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   ...the printed resource
   provider for municipal
   and regional authorities
   throughout Australia.
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    Abacus - Waste Education Resource Providers since 1981 are
    experienced and prepared to provide solutions for your

    Municipal authorities across Australia have a need for quality,
    well designed material that effectively convey their
    inspirations, policies and procedures and educate and
    instruct bin holders as to your recycling programs.

    We also provide a range of resources to those who mount a
    school visit program. Ask for details.

  Magnetic Booklet Hangers
  Information Booklets                                                    1
  Bin Stickers
  Brochures                                                               2
  Recycling Calendars                                                     3
          School Visit Kits                                               4
                  Other Solutions for Communication                       5
                  Pet Registration / Library resources need care! /
                  Water Conservation / Fire Ban & Harvest Ban

C A M P A I G N      C O M M U N I C A T O R S               S I N C E   1 9 8 1
  Magnetic Information
  Booklet Hangers
   A magnetic booklet hanger,
   provides a guarantee the booklet
   will be displayed and accessible to
   the person who needs it - the

   Council leadership in the provision
   of quality waste education material
   and to be able to dictate the
   prominence in the household of
   this material is a great advantage.
   A magnetic hanger will achieve
   this very simply and saves the
   booklet being “filed” never to be
   found again!.

  Information Booklets
   Save phone calls and costly misunderstandings

   This booklet, which can communicate your
   complete service operation, hangs in the slot
   and is often printed with stepped page sizes
   to ensure that every page is visible at once to
   the viewer. They can be printed on recycled
   paper with vegetable ink as you require.

C A M P A I G N           C O M M U N I C A T O R S   S I N C E   1 9 8 1
  Stickers for Bins
   Corrective bin stickers arm your drivers
   with a sticker to place on bins that do
   not comply with your placement or
   content requirements. Use a large
   orange fluro paper sticker, with a few
   boxes to indicate the type of offence.

   Communication is the key!

   Bin stickers that talk! Put a sticker on
   each bin that shows in pictures just
   what can be safely put in that bin.
   Educate the bin user, don’t make them
   a loser!.

   Brochures are a regular
   requirement to convey a
   specific point to the target
   audience. We provide them
   as postcards, shaped
   brochures, stepped
   booklets (where each page
   is a little longer than the
   previous for a self index
   effect) or standard A4
   brochures, printed on your
   choice of paper - standard
   gloss through to an
   environmental statement
   stock - recycled.

C A M P A I G N           C O M M U N I C A T O R S   S I N C E   1 9 8 1
  Recycling Calendars -
  Notify Pick-up Dates
   The phone rings “why wasn’t my bin picked
   up this morning?” A readable and durable
   recycling calendar, distributed to the
   community will eliminate many of these calls
   and increase community satisfaction -
   particularly around holiday time. We print on
   your choice of material, including a magnetic
   rubber version that wont get lost in the clients
   house. A clear protective film makes it long
   lasting, even in the kitchen.

C A M P A I G N           C O M M U N I C A T O R S   S I N C E   1 9 8 1
  School Visit Kits
   In many municipalities the school visits are an integral part of the waste education
   methodology. Build in the right attitude and the whole community benefits down the track!

   We provide material that greatly increases the impact on the students - printed slogans on
   bags, recycled plastic frisbees and rulers, button badges, stickers...these little items are
   excellent for conveying an idea in a way that registers with children.

   Ask for a prepared school Waste Education Kit. We can make them up with the items you
   specify to really pack a message!

C A M P A I G N           C O M M U N I C A T O R S                    S I N C E         1 9 8 1
  Range of solutions
  for Councils
  Pet Registration
   When pets get lost, you no longer have their tag, right! -
   wrong. The pet owner can now look on the fridge
   magnet which includes the pet registration number, for
   easier information gathering and quicker identification.
   We can also print serial numbers.

  Library resources
  need care!
   To facilitate the smooth functioning of your library we
   provide a number of library marketing and communication
   tools - fridge magnets, stickers and tote bags - branded
   with the library information.
   Get books returned.
   Advertise the range of library services available.
   Revitalise the local interest.

  Water Conservation
   Water is a precious and precarious resource and the
   restrictions on usage need to be adequately conveyed to
   the users. Fridge magnets are an ideal medium to carry
   your message directly to the user in an economical, long
   lived and effective manner.

  Fire Ban /
  Harvest Ban
   Any seasonal bans or restriction information
   obviously needs to be conveyed to the people affected.
   Simply email us the message details we’ll provide it on a
   batch of fridge magnets for mailing out in just a few days.

C A M P A I G N             C O M M U N I C A T O R S            S I N C E   1 9 8 1
          The Waste Education Resource Providers...
                      for all you need!

                                         62 Barrie Road
                                         Tullamarine Vic 3043

                                         Ph: 1800 066 344 Fax: 1300 662 500
                  I N D U S T R I E S

C A M P A I G N     C O M M U N I C A T O R S          S I N C E              1 9 8 1

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