; strongly oppose the alienation of precious public parkland for
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strongly oppose the alienation of precious public parkland for


strongly oppose the alienation of precious public parkland for ...

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Water Police Site Park
I strongly oppose the alienation of precious public parkland for commercial uses.
I led the community campaign to block a McDonald's restaurant on Moore Park, prevented
attempts to build a commercial sports facility at Redfern Park, and opposed the development
of a large restaurant at Rushcutters Bay Park in place of a small kiosk.
As State MP, I supported the community campaign against State Government plans for
commercial and residential development on the Water Police site and, in one of my first
decisions as Lord Mayor, endorsed Council's purchase of the site for public open space.
Over the past two years, the City has consulted extensively on the site's future to develop a
plan in line with our vision for a stunning regional park as part of a continuous foreshore walk
from Glebe to Rushcutters Bay. Last year, we received recognition for the quality
consultation process at the 2006 Parks and Leisure Australia Awards for Innovation.
Based on that consultation, Council endorsed a Master Plan for the site on 26 June 2006.
The plan provides for a single storey building at the corner of Pirrama Road and Harris Street
(adjacent to the sandstone escarpment), including a cafe/kiosk, services, substation and
public toilets. In response to requests for meeting space, the Master Plan also provided for "a
community function room and associated facilities" in the building.
During the recent public consultation on the Development Application (DA), many residents
have expressed significant concerns that the designs show a building that is too large and
that fences could restrict access to the paved area behind and beside the building. If used in
this way, residents are concerned that the area could provide for large functions.
I am committed to providing the largest possible area of high quality open space. Any
buildings on the Water Police Site should support its primary role as public parkland.
I have asked the City's CEO to prepare designs for a smaller facility with only a cafe/
kiosk, toilets and shade cover, with the building closer to the escarpment to maximise
open space. When Council considers the DA later this month, I will ask Councillors to
remove the building area from the current DA, while proceeding with work on the rest of the
park, including new barbeques, extensive landscaping and a children's playground.
I expect Council's Planning Development and Transport Committee to consider the DA on
Monday 12 February 2007. You can register to speak at Committee by calling Council's
Secretariat on 9265 9310 before 12.00 noon on the day of the meeting.
If you would like to talk to a Council officer about the Water Police site park, you can contact
Sally Grebe on 9265 9333 or at sgrebe@cityofsydney.nsw.gov.au.
Clover M
Lord Mayor of Sydney
Sydney Town Hall 483 George Street Sydney NSW 2000
Phone 02 9265 9229 Facsimile 02 9265 9328

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