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					NORWEGIAN FILM NEWS 2003              FROM NORWEGIAN FILM INSTITUTE                                       No. 2 October / November

 A RECORDBREAKING                                                                                               When it comes to genres, this year’s films may be
                                                                                                                divided into films for children and youth, and the
                                                                                                                "feel-good" films Jonny Vang, United, Buddy, and
                                                                                                                the newcomer The Woman of MY Life, in which

 YEAR FOR NORWAY                                                                                                young, vigorous men and their problems with
                                                                                                                women are the main ingredients. The more ambiti-
                                                                                                                ous and demanding films Play, Bazo, and
                                                                                                                Destination Moscow, in which serious topics are
Norwegian films will this year reach the                 given a new generation of film audiences confiden-     mixed with humour and engagement, constitute a
highest audience number in almost 30 years.              ce in Norwegian films. A formidable rush of this       third group. They have not by far reached the same
                                                         kind to the cinemas has not been witnessed by          amount of viewers, but will certainly appear at
And with two exceptions, all the films are               Norwegian film insiders since the emormous suc-        several festivals next year, as the critics have been
made by newcomers.                                       cess of "Pinchcliff Grand Prix" in 1975.               mainly positive.

BUDDY                                                    The establishment of The Norwegian Film Fund on        The artistic major work of the year is undoubtedly
                                                         July 1, 2001, has vitalized and rejuvenated the        Bent Hamer’s third feature film Kitchen Stories,
                                                         Norwegian film business. The two former instituti-     which has been presented at a number of festivals
                                                         ons Norsk film A/S (state owned production com-        and sold to 30 countries after its premiere at the
                                                         pany) and Audiovisuelt produksjonsfond (with           Quenzaine des realisateurs in Cannes last May. The
                                                                                                                film is Norway’s candidate for the Academy
                                                         UNITED                                                 Awards, it participated in Golden Globe, and is
                                                                                                                competing in two categories in The European Film
                                                                                                                Awards. It also received the Norwegian film award
                                                                                                                Amanda as Best Film of the Year, and the film’s
                                                                                                                designer/scenographer received the "Gullklapper"
                                                                                                                award – this year’s professional prize. Its devious
                                                                                                                humour set in the Swedish-Norwegian border area
                                                                                                                in the fifties, wrapped in exquisite filming and
                                                                                                                design, and with outstanding actors, obviously
                                                                                                                make it the film of the year.
2003 will also go down in history as the most pro-       means from TV companies and the state) were
ductive year ever. 20 feature films are premiering       merged with The Norwegian Film Institute’s pro-
this year, and box office numbers are expected to        duction means into a fund responsible for all con-
reach close to 2 million visitors, i.e. a 100 % incre-   tributions to Norwegian films. Stein Slyngstad,
ase both in volume and audience. A number of             managing director has emphasized that an increa-
exciting freshmen are responsible for this, but the      sed production volume is the necessary basis for a                                                      THE WOMAN OF MY LIFE
success is also due to a change in subject issues        contract with the audience, for Norwegian films to
and target groups. Also the production conditions        become once more as popular with the population
have changed. Now one often makes a feature film         as the American ones.
on DV, and in only 30 days, with less public sup-
port and more private capital, even if the interest      The internal discussions in the film business, howe-
rate has been reduced. In other words, a creative        ver, have been heated. The issues have been the
miracle has occurred in Norway. Box office succes-       transition to new technology, intense focus on
ses like The Olsen Gang Jr Goes under Water, Wolf        freshmen and new talents in many professional
Summer and Dark Woods have appealed to hun-              functions, and greater demands on production time
dreds of thousands of children and youths, and           and financing.
                             PUBLISHER´S NOTE              The film is based on a classic Norwegian fairy-tale,       We hope and believe that this is a lasting trend. The
                                                           but is definitely relevant to our everyday life. Fia! is   Scandinavian trademark has been exactly those
                                                           a bittersweet film about Fia, who has to manage            quality films for children and youth in which children
                                                           both her own and her mother’s life, but who has            are taken seriously as an audience. The last few years
                              We have had the best         good helpers around her, if she can only see them.         we have not quite managed to live up to this stan-
                              Norwegian film year in a     And, of course, we have the animation film Karlsson        dard concerning feature movies, but we now see a
                              long time. Film audien-      on the Roof, Astrid Lindgren’s endearing tale of the       positive change. The high box office numbers must
                              ces are filling the cine-    world’s best Karlsson and Lillebror who is in need of      also be seen as a recognition of the director, the
mas, and Norwegian films stay on Top 10 week after         a friend. These BEAST OF BEAUTY                            scriptwriter, and the producer. It pays to make films
week. It is especially delightful that among these we      films merge                                                for children! And while we look back happily at the
also find films for youth and children. To offer this      the best ele-                                              year so far, we are ready for more premieres. They are
audience group quality films, is one of the important      ments: a com-                                              due in the course of 2004. In addition, these are
goals of our national film policy.                         bination of                                                films we would like to share, and several of them
                                                           the recogni-                                               have already found their way to international festi-
Six films have premiered, and there are more to            zable and the                                              vals, in the same way as a number of brilliant short
come. They cover several genres; we have got the           recently created. We believe in the mutual positive        films have done. In this way we can join in the pro-
classic gangster films The Olsen Gang Jr Goes under        effect. The Olsen Gang, Karlsson and Pelle the Police      motion of Norwegian art and culture also where
Water and Pelle the Police Car. In the latter, a reso-     Car are familiar characters for Norwegian children,        there often is a shortage, a lack of good films for the
lute girl puts things straight, like we also see in Wolf   while the other films are recently written for the         important audience group: children.
Summer, which takes place in the wilderness, posing        screen. And it appears that when there are several
many challenges for a young girl left on her own for       Norwegian films to choose from, audiences go for
a few summer weeks. In addition we have got the            both what is dear and familiar, and what is new and         VIGDIS LIAN
thriller for children Beast of Beauty, with a very seri-   challenging.                                                Managing director
ous undertone: How do we judge our fellow sisters?

                                                           MOTHER’S ELLING
                                                           Mother’s Elling premiered on October 10, and               Spain. Reluctantly, Elling agrees – after all, a lady
                                                           already during the first weekend, it entered third         at Mom’s age needs a good man by her side. But
                                                           place on the list of the Norwegian films with the          what Elling refuses to realize is that Mom is not
                                                           highest audience numbers on their premiere wee-            only old, but also ill. Very ill. On her last vacation
                                                           kend. The film will also be shown in cinemas in all        she tries to get Elling to see that life is bigger
                                                           the other Nordic countries in the first months of          than their living room. The script is written by the
                                                           2004. New Norwegian films have not always                  experienced scriptwriter Axel Hellstenius, who
                                                           automatically been launched in cinemas in our              also wrote the script for the first film.
                                                           neighbouring countries.
                                                                                                                      The first film, Elling, was the most popular film in
                                                           Mother’s Elling is based on Ingvar Ambjørnsens             Norway in 25 years, achieving both an impressive
                                                           book Dance of Birds. This book is actually an ear-         box office success and an Academy Award nomi-
                                                           lier book than Blood Brothers, which the first             nation as Best Foreign Film in 2002. Mother’s
                                                           Elling film was based on.                                  Elling is reminiscent of the first film’s warm-hear-
                                                                                                                      tedness and compassion, offering an even deeper
                                                           Elling has lived with his mother all his life. Mom is      insight into the universal nature of the Elling
                                                           a practical person, while Elling dwells on the             character.
                                                           more theoretical aspects of life. He spends his
                                                           time in their apartment reading books and loo-
                                                           king at the neighbours through the living room
                                                           window. Elling doesn’t seem to need to be
                                                           around others like most people. That’s why Elling
                                                           is less than enthusiastic when his mother sudden-
                                                           ly decides to take her son on a beach vacation to
ALT FOR EGIL                                             love with the school’s best looking, most intelli-       BEAUTIFUL COUNTRY
English title tba                                        gent and coolest senior, Daniel. Then, the miracle
DIRECTOR: TORE RYGH                                      of all miracles happens: Bea’s interest in Daniel
SCRIPT: TORE RENBERG AND TORE RYGH                       turns out to be mutual. Suddenly, a new world of
PRODUCER: MOTLYS AS                                      social and sexual possibilities seems to be within
CAST: KRISTOFFER JONER, TROND HØVIK, NINA ELLEN          reach. But according to her friends, there’s only
ØVERGAARD, MARKO KANIC, MORTEN ABEL, SALLY               one little problem: One should never lose one’s vir-
NILSSON, VEGAR HOEL                                      ginity to someone one is in love with. After all, the
RELEASE: AUTUMN 2004                                     first time is always a failure! This poses a problem
Egil Hjelmeland is 29 years old, and from                for Bea until her friend Mia comes up with the
Stavanger. He is the world’s greatest pizza delivery     solution: Anders, who wants to become a garde-
boy, with a big heart and an ambitious project: He       ner, is 19, and completely uninteresting. He is the-
wants to fulfil his best friend’s desire to become a     refore the perfect candidate. Mia arranges for a
pizza driver. Egil buys a car for his friend’s 30th      rendezvous between Bea and Anders, but fails to
birthday. What might cause a problem is that his         mention to Anders that his role as "bed buddy" is
buddy is mentally retarded and not permitted to          to be strictly of a practical nature. After a clumsy
                                                                                                                 DEN MISUNNELIGE FRISØREN
drive a car. In the middle of all this, Egil is hit by   yet successful get-together, Anders has reason to
                                                                                                                 English title tba
Cupid. Egil crashes into Anette on the downhill          believe that Bea is genuinely interested in him. But
                                                         she’s not. She, of course, wants to be with Daniel.     DIRECTOR: ANNETTE SJURSEN
slope. She falls into a coma. He falls in love.
                                                         Or does she? Does she maybe want something              SCRIPT: ANNETTE SJURSEN, BASED ON THE NOVEL "DEN
Alt for Egil is a romantic, musical melodrama.                                                                   MISUNNELIGE FRISØREN", BY LARS SAABYE
                                                         completely different? Like perhaps move to
A story which is both simple and imaginative, and                                                                CHRISTENSEN
                                                         Canada and study at a new school?
it gives the actors a chance to sing.                                                                            PRODUCTION: MAIPO FILM OG TV-PRODUKSJON AS
                                                                                                                 CAST: BJØRN SUNDQUIST, GARD EIDSVOLD,
ANDREASKORSET / TRAIN IN A BOTTLE                                                                                HILDEGUN RIISE
                                                                                                                 RELEASE: AUTUMN 2004
SCRIPT: EIRIK ILDAHL                                                                                             Bent is a young man who finds comfort in routines
PRODUCTION: DINAMO STORY                                                                                         and stability. He is never absent from his job, he
RELEASE: SUMMER/AUTUMN 2004                                                                                      always has his hair cut at the same hairdresser’s,
Liv and Odd live in a wonderful realtionship of                                                                  and he faithfully brings his old father his dinner
affection and playful eroticism, but a car accident                                                              every day. But then the aroma therapist Susie
leaves Odd without both his health and his                                                                       moves into the neighbourhood. Susie is a woman
potency, and puts him in a wheelchair. When his                                                                  with soft hands, a big heart, and an extremely
long gone father reappears, like an invading mon-         JUST BEA                                               poor memory. Her short term memory is so weak
ster, Odd is soon expelled from the marriage bed                                                                  DEN MISUNNELIGE FRISØREN
and has to accept the role as the child in the           BEAUTIFUL COUNTRY
restructured family. Will Odd be able to regain his
                                                         DIRECTOR: HANS PETTER MOLAND
position as the master of the house in the struggle      SCRIPT: SABINA MURRAY, LARRY GROSS
against his psychotic father? And how does the           PRODUCTION: DINAMO STORY
struggle affect his relationship with Liv?               CAST: DAMIEN NGYEN, BAI LING, TIM ROTH,
This is a humorous and erotic life and death thril-      NICK NOLTE
ler, where he who doesn’t dare is bound to lose.         RELEASE: WINTER/SPRING 2004

                                                         Binh (20) lives with a foster family in Vietnam         that she never remembers anything from the day
BARE BEA / JUST BEA                                      which treats him like the bastard he is. Binh’s fat-    before. Bent is reluctantly fascinated by her, who
DIRECTOR: PETTER NÆSS                                    her was an American soldier during the Vietnam          thinks every meeting with him is their first mee-
SCRIPT: JOHN BOGAEUS                                     war who disappeared without a trace. When he is         ting, and who every day enthusiasticaly welcomes
PRODUCTION: MAIPO FILM & TV-PRODUKSJON AS                kicked out of his home, Binh looks up his mother,       him as a new customer. The hairdresser Frank
CAST: KAIA FOSS, KIM S. FALCK-JØRGENSEN, ESPEN           who works under slave-like conditions in the big        observes what is about to happen, and he warns
KLOUMAN-HØINER, IDA THURMAN-MOE, MARIA                   city. She is dying, and also cares for Pam, Binh’s      Bent against doing anything hasty. But Bent deci-
BRINCH, KAMILLA GRØNLI HARTVIG                           little brother. After an accident, the two brothers
                                                                                                                 des he wants to do something new in his life. At
                                                         head out to sea, and end up in a refugee camp in        least change hairdressers.This is a low-key, com-
Bea is 16, and a sophomore in high school. She           Malaysia. With a picture of a father from Texas,        passionate comedy. The story is dense and simple,
writes for the school paper, and is the last one         eventually they manage to board a nightmarish           the characters charming , and the problems
among her friends to lose her virginity. She’s in        refugee vessel destined for America.                    are universal.
DEN SOM FRYKTER ULVEN /                                Bustric, who shows up whenever she really needs         of Allahditta and Yousaf, Jasmin’s father and brot-
A CRY IN THE WOOD                                      him. Because she had actually made up her mind:         her-in-law. Yousaf helps Jan to become a Moslem,
DIRECTOR:ERICH HÖRTNAGEL                               School was only supposed to last three months. If       so that he can have Jasmin, and Jan helps Yousaf
SCRIPT: STEFAN AHNEM, THOMAS SEEBERG                   it’s difficult to have one mother, having two is like   prepare for his taxi driver’s test. Simultaneously,
TORJUSSEN, BASED ON KARIN FOSSUM’S NOVEL:              an earthquake.                                          Jan tries to work on Allahditta’s attitude towards
"DEN SOM FRYKTER ULVEN"                                                                                        mixed marriages, which Allahditta is profoundly
PRODUCTION: PARADOX AS                                 HAWAII. OSLO                                            against. This is an unusually warm-hearted and
CAST: LARS BOM, LAILA GOODY, STIG HENRIK                                                                       generous comedy which with humour investigates
                                                       Hawaii. Oslo is the story of a handful of people
HOFF, KRISTOFFER JONER, AKSEL HENNIE                                                                           Pakistani-Norwegian cultural differences, and pro-
                                                       who cross each other’s path without necessarily
RELEASE: EASTER 2004                                                                                           blems related to them.
                                                       knowing each other, during the hottest day of the
An elderly woman is brutally murdered. A notori-       year, in Oslo.
ous mental patient, the madman Erkki, is on the                                                                LE RETOUR / THE RETURN
                                                       We follow Frode and Milla. They are having their
loose. All evidence points to Erkki as the murderer.                                                           DIRECTOR: NOUR-EDDINE LAKHMARI
                                                       first child, who they are told will not live long. We
Simultaneously, the local bank is robbed, and the                                                              SCREENPLAY: NOUR-EDDINE LAKHMARI AND
                                                       follow Bobbie-Pop, a faded singer who tries to
quiet provincial town is suddenly yanked out of its                                                            OTHERS
                                                       commit suicide. We follow Leon, an institutionali-      PRODUCER: FILMHUSET PRODUKSJONER AS
beauty sleep. The investigator Kristian Sejersen is
                                                       zed kleptomaniac who is looking for Åsa, to whom        CAST: JEAN-PIERRE CASSEL, KHALID BENCHEGRA,
himself burdened by a great personal guilt, which
                                                       he has a ten year old deal to get married. We meet      HAMID TORCHI, PIERRE ZAOUI, FLORIAN CADIOU,
he has problems handling, both privately and pro-
                                                       Leon’s brother, Trygve, who fetches Leon at the         GUILLAUME LANSON, AUGUSTIN LE GRAND
fessionally. He is dragged into this murder case
                                                       institution to celebrate his birthday, but who him-     RELEASE: AUTUMN 2004
on a personal level, in a case which will affect him
                                                       self has plans to use his leave from prison to run
much more than he would have ever expected.
                                                       away. And most of all we meet the angel Vidar,
                                                       Leon’s best buddy at the institution, who sees
                                                       things no one else can see, and who may be able
                                                       to save everyone – except himself?
                                                       IKKE NAKEN /
RELEASE: OCTOBER 24, 2003                              SCRIPT: TORUN LIAN, BASED ON HER OWN NOVEL
                                                       "IKKE NAKEN, IKKE KLEDT".
FIA!                                                   PRODUCTION: PAINSWICK FILM
                                                       CAST: JULIA KROHN, BERNHARD NAGLESTAD, REIDAR
                                                       SØRENSEN, ANDRINE SÆTHER, ANE DAHL TORP, KIM
                                                       RELEASE: AUTUMN 2004
                                                       Selma and Andy is a romantic comedy with Selma,
                                                       12, as the main character. This is a film about the
                                                       troubles of first love. About how difficult it may be
                                                       to fall in love, and how difficult it may be to try                                         THE RETURN
                                                       NOT to fall in love. Through Selma we gather an
                                                       insight into the entangled relations of the rest of     Award-winning French news photographer Albert
                                                       the family, and – at all levels – into the relations-   Tueishas reached a point in his life where he needs
                                                       hip between man and woman.                              to come to terms with his past, in particular
                                                                                                               something he took part in as a photographer for
                                                       IMPORT – EXPORT                                         the French Army in Morocco in 1955-56. Albert
Fia thinks everone is a clown. Except herself, her
mother...and Bustric. This is a family film about      DIRECTOR: KHALID HUSSAIN                                goes to Morocco to find peace of mind. Along the
eight year old Fia, who for a long time has been a     SCRIPT: KHALID HUSSAIN                                  way he becomes involved in the life and dreams of
                                                       PRODUCTION: FILMHUSET PRODUKSJONER AS                   the photographer Reda and the belly dancer Aida.
mother for her own mother. She has grown up in
                                                       RELEASE: NOVEMBER 2004
an "upside down" world where it is important
that Mom is never sad. But one day the police          Jan loves Jasmin, but she has been promised to a
show up. Fia becomes the centre of attention, and      Pakistani nephew who will shortly arrive in Norway
her life will never be the same again. Fortunately     in order to marry her. Under cover of writing a the-
she finds an ally in the magician and clown            sis on immigrant stores, Jan gets a job in the store
MONSTERTORSDAG /                                           UNO                                                     Chlorox, Ammonia and Coffee is a story about life
MONSTERTHURSDAY                                            DIRECTOR: AKSEL HENNIE                                  being magic if you have the courage to jump into
DIRECTOR: ARILD ØSTIN OMMUNDSEN                            SCRIPT: AKSEL HENNIE                                    it. Not only on trampolines or driving fast cars, get-
SCRIPT: ARILD ØSTIN OMMUNDSEN, GRO ELIN HJELLE             PRODUCTION: TORDENFILM AS                               ting high on drugs or throwing yourself out in a
PRODUCTION: MUZ FILM AS                                    CAST: AKSEL HENNIE, NICOLAI CLEVE BROCH, BJØRN          bungy jumps strap. About having the courage to
CAST: VEGAR HOEL, SILJE SALOMONSEN, ANDREAS                FLOBERG, LIV BERNHOFT OSA                               challenge a bigger love, not only the love you spre-
CAPPELEN, CHRISTIAN SKOLMEN, KIM BODNIA,                   RELEASE: AUGUST 2004                                    ad around you. Realizing the fact that we fly far
IBEN HJEJLE                                                                                                        too little and clean up too much.
RELEASE: AUGUST, 2004                                      Only when you lose everything – you’ve got
                                                           something to live for. By losing everything, David
This is a romantic drama with hints of comedy              can start again. In Uno we meet David, who has
from the surfer scene in Stavanger. Even and Tord          discovered that the bodybuilding scene he is part        16th INTERNATIONAL
are old friends. Tord marries Karen, whom Even             of is rather destructive. Still, he remains in a kind
has always loved, but who is now expecting a               of limbo, because this is the easiest solution. But
child with Tord. Tord is everything Even is not. He
is handsome, surfs like a god, has gotten his work
                                                           David gets into a situation in which he has to           FILM FESTIVAL,
                                                           break a rule which is sacred in the milieu. His fri-
and career together. Shortly after the wedding,            ends not only turn their backs on him, but use rat-      AMSTERDAM
Tord goes to Australia on a so-called official jour-       her violent methods in punishing him. Uno is a
ney, with his surfboard tucked under his arm.              story about breaking away from a fellowship and
                                                           losing a friendship, about finding love in a mea-
OLSENBANDEN JR. PÅ ROCKER'N /                              ningful environment, about finding faith in oneself,
THE JUNIOR OLSEN GANG ROCKS IT                             and about taking responsibility for one’s own life.
(working title)
                                                           Uno shows us David’s battle to overcome his fear
DIRECTOR: ARNE LINDTNER-NÆSS                               of loneliness, and his path towards daring to stand
SCRIPT: ARNE LINDTNER-NÆSS                                 alone.
                                                                       CHLOROX, AMMONIA AND COFFEE


                                                                                                                                    GUNNAR GOES COMFORTABLE

The story in the second film about the Junior Olsen                                                                Gunnar Hall Jensen's new documentary Gunnar
Gang takes place in Oslo in 1960. In connection with                                                               Goes Comfortable has been selected for the First
the official opening of the public TV station NRK, a                                                               Appearances competition at the 16th International
talent competition is announced in which the winner                                                                Documentary Film Festival in Amsterdam
will receive 50 000 Norwegian kroner. In Oslo’s East                                                               November 20 - 30. The film is a very personal
End, Egon is dreaming of wealth and fame – and life                                                                documentary that tells the story of the director`s
as a rock star. "The Dynamites" is quickly formed,                                                                 journey within himself, from childhood to adultho-
with Dynamite Harry on the drums, Egon, Kjell and                                                                  od Equipped with a cheap amateur camera,
Benny on guitars. Kjell’s debut as a songwriter comes                                                              Gunnar Hall Jensen travels the world to find out
                                                           ZALO, SALMIAKK OG KAFFE /
about with "Valborg, yeah, yeah, yeah!" – and after                                                                why his own personality seems to make life
                                                           CHLOROX, AMMONIA AND COFFEE
many complications and a lot of excitement they win                                                                so uncomfortable. Using a fresh and attractive
                                                           DIRECTOR: MONA J. HOEL                                  style, told with humor and honesty, Hall Jensen`s
the competition. At that moment, the legendary
                                                           SCRIPT: MONA J. HOEL
manager Pop-Johansen appears and wants to make                                                                     voice carries us to the hidden corners of his soul.
                                                           PRODUCTION: FREEDOM FROM FEAR
"The Dynamites" rock stars in America. Our friends         CAST: FARES FARES, KJERSTI HOLMEN, NICOLE
are cheated of their prize money, and a hazardous                                                                  John Sullivan`s film about American soldiers in
                                                           MADELEINE AURDAL, DENNIS STORHØJ, BENEDICTE
hunt starts - on land and not the least in the air, in a   LINDBECK, SVEIN SCHARFFENBERG, EVA BERGH,               Afghanistan - Land of the Free, Home of the Brave
private plane over Oslo city – with the Junior Olsen       NILS VOGT, EVEN STORMOEN                                - will also be presented in Amsterdam in the side
Gang at the controls...                                    RELEASE: MAY, 2004                                      programme USA Today.
AWARDS TO NORWEGIAN                                 Festival, Slovenia, August                             MY BODY (Margreth Olin)
FEATURE FILMS                                       Premio MECAL al mejor cortometraje, and MECAL,         Best Film, The LATüCHT-Preis des Ministeriums für
                                                    Premio del Publico al mejor cortometraje:              Bildung, Wissenschaft und Kultur:
BUDDY                                               Barcelona, Spain, September 2003                       DokumentART, Neubrandenburg, Germany, October
The Audience Award and the Crowd Pleaser Award:     The Golden Sun: Best of Festivals Film Festival,
The Norwegian Film Festival, Haugesund, August      France, September                                      THE MAN WHO LOVED HAUGESUND (Jon
The Audience Award: Warsaw International Film       Special Award of the Jury: Drama Int. Short Film       Haukland, Tore Vollan)
Festival, October                                   Festival, Greece, September                            Honourable Mention: Nordisk Panorama, Malmö,
                                                    Golden Plaque: Chicago Int. Film Festival, October     Sweden, September
FALLING SKY                                         Le Grand Prix du Conseil général de l'Essonne:
Golden Swan – Best Actor to Kristoffer Joner:       Cinessone, France, October
Copenhagen International Film Festival, August      Best International Short Film: Cork Film Festival,
                                                    Ireland, October
JONNY VANG                                          Le Prix Leclerc du meilleur court européen: Festival
Amanda: Best Male Actor Award to Aksel Hennie,      du film de Saint Paul Trois, France, October
                                                    Fear LESS (Therese Jacobsen)
KITCHEN STORIES                                     Honourable Mention: Nordisk Panorama, Malmö,
Amanda: Best Film of the Year, August               Sweden, September
Best Director – Golden Swan: Copenhagen             The BIFF Award: Bergen Int. Filmfestival,
International Film Festival, August                 Norway, October
                                                                                                           Liv Ullmann was honoured with a Lifetime
SABAM Writers Award for Best Script: Flanders                                                              Achievement Award during the 34. International
International Film Festival, Ghent, October         CONNECTING PEOPLE (Arild Frölich)                      Film Festival in New Delhi in October. Ullmann is
Le Prix Etudiants: Cinessone, France, October       Premio Film e Video per il sottotitolaggio: Locarno    also recognized as a crusader for children’s rights
Norwegian candidate for the Academy                 Int. Film Festival, Switzerland, August                and social opportunities, through her work as a
Awards.                                                                                                    UNICEF ambassador for many years. Ullmann was
                                                    HOUDINI'S HOUND (Sara Johnsen)                         in India as leader of a Norwegian delegation in
WOLF SUMMER                                         Buster’s Short Film Award: Buster Int. Children Film   order to present programme of Literature and
Amanda: Best Children and Youth Film, August        Festival, Denmark, September                           Films. The programme will proceed to the internati-
                                                                                                           onal festivals in Kolkata, Mumbai, Chennai and
Postbank Cinekid Film Audience Award: Cinekid,
                                                    LOVE IS THE LAW (Eivind Tolås)                         Trivandrum later this year.
Amsterdam, October
Main Prize of the City of Chemnitz, and             The Silver Sand: Best of Festivals Film Festival,
                                                                                                           Liv Ulmann was also appointed president of the
CineStar Children Film Prize: Schlingel Film        France, September
                                                                                                           Federation of European Film Directors, FERA, at
Festival, Germany, October                          Honorary Mention: Bergen Int. Filmfestival,
                                                                                                           their annual gathering during the film festival in
                                                    Norway, October                                        Gdansk, Poland. She succeeds Peter Fleischmann,
MUSIC FOR WEDDINGS AND FUNERALS                                                                            Ettore Scola, and Krzysztof Zanussi, who have
Amanda: Best Actress to Lena Endre, August          THE MARTIN ADMINISTRATION                              formerly held this position.
                                                    (Roar Uthaug)
                                                    Premio Cinema e Gioventù: Locarno Int. Film
                                                    Festival, Switzerland, August
                                                    AWARDS TO NORWEGIAN
ALL IN ALL (Torbjørn Skårild)
Amanda: Best short film, August
                                                    DOCUMENTARY FILMS
Canal+ Award: Nordisk Panorama, Malmö,                                                                     NORWEGIAN FILM INSTITUTE
                                                    DISA MOVES TO JAPAN (Benedicte Orvung)
Sweden, September                                                                                          P.O. BOX 482 SENTRUM, N-0105 OSLO
                                                    Buster’s Documentary Film Award, and                   TEL +47 22 47 45 79 | FAX +47 22 47 45 97
                                                    NNCF Copenhagen Children’s Film Award for Most
UNITED WE STAND (Hans Petter Moland)                                                                       EMAIL: |
                                                    Innovative Nordic Documentary: Buster Int. Children
Prugio Jury Choice Award: PiFan 2003, Korea. July
                                                    Film Festival, Denmark, September                      EDITOR: ASTRI DEHLI BLINDHEIM
Most Surprising Film and The Youth Jury
                                                                                                           CHIEF EDITOR: JAN ERIK HOLST
International Prize: Odense Film Festival,
                                                    A STONE'S THROW AWAY (Line Halvorsen)                  TRANSLATION: BJØRN GIERTSEN
Denmark, August                                                                                            DESIGN: NORWEGIAN FILM INSTITUTE
                                                    Amanda: Best Documentary, August
The Audience Award: SNIFF Int. Short Film