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									              ICC Certification Test Study Guide
Compiled by Richard Ogg, CBET for his own personal study guide program from books
he discovered in his own search, computer study guides, and recommendations from
friends who are experts in the biomedical field. Rich is a BMET III at Muskogee
Regional Medical Center in Muskogee, Oklahoma, but he has extensive background in
both the electronics and biomedical instrumentation fields. He currently is the Chairman
of the Tulsa Area Biomedical Equipment Technicians Association, an AAMI member,
and is a strong advocate of certification.

The test is difficult, but it is possible to pass it with advance preparation. You must
commit time and hard work to the study process; have a real desire to reach the goal; and
develop a positive attitude. As you progress you will garner something else equally
important, knowledge. You will learn a great deal as you work toward your goal of
certification. Nothing worth having is easy. Rich wants those of you who are hesitant to
proceed to know that if he can do it, so can you. “Since your thinking has a direct bearing
on your performance, your thinking must be based on sound input.” (Zig Ziglar – world
famous motivational speaker)

This list is only suggestions. You may find other sources which will work best for you.
If you use this list and it helps you in your pursuit of certification, please mentor someone
else who is seeking their goal also. Good preparation and a good support team are a good
start to success.

1. Introduction to Biomedical Equipment Technology – by Carr & Brown second
   edition. ISBN # 0-13-014333-2 This book is the required textbook for many BMET
   classes in schools nationwide. Excellent resource and consider this one necessary
2. The AAMI CBET Study Guide – disc and workbook available through AAMI 1-
   800-332-2264 or web site www.aami.org
   There are 500-550 study questions on the study guide program. Each question has
   multiple choice answers and each answer has an explanation attached. Read them
   thoroughly. You will learn a lot. ( Don‟t bother trying to memorize the questions,
   these are just random samples.) Highly recommended.
3. NFPA Health Care Facilities – sixth edition. Be sure you know chapters 7 & 9.A
   BMET needs be familiar with NFPA requirements anyway.
4. Structure & Function of the Body – by Thibodeau/Anthony. Get the current
   edition. There is a study guide available to accompany this. ISBN # 0-8016-5047-X
5. AAMI Electrical Safety Manual - contact AAMI (see 2 above)
6. Basic Mathematics for Electronics – by Cooke & Adams. A good math reference
   book. There are others if you cannot locate this particular book.
7. ARRL Handbook for Radio Amateurs – a good reference book ISBN # 0-87259-
   17 4-2 Don‟t be put off by the name of this book. It is a great reference for electronic
   formulas and basic electronic principles.
8. A+ Certification – by Michael Meyers or Exam Cram A+, Networking for
   Dummies, &/or A+ for Dummies All are excellent to tutor you on the computer
   questions which are pretty basic. Even if you think you are computer literate, you
   need to review at least.
9. Delmar’s Comprehensive Medical Terminology – This is not necessarily required
   reading but it comes with a CD and it will pronounce the words properly for you in
   addition to teaching you the meanings. Good book and keeps you from looking like a
   „doofus‟ when you speak with others. ISBN # 0-7668-0493-3
10. AAMI Medical Equipment Management Manual – by Bob Stiefel, CES at Johns
   Hopkins Hospital. This man is the „GURU‟ of the field and this book will set out
   JCAHO guidelines you need to know. This is a great book.
11. Marquette Electronics Affinity Reference Guide for Biomedical Technicians –
   by Leslie R. Atles and Scott Segalewitz. If you are a Marquette customer you might
   be able to get this from your sales representative, if not it is available for purchase and
   is well worth the price. It is a compact size and is thorough and easy to read. One of
   the very best books put out by any equipment manufacturer.

To receive your current Application Handbook visit web site www.pteny.com or you can get
the handbook as a pdf document at the above web site or on the AAMI web site
www.aami.org . If you need more details, call the ICC at (703) 525-4890 X207.

You don‟t have to memorize everything you read, but you do have to be familiar with the
basic elements that make up the five sections of the test. Set a goal to get through the
500+ questions of the AAMI Study Guide without too many problems and you are going
to do just fine. It is now up to you, and now you have the „tools‟ to help you achieve your
goal. Don‟t let people‟s stories intimidate you. You can do it! Ask others for help if
you need it. I can be reached at my e-mail address rogg@muskogeehealth.com .

Best of luck and I‟ll be looking for your names to appear on the list of new CBETs on the
AAMI web site or in the AAMI publication, Biomedical Instrumentation & Technology.

Rich Ogg, CBET
BMET III – Muskogee Regional Medical Center
300 Roosevelt Dr.
Muskogee, OK 74401
(918) 682-5501 X1417

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