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									                                                   five years after surgery. The film                      New Film Added to AMA
Film Reviews                                       deals with the acute or chronic                          Motion Picture Library
                                                   acromioclavicular separation of a
                                                   marked degree. The anatomical re¬                 Percutaneous Femoral   Coronary Arteriography.
                                                                                                     —16 mm,   color, sound, showing time 9 minutes.
                                                   view and illustrations are exception¬             Presented by General Electric Company. Pre¬
                                                   ally well done. One might be tempt¬               pared in 1969 by Fred W. Schoonmaker, MD,
                                                                                                     Denver. Procurable on loan (service charge $3)
                                                   ed to disagree with the attachment                from American Medical Association, Motion Pic¬
The   Kirby-Bauer Single Disc Method of Suscep¬    of the short head of the biceps to the            ture Library, 535 N Dearborn St, Chicago 60611.
tibility Testing.—16 mm, color, sound, showing     clavicle when it is used to replace
time 22 minutes. Prepared by William M. Kirby,
                                                   the coracoclavicular ligament, or at                 This film shows the technique of
MD, Seattle. Produced in 1969 by Kevin Donovan
Films, Glastonbury, Conn for and procurable on     least to reinforce it until the liga¬             femoral artery catheterization and
loan from Schering Corporation, 1011 Morris Ave,
Union, NJ 07083.                                   ment has had a chance to repair it¬               begins with a panoramic view of
                                                   self. Some might feel that a bony at¬             equipment involved and a rapid se¬
   Determining the susceptibility of               tachment of the short head of the                 quence of catheter entrance site
bacteria isolated from infections is               biceps to the clavicle would give a               preparation, introduction, and pas¬
an important function of the modern
                                                   better attachment than merely su¬                 sage of catheter. This is followed by
clinical bacteriology laboratory.                  turing the tendon to the soft tissues             representative television screen im¬
However, there is an unfortunate                   on the superior aspect of the clavi¬              ages of contrast dye filling the left
lack of uniformity in methodology                  cle. The film will be of interest to              coronary artery and its major
and interpretation, and an almost to¬              residents and the inexperienced or¬               branches. The equipment facilitates
tal absence of adequate quality con¬                                                                 transverse rotation of the patient for
trol. The author and his group have
                                                   thopedic surgeon who has not had                  catheterization of the anterior de¬
                                                   an    opportunity to perform many op¬
done an outstanding job in their at¬               erative  repairs of this type.                    scending artery. The right coronary
tempts to correct these deficiencies.                                                                artery and its branches are then
In this film, the author briefly ex¬                                                                 shown. Several of the branches of
plains the rationale behind the modi¬              Erythroblastosis Fetalis—Prenatal Management      these main arteries show narrowing.
fication his group has developed, and              and Prevention—16 mm, color, sound, showing
                                                   time 21 minutes. Prepared by Arthur A. Fleisher
                                                                                                     Injection of the arteries of an iso¬
the technique is illustrated in clear              II, MD, Panorama City, Calif, and M. James        lated cadaver heart shows that ar¬
step-by-step fashion. The wide¬                    Warden, MD, Los Angeles. Produced in 1970 by      teries as small as 0.3 mm can be
spread showing of this film with the               Billy Burke Productions, Los Angeles. Procur¬
                                                   able on loan from Arthur A. Fleisher II, MD,
                                                                                                     visualized, and transfer of this infor¬
accompanying literature should help                Kaiser Foundation Hospital, Panorama Citv,        mation to the living heart gives a
a great deal in improving the tech¬                Calif 91402.                                      final demonstration of the analysis
niques in this extremely important                                                                   that is possible of the condition of
field. All concerned with the project                 This film uses animation and live-             even these small-sized branches of
deserve commendation. The film is                  action photography to present the                 the main coronary arteries. This is
intended primarily for technologists               pathophysiology resulting from Rh                 a high-quality production. The ease
and bacteriologists working in this                isoimmunization during pregnancy.                 and rapidity with which the exam¬
area. Pathologists interested in im¬
                                                   The diagnostic parameters of obstet¬              ination is described and performed
                                                   rical history, anti-Rh antibody titer,            is a little misleading, but more de¬
proving the performance of their lab¬              amniocentesis, and spectrophotome-
oratories would also find it valuable.                                                               tail or reinforcement would lessen
It is highly recommended for path¬                 try of amniotic fluid are discussed.              the fascination. The emphasis is
ologists, bacteriologists, and medical             Expectancy, preterm delivery, and                 properly on demonstration of the
                                                   intrauterine fetal transfusion are de¬
technologists.                                                                                       coronary arteries and patient con¬
                                                   scribed as the modes of manage¬                   venience. It is particularly effective
                                                   ment. Prevention of sensitization                 in conveying the impression that
Surgical Repair of Acromioclavicular Separation    following the administration of anti-             coronary artery visualization is or
—16 mm, color, sound, showing time 18 minutes.     Rh y-globulin as illustrated in the               can be a routine x-ray procedure.
Prepared by James P. Ahstrom, Jr., MD, Oak         latter portion of the film is very im¬
Park, III. Produced in 1968 by Medi-Cine, Inc.,                                                      The demonstration of pathology and
Chicago. Procurable on loan from American          portant. The authors failed to men¬
Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons, 430 N Mich¬       tion the value of determining the Rh              range of vessel size which can be
igan Ave, Chicago 60611.
                                                   genotype of the father as well as the             grossly demonstrated is impressive.
                                                                                                     While this film should have wide
   By use of a skeleton, this film de¬             deleterious effects of other diseases
                                                                                                     professional and semiprofessional
picts the pathologic anatomy of the                such as toxemia and diabetes. The
                                                                                                     interest, its use with nursing or
lesion and the surgical repair rec¬                technique of intrauterine fetal trans¬
ommended. This consists of debride-                fusion is well presented; however,                technician groups should be rein¬
ment of the joint, immobilization by
                                                                                                     forced with explanations that several
                                                   the value of using a catheter for                 technical steps demonstrated were
transfixion with a heavy wire, repair              blood injection may be questioned.
of the acromioclavicular ligaments                 A particular criticism can be leveled             not fully treated. For example, re¬
and reinforcement, or reconstruction               at the authors for failure to be spe¬             garding the length of time of exter¬
of the coracoclavicular ligaments by               cific in their recommendations for                nal pressure on injection site after
turning up the short head of the bi¬               the timing of the initial as well as              removal of catheter, the narrator in¬
ceps and attaching it to the clavicle.             repeat amniocentesis. The authors                 dicated that this would be until
Patients and roentgenograms are                    are to be complimented on making                  there was no bleeding, but this
shown to illustrate the preoperative               a very strong point for the team ap¬              would be for a much longer time
features of the lesion and the failure             proach to this problem. This film is              than shown in the film. This film,
of conservative methods. The opera¬                recommended for all physicians,                   recommended for general practition¬
tion itself is shown in some detail,               students, and nurses interested in                ers, residents, interns, and medical
and then three patients are present¬               Rh sensitization and erythroblas¬                 students, would also be of interest
ed, three months, seven months, and                tosis.                                            to   nurses   and x-ray technicians.

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