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International Association for Human Resource
      Information Management (IHRIM)

                April, 2005
                TABLE of CONTENTS

I.   IHRIM’s “How-To” Guide for Satellite Meetings

     Getting Started
     Chapter Support for Satellite Activities
     Post Satellite Meeting Activity
     Ongoing Satellite Support


     Sample Work Plan
     Sample Satellite Meeting Brochure
                               IHRIM’s “How-To” Guide
                                  Satellite Meetings


Many of IHRIM chapters cover a wide territory and, therefore, “local” chapter events are
not located conveniently for the attendance of many members. The objective of this
“Satellite How-To Guide” is to help chapters provide successful activities in major areas
that are distant from “local” chapter events.

This document will cover guidelines for getting volunteers in various areas, identifying
host facilities, meeting notice production responsibilities, and host chapter

Getting Started

   Obtain full active/inactive chapter membership database. (Prospects can also be
    pulled for the purpose of event mailings, etc., but should not be used for identifying
    volunteers, topics of sessions, etc.)

   Separate the database according to major cities/areas that are in the chapter’s
    boundaries that have a substantial number of active/inactive members (substantial
    referring to enough interest to hold meeting in that area). Inactive members (from the
    past 2-3 years) should be included to re-generate interest in local events, etc.

   Contact area’s active members. Contact can be made via individual emails/mailers,
    group survey, and/or by telephone. (Direct telephone contact may have the best
    results.) Questions such as the following should be asked:

       o    If there was an IHRIM seminar closer to you, would you attend?
       o    What topics would be of interest to you?
       o    Is there a time of day and day of week that would be better for you to attend?
       o    Would you be able to assist the chapter preparing for this seminar? This
            question is critical. Responses from this question actually determine whether
            or not the chapter should move forward with a satellite activity. It is very
            difficult to handle all the arrangements from a distance. (However, the first
            attempt may need to be handled primarily by the chapter board members.)

            Assistance needed from the local satellite area include (but not limited to):

            Telephone calls to local members
           Selecting a facility for the meeting
           Deciding whether to provide a meal (i.e., continental breakfast, lunch,
           beverages) and following thru on logistics.
           Assisting in topic decision
           Registration assistance (both as local contact for the registrations, and also at
           registration table at the meeting).
           Hard-copy meeting notice distribution

Chapter Support for Satellite Activities

Getting volunteers for specific, one-time only functions is much easier than to get longer-
term commitments. The Chapter could support the satellite area in various ways, such as:

   Prepare Work Plan. Prepare a work plan and schedule identifying all items necessary
    for a successful seminar, and indicate person responsible and due date. (A sample
    work plan is attached.)

   Pre-meeting conference calls. Schedule a conference call between the selected
    chapter board member(s) and the volunteers (or a good portion of them) in the
    satellite area. This will ensure that everything gets done on schedule. Note: the
    chapter board member should be in control of the meeting and determine who should
    be on the call. These calls should be scheduled as follows:

       o Beginning of session preparation. Once volunteers have been identified –
         schedule the first call to discuss what needs to be done. Then complete the
         work plan. It is good to schedule the satellite seminar at least 3 months ahead
         of time.

       o Emails should be sent to team within 2 weeks just to confirm facility and
         speaker, and that speaker has submitted presentation summary and bio
         summary for meeting announcement.

       o Schedule another conference call just prior to the scheduled time for first
         meeting announcement distribution. This is just to ensure everything is on

       o A final conference call just prior to the seminar, etc. may be required just to
         re-confirm that everything is in order.

   Meeting Notifications. Once the topic, speaker, and meeting logistics have been
    finalized, the chapter could send out the email notices, and also hard-copy
    announcements. (Depending on the volunteerism gathered, the satellite-area
    members could help with the hard-copy mailers).

   Registration Monies. Registration could be made solely via the IHRIM Acteva
    account for the chapter (or whatever online registration the chapter has obtained).
    Otherwise, checks could be sent by a certain date to the chapter contact (not to a
    satellite contact unless one has been designated as a satellite board liaison). The
    chapter board should take responsibilities for this.

    (The Florida Sun Chapter footed the bill for the first Jacksonville chapter event to
    help get it started. There was no fee for any of the attendees of this meeting. Only
    mini-continental breakfast was served to keep the costs down.)

   Marketing Materials. The chapter should make arrangements to have IHRIM
    materials such as Membership packets, and samples of the IHRIM Link, The Journal,
    IHRIM books, etc. available for the satellite activity.

   Registration List – Make sure to capture all attendees names and contact information
    and identify whether or not they are a member. This is important for post-session

   Short IHRIM Presentation. At the beginning of the satellite activity, a chapter board
    member or board satellite liaison should spend approximately 5 minutes introducing
    IHRIM to non-member attendees, thank everyone for coming, make them aware of
    the materials available, and give them contact information if they have any further

   Evaluation Forms. It is very important to identify whether or not they are interested
    in another local session, if they are interested in assisting, what their interests are,
    and, of course, evaluation of the specific session.

    (Many of the above are processes for regular chapter activities. These are extremely
    important for satellite activities as well.)


       Chapter President (or designated Board member) could send an email, etc. to the
        Satellite activity attendees thanking them for their attendance.

       Review the attendance list and identify the members and how long they have been
        members. These people especially should be personally contacted – they may be
        interested in helping to get the next session rolling!

    Ongoing Satellite Support

    When the “satellite chapter” becomes continually active, the “host chapter” should
    remember that, although active, the satellite is still a satellite. This means that it is
    not required to have a Board of Directors, produce financial reports, and/or have its
    own active membership. Therefore, the host chapter should continue its support.
    Suggestions of these are as follows:
   Select an active IHRIM member within the Satellite area as a Chapter Board
    Member, titled “Satellite Liaison”.
   Continue being the “bank” for the satellite (i.e., collect payment for satellite
    meetings, and pay for meeting notice distribution, meeting facilities,
    beverages, etc. out of said revenues).
   Chapter Membership Director (or other selected Board member) should have
    periodic contact with Satellite liaison and/or other volunteers for purposes of
    identifying future meeting agendas, speakers, communications, etc.

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