How to Make a Guy Miss You – 3 Tricks to Do (DOC) by sarahnichol


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									How to Make a Guy Miss You – 3 Tricks to Do

You are here because you wanted to learn how to make a guy miss you and you are not the first one
who came to find the information that you thought you need. I must say that this is a very common
dilemma that most women will face. How will you make your guy miss you if you think that you miss him
more than he does?

I must admit that I have felt the same as you are and it is not something that is so pleasant. In fact, I do
not want the feeling to ever come back to me because learning how to make a guy miss you can
sometimes be hard and really pose as a challenge. If you want to give it a go, here are a few tricks that
will make him miss you.

1 – Give him an unforgettable date

If he enjoys your date so much, there is no question whether he would want it bad for the next time. He
will surely not forget to call for follow up on your date because he misses you already and wants to
spend it again with you. I am sure you can devise your own “ideal date” time and innovate so that he will
remember you for sure.

2 – Leave a small gift that represents you

Whenever he looks at that small token, he will surely remember you and when he remembers you, he
will miss you. This is not an exaggeration because you will definitely spend some time over the phone
talking about things with him. I am sure he thinks about you.

3 – Send him a text message on your mobile phone

A simple message from you will get him to remember you and think of you as you think of him. Perhaps,
expecting that it is of the same intensity is too much but I think it will be enough for you to realize that
he does miss you in a way that only he understands.

I am sure that learning how to make a guy miss you is relatively easy if you know things about his
personality and what makes him think and miss someone.

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