Dont be stupid by lebronangel71


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									Don’t Be Stupid!!!
Some of us men end up stuck for a lifetime with this
one. She’s the one that looks like an angry ape and
     weighs about the same as a school bus. She’s
 psycho, you know? She can be sitting right by you
   in smiles and then she turns into a monster and
 starts fighting with you for no reason. In fact, she
   will be the one doing you wrong and she will still
 want to kill you. If her dog or her cat or her bird
  takes a crap on the floor it’s your fault, and you
  pay for it. If she ruptures a couch with her butt
 it’s somehow your fault too and you have to fix it!
    If she farts, if she shits, if she has an itch it’s
your fault! …Everything is!! She hates your family
 and your friends and she doesn’t want you to have
  anything to do with them. She won’t let you have
 any fun either! I had a fight from the witch every
   time that I went for a beer or a smile, and she
   wasn’t even my lady. It was outrageous!! That’s
  why I’m asking you men that are living with that
     kind of creature, how do you do it, and why?
…And that’s why I urge you to run! RUN!! I bet
  that she leaves you alone all day long babysitting,
and then when she comes she starts giving you crap
  instead of being grateful. Maybe she wants you to
    keep the house clean with all the brats making a
 mess, and even after you clean the piece-of-crap-
  place she has complaints and she still growls like a
   demon. Maybe she wants you to cook while she’s
   gone and if you don’t you’ll be sorry! Maybe she
 wants you to fix that door that she broke when she
    tried squeezing into her bedroom, or maybe she
   wants you to give her a backrub and kiss her and
 tell her all kinds of beautiful things you don’t feel
  after she pisses you off all day long. Maybe she’s
greedy for money or she’s a cheat and a thief and a
  liar that you can’t trust and you’re still stupid to
 stay living with her, instead of running in screams!!
 Maybe she wants you to change who you are, when
 all you need is to change who you are with. Maybe
    she wants you to stop doing things that you like
and she will say that it’s all for your good, but the
 fat ass will never consider a crash diet for her own
good! Maybe you’re doomed, man! Maybe you are!!
   You know how they say that you’re damned if you do
   and you’re dammed if you don’t? Well that isn’t the
 case with this creature. No! You’re only damned if you
do, if you do stay living with her after you learn she’s a
   monster. Dr. Frankenstein created a monster like her
  and the wretched creature was scary. It still gives me
  nightmares! Dracula was a blood sucking freak that had
   me frightened all night in my bed and I read a scary
  fat book about werewolves, but damn!! This woman I’m
talking about gives me nightmares a thousand times more
 than all that stuff put together, and I bet that you’re
 having a horrible nightmare right now if you’re the fool
 living with her. You have to run, man! RUN!! Don’t do
 this to yourself!! Leave all you have if you have to and
  run the hell out of there! You have to get lost if you
   know what’s good for you. Feed her a turkey or a pig
and when she passes out to digest it you run!! Don’t be
   stupid! There are plenty of ladies out there that will
    give you good love and that at the same time are
 gorgeous, lots of them. If you do like them a little bit
 chubby, don’t worry. There’s a whole lot of chubbies I
  love and they are not scary monsters. They love and
   they cook awesome! So what the hell are you doing
    stuck with a monster when you can be with a real
woman. Think about it, man, and please don’t be stupid.
                                   Written and illustrated by Angel Lebron

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