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					                                  Panasonic® DMC-FZ35/38
                   Seattle PC Service ® User Manual v.1.5 Mar 2010
  AE = Auto-exposure     AF = Auto-Focus       EV = Exposure-Value    SH = shutter pressed halfway    UL,LL,UR,LR screen corners
Approximate recordable pictures with ratio 4:3 and JPEG movies                         PM=max.per movie
       |     12MB           8MB        5MB        2MB     |   HD   WVGA   VGA    QVGA
   SD |    4000x3000    3264x2448 2560x1920 1600x1200 |1280x720 848x480 640x480 320x240
   Card| Raw Hi    Lo    Hi     Lo  Hi     Lo  Hi     Lo | 16:9    16:9   4:3     4:3
   Int.|   2    5    12     8    17  12     25  43     81 |PM:8’20  20’45” 21’45” 1h
   1 GB|   66    140     280    200     390    290   560    950 1170 |          4’00”    10’10”       10’40”        20’30”
   8 GB| 540 1160 2270 1630 3180 2380 4540 7670 14440|                      33’30”       83’         87’       4h

Battery power
          The battery power appears on , except when you use the AC adapter (optional).
          When the indication turns red and blinks, recharge or replace the battery.
          Every 10 photos or minutes, turn the camera off so that the battery cools off.

      Charging time:                                     Approx. 2 hours
      Number of pictures (50% flash):                    Approx. 470 pictures (waiting betw. Pictures , 117 only!)
      Length of recorded movies:                         Approx. 4 hours
      Playback time:                                     Approx. 8 hours

Inserting/Removing Battery & Card                                    Check: Camera off, Lens retracted, Flash closed
          Slide the Card/Battery door outwards to open it.
          Insert the Battery as shown on the door inside, until it locks.
                 To remove, slide the grey lock first. Settings are preserved for 2 months with no battery.
          Insert the Memory Card with the label facing the front of the camera until it clicks.
                 To remove, push the card until it clicks, then pull the card out upright.

Preventing Vignette from Lens Hood or Filters
          Remove Hood when using the Flash (except in Tele). Also in darkness when AF lamp is needed.
          2nd Filter vignette: 1X(27mm)-1.5X(39mm): AWFUL. ≥2X(54mm): MINIMAL. ≥2,6X(72mm): NONE.
Zoom and Focal Length                                             Always refocus after zooming!
                           Zoom 35mm eq. Zoom 35mm eq. Zoom 35mm eq.
                            1X      27 mm 5 X 135 mm        10 X 270 mm
                           1.5 X    40 mm 6 X 162 mm        12 X 324 mm
                            2X      54 mm 7 X 189 mm        14 X 378 mm
                            3X      81 mm 8 X 216 mm        16 X 432 mm
                            4X     108 mm 9 X 243 mm        18 X 486 mm

Zoom and Apertures                                       in 1/3 EV steps
      Maximum: with 1 X F2.8, with 18X F4.4.   Minimum: Photos F8, Movies F13

Correct posture
          Right hand:       Dictated by the thumb rest, the shutter button and the grip for the other 3 fingers
          Left hand: Classical index-up-thumb-down or better hold zoom barrel over middle phalanxes
          Careful not to cover AF lamp with the middle left finger!

Arrows, Joystick, Menus
           Arrow buttons around the Menu button.
           Joystick: action is shown in icon in , temporarily suppressing the ISO usually there.
      Set the RECORDING/PLAYBACK switch to

   Intelligent Auto
      Many other Settings acquire temporarily a fixed value that may differ from user-chosen ones,
       e.g. ECONOMY 5 min., QUALITY Fine, AUTO REVIEW 2SEC. and Auto White Balance (AWB)
      Press SH and the AF area may show around a face by the Face Detection.
      Focus range:       1X: 1cm      4-10X: 2mt              11-18X: 1mt

    If optimum scene is identified, blue icon displays for 2 seconds, then stays but in red:
                         i-PORTRAIT                           i-NIGHT PORTRAIT
                         i-SCENERY                            i-NIGHT SCENERY
                          i-MACRO                              i-BABY
      In the PORTRAIT, NIGHT PORTRAIT and BABY scenes, face is detected and optimised:
       the face shows in the top right of the scene icon..
      If none of the above scenes is detected, standard settings are set and the icon stays as .
      AF TRACKING: press and hold FOCUS to activate. Press AF/AE LOCK to lock on the subject.
       Press FOCUS to unlock. See next chapter for more details.

   Program AE
      See below Auto Exposure compensation or, in Chapter3, Focus Type and White Balance.
      SH: Focus OK shows green light and 2 beeps. Focus BAD shows red light and 4 beeps.

   Changes the balance between Aperture and Speed, using the Joystick:
    Press SH until aperture and speed show in the yellow box on the bottom of the screen.
    Release SH: while the yellow box is still in view (10 sec.), use  to change the Program.
    Once the box is no longer in view, you cannot change it but is memorised as shown by the P.
    PROGRAM SHIFT is cancelled when the camera is SWITCHED OFF.

   Aperture Priority                       See below AE Compensation and Apertures and Shutter speeds
       changes Aperture initially, then
       selects AE compensation,  re-selects Aperture,  changes selected

   Shutter Speed Priority                    See below AE Compensation and Apertures and Shutter speeds
       changes Shutter Speed initially, then
       selects AE compensation,  re-selects Speed,             changes selected
Auto Exposure Compensation                   Modes                          and Adv.Scene
        Method 1:  till EXPOSURE appears, then                    Method 2:  then 

     Manual Exposure                           See below Apertures and Shutter speeds available
         selects Aperture,              selects Speed,          changes selected
        A Manual Exposure approximative assistance scale is shown.

Apertures and Shutter speeds available
            A - Aperture priority               S - Shutter priority        M-Manual exposure
            F2.8-3.6 => 8’-1/1000’              8’-1/1000’ => F2.8-8.0 (1X)
            F4.0-5.0 => 8’-1/1300’                 1/1300’ => F4.0-8.0       same as
            F5.6-7.1 => 8’-1/1600’                 1/1600’ => F5.6-8.0       A-Aperture priority
            F8.0     => 8’-1/2000’                 1/2000’ => F8.0           with max. exposure 60’

     Custom Mode                                 Allows concocting and storing your own Mode
        REGISTERING: In any Mode, MENU,   SETUP, p.2, CUST.SET.MEM.,
         sel. C1 / C2 / C3, MENU, Message OVERWRITE…?  YES, MENU.
        PHOTOGRAPHY: Switching to CUST a Menu appears: sel. C1 / C2 / C3,
         press DISPLAY to show settings of the alternative selected, and/or MENU to set it.
         Some further settings not shown are also stored, e.g. DIGITAL ZOOM ON/OFF.

     Scene Mode                      Most Modes use their special ISO: Sensitivity, Limit & Intelligent
         selects among the blue scenes on screen. Press MENU to set.
        DISPLAY shows full information on the scene type selected.
        The red icon in  shows the selected scene mode.
        AE: Exposure, ISO, METERING Mode and PICT.ADJ. are fully automatic.
        PANORAMA ASSIST: shows guidelines and transparent part of last picture. NO Flash. ISO Auto
        PARTY: OPEN Flash. ISO Auto                    CANDLELIGHT: use tripod. ISO Auto
        BABY 1/2 & PET: can enter Name & Birthday. iISO       SUNSET: reddish. ISO80
        HIGH SENS: for darkness: ISO Auto, with ISO Limit betw. 1600 & 6400. Low JPEG.
        HI-SPEED BURST: No Flash. Very fast and unlimited (more than 15) but 3Mpx max. same ISO
         SPEED PRIORITY: appr. 10 pict./sec. IMAGE PRIORITY: appr. 6 pict./sec. . Low JPEG.
        FLASH BURST. OPEN Flash. Max. 5 pictures. Max ISO 3200.. 3Mpx max. Low JPEG. iISO
        PANNING: follow subject with camera using viewfinder, pre-focus, shoot when subject in front.
                          SHUTTER PRIORITY: allows  to set Speed to prevent blurring. ISO80
        STARRY SKY: select speed: 15”, 30” or 60”. Use tripod. ISO80
        FIREWORKS: with STABILIZER, 1/4" to 2” according to jitter. With NO stabilizer, 2”. ISO80
        BEACH & SNOW: prevents underexposure. Flash           FILM GRAIN: grainy texture. ISO1600
        AERIAL PHOTO: from airplane window. Focuses to  . ISO Auto
        PIN HOLE: Low JPEG. Adds vignette. ISO Auto           HIGH DINAMIC: subtle colours. ISO400

                      Advanced Scene Modes
        Select one of the 5 Advanced Scene Modes shown by the above icons.
        Once the Adv.Scene Mode is selected,  selects among blue scenes shown. Press MENU to set.
        DISPLAY shows full information on the scene type selected.
        The red icon in the  shows the selected scene type.
        MENU shows again the blue scenes to select another one.
        Automatically set are: ISO, METERING MODE, FLASH MODE.
        They can be used also for Movies (see Chapter 5).
     Let us now see some particulars for each of the 5 Advanced Scene Modes:             .

      Night Portrait                            ISO Auto
         NIGHT PORTRAIT is the only alternative that uses Flash: OPEN Flash..
         NIGHT SCENERY and ILLUMINATIONS alternatives are available, with NO Flash.
         CREATIVE allows using  to set Aperture priority, e.g. to control depth of focus.(NOT in Movies)

      Close-up                                Flash usable but not recommended. ISO Auto
         FLOWER, FOOD and OBJECT alternatives are available.
         CREATIVE allows using  to set Aperture priority, e.g. to control depth of focus.

      Sports                                    iISO
         OUTDOOR uses faster shutter speed to prevent blurring.
         INDOOR sets higher ISO to allow faster speed and prevent blurring.
         CREATIVE allows using  to set Speed priority, to prevent blurring: red if underexposed.

      Scenery                                    NO Flash. ISO Auto
         NATURE is for not so distant outdoors scenery.
         ARCHITECTURE for sharp photographs (not clear what it does).
         CREATIVE OUTDOOR prevents underexposure of a face outdoors.
         CREATIVE allows using  to set Speed priority, e.g. to allow for waterfall blurring.

      Portrait                                   Best use Tele zoom Mostly ISO80
         SOFT SKIN changes skin colour and also background.
         OUTDOOR prevents underexposure of a face outdoors. OPEN Flash.
         INDOOR sets high ISO to prevent blurring. iISO
         CREATIVE allows using  to set Aperture priority, e.g. to control depth of focus.

      My color Mode                               Stores and Uses Color+Brightness+Saturation
         In most Modes one controls Colour with the WB, Exposure and Menu REC SATURATION.
         The MyColor menu is activated when switching to the My color Mode, or else there pressing MENU.
         There one can change COLOR (Red/Blue), BRIGHTNESS, SATURATION or RESET all to normal.
          They are memorised even if the camera is turned off. No other modes are affected, except Movies.
          (Note: the REC Menu only allowed changing SATURATION).
         The camera performs a very basic automatic Program exposure.

Auto Review
         In REC Mode, MENU  SETUP p.4 AUTO REVIEW sel. OFF / 1SEC / 2SEC / HOLD / ZOOM.
         HOLD shows the photo until any button is pressed.
         ZOOM shows 1 min. normal and 1 min. zoom, which is a bit too fast to be really useful.
         To review pictures while in REC Mode, press (Fn)
         Press  to select the picture. Hold buttons for fast backward/forward.
         On-screen zoom is available, but only 4X and 16X
Deleting Pictures and Movies
      Press  , select alternatives with  and act with MENU.
         DELETE MULTI: shows 6 pictures per screen allowing to select the pictures to delete.
          If you exit without deleting, the selection marks are NOT memorised.
          shows the Self-timer Menu.
          selects. 10S/3PICTURES takes 3 photos at 2” intervals, or longer if conditions or Flash require it.
ISO Sensitivity                                      Modes
          MENU        p.2, ISO LIMIT SET: limits the maximum ISO when in Auto ISO or INTELLIGENT ISO.
          MENU        p.1, SENSITIVITY (or JOYSTICK): select between Auto, 80, 100, 200, 400, 800, 1600.
          MENU        p.1, INTELLIGENT ISO: If ON it overrides the above setting for Modes           .
White Balance                          iA, MyColor and many Scene Modes automatically use AWB
          MENU       p.2, WB WHITE BALANCE (or JOYSTICK better with explanations): select alternatives:
                      AUTO WHITE BALANCE                  SHADE                            SET WB 1
                      DAYLIGHT                            FLASH                            SET WB 2
                      CLOUDY                              HALOGEN / INCAND.                SET TEMP ºK
          In SET WB modes, DISPLAY produces a rectangle that will measure the subject colour temperature.
          In SET TEMP. ºK, DISPLAY allows sel. continuous Colour Temperature between 2,500 and 10,000ºK.
          In the 3 SET modes, press  instead to calibrate Amber-Blue & Magenta-Green with  .
          In WB modes                          , press DISPLAY to calibrate Amber-Blue & Magenta-Green.
          Once calibrated, the WB icon on screen will show Amber/Blue with a sign -/+
          The WB calibrations are memorised. In SET WB modes they are deleted when changing col. temp.
Flash Built-in                                         Remove the Hood to avoid its shadow!
           OPEN opens the Built-in Flash.
           shows the Flash Menu.                           selects alternative and MENU sets.
          Some Modes and/or Scenes only allow some Flash alternatives. Flash is not available in MyColor.
               o A       AUTO                 Flash is automatically activated in low light conditions.
               o A AUTO/RED-EYE              Same, with pre-flash to reduce the red-eye in low-light conditions.
               o         FORCED FLASH         Flash is always activated. Only mode in many Scene Modes.

               o  FORCED ON/RED-EYE Same, with pre-flash, only in PARTY or CANDLE LIGHT scenes.
               o S SLOW SYNC./RED-EYE Flash with low shutter speed, only in Modes , , ,
           In RED-EYE flash modes, if Face Detection is active, the camera also fixes red-eye in the picture.
          In Flash Modes other than S SLOW SYNC, min. shutter speed is 1/30”, except some Scene Modes

                                                       Wide - F2.8              Tele - F4.4
                             ISO Sensitivity         From     To           From     To      Slave
                                                                                                        “Slave “ is
          AVAILABLE                                                                                     the range
                                                                                                            of a
                             ISO 80                   0.30 2.7 mt          1.0 mt 1.7 mt DG340
          FLASH              ISO 100                   mt
                                                      0.30 3.0 mt
                                                                           1.0 mt   1.9 mt      8.5
          RANGE:             ISO 200                   mt
                                                      0.40 4.2 mt          1.0 mt   2.7 mt      12
                                                                                                       slave flash
                                                                                                         such as
                             ISO 400                   mt
                                                      0.60 6.0 mt          1.0 mt   3.8 mt      16     the Soligor
                                                                                                       DG340 AZ
                             ISO 800 / AUTO            mt
                                                      0.80 8.5 mt          1.0 mt   5.4 mt      24
Auto Bracket / Color Bracket                           Modes                                   and Adv.Scene
           till AUTO BRACKET appears, then 
          Press DISPLAY for COLOR BRACKET: 3 pictures: B&W, Standard and Sepia.
          Not available in RAW pictures, PANORAMA ASSIST and some other modes.

Burst Mode                                             Modes                                   and Adv.Scene
      / displays Burst menu.                          selects Burst Mode. It is NOT cancelled!
          Focus, Exposure and WB are fixed to settings for 1st picture.
          It takes only 3 pictures, at 2.5” intervals or slower in low light. Flash is inactivated.
          Not available in RAW pictures, PANORAMA ASSIST and some other modes.
Face Recognition: see PDF p.117ff.
Focus Continuous                                 All Modes except      and
          MENU     p.2, PRE AF selects alternative. An icon shows onscreen on the left hand side:
               o OFF: Camera only refocus when SH (but continuously in auto modes such as       Mode).
               o Quick AF: Camera will refocus if jitter is small.
               o Continuous AF: Camera keeps refocusing at all times.

Focus Type: Auto, Macro, Manual               Modes
        Press and hold AF/AF /MF to show Focus Mode dialog screen: select Focus Type.
         Zooming shows focus range on screen bottom. [The Macro mode of the FZ20 is now an Advanced Scene Mode.]
                        MIN.           Focus Type               1X       4-10X        11-18X
                       FOCUS                 AF               30cm        2mt          2mt
                       RANGE           AF MACRO* & MF          1cm        2mt         1mt #
                                   * AF    in                                 # TELE     in 
     MANUAL FOCUS                             All Modes except  . Disables AF Modes
      Press and hold AF/AF /MF to show Focus Mode dialog screen.
       select MF and press MENU: MF shows in  and .
       joystick focuses: vertical bar shows depth-of-field.
       moves the Focus Assistance box away from picture centre (DISPLAY restores it)
      FOCUS performs One-Shot Autofocus.

Focus AF Modes                               All Modes except
        MENU       p.2, AF MODE (or JOYSTICK) selects alternative:
        AF TRACKING                          Disables Face Recognition
            o Bring subject to AF frame and press AF/AE LOCK (not AF/AF /MF!!).
            o AF turns yellow and locks on subject. Press AF/AE LOCK again to cancel AF Tracking.
        11-AREAS
            o Press FOCUS and  to select only Left, Right, Top, Bottom or Centre areas.
            o Press FOCUS, then  to move focusing box around or DISPLAY to Cancel.
            o Not clear the advantage of using 1-AREA.

AF/AE Lock                                       Not available with     ,   and AF TRACKING
        Technique to set focus and/or exposure in advance, useful e.g. when the subject is not on screen.
        MENU      p.3, AF/AE LOCK selects alternative: AF only, AE only or both AF+AE.
        AF/AE LOCK button locks AE and/or AF: an icon shows onscreen on the left hand side.
        Pressing AF/AE LOCK again unlocks.
        AE does not work in    Scene and Advanced Scene Modes. In        only if ISO is set to Auto.
Exposure Metering, Intell. Exposure, Min.Shutter Speed, Stabilizer, Pict. Adjust.
        MENU       p.3, METERING MODE (or JOYSTICK): () MULTI / ( ) CENTER /  SPOT.

        MENU       p.3, I.EXPOSURE (or JOYSTICK): OFF / LOW / STD / HIGH. i icon onscreen.
         fixes excessive contrast, can override ISO setting. Only on              .
        MENU       p.3, MIN.SHTR SPEED: for        &       only. Default: ¼” otherwise shows onscreen.
        MENU     p.4, STABILIZER (or JOYSTICK) for all Modes but                and Movies:
           o    OFF      (())OFF     Off except
           o    AUTO     (())AUTO    Camera decides betw. 1 & 2
           o    MODE1 (())1          Continuous and in Movies
           o    MODE2 (())2 x        Only after SH
        MENU   p.4, PICT.ADJ. for all non-Scene Modes: -2, -1, 0, +1, +2 alternatives for
Travel Destinations
        MENU,  SETUP p.1, WORLD TIME, DESTINATION, sel.  time zone and  summer time.
        Back to WORLD TIME; sel. DESTINATION or HOME: a message confirms camera clock change.
         Set the RECORDING/PLAYBACK switch to
Normal Play                                        Pictures and Movies
          to select the item to play back picture or movie. Hold buttons for fast backward/forward.
         Zoom Tele: zooms in the picture onscreen: 2x, 4x, 8x and 16x.
          moves enlarged picture section.               changes picture keeping the enlargement.
         Zoom Wide: zooms out and then produces 12 pictures, 30 pictures or Calendar.
         12/30 screens: press  to select a picture/Movie and press MENU to show it.
          If the item selected is a Movie, a movie icon shows up onscreen.
         Calendar: press  to select a day and press MENU to show only pictures/movie of that day.
         Movie playback: size-icon shows onscreen.  plays movie with help icon for Pause/Stop/FRew/FF.
          Zoom lever controls volume playback level via the camera’s mini-speaker.
Slide Show                                         Pictures only from now on
         Press MENU, select  SLIDE SHOW, press MENU twice, and select:
         START: slide show.  Pauses and  Ends the show..
         EFFECT: select between NATURAL (photos show slightly moving), SWING (random zoom-ins/outs),
          OFF (full picture on screen) and other useless ones.
         SETUP: enters another menu: DURATION (1”/ 2” / 3”/ 5”), REPEAT, MUSIC and AUDIO (for film).
Selecting Pictures
         You can select by Mode or otherwise the pictures to play in the Slide Show (only), e.g. …
         FAVORITE: show only photos marked Favorite. First press Menu and in Settings set FAVORITE ON.
         In Playback  shows onscreen: pressing  selects the photo as Favorite and a  shows on top.

Enlarge on Focus Point                             Modes
         The Focus Point (possibly off-centre in some AF settings) is remembered for each picture.
         During PLAYBACK (NOT Review), FOCUS zooms the picture centred on the Focus Point.
Protect                                     Useful to delete all except a few selected photos
         Press MENU,   p.2, PROTECT, SINGLE, MENU:           
                                                             PROTECT shows onscreen:
           moves around pictures, MENU toggles protection on/off, shown with    .  
Copy between SD card and internal memory                       e.g. for crucial backup
             Press MENU,       p.3, COPY and select either SDIN or INSD, etc.
Title Edit and Text Stamp                          JPEG Pictures only
         Press MENU,           p.1 and TITLE EDIT or TEXT STAMP and SINGLE.
         The clumsy title edition adds a new field (not the filename), which shows onscreen instead of date.
          It is stored in an internal field only accessible to the camera (or PC hexa), NOT in EXIF or IPTC.
         The Text Stamp prints date and others in orange on the picture.
PC USB Connection
         CONNECT: as usual, turn PC on and connect cable with camera ON or OFF.
         DISCONNECT: Ensure that no ACCESS shows in the camera, then EITHER turn camera OFF or use
          the USB Disconnect tray in the PC.
5. RECORDING MOVIES                                 Zoom only works in slow speed

          Set the RECORDING/PLAYBACK switch to           .
          Use a SDHC Class 6 card. VGA and larger sizes need 10MB/s. Movies are recorded in 30 fps.
          Press MENU,  MOTION PICTURE and check settings:
                o REC QUALITY. In JPEG a movie has max. 2GB and there are 4 sizes. See timings in 1st p.
                o CONTINUOUS AF: default ON. OFF fixes the focus as per start of Movie.
                o WIND CUT: default OFF. ON filters wind and also other treble frequencies.
          If PICTURE SIZE has a ratio different from  REC QUALITY selected, the screen size changes
           when Movie recording starts, because 4:3 uses the full screen but 3:2 and 16:9 do not.
          If PICTURE SIZE has ratio 4:3 but  REC QUALITY has another ratio, when out mainly for Movies,
           first press MENU  SETUP p.3  REC AREA and set it to ON: shows special screen.
          AF MODE (area), FACE RECOG. and ISO LIMIT are not available.
          Select the Mode: all the 14 Modes apply: SPORTS is probably same as INTELLIGENT AUTO.
              Mode, when it detects a special scene, will change dynamically between:
                             i-PORTRAIT (w/Face Detection)                i-SCENERY
                             i-MACRO                                      i-LOW LIGHT (special for Movies)
          Either Auto Focus or Manual Focus are available.
          Press   to Start/Stop. Movie time is in . Available time is in .
          If recording with AF the camera will try and refocus continuously, but if needed press FOCUS to do it.

       Creative Motion Picture                      Wheel mode special for Movies
          Screen Menu allows selecting                  . Afterwards to access the Menu press MENU..
          Exposure Compensation is available for                exposures.
          Apertures available: F2.8(Wide)/F4.4(Tele) to F13.0
          Shutter Speeds: 1/8’(MF) or 1/30’(AF) to 1/20,000’ (noisy)

6. ERROR MESSAGES                                   … and suggested solutions
          BUILT-IN MEMORY ERROR: Remove SD card and Format the Built-In memory.
          MEMORY CARD LOCKED: The Write-Protect switch on the SD card is in LOCK position.
          MEMORY CARD PARAMETER ERROR: Cannot use SDHC card smaller than 4GB.
          MEMORY CARD ERROR CHECK CARD: Try inserting the card again, or another card.
              Save SD card data to PC, then disconnect USB and format the SD card with the camera.
          MEMORY CARD ERROR / READ/WRITE ERROR CHECK CARD: Turn OFF, remove card, reinsert.
          PICTURE PROTECTED: Cannot delete Pictures marked as Protected          .
          TURN CAMERA OFF THEN ON AGAIN: Because lens barrel was obstructed!
       Picture cannot be recorded: check 1) mode dial correctly set and 2) there is available memory.
       2 or 3 pictures taken at one time: the camera is set to Burst Mode (w//button), Auto Bracket or
            Color Bracket (w/ button),        Hi-Speed Burst or Flash Burst.
       Vertical lines: This is an artefact of CCD sensors. Avoid including a very strong light in the picture.
       Folder No. and File No. displayed as [] and screen black: card edited in PC. Save and reformat.
       The lens clicks: abrupt change in scene brightness causes aperture adjustment. Not a malfunction.

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