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Nuachtlitir Uimhir 10 Foilsithe 26ú Bealtaine 2006 / Ezine No. 10 Issued
May 26th 2006

At a conference during the European day in Cannes on the 23rd May Viviane Reding, EU Commissioner for the
Information Society and Media, announced that a a budget of €755 million had been secured for a new 7-year MEDIA
programme to commence in January of next year. The budget will be distributed as follows. Training (7%),
Development (20%), Distribution (55%), Promotion (9%) Pilot Projects (4%) and Horizontal costs (5%). Although
the amount falls short of the of the 1 billion Euro budget originally proposed by the European Commission, it still
represents a substantial increase on the current 6-year MEDIA Plus programme budget of 513 million Euro.

European Charter for Film Online endorsed by major industry players
At the Cannes Film Festival, major representatives of the film and content industry, of Internet service providers and
of telecom operators from the EU and the U.S. endorsed on 23 May the European Film Online Charter that they had
jointly developed under the auspices of the European Commission. This Charter - the first of its kind in the world -
 identifies the preconditions for enabling content and infrastructure providers to make film online services a
commercial success. The Charter will serve as reference for future commercial agreements as well as for a broader
Content Online policy of the European Commission.

Slovenian director Blaz Kutin wins "New Talent" award
In the presence of Culture and Audiovisual Ministers from the EU Member States, the President of the Cannes
Festival, cinema professionals and technologists meeting to celebrate Europe Day 2006 at the International Cannes
Film Festival, Blaz Kutin, Slovenian scriptwriter and director received on 22 May the "New talent in the European
Union" award from Viviane Reding, Commissioner for Information Society and Media.

Cannes Declaration 2006 - "European films go global"
At a meeting convened by Viviane Reding, member of the European Commission responsible for the Information
Society and Media, and Gilles Jacob, President of the Cannes Festival, the European audiovisual ministers of the
European Union present at Cannes, together with the European Commissioner adopted a declaration in which they
identify a certain number of needs and actions to be put in place.

The Europa Cinemas theatre network revealed its results for 2005 yesterday at a press conference in Cannes, attended
by European Commissioner Viviane Reding and managing director of the CNC, Véronique Cayla.

 While European admissions fell globally last year (see news), the network of theatres did succeed in increasing the
proportion of European films on their screens, which represented 60% of their 2005 programming. Moreover, the
circulation of non-national European films released in Europa Cinema theatres increased last year by 35%.

The European films that benefited from the most screens in the network in 2005 were The Downfall by Germany’s
Oliver Hirschbiegel, followed by The Sea Inside by Spain’s Alejandro Amenabar and A Very Long Engagement by
France’s Jean-Pierre Jeunet.
The exhibitors of the network have, however, emphasised their vulnerability to technological changes (in particular, the
cost of digital screening equipment) and the threats posed by windows (the delays between a film’s release in theatres
and in other formats, such as video, Internet and TV).

The international distribution of European films – this was the theme of the meeting at Cannes between 16 EU
Ministers of Culture as part of the fourth Europe Day (“Journée de l’Europe”).

Invited to the event by Viviane Reding, European Commissioner for the Information Society and Media, and Gilles
Jacob, president of the Cannes Film Festival), were several film industry professionals and, as its patrons, Belgian
directors Jean-Pierre and Dardenne.

The conclusions of the meeting’s report emphasised the importance of co-productions, including those outside Europe,
as well as the need to improve knowledge of international markets, while co-ordinating the actions of international
sales agents who handle European films in other countries.

The Commissioner also underlined the importance of helping distributors and exhibitors in these countries, who are
committed to promoting European cinema, for instance by giving access to Media Programme training and by creating
networks such as Europa Cinémas.

According to the Commissioner, new technologies, in particular the Internet, are an opportunity not to be wasted for
improving film distribution. This objective will be formalised this afternoon with the signature of the first European
Film Online Charter between the large telecom, Internet and audiovisual companies.

 Lastly, Commissioner Reding commented on the good performance of European cinema and the decisive support from
the Media programme in the distribution of 9 out of 10 films in Europe. However, the fragmentation of distribution,
which is still not international enough, needs to be improved through co-operation from the different national
promotion organisations. The Commissioner concluded that admission figure for European films are still strong, the
decrease in attendance in 2005 having impacted US blockbusters and not European productions.

PRODUCERS ON THE MOVE at the Cannes International Film Festival
(17-28 May 2006)
22 highly promising producers from all over Europe participated in the PRODUCERS ON THE MOVE programme
(May 20th 22nd) during the Cannes International Film Festival. Six films produced by PRODUCERS ON THE
MOVE 2006 have been selected to screen in several sections of the festival (please see below). For the seventh year
now, European Film Promotion (EFP) promotes selected producers in their international networking through this EU
MEDIA Programme-supported initiative.

EFP’s member organisations selected the following producers to be part of this year´s programme:

Helen Ahlsson (Tre Vänner) Swedish Film Institut, Iván Angelusz (Katapult Film) Magyar Filmunió, Hungary,
Aleksi Bardy (Helsinki Filmi Oy) Finnish Film Foundation, Bettina Brokemper (Heimatfilm) German Films, Piotr
Dzieciol (Opus Film) Polish Film Institute, René Ezra (Nordisk Film) Danish Film Institute, Tomas Leyers (Minds
Meet) Flanders Image, Ken Marshall (Steel Mill Pictures) British Council, Christian Fredrik Martin (Friland)
Norwegian Film Institute, John McDonnell (Fantastic Films) Irish Film Board, Fabrizio Mosca (Titti Film) Filmitalia,
Christof Neracher (Hugofilm Productions) Swiss Films, Ieva Norviliene (Tremora) Baltic Films Lithuania, Loris
Omedes (Bausan Films) ICAA, Spain, Panos Papahatzis (Argonauts Productions) Greek Film Centre, Ariane Payen
(LuxAnimation) Film Fund Luxembourg, Leontine Petit (Lemming Film) Holland Film, Antoine Rein (Delante Films
& Karé Productions) Unifrance, Jožko Rutar (Staragara) Slovenian Film Fund, Karla Stojáková (Axman Production)
Czech Film Center, Ingvar Thordarson (Kisi Production) Icelandic Film Centre, Alexandre Cebrian Valente
(Utopia Filmes) ICAM, Portugal
Films produced by PRODUCERS ON THE MOVE 2006 in Cannes

Presented Out of Competition:

The Boy On A Galloping Horse by Adam Guzinski,
produced by Piotr Dzieciol, Opus Film, Poland

Presented in Un Certain Regard:

Uro by Stefan Faldbakken
produced by Christian Fredrik Martin, Friland, Norway
Retrieval by Slawomir Fabicki
produced by Piotr Dzieciol, Opus Film, Poland

Presented in Directors' Fortnight:

White Palms by Szabolcs Hajdu
produced by Iván Angelusz, Katapult Film, Hungary

Presented in Critics' Week:

Soul Kicking by Yannis Economidis
produced by Panos Papahadzis, Argonauts Productions, Greece
The Bothersome Man by Jens Lien
co-produced by Ingvar Thordarson, Kisi Production, Iceland

Background information on PRODUCERS ON THE MOVE 2006 can be accessed on our website: www.efp-online.
<> com
 <> Contact: Jo Mühlberger, project head,, cell phone in
Cannes: +49 160-440 9595
Press contact: Mareen Gerisch,, cell phone in Cannes: +49 175 522 3964
Interviews with PRODUCERS ON THE MOVE 2006 are accessible at
Making of video news on the PRODUCERS ON THE MOVE 2006 newest projects will be posted online at <>

EFP welcomes new member from Romania
27 organisations now make up the European film network

at the Cannes International Film Festival 2006

European Film Promotion (EFP) once again is reaching further East. The ROMANIAN FILM PROMOTION
Association (APFR) has joined EFP, the European-wide network of film promotion and export organisations, during
the 59th Cannes International Film Festival. In February 2006, the POLISH FILM INSTITUTE and the SLOVAK
FILM INSTITUTE were the most recent organisations to become a member of EFP which now has 27 member
organisations. EFP is financially supported by the MEDIA Programme of the European Union.

APFR’s main objective is to promote the Romanian cinema throughout the world and support the positioning and
release of Romanian films on the international market. After a long period of absence, Romania is participating this
year in the International Village at the Cannes Film Festival and organising a Romanian pavilion as part of the 2006
Marché du Film. Recent successful features like How I Spend The End of the World, Was it or Was it Not and
Marilena From P7 have been selected for Cannes 2006. In previous years, Romanian films like Mr. Lazarescu’s
Death (Award for the best film Un Certain Regard, Cannes 2005), Love Sick (screened this year in the Panorama
section of the Berlinale) or shorts like Coffee And Cigarettes (Golden Bear 2004), Traffic (Palme D’Or 2004) drew
attention to Romania as a film country.

Although APFR is not a governmental body, it is encouraged by the National Center for Cinematography. APFR is the
organiser of the already well-known Transilvania International Film Festival (TIFF) which takes place at the end of
each May/ beginning of June in the old city of Cluj (Romania). 2005’s edition screened 90 films and the total
admissions were more than 33.000 spectators, with 150 local and foreign journalists accredited as well as 320
Romanian and foreign guests.

Mihai Gligor, Project Manager of the Romanian Film Promotion Association, sees great opportunities in being part of
an EFP network:
“Having three Romanian films in Cannes this year, we hope to build on last year’s success of the award-winning Mr.
Lazarescu’s Death (Award for the best film Un Certain Regard). Becoming a member of the network of European
Film Promotion, and having a pavilion after a long time of absence, we are looking forward to having a greater
visibility within the international film business and becoming more involved as a part of the film industry at
international film festivals and markets.”

Romanian Film Promotion Association
Mihai Gligor
Popa Soare 52, AP. 4
RO- Bucharest 2
Phone: +40 21- 326 64 80
Fax:    +40 21- 326 02 68

<> EFP-press contact:
Mareen Gerisch,, +49 40- 390 6252, cell at Cannes: +49-175-522 3964

Eurimages supports 9 European co-productions
STRASBOURG, 11.05.2006 -- At its 100th meeting held from 7 to 9 May in Belgrade, the Board of Management of
Eurimages, the Council of Europe support Fund, agreed to support 9 feature films for a total amount of 2,800,000

The feature films are :

             L' ami de Fred Astaire - Noémie Lvovsky (France)
    (France, Switzerland)
      Les amours d'Astrée et de Céladon - Eric Rohmer (France)
     (France, Spain, Italy)
     Daca Bobul Nu Moare : Ako Zrno Ne Umre (If the Seed doesn't die) -
     Sinisa Dragin (Serbia and Montenegro)
     (Romania, Serbia and Montenegro, Austria)
     Eve Dönus - Ömer Ugur (Turkey)
     (Turkey, Greece)
     Eve Giden Yol - Semir Aslanyürek (Turkey)
     (Turkey, Hungary)
     Mamarosh - Momcilo Mrdakovic (Serbia and Montenegro)
     (Germany, Serbia and Montenegro, France, Hungary)
      Riparo - Marco Simon Puccioni (Italy)
     (Italy, France)
     Las Trece Rosas - Emilio Martinez-Lazaro (Spain)
     (Spain, Italy)
     Wolfsbergen - Nanouk Leopold (Netherlands)
      (Netherlands, Belgium)

Support was awarded to the following distributors for the distribution of the films mentioned hereafter:
    Maria Bethânia - musica é perfume - Georges Gachot (Switzerland)
ART COMPANY (Bosnia and Herzegovina)
    Tout pour plaire - Cécile Telerman (France)
BLITZ FILM & VIDEO DISTRIBUTION (Bosnia and Herzegovina)
     Crimen ferpecto - Alex de la Iglesia (Spain)
EKRAN (Bosnia and Herzegovina)
     L' annulaire - Diane Bertrand (France)
ISSA FILM I VIDEO (Bosnia and Herzegovina)
      Oculto - Antonio Hernandez (Spain)
TROPIK FILM & VIDEO (Bosnia and Herzegovina)
      Backstage - Emmanuelle Bercot (France)
      Bal Can Can - Darko Mitrevski ("The former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia")
     Crimen ferpecto - Alex de la Iglesia (Spain)
     La femme de Gilles - Frédéric Fonteyne (Belgium)
PA-DORA (Croatia)
     Combien tu m'aimes - Bertrand Blier (France)
     Le temps qui reste - François Ozon (France)
     Iberia - Carlos Saura (Spain)
     Habana Blues - Benito Zambrano (Spain)
     Sophie Scholl - The Last Days - Marc Rothemund (Germany)
     De fem benspaend - Jörgen Leth (Denmark) & Lars Von Trier (Denmark)
S.C. GRAFITTI ART 2005 (Romania)
      Fej Vagy Iras - Lengyel Andor (Hungary)
     Uvegtigris - Péter Rudolf (Hungary)
     Le couperet - Costa Gavras (France)
MCF MEGACOM FILM (Serbia and Montenegro)
     Le domaine perdu - Raoul Ruiz (France)
MILLENNIUM FILM & VIDEO (Serbia and Montenegro)
     Boudu - Gérard Jugnot (France)
MIRIUS TUCK (Serbia and Montenegro)
     Passione di Giosue l'Ebreo - Pasquale Scimeca (Italy)
ORION INVEST FILM A.D (Serbia and Montenegro)
     Oculto - Antonio Hernandez (Spain)
BALKAN FILM ("The former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia")
     Obaba - Montxo Armendariz (Spain)
YOUTH CULTURAL CENTER ("The former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia")
     Tout pour plaire - Cécile Telerman (France)
     Allegro - Christoffer Boe (Denmark)
     Le temps qui reste - François Ozon (France)
     Peindre ou faire l'amour - Arnaud Larrieu (France) & Jean-Marie Larrieu (France)

Within the framework of the Eurimages' Cinema Support scheme, the Board of Management decided to include in the
network the 3 following cinemas:

* Kino Urania (Osijek, Croatia)
* Union de (Bucharest, Romania)
* The Cultural Centre cinema (Bitola, "The former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia").

Consequently, the Europa Cinemas/Eurimages network comprises 41 cinemas.
EURIMAGES is a support fund for co-production, distribution and exhibition of European cinematographic works,
established by the Council of Europe in 1988 1

(E-mail: - Web: <> ).

Since its establishment, EURIMAGES has supported 1081 European co-productions for a total amount of more than
314 million Euros.

Since 1 January 2005, EURIMAGES comprises 32 member States: Austria, Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovina,
 Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary,
Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Serbia and
Montenegro, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, "The former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia",

North by Northwest announces 2006 participants on Classics, Wizard of
Oz and Seven Samurai
Copenhagen, Denmark – International script development training programme, North by Northwest, celebrating its
tenth anniversary this year, is proud to announce this year’s participants on Classics, Wizard of Oz and Seven Samurai.
Celebrating ten successful years the organisation presents it’s most extensive line-up of training yet with participants
selected from the length and breadth of Europe.

The participants selected for this year’s programmes are:

Classics                                             Wizard of Oz

Writers                                               Writers
Peter Forbes: (UK)                                    Froukje Tan: (NL)
Ilse Anna Constance Somers: (BE)                      Fridrik Erlingsson: (IS)
Kimmo Räntilä: (FI)                                   Torbjörn Jansson: (SE)
Neasa Hardiman: (IE)                                  Lesley Robinson: (UK)
Graham Stokhuyzen: (UK)                               Martin Axel Stennert: (DE)
Odd Christian Hagen: (NO)                             Richard West: (UK)
Sandra Bassols: (ES/UK)                               Nicholas Jeremy Hegreberg: (NO)
Polona Sepe: (SI)                                      David Anthony Donohue: (IE)
Vigdis Gunnarsdóttir: (IS)                             Hannah Robinson: (UK)
Johan Grimonprez: (BE)                                 Gudmundur Arnar Gudmundsson: (IS)
Pedram Fuladian Dahl: (SE)                             Wing-Yee Wu: (SE)
Camilla Bubna-Kasteliz: (UK)                           Marcin Wrona: (PL)
Tetyana Kryvytska Stang Lund: (NO)                     Jesper Nicolaj Christiansen: (DK)
Vivien Mabel Adam: (UK)                                Bronwen Jane Burgess: (UK)
Daniel Lamberts: (BE)                                  Sytske Kok: (NL)
Barnaby Benson: (UK)                                   Katja Brunckhorst: (DE)

Script Editors                                         Script Editors
Amanda Boyle (UK)                                      Lone Korslund Jensen (DK)
Edgar Weiss (DE)                                       Nina Lyng (DK)
Gillian Trethowan (UK)                                 Kristina Löebbert (DE)
Jean Pierre Magro (MT)                                 Arry Voorsmit (NL)
Thomas Gammeltoft (DK)                                 Darin Mercado (DK)
Julia Grünewald (DE)                                   Asgrimur Sverrisson (IS)
Corrado Castelletti (IT)                               Ole Østergaard (DK)
Finn Gjerdrum (NO)                                     Adam Marko-Nord (SE)

The trainee tutors selected for this year’s Seven Samurai programme are:

Peter Andermatt (NL), Pilar Anguita MacKay (CH), Marcus Welke (DE).

North by Northwest operates with the support of the MEDIA Programme of the European Commission and in
partnership with: Danish Film Institute; Dutch Film Fund; FÁS Screen Training Ireland; Film Fund Hamburg; Finnish
Film Foundation; Flemish Audiovisual Fund; Icelandic Film Centre; Norwegian Film Development; The Script
Factory; Swedish Film Institute, MRC Spain; Skillset; and UIP.

For further information, please contact:
North by Northwest / T: +45 33 74 35 28 / E: <> / WWW:

APRIL/Media Consulting Group and EUREVAL have been selected by the European Commission to carry out the
 second interim evaluation of the MEDIA Plus programme, between 2003 and 2005. The consultantion process will
focus particularly on the opinions of the main stakeholders. Two main methodological tools have been set up:

- a questionnaire aimed at the beneficiaries of the MEDIA Plus programme, between 2003 and 2005 (who have been
individually informed by e-mail)

- a public consultation, open to all the relevant stakeholders which have not been directly granted support by the
 MEDIA Plus programme between 2003 and 2005 (companies which were not selected, professional organisation,
other professionals etc.)

These 2 questionnaires are available on-line on the Media Consulting Group website
More precisely, they should be filled on-line at the following address:

Documentary in Europe
For the 10th time the international documentary event Documentary in Europe is gathering Producers, Directors,
Commissioning Editors, Distributors and other documentary professionals to discuss, watch and present documentary
films and projects. If you have a documentary project with an international appeal you can submit it either for the
Pitching Forum, which is for developed documentary projects, or the Match Making session, which is for
 documentary ideas at an earlier stage.

The Pitching Forum
Documentary in Europe will once again seek to promote the production of new documentary proposals by organizing a
Pitching Forum. Up to 15 projects will be selected to participate. The participants will be required to attend a 2-day
preparation lab on July 4-5 with the opportunity to re-write the project presentation under guidance from international
experts. The pitching of the projects will be on Saturday 8 in front of an international panel of Commissioning
Editors. The participation fee is: first participant with project 280 Euro, second participant/observers 250 Euro. A 20%
reduction is given to members of EDN,, F.E.R.T.

Match Making session
At the Match Making session filmmakers will present their documentary ideas to European professionals. The session
gives an opportunity for authors and directors to introduce themselves to the documentary world and test their ideas.
The aim is to create a link and common language between newcomers and established professionals. The selected
documentary ideas will be introduced in the special Match Making sessions on July 6-7. A preliminary introduction
will be given to all participants on Wednesday 5. The price for participation is 200 Euro, second participant/observers
160 Euro. A 20% reduction is given to members of EDN,, F.E.R.T.

In order to qualify for selection to one of the above sessions please send a 2-page presentation of your documentary
proposal. Please be sure to include the following:
- title, name of producer, production company and director, length, format
- synopsis & treatment with visual approach and reflections on the narrative
- the total budget amount & a brief financing plan
- production plan/time of delivery
- short CV & filmography of company and director
- contact details on producer/production company and/or director

Deadline for submitting projects is June 1st.
Documentary proposals should be forwarded via email to Documentary in Europe

Tuilleadh eolais:/Further infomation:


Guidelines and application forms are available now from MEDIA Desk Ireland and MEDIA Antenna Galway for the
2006 MEDIA Development support scheme.

MEDIA New Talent - open to producers who have completed a long-term MEDIA training course in
2003/2004/2005 and who have produced a recent programme/film.
The deadline expired on February 15th 2006.

Single Projects - open to production companies registered for at least one year who have had a recent international
distribution/broadcast of at least one programme (a national distribution in the case of production companies who have
not previously received MEDIA development support)

******In the case of applications for development of Animation projects applicants must show evidence of a
distribution/broadcast of at least 2 short animation films.******

Slate Funding - open to production companies registered for at least 3 years who have had a recent international
distribution/broadcast of at least one programme (2 programmes for Slate Funding 2)

Slate Funding 2nd Stage - open to production companies with an existing Slate Funding contract who have produced
at least one project from their Slate.

For Single Projects and Slate Funding the call is open until 31 May 2006. The deadline for the first evaluation period
has expired.

Applications forms also available on

Independent European production companies can apply for support to produce fiction, creative documentaries or
animated films involving no less than two broadcasters in different member states of the European Union from
different language zones. The financial contribution awarded may not exceed 12.5% of the production budget for
fiction and animated films and 20% of the production budget for documentary films to a maximum of 500,000 Euro per
work. The minimum eligible duration for individual project or series:
- animation 25 minutes
- creative documentary 25 minutes
- fiction 50 minutes
 Proposals must be submitted at the earliest 6 months before the first day of principal photography and at the latest on
the first day of principal photography. Eligible applications are awarded points according to certain award criteria
including the number of broadcasters involved, the level of minimum guarantee committed by a Distributor and the
percentage of non-national financing.
Applications must have 50% of the production finance for the project in place. . The production budget must be
minimum 50% financed by European sources.

2006 Deadlines: 17th February, 16th June 2006 and 3rd November

Further information, guidelines and application forms are available from the MEDIA Desk and Antenna or may be
downloaded from:

DISTRIBUTION – Selective scheme
The call for proposal is aimed to foster the wider transnational distribution of non-domestic European films and to
encourage theatrical distributors in particular to invest in promotion and adequate distribution for non-domestic
European films. It also aims to encourage the establishment and consolidation of co-operation networks between
European distributors, as well as cooperation between distributors, Sales Agents and/or producers. European theatrical
distribution companies may apply for support for the theatrical distribution of any recent work of fiction, animation and
creative documentaries with a minimum duration of 60 minutes. The work must have been majority produced by
companies established in one or more countries participating in the MEDIA Plus Programme and been made with a
significant participation by professionals who are citizens/residents of the countries participating in the MEDIA Plus

Films with a production budget over € 25 million are not eligible for support.

The MEDIA support consists of a subsidy for dubbing and subtitling costs (capped at € 30.000/40.000), of another
subsidy for digital costs and of an advance on receipts for the remaining distributions costs. MEDIA can cover up to
50% of the eligible costs for a distribution campaign to a maximum level of 150,000 Euro per distributor per film

2006 Deadlines:1st April, 7th July and 1st December
Further information, guidelines and application forms are available from the MEDIA Desk and Antenna or may be
downloaded from:

The remaining 2006 deadlines for Eurimages, the Coucil of Europe’s co-production and distribution fund are:

21 AUGUST and 16 OCTOBER 2006

Further Information:
A 2006 Training catalogue is available on request from the MEDIA Desk and Antenna.


        SOURCES 2                                                                                                  1st
         June 2006         
        Film Business School                                                                                       2nd
         June 2006         
        Arista Story Development Workshops                                                                         5th
         June 2006         
        Mediamatic Interactive Dance Film Workshop                                                                 9th
         June 2006         
        CARTOON Masters 2006: Finance                                                                              12th
         June 2006         
        Mediamatic Interactive Film Lab                                                                            16th
         June 2006        
        Script Factory SCENE Insiders
                                                                           23rd June 2006
        European Film Crossing Borders                                                              30th
         June 2006      
        ACE – Ateliers de Cinema Européen Interested producers should arrange to meet ACE in Cannes 1st
         July 2006       
        Discovery Campus 3rd Open Training Session 2006                                             7th
         July 2006       

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