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									                   Tenpin Bowling Australia Limited
                       is proud to present the

            JANUARY 9th & 10th 2010

                     WERRIBEE SUPERBOWL
                           (MELWAY REF: MAP 205 J-11)


               Accreditation No: - A010/0003
                    2010 Youth Nationally Ranked Tournament
             Ranking System details are available at www.tenpin.org.au
                     Separate Male, Female and Graded Divisions
                   Prize Fund (Based on 60 Boys/40 Girls):
         Male             Female             Graded
 1st   $1,000.00          $700.00            $200.00        Entry Fees & Payment:
2nd     $700.00           $500.00            $180.00        $195.00 ($95.00 deposit with
3rd     $600.00           $400.00            $160.00        entry and balance at Stage 1
 4th    $500.00           $350.00            $140.00        check-in)
 5th    $400.00           $300.00            $120.00
 6th    $300.00           $250.00            $100.00
 7th    $290.00           $240.00                           * Prize money will be adjusted
 8th    $280.00           $230.00                           appropriately depending on the
 9th    $270.00           $220.00                           number of entries received *
10th    $260.00           $210.00
                                                            Prizes are GST inclusive
11th    $250.00           $200.00       0
12th    $240.00      0                  0
13th    $230.00      0                  0
14th    $220.00      0                  0
15th    $210.00      0                  0
16th    $200.00      0                  0
Stage 1 - Qualifying
All bowlers will bowl 10 games in one appearance in their nominated squad. The Top 16 Boys
and Top 16 Girls based on scratch pinfall after qualifying will go through to Stage 2 Elimination
Final. The rest of the field will then have handicap added to qualifying scratch pinfall and the
Top 16, with handicap, will go through to Stage 2 Consolation Final.

Stage 2 – Elimination Final
The Top 16 Boys and Top 16 Girls from Stage 1 will bowl 8 games. Pinfall from Stage 1 will
carry over. The Top 5 Boys and Top 5 Girls based on scratch pinfall at the completion of this
stage will go through to Stage 3 Step Ladder Final

Stage 2 – Consolation
The Top 16 bowlers qualifying for this stage will bowl 8 games, with handicap, to decide the
placegetters in the graded division. Handicap system will be 90% of 200. Qualifying pinfall will
be dropped.

Stage 3 – Step Ladder
The top 5 male and 5 female bowlers will compete in the following format:
Step Ladder Game 1: 3rd v. 4th v 5th with the winner going through to the next game.
Step Ladder Game 2: winner of Step Ladder Game 1 versus 2nd qualifier with the winner going
through to the next game.
Step Ladder Final: winner of Step Ladder Game 2 versus 1st qualifier. Top qualifier has the
right to re-challenge.

Saturday 9th January
                          7.30am                     Lanes Washed and Oiled
A Squad                   Check-in by 8.00am         8.30am Bowl 10 games
                          12.00pm                    Lanes Washed and Oiled
B Squad                   Check-in by 12.30pm        1.00pm Bowl 10 games
                          4.30pm                     Lanes Washed and Oiled
C Squad                   Check-in by 5.00pm         5.30pm Bowl 10 games
Sunday 10th January
Stage 2 –                 Check-in by 9.00am         9.30am Top 16 Boys & 16 Girls Bowl 8
Elimination                                          games
Graded Final              Check-in by 9.00am         9.30am Top 16 graded Qualifiers Bowl 8
Step Ladder                                          1.00pm
Presentation                                         2.30pm

All participants will be required to have purchased a 2010 TBA Registered Player Card.
Registration Applications will be available at Werribee Superbowl if required. There will

Squad listings will be updated on a regular basis via the TBA web site at
1. This event is open to all 2010 TBA Registered Players who have not reached their 23rd
    birthday on the 1st January 2010. This event will be a nationally ranked tournament for youth
    bowlers based upon the bowler’s scratch scores. Bowlers outside of Stage 2 Elimination
    Final will receive ranking points based on their qualifying position. Participants will be
    required to produce their 2010 TBA Registered Player card at check-in.
2. Bowlers are required to check-in at the tournament room prior to the designated time each
    day of the tournament. Bowling will commence after a short briefing.
3. TBA Rules and Regulations, including the Code of Conduct, shall apply at all times.
4. No Smoking is permitted whilst a bowler is participating in the event until either the end of
    the days play or the bowler is eliminated from the event. Mobile phones must be switched off
    whilst bowling.
5. Any bowler wishing to leave the lanes during this tournament must first obtain the
    permission of the Tournament Director or an event official.
6. Any protests must be lodged with the Tournament Director before the tournament prize fund
    is paid and then confirmed in writing with Tournament Director or TBA within 48 hours of the
    completion of the tournament.
7. Dress Code – All bowlers are required to wear neat, suitable attire at all times. Bowling shirts
    and long pants/skirts are preferred (Denim jeans, track pants, leggings, bike shorts or T-
    shirts are not permitted). Men may wear neat shorts providing they are approved by the
    Tournament Director. Ladies may bowl in tailored shorts/skorts/long pants or ¾ pants. This
    rule will be strictly enforced.
8. Bowlers not checked in by the advertised time will be disqualified and will have no claim on
    any prize money.
9. Defeated bowlers in the Step Ladder finals can not fall more than one place below their
    qualifying position for prize fund payout.
10. Any ties for 16th position in Stage 1 Qualifying, 5th position in Stage 2 Elimination Final or
    any Step Ladder game or the Consolation will be decided by a one game play off.

                           Send your completed entry form and payment to:
                             Tournament Director - National Youth Cup,
                                      c/o Werribee Superbowl
                                        13 Riverside Avenue
                                       WERRIBEE VIC 3030

               Tournament Director : John Coxon, Email : john.coxon@tenpin.org.au


Full entry fee of $195.00 or a $95.00 deposit should be made payable to:


 Name:                                                       2010 TBA No.
 Street:                                                     Suburb:
 State:                        Postcode                      D.O.B.
 Tel (H):                                          Squad:    A              B     C
 Mobile:                                           Email:
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