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					                                 V E R A N D A           G R O U P        N E W S   M A R C H    2 0 1 0

                                                                            Heritage Resorts
                                                                            launched under the starry skies of Bel Ombre
                                                                            Heritage Resorts hosted a magical evening for its guests at the official launch of
                                                                            the brand in Mauritius. There are currently two beautiful Heritage Resorts on
                                                                            the ‘Domaine de Bel Ombre’: the Heritage Le Telfair Golf & Spa Resort and
                                                                            the Heritage Awali Golf & Spa Resort.

                                                                            The evening unfolded in the unique setting of the Château de Bel Ombre,
                                                                            illuminated by a spectacular play of lights. While cocktails were served under
Caption:                                                                    the ancient Intendance (a ficus tree) accompanied by the screening of a film
Dream landscape for the launching of Heritage Resorts                       and ending with a splendid fireworks display, guests were swept away into the
Inaugural speech of Vice-Prime Minister and Minister of Tourism of Mau-
ritius Xavier-Luc Duval, Philippe Espitalier-Noël, CEO of Rogers Group      enchanting world of Heritage Resorts ... And gourmet taste buds were titillated
and Francois .Eynaud, Managing Director of Veranda Group                    with rounds of culinary delights offered by the restaurants of both resorts.

We have been dazzled by the shower of stars who have jetted in to appreciate
the beauty of the south of Mauritius and the authenticity of our Heritage hotels.
                                                                                                                            NEWS          People
The British television presenter Andrea McLean spent her honeymoon at the Heritage Awali, and Yannick Noah the famous tennis
player and singer stayed at the Heritage Le Telfair while shooting a film. The renowned former footballer Frank Sauzée spent his holiday
at the Heritage Awali and Switzerland’s Pro golfer Julien Clément was at the Heritage Le Telfair for a tournament. Florence Foresti,
the French humorist, took the opportunity during her stay in Mauritius with her family to visit the beautiful Valriche Nature Reserve on
the Domaine de Bel Ombre.
The Heritage Le Telfair has hosted
‘Chef Picasso’

                                                    In December the Heritage Le Telfair      with us for a week at ‘Heritage Le
                                                    Golf & Spa Resort hosted Olaf            Telfair, training our kitchen staff, as
                                                    Niemeier, known worldwide as             well as delighting our clients with
                                                    “Chef Picasso” as part of an original    cooking classes and his creative menus.
                                                    culinary promotion. Nicknamed            This culinary promotion marked the
                                                    “Chef Picasso” because of his            beginning of a series of gourmet events
                                                    exceptional abilities in the field of    for the year 2010 in the Heritage
                                                    culinary creations, Olaf Niemeier was    Hotel Resorts.

About Olaf Niemeier
Olaf Niemeier was chef of the fusion restaurant at the ‘SIDE Hotel’ in Hamburg. Originally from Dusseldorf,
Olaf Niemeier has worked for several years in prestigious hotels in Germany, such as the Hilton Dusseldorf.
After that he worked abroad for more than 14 years gaining new impressions and many varied experiences
such as at the London Hilton and the Vista International in New York. Olaf Niemeier was the first Chef
to develop an entirely vegetarian menu, with no added dairy products, a speciality of his that is very much
appreciated by many celebrities.

                                                                   Terre Bormane et La Courtade
                                                                   honoured at Heritage Le Telfair!
                                                                   Since its opening, the Heritage Telfair has used the very exclusive
                                                                   “Bormane Earth ‘and’ Galatea ‘ products! The idea to organize a
                                                                   gastronomic week in Mauritius therefore came naturally to us. The
                                                                   prestigious Porquerolles ‘La Courtade’ wine was also associated
                                                                   with this culinary event.

This culinary week that was held end November offered guests: special exhibits and tastings, cocktail parties, a special “Hands on”
Luncheon, themed menus, table d’hote and to round it all off a gala evening on November 27 in the iconic Château de Bel Ombre.
A successful event which will no doubt be repeated this year and with the participation of a Michelin starred chef.
   Foie Gras
 Rougié, the famous Foie
 Gras makers feted at the
 Chateau de Bel Ombre
under the aegis of Michelin
   starred Breton chef
     Maximin Hellio                    Seven Colours
                                       at Heritage Le Telfair
Heritage Le Telfair had the pleasure
of hosting Rougié, the famous Foie     As from the 10 February 2010, Seven Colours Cosmetics & Spa is open at Heritage Le
Gras makers, and the talented          Telfair Golf & Spa Resort. The first spa brand to be entirely designed in Mauritius, and
young Breton Chef Maximin Hellio       renowned for its know-how derived from its multicultural tradition, Seven Colours has
during an exceptional culinary week    now nine spas, including one in an internationally renowned hotel in Johannesburg,
which was held from 28 January         South Africa.
2010 to 1 February 2010.
Residents of the Heritage Le Telfair   On the occasion of this new opening, the ‘Seven Colours’ brand will launch its
were treated to the delicate           “collection” that will allow Seven Colours to offer its customers staying in upscale hotels,
products expertly prepared by the      such as our Heritage Resorts, the experience of even more luxurious treatments with a
young Breton chef Hellio Maximin,      new range of benefits.
holder of a Michelin star and his
assistant chef who specially came to
us from France for the occasion.
This event was organized with the
support of Champagne Gosset, a
wine house known for their fine
bubbles, and the cognac house
 Success of the 4th tour
 of the Heritage Air Mauritius Golf Festival!
 The Heritage Golf Festival organized in collaboration with Air Mauritius was once again
 a big success. Characterised by friendliness and fair play, the Heritage Air Mauritius Golf
 Festival ended at the Château de Bel Ombre after three days of competition. Mastery of golf
 technique was beautifully displayed throughout the week on the greens of the Château de Bel
 Ombre golf course and also at the Tamarina golf course, our partner of the festival. This year,
 participants were able to discover something new and a first in Mauritius: Night Golf !

   The 2010 tour will
  take place from 28
    November to 6
 December 2010 and
 will run this year over
 4 days of competition
      instead of 3 !
                               The winners of the CEO (Trophy for presidents and directors of golf clubs) Jean Claude Muth and
                               Michael Zimmerlin Muth posing with François Eynaud, Managing Director of the VerandaGroup,
                               Gerard Van der Gucht of the Journal du Golf and Jerome Laloue of Tee Off Event

New HACCP certification
for the Heritage Awali!

                                                                                             Always concerned
                                                                                           with the quality offered
                                                                                            to its customers, the
                                                                                            Heritage Awali Golf
                                                                                           & Spa Resort has been
                                                                                            diligently working for
                                                                                             over a year now on
                                                                                            implementing a new
                                                                                           system of food safety.

This system provides a guarantee of hygiene through process control and regular checks throughout
the food preparation chain.

At the end of this year’s training and development, the Heritage Awali Golf & Spa Resort was
audited for the certification, which is internationally recognized and certified by the HACCP
SGS team ( Société Générale de Surveillance) !

During two days of intense audit the team of the Heritage Awali showed that the system has
become embedded in the culture of the Veranda Group !
                                   New Chef
                                   Rouben Moothoosamy recently joined the team at
                                   Veranda Paul & Virginie as Executive Chef!

                                   This Mauritian chef has come to us straight from a 5-star hotel and has a vast experience
                                   of over 18 years in catering. his strengths: creativity and education, his specialty: Mauritian
                                   cuisine with Asian influences. Formerly responsible for the implementation of the HACCP
                                   system, he is more than worthy taking charge at this recently certified hotel.

                                   ‘ ive’ cuisine, barbecues and
                                   cooking ‘under glass’ !
                                   Chef Arassen Moonienpillay who came to work with us at Veranda Palmar a few months ago,
                                   is brimming with ideas for our guests. In addition to renewing the menu, in order to share his
                                   passion with our clients, he has recently ‘live cooking’ show kitchen which allows guests to
                                   watch the preparation of food and discover all the chef’s tricks of the trade. Barbecues are
                                   held regularly, with the meat being carved at the table. And not to forget the introduction of
                                   cooking ‘under glass’ - a technique of cooking food in a wrapping with special spices so that
                                   they retain all their flavours and aromas and their moisture. A true festival for the senses !

Veranda Pointe aux Biches
ranked Second best hotel in the world!

Veranda Pointe aux Biches hotel has been chosen by clients of top tour operator ‘Nouvelles
Frontières’ as their second favourite hotel in the world in an online survey. A real reward for
this hotel with its ‘barefoot’ concept, that has managed to seduce its customer through its
relaxed atmosphere, its authenticity and its natural architecture and rustic charm… a promise
of a true Robinson getaway.

                                   The cigar honoured at the Sandy Lane Grill
                                   The Sandy Lane Grill ‘feet in the sand’ Restaurant at Veranda Pointe aux Biches, offers
                                   a genuine escape to cigar fans and aficionados a genuine.
                                   At this open-air beach restaurant, smoking is not prohibited and does not bother
                                   anyone, and now one can also eat a Cigar! Residents will discover for instance, “Foie
                                   Gras Romeo & Juliet with Cognac and mango chutney” on the evening menu, invented
                                   by the talented Franco-Mauritian chef, Miraux.
                                                                             NEWS Corporate

                                                           New Manager of Operations
                                                           for Seven Colours Spa & Cosmetics!

                                                           We are pleased to announce the arrival of Dr. Chase Webber as
                                                           Manager – Spa Operations who will report to Hélène Cassan. Dr.
                                                           Chase Webber is a qualified Registered / Licensed Naturopathic Doctor
                                                           who has been in Private Practice in the USA, UK, and South Africa for
                                                           15 years, and part of the Wellness Health & Spa Industry for 20 years.
                                                           In 2002 he decided to leave Private Practice to broaden his interests
                                                           in the corporate & hospitality world as a Consultant specialising in
                                                           projects that promote Health, Wellness & Spa. He has worked for hotel
                                                           groups such as One & Only and Kempinski.

                                                                                               New Director of Sales
                                                                                                            at the Paris office

We are pleased to welcome Nadine                 France, Belgium and Italy. Nadine has 8 years
Attarian as Sales Director to replace            experience in the luxury market and 8 years
Vincent Desvaux who has decided to give          experience as Sales Director and European
a new direction to his career. She started in    Representative for 5 star Polynesian resort
this position at the beginning of February       hotel groups.
2010. She will handle the following markets:

                                                          Her contact details are: Nadine Attarian
                                                      Director of Sales for France – Belgium - Italy
                                                                       Veranda & Heritage Resorts
                                                     10 Rue de la Grange Batelière - 75009 Paris
                                      Tel: +33 (0) Fax: +33 (0)
                                                                  Mobile: +33 (0) 6 76 21 36 71
                                                              Email :

                                                New sales representative
                                in South Africa for Veranda & Heritage Resorts!

                                                                   An Island Anthology
                                                          Quinten Barnard (Sales)
                                                              Tel: +27(11) 781-1661
                                                 Tel: 082 857 4027 / 082 542 8528
                                  Skype: quinten.barnard
NEWS Corporate

                                                                                             New identity
                                                                            for Villas Valriche Rental !
                                                   In order to distinguish the Villas Valriche development and sales team
                                                  from the management of other rental villas by the Veranda Group, we
                                                 have renamed the activities surrounding the Villas Valriche rental pool
                                                       ‘Villas Valriche Experience - managed by Heritage Resorts’.

The word ‘experience’ was chosen to denote the range               for example, a spa treatment in their villa, a chef to cook
of possibilities that we offer customers all in the same           for them in their villa, a catering service, 24/24 concierge
geographical area (i.e. the Domaine de Bel Ombre) namely           services.
golf, access to the two ‘Heritage’ hotels, access to the sea and   The association of the villas with Heritage Resorts has
a wide range of water sports activities, the Nature Reserve        happened quite naturally, based on the recognized expertise
and the historical heritage of Bel Ombre, amongst others. The      of its two luxury hotels, providing strong added value to this
word also includes the new experiences that clients can enjoy,     activity in terms of operations.

                                             Appointment of
                                                Karine Curé
                                            Communication Manager for
                    Villas Valriche Experience & Domaine de Bel Ombre.

After several years as Communications Manager at the heart of the Indigo
Hotels & Resorts Group, Karine Curé joined the Veranda Group in January
2009 at the time of the integration of the Telfair Golf & Spa Resort (now
renamed Heritage Le Telfair) and has recently been appointed Communications
Manager - Villas Valriche Experience & Domaine de Bel Ombre .
                                                                                             NEWS CSR

                       The Veranda Group
                       continues its commitment to Reef
                       Conservation Mauritius.

Since 2008 Veranda has supported this NGO whose mission is the
conservation and restoration of the marine environment of Mauritius.
The NGO relies heavily on public awareness, a key driver of
sustainable change in behaviour.
Convinced by the remarkable educational work that it has done,
the Veranda Group renewed its partnership in 2010 with the Marine
Environmental Education Programme for Primary Schools by allocating
0.5% of its PAT * to this programme. During these two school years the
NGO has taught 2900 children and 240 teachers about the issues
surrounding the marine environment.

The integrated development of Bel Ombre
The Veranda Group - now on the Domaine de Bel Ombre with Heritage
Resorts (HR), Villa Valriche Experience by Heritage Resorts (VVE) and
the Golf du Chateau golf course- has, since 2009, been a partner of
the Bel Ombre Foundation for Empowerment.

This foundation has taken the emancipation of the rural community in the
South West under its wing. It is a community which for too long remained
a passive witness to the development of the rest of the island. A huge
amount work has been accomplished during this year, including social
inclusion initiatives, literacy and adult education programmes, early learning
programmes, support of artisans doing hand crafts, the struggle against
social evils ... Thanks to this comprehensive framework, jobs are currently
materializing at VVE while a woman was employed 4 months ago in the kids
club at the Heritage Awali.

                                               The Rogers Group, of which Veranda is the Hotels division, - has entered
                                               the third year of its commitment to the prevention of HIV / AIDS among
                                               15-24 year olds.
                                               In line with this policy, the Veranda Group devoted 1% of its PAT * to this
 1% of Group profits                            programme in 2008-2009 and helped finance 36 projects aimed at prevention
                                               and awareness among young people. In addition to these actions at the national
  invested in the fight                         level, this comprehensive plan also includes an internal component now in place,
                                               to evaluate knowledge of and attitudes to the virus, training programmes, and
  against       VIH/sida                       the creation of an HIV ‘policy’, a first in a Mauritian company.

                                                                                                                  *PAT = profit after tax
                                                                         *CSR = Corporate Social Responsability - Responsabilité Sociale
                                          YOU R OP I NI ON I S VALU ABLE T O US!

                                          WIN 6 exceptional
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                                          and take part in the draw for the prize of a stay of 6 exceptional
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                                          *This prize is valid for a stay 1st of April until the 30th of September 2010 for two people
                                          sharing a double room on half board basis in one of the two Heritage hotels (depending on
                                          the availability at all times - we reserve the right to choose one of the two hotels according
                                          to availability). This prize is not negotiable nor is it redeemable in cash.

Veranda Group,                                         Thank you for your attention!
Village Labourdonnais, Mapou, Mauritius                                      Kindly reply by mail to the following address :                                 

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