How to Make a Man Commit to You – 2 Personalities to Cultivate

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					How to Make a Man Commit to You – 2 Personalities to Cultivate

Perhaps, you have been going out with a man who you think you love and are the right one for you.
However, he still has not proposed to you yet. You are sure that he loves being with you even without
any physical involvement but you wanted to take things a little higher. Not saying things between the two
of you will only make matters worst.

Pretending that everything is fine will not make you know how to make a man commit to you. In fact,
your relationship is headed for a steep slope and if you do not remedy it sooner you will no longer gets
back what was done. He may have plans about your future but he is still uncertain on what course to
take. The key to this is communication. Now, here are the things that you need to do in order to enhance
the communication process.

1 – Be more approachable

For men, communication means serious business especially when it involves their emotions and their
plans for the future since they are also uncertain of how you are going to take it. If you are more
approachable, he will not be afraid to share what he thinks your relationship is headed. Being
approachable means, he can easily confide in you as well as he can easily share his ideas and views

2 – Be accepting

This means you have to love him purely with no behind the scene intentions. You have to accept the
things that he is and is not capable of. You must embrace his flaws and past without being judgment
because your responsibility is to love and not to judge.

The two things does not comprise the entirety of learning how to make a man commit to you but this will
prepare you for the great life ahead. Be prepared!

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Description: I could not count the times that I wanted to really learn how to make a guy like me in my dating life. I must admit that I flunk this area too many times in my life that I could hardly even remember what it feels like to be left alone. If you have the same situation like I do, I commend you because you have learned to stand up and face it.