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					Lead Scripts to Follow
Step 1: Introduce [Sound like a friend or someone they know]
Hello <Name>, This is <Name>. I know you have looking to work from home and
wanted to touch base. I wanted to know if you had a few minutes to share with me
what you need and want from a home business. This way we could connect and see
if we would be a good fit. Sound fair?

[Questions they may ask]
       1. How Did you get my name., [reply, you came to one of our web sites and
          requested more information about an income opportunity from home,
          How long have you been looking to work from home?
       2. I’m not looking for a home based business. [repy: Are you [repeat their
          name and email?] yes… Ok see #1 reply

Step 2: Ask Questions
How long have you been looking to work from home? (30-90 days is the optimal
What have you found that appeals to you or doesn’t appeal to you? (this will be their
hot buttons and turn offs)
What has held you back in getting started before now? (this will be the potential
What do you and/or your spouse do currently? (this will tell you if they can afford the

Step 3: Listen
Whoever is asking the questions is in control of the call.
Don’t try and explain, answer questions, or talk too much!
Just be quiet, attentive, and listen.

Step 4: Briefly share
When you talk it should be 2-4 sentences at the most.
What I really appreciated was …
Example: The hands on mentoring with a customer program that really helped me
grow a business part time. I know <Name> is looking forward to meeting you and I
am confident you will see what so many are teaming up with our company

Step 5: Presentation
Ask the prospect if they are at their computer right now. If they are, seize the
opportunity and direct them to your web site or a presentation at Make sure their volume is turned up and tell them to listen
to the presentation on the website. Ensure they hit play and you will be able to hear
the presentation going in the background. Tell them you are going to call them back
after the presentation so they can listen and focus on the presentation.
If they are not at the computer and can’t do so immediately, utilize the pre-recorded
call 888-504-2112. Explain to them that the call is about 5 minutes and it won’t
waste their time. You can 3-way them in or have them write it down, repeat back to
you and ask them to take a listen and write down key questions. You feel the most
important thing they will want to evaluate is who they will work with. You will give
them a call back in 10 minutes or less to introduce them to one of the exceptional
people they will have an opportunity to work with.

Step 6: Book Mentor
Use Yahoo instant messenger and/or phone to contact a mentor who is available for
the 3-way when you call your potential business partner back. Once you have a
mentor you know who to edify. If for some reason your potential business partner is
delayed let the mentor know right away.

Step 7: Edify Leader

Chris is an extraordinary leader. He lives in Scottsdale, AZ and after Having a
successful college and professional basketball career he carried his passion for
success into his business career. He's been involved in the home based business
industry for 20 yrs now and has built organizations in upwards of 60,000 and has
been a consistent 5 figure a month earner. The one thing I love about him is his
commitment to helping everyone he comes into contact with to reach their dreams.
He's a tireless worker and is available pretty much 24/7 for support.

Other edification Scripts in your members area.

Step 6: 3 Way
Prior to calling use instant messenger to contact a Support Team Member to see who
is available and when. When you dial the mentor let them pick up before clicking
back over. Make sure you do a brief introduction of the prospect letting us know
what they have seen or heard and what if any questions they have.

Sample: Hi Chris. This is <your name> and I would like to introduce you to Barb.
Barb has a great personality and has actually seen our products on TV. She hasn’t
ever been involved in a home business before but is serious about doing something
part time since her career with real estate has been down the last year. (Let Ariana
say Hello and compliment)

   1. If they can not talk now and need to set a time or a mentor isn’t
      available to speak at that moment
      This is a critical point in the conversation. You need to create excitement,
      urgency, and value. Focus on speaking the same day not several days out.
      Make sure you edify the leader and mention the key elements adding to the
      value of speaking again soon. Get a specific day and time as well as a back up
      date and time. It is best to ask the earliest and latest times you can call – the
      best and worst days to call.

   2. The quick summary “Elevator Pitch”
      BeachBody is our TV infomercial partner that actually rewards us with
      customers we don’t pay for but earn. The spend 80-90 million annually to
      generate 15,000-30,000 customers weekly. They assign those customers to
      us after they have already ordered and allow us to earn residual income. This
      gives us a huge advantage over any other home business. But that’s not all…
      We also have any opportunity to earn business builders that have already
       joined BeachBody from the same infomercial model. I like to sum it up with 3
       key things we offer that you won’t find anywhere else
            What other business will actually give you customers who have already
            What other company will actually give you business partners who have
               already joined
            What other team will give you free, quality people to talk to who have
               already seen the company and product
       The answer is only BeachBody! Wait until you meet <Name> and experience
the tools and systems in place here.

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