Wed 16th 6pm
Thursday Twilight (RVYC)                                  Thurs 17th 5.30pm
Junior Fleet/YATC (HBYC)                                      Sun 20th 9am

Cock of the Bay (ORCV)                                                Sat. 26th
M2H & M2L - Melbourne to Hobart/Launceston (ORCV)                     Sun. 27th

             What’s on at HBYC in January….
Twilight Fun Race (HBYC)                                          Wed 6th 6pm
Thursday Twilight (RVYC)                                      Thurs 7th 5.30pm
Moonlight Flit (RMYS)                                           Fri. 8th 7.30pm

Twilight Series II Heat 1 (HBYC)                              Wed 13th 6pm
Thursday Twilight (RVYC)                                  Thurs 14th 5.30pm

               Cruising Group trip to Refuge Cove                Sat 16th 10am
Vice Commodore’s Cup – Club Agg #7 (HBYC)                         Sat 16th 2pm
Junior Fleet/YATC (HBYC)                                         Sun 17th 9am

              Cruising Group – St Kilda for Lunch               Sun 17th 10am
RM Smith Pursuit #5 – Bob Pilgrim Memorial (HBYC)             Sun 17th 1.30pm
                                                        Sailing with the community
                   What’s on at HBYC in January….
Twilight Fun Race (HBYC)                                        Wed 20th 6pm
Thursday Twilight (RVYC)                                    Thurs 21th 5.30pm

Docklands Invitational                               Thurs & Fri 21st & 22nd
Geelong Regatta – Passage Race                               Sat 23rd 10am
Geelong Regatta                                Sun, Mon, Tuesday 23rd – 26th

Twilight Fun Race (HBYC)                                        Wed 27th 6pm
Thursday Twilight (RVYC)                                    Thurs 28th 5.30pm
Tony Dawson (Club Person of the Year Trophy)
– Club Agg #8 (HBYC)                                              Sat 30th 2pm
Junior Fleet/YATC (HBYC)                                         Sun 31st 9am
Classic Yachts Summer Series (HBYC)                              Sun 31st 9am
Two Handed Series Heat 4 (RBYC)                                 Sun 31st 11am
Bluebirds Championships Heat 1 (HBYC)                          Sun 31st 1.30pm

  Why not bring the family/friends and enjoy the best view of Melbourne?

Bar Hours                                         Fri 5-10pm, Sat 12-10pm, Sun 12-8pm

Correct as at 26/11/09                                    Sailing with the community

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