How to make a Guy Jealous – 3 Things that you can do

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					How to make a Guy Jealous – 3 Things that you can do

It should be easy to learn how to make a guy jealous. In fact, there is really no point in denying your
power to get your guy jealous over some simple matters. How many couples have argued over trivial
things out there? I cannot tell you how many because from what I know seriously there are a lot.

But, for the benefit of those who are really clueless on how to make a guy jealous, here are some of the
things that you can do in order to drive him nuts. I suggest that you should not go overboard because
jealousy can destroy a good relationship as well.

1 – Talk to your ex-boyfriend

This is the fastest method that you can try. If your boyfriend talks to his ex-girlfriend, I bet you would
feel jealous almost instantaneously. This is actually a normal reaction. Therefore, if you feel the pang of
jealousy, he will definitely feel the same when you do it as well.

2 – Choose your friend over your boyfriend on one event

Jealousy is not actually limited to guys and you but on your friends as well. Try missing out an event with
your boyfriend and go out with your friends instead. I am sure that your boyfriend will definitely get
jealous with your friends because you chose them over him.

3 – Try to spend time with your boyfriend’s best friend

I should warn you that this is actually getting a little over board but it is definitely fast and effective. You
can try and hang out with his best friend. Even if it is just a casual hanging out together between the two
of you, your boyfriend will definitely feel jealous about you spending time with his friend.

I am not sure what your point is when you wanted to learn how to make a guy jealous but all I know is
that all of these things that I have seriously listed are guaranteed effective.

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