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Inventrak, a retail management solution company for micro to midsize retailers, today announced that
they have changed their business name to Retail Cloud. The new name speaks to the company’s focus
on providing a broader scope of cloud computing technology to small and midsize retailers, with on
demand information, and the tools to help a business grow within the retail cloud. Features once only
available to large retailers, can now be utilized by small businesses to build a customer centric sales
operation, with cross channel integration that can be used to save or increase sales at the point of
purchase. This announcement coincides with two industry leading trade shows taking place in Las Vegas
this week; Electronic Transactions Association’s Annual Meeting and Expo, the premier event of the
payments industry and SPREE: The Specialty Retail Entrepreneur Expo & Conference, the specialty retail
industry’s largest annual event.

Retail Cloud drives systems and solutions to enable retailers to achieve MSIB, which is our
acronym for More Stuff in the Bag (the ultimate goal of all retailers). We accomplish this
through providing solutions that create transparency into the operation for business managers,
provides relevant information to optimize the customer experience, and helps manage the
customer relationship. Founder of Retail Cloud, Kevin Colaco states, “As retailers move toward
a 360-degree view of each customer, and utilize relevant customer data obtained in one channel
to improve customer service and increase sales in another channel, we are allowing the retailer to
gain the ability to maximize margins on each individual transaction.”

Our system includes Inventrak an inventory management system for single to multi stores to
warehouse venues, which is an effective retail management system able to tie inventory trends
with customer spending. Customer Experience Optimization, also known as CEO, which has the
capability to help increase customer satisfaction, customer retention, and the increasing of
customer spending. Small to Midsize retailers are able to gather transactional level information at
the Point of Purchase, and in return provide customized promotions and recommendations at the
point of purchase that are tailored to each customer’s buying habits as well as the retailers
inventory levels; one example of MSIB in action. Merchants can then use digital channels to
send personalized marketing and information with the ability to target likely buyers from their
customer base. Positrak is a fast intuitive means of processing sales. Central Administration
Server or CAS as we refer to it, is the overall management solution and can be globally
controlled and monitored, it provides reporting, customer relationship management, and
inventory tracking. Timetrak is a labor management system that helps the retailer make efficient
use of the workforce. Go Green offers digital receipts. Best of all, being a cloud application, all
software upgrades and enhancements are provided to the retailer at no additional fee.

With its ability to scale resources up and down, as exemplified by the success of the system at
Ricky’s NYC and NCAA Final Four (with Event 1), Retail Cloud can effectively provide the
systems to achieve MSIB (More Stuff in the Bag) for a wide range of retailers, stadiums, and
arenas. Harness the power of the Retail Cloud to manage and grow your business.
Sheena Shastri
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