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									Sample Scripts
Leaving a message

Hello ________, This is __________ from MomsWIN. I am getting back to you from
your request for information about working at home with our team. I am so sorry
that I missed you today. I am looking forward to speaking with you. You can call me
this ______ at 000-000-0000 or reply to the e-mail I sent with a good time to reach
you. If I don't hear from you I will give you a call back _______ at ______ o'clock.
Have a great day!

Hello ________, This is ________ from MomsWIN. I am returning your call about
working from home. I want to make sure that we are able to touch base with you
and see how we can meet your needs. You can call me back at 000-000-0000 to
schedule a time that will work well for you. Thank you for your time. Have a great

Hello ________, This is ________ from MomsWIN. It seems we keep missing each
other, I apologize. I would love to touch base so we can schedule a time that works
well for both of us to get you the information you need to start working from home
and improving your financial future. You can reach me at 000-000-0000. I will give
you a call back on _________ at _______o'clock. I look forward to speaking with
you have a great day!

Hello _______, This is _________ with MomsWIN. I tried to reach you last week and
it seems things have been busy for you. I understand how that gets. By the survey
you filled out about yourself and what you are looking for I feel we have a great fit.
You are a top priority and can call me back at 000-000-0000. My business is
booming and I do apologize but I won't be able to get back to you until _______. I
look forward to hearing back before then. Have a fantastic day!

Hello _______, This is ________ from MomsWIN. I am sorry that I missed you but
am looking forward to speaking with you soon. You can call me this evening at 000-
000-0000. I do have to tell you that we have received several hundred requests and
the survey you filled out with us indicates you are the type of person we are looking
for. We are looking for 8 people this month to place in a leadership position on our
team and would like to discuss it with you. Call me back at 000-000-0000 and I look
forward to speaking with you.

Hello ______, This is ______ from MomsWIN. I have tried to reach you over the last
month after you requested information about additional income from home. I can
help you take the next step to achieve that. I would love to speak with you about
improving your future. Please call me back at 000-000-0000. If I do not hear from
you within the next 72 hours I will keep you on my mailing list and assume that you
are not ready to take the next step towards a better future at this time. Have a great

Hello _______, This is _______ with MomsWIN. I apologize that we haven't been
able to connect yet. I know it has been several weeks since you requested
information. I am confident that our team can really be of benefit in helping you
reach your goals. I am closing out my month and have found several key members
who I will be focused on helping them earn a supplemental income in the next 30
days. I feel that you would be someone who would benefit from that type of income.
I would love to connect and get you the information. Please feel free to give me a
call at 000-000-0000. Thanks so much have a wonderful day!

Setting the appointment

Hello__________, This is _______ from MomsWIN. I am returning your call after
you requested more information about working from home from our website.

I only have a minute because I have one foot out the door but I did at least want to
touch base with you to set up a time that is mutually beneficial for the both of us to
get you the information you requested.

I see that you said 0:00 pm - 0:00pm was the best time to call you, is that usually
correct? Great, I have 0:00pm tomorrow or 0:00pm on Wednesday. Which one
works best for you?

Great, I am writing that down in my calendar right now. Speaking of which do you
have a pen and paper handy? Please take down my name ______ and number ____.
Can you give me a call if anything comes up between now and our appointment time
on ___ at 0:00pm?

Wonderful, I will also send you an e-mail confirming our appointment so you can also
contact me that way. I look forward to speaking with you and have a great night.

Hello _______, This is _________ from MomsWIN getting back in touch with you
from your request for information about working at home with us. I do have to
apologize I am sure you are busy and I myself have another appointment coming up.
I just wanted to touch base and set up an appointment that worked well for you to
get the information you need to make an informed decision.

By looking at the form you filled out evenings are usually the best times for you.
Would evening work best tonight or tomorrow night when you would have 30-35
minutes of focused time to hear the information? Great, I have an appointment
available tomorrow night at ____ or _____o'clock your time; which ones fits your

Fantastic _____, I have you down as a firm appointment in my book for tomorrow
night at ______ o'clock. I give you my personal commitment that if anything comes
up and I am unable to make it I will call you in advance does that sound fair?

Great, Would it also be fair to ask you for that same courtesy? Let me know when
you have a pen and your calendar ready. My name is _____ and my phone number
is 000-000-000 and to confirm, our appointment is tomorrow night at ____o'clock.
Can you confirm my number just to make sure we are on the same page?

Alright ______, I look forward to speaking with you and before I let you go I want to
tell you that it's my personal commitment our appointment will not be a waste of
your time. I am confident that our team will provide you with all the information you
need to make a good decision for your future and that we will exceed your
expectations when looking to work from home.

I will give you a call tomorrow night about 5 minutes before our scheduled
appointment on __________ at _______ o'clock just to make sure you are ready for
our call. Have a great night!

Handling Objections while setting appointments

1. Why don't you just tell me now...
I'd love to, but like I said, I didn't set aside the time to talk to you right now. And
besides in looking for a home based business, I'm sure you want to make an
intelligent decision based on ALL of the information. So I'd hate to shortcut you the
information you deserve. I do have the time to get you all of the information and
your questions answered on ____ at ____ o'clock or ____ o'clock.

2. Can't you e-mail me the information...
Jane Doe, we are not like all those other companies out there. We want to make sure
that you get all the information that you deserve while talking to a real person. Our
company believes in personal contact. I assure you it won't be a waste of your time
and you'll get all your questions answered. I have ___ at ___o'clock or ___o'clock.
Which one works best for you.

3. I don't have 35 min....
I completely understand how valuable time is Jane Doe. But I want to make sure I
get you all the information to make an intelligent decision. I would hate for you to
decide to join our company and be upset because you didn't know all the details. I
assure you that you'll get all your questions answered and it won't be a waste of
your time. (If she still says she doesn't have 35 minutes, hen say...) Jane Doe, let
me ask you this. If you don't have 35 min. to take a look at a legitimate company,
how are you going to find the time to start and work your home based business?

4. Can't you mail me the information....
Jane Doe, being that we are an Internet based company, mail is not our primary
form of communication. What I can do is set an appointment to get you the
information that you deserve. We then have corporate websites where you can go to
print and verify all our company's information.

5. I can't schedule an appointment...
Jane Doe, I can understand from one mom to another how hectic life can get. But let
me ask you this, if you can't schedule an appointment to look at a legitimate
business to change your financial future, then how would you find the time to work
from home?

Appointment Reminder call

Hello _________, This is ________ with MomsWIN. We spoke _________ and
scheduled an appointment for you. I just wanted to confirm our appointment for
______ at ________ o'clock. If for any reason I have the wrong date or time please
give me call at 000-000-0000 and we will get that rescheduled. Thanks so much I
look forward to speaking with you.
Hi _______,This is ________ with MomsWIN just a friendly reminder about our
appointment on _________ at ____o'clock. I have had a lot of people request that
time but I kept it blocked out for you. I look forward to speaking with you then. If
anything does come up you can reach me at ________. Have an awesome day!

When someone is not home for the appointment

Hello ______, This is ________ with MW/CH. I was giving you a call for our
appointment about working from home with our team. I am calling just a few
minutes early so I may have just missed you. I will give you a call right back here in
the next 5 minutes to see if we can connect then. Thanks so much talk to you soon.

Hello ________, This is _________ with MW/CH. I spoke with you yesterday to
schedule an appointment for this time about working from home. I apologize that I
missed you today. I hope everything is ok. I know how excited you were to get the
information about our team. Please give me a call back and we can reschedule. If
anything does open up in my book later today I will make every effort to get in
contact with you then. Thanks and have a great day!

3-way a potential customer into an overview call

Hello _______, This is _________ with MW/CH. We spoke yesterday and scheduled
an appointment so you could get the full details on our team. Do you still have 30-35
minutes blocked out for me today?

Great, today we are going to cover who we are as a team, what we don't do, the
elite company we choose to partner with, even detail out what your average day will
look like and the compensation benefits from the work you do. At the end of our call
you will feel informed and comfortable to make the decision that's right for you.

I am going to get you this information via live presentation call. This is for 2 primary

   1. To show you how we leverage time. One person will be giving all the details
      to a group of up to 30 individuals just like your self. I am sure time leverage
      is important to you. This enables us to maximize time and don't worry you
      can just sit back, listen and take any notes you may need.
   2. The second reason is so that you have a first hand experience of how our
      team interacts and works together as well as the high demand and
      excitement we have with our business.

I will conference us in, introduce you as my guest today and then you can listen to
all the details about our team and what we do.

You will want to stay on for the entire call because after the call is over I will
conference us back together on a private line and share with you details that are
unique to our team you won't hear about on the call, share my personal experience
and answer any questions you have. Sound good?

Great, Hold on one moment you will hear a brief pause and then we will be
Hi this is _______ and I have my guest on the line _____ from _______.

Mute your line. Then after 20-22 minutes of the presentation come back prepared
and ready to close.

3-way to mentor for the close

"Great, ______ I have taken off the presentation line. I am really excited to speak
with you today. _______ gave a great presentation. I do want to take the time and
introduce you to one of my personal business partners and someone who you would
also be working with. This will also give you a perfect example of how we will be
available to help and work with you. If you will hold just one brief moment I will
introduce you to ______. Please hold."

Flash your phone, dial your mentor's number when they answer let them know who
you have on the other line, and press flash again.

"Hello ______, I now have _______ on the line with us." Your mentor will take it
from there. Listen and take great notes.

*When your mentor is asking for their information to open the account you will need
to write the information down and be ready to process the enrollment online.*

Short close

Great, _______! We just finished up the presentation call. I get excited again every
time I hear it. I really enjoy helping others achieve their wellness and financial goals.

I want to thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule to hear the
information. I appreciate it.

What did you like best about the information you just heard? Was it …

   A.   The products - Having a safer home
   B.   Melaleuca - Solid credentials and risk free opportunity
   C.   - Free website and team support. Or do you see yourself as
   D.   The total package

(They answer D)

Great, You sound a lot like I did ___ ago when I decided to get started with this
team. I have to tell you that it's decision that has helped me save time, save money,
and promote my family's health. Today we are well on our way to reaching our
financial goals with the business as well. I look forward to helping you receive all the
same benefits and reaching your goals.

What we will be doing today is opening up your risk-free temporary account. This will
give you the ability to start accessing Melaleuca's website online to read more about
the company and even start shopping right away. Your business portfolio that will
help you see everything in black and white will arrive to you in 3-5 days. And you
can get your MomsWIN website up right away. Would you like to set your website up
right away or after you try some of the products?

Fantastic, Let's go ahead and get you started. Is the first name you would like on the
account _____ and last name ______?

Long close

________, we are back on the line together and I am confident you got the
information you need to make a comfortable and informed decision.

I want to thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule to hear the
information. I appreciate it.

What did you like best about the information you just heard was it …

   A.   The products - Having a safer home
   B.   Melaleuca - Solid credentials and risk free opportunity
   C.   MomsWIN - Free website and team support. Or do you see yourself as
   D.   The total package

(They answer A, B, or C)

______, I can really identify with that. I felt very similar when I got started. I can
tell you that getting started as a customer has turned into a rewarding career for me
as well.

Let's take a look at how we can help you reach your goals.

The products - when I heard the presentation just like you did, I saw real value in a
safer home, and the 100% satisfaction guarantee put my mind at ease since I could
be assured if I wasn't happy I would get a full refund. If you ______ have two
laundry detergents sitting on a shelf one was your current brand and the other
offered you a safer, most cost-effective alternative, wouldn't it make complete sense
for you to buy the brand that saves you time, money and your family's health?


Great, I would like to be the first to welcome you to Melaleuca! I know that you will
be satisfied with these products and enjoy all the benefits of being a valued
customer. I will help you open your temporary account today, but before we do I
know you came to us looking for a business so let's take a look at Melaleuca -the

As you heard on the call they are a creditable company with integrity and a track
record of 19 years in business, steady and consistent growth, listed with a clean
report on the BBB, and best of all getting started with them is risk-free. They allow a
4-month test drive for less than two boxes of pizza and a two liter of Coke. Now let
me ask you was completely risk free, listing with the BBB, and a 19 year track record
the types of credentials you were looking for in a company?

That's awesome! You see value in being a customer and partnering with Melaleuca
fits what you were looking for. The last thing we need to look at today is MomsWIN -
is the team right for you.

I don't know how you are feeling right now but ______ ago when I was getting
started my biggest fear was, can I do this. It made complete sense to partner with a
successful team who had been there, done that. I liked the idea of two websites at
no cost. The biggest benefit I saw was that I could leverage my time with team
support and someone would be there to virtually do all the talking for me. I got
started right away and MW/CH I can say are a large part of my success. How about
you? Is a team that invests in your success, helps you leverage time, and does a lot
of the talking for you, the type of team you want on your side getting started?


Welcome to Melaleuca, MomsWIN, and Choice Horizons. I am excited to have you as
a part of our team. We are going to help you get started by taking the first step and
opening your temporary account today. All I need to do is verify information you
have already given me and ask a few additional questions.

Is the first name on the account ______ last name _______?

Handling potential objections during a close

   1. I don't spend $50 a month... or I don't think I buy 35BP
      You know _______, I felt the same way. But the way I saw it, with
      Melaleuca's 60-day empty bottle guarantee, I had nothing to lose. I knew that
      I had bought the wrong colored lipstick or a cleaning product that never met
      my expectations and I had to throw them away or put them in the back of the
      cabinet never to be used again. I sure didn't get my money back. So for me, I
      simply opened up a temporary account and placed a basic order. I figured, if I
      didn't need 35 product points next month, I could return my products and
      cancel my membership and get a full refund. But what I found, and this may
      not be the case for you, but for me, I realized I purchased way over 35
      product points and have been extremely happy with the high quality products
      that have saved me money. As a matter of fact, the average customer with
      our company purchases 50 product points. Which means, they're shopping
      because they want to, not because they have to. So doesn't it make sense,
      Jane Doe, to go ahead and open up your temporary account and place a basic
      order, since you've got nothing to lose with Melaleuca's 100% money back
      guarantee, except brushing your teeth and washing your hair for 30 days?
      Since it's completely risk free let's go ahead and open your temporary
      account. Is the first name ______ and last name ______ correct?
   2. I don't have the $29...
      _______, whenever I took a look at this company, I didn't have an extra $29
      laying around to waste either, but what I realized is, that I had spent $29 on
      a lot of things that never had the ability to change my life. Like an
      uncomfortable pair of shoes, jeans that never fit, or 2 boxes of pizza and a 2
      liter of soda. So what it came down to wasn't that I didn't have the $29, it
      was just about where I was choosing to spend it. Wouldn't you say ______,
     that it's worth the $29 risk free, fully refundable, decision that can change
     your life. Let's open your temporary account so you can start receiving all the
     benefits today. Is the first name _______ and last name ______ correct?
3.   I need to talk to my husband....
     I completely understand Jane Doe, I felt the same way about making a
     decision to invest in a business. But with Melaleuca you're talking about a
     shopping decision a lot like choosing to shop at Target instead of Wal-Mart. I
     also knew that I couldn't make an intelligent business decision until I had
     used the products and knew they were something I could stand behind. When
     I used the products I sat down with the business portfolio and my husband
     and made a decision if building a business was for us. Wouldn't you agree,
     Jane Doe, that this is a shopping decision for better, safer products in your
     home? And you couldn't make an informed business decision about
     representing Melaleuca without trying the products. Let's get you started with
     just a temporary account so you can test drive this company risk free. Is the
     first name ______ and last name ______ what you would like on your
4.   I don't have a credit card, checking, or savings account...
     _________, Is this something you are serious about getting started with? (If
     yes) Great, then what we can do is 3-way your local bank and see if they
     offer a free savings account and have a time that you can go down and open
     up an account so you can start this business. Do you have a bank and phone
     number that you would like to go ahead and try? (Three-way the bank and
     ask if they have a free savings account and what time they can go down. Call
     back at a scheduled time.)
5.   I don't have the time to do this business...
     You know _______, from one mom to another, I wasn't sure that I had the
     time either. The great thing about Melaleuca is they save you time by having
     your household products delivered to your door instead of having to load up
     the kids and drive to the store. I figured I could save at least 2 hours a week
     by shopping from home. The great thing about our business is that if at
     anytime you do want to start building a business, whether it's 2 weeks, 2
     months, or 2 years down the road, you have the ability to do that at no extra
     cost to you. With the time-leveraging tools MomsWIN offers, building a
     business P/T from home is easier than what you think. So doesn't it make
     sense to save yourself 2 hours a week since you are already a busy mom to
     start shopping from home? Let's start saving you time by opening up your
     account. Is the first name _____ and last name _____ correct?
6.   This sounds like Amway, MLM or this is a pyramid...
     What is it exactly you don't like about those types of companies? (They will
     usually list a lot of items we don't do so there is one simple answer.) Great,
     well we don't do any of that with CDM. Let's get you started so you can
     experience it first hand for your self. Is _______ the name you would like on
     your account for your 4-month test drive?
7.   I am not a salesman....
     That's great because you don't need to be for this business. We have team
     members who will do virtually all the talking for you. Let's go ahead and get
     you started with a temporary account. Is the name you would like on the
     account ____?
8.   I don't have a computer....
     The great thing about building a business with Melaleuca is that there are so
     many options or forms of building a business. Using MW/CH as a support
     team is just one of them. When we help you start your training over the
       phone like we are now we can explore several options or ways to build your
       business and select the one that's right for you.
   9. I need to think about it...
       I completely understand I felt the same way. I needed to think about and
       research this as a business. What I realized is the best way to know if the
       company was for me was to open my temporary account try the products, get
       the business kit with all the facts in black and white, and experience the
       website first hand. I knew that I could do this for up to 4 months with
       absolutely no risk. Let's go ahead and get you all the facts in black and white
       so you can test drive with your own account for four months risk free. Is the
       name you would like on the account ________?
   10. I would like to start next month or after the holidays etc...
       I can agree that it sounds like now might be a hectic time for you to start a
       business. That's the great thing about what Melaleuca has to offer. For $29
       you start saving time, money, and your family's health. At anytime 2 days, 2
       months, or 2 years later if you decided you're ready to start a business, it
       doesn't cost you any new money. Let's open a temporary customer account
       for you today so you can start saving time and money. Is the name you
       would like on the account _________?
   11. It really doesn't matter that the products are nontoxic or safe...
       Thank you for your honesty. I appreciate it. Knowing that information I think
       it's important I let you know this business isn't for you.
   12. I don't have long distance....
       As part of your training we help show you how to set up a long distance plan
       that is affordable and unlimited for as little as $49 a month. Let's go ahead
       and get you started so we can start on your training. Is the first name _____
       last name ______ you want on the account?

Filling out enrollment paperwork

Is the First name you would like on the account ________ and last name ________?

Fantastic, is the number 000-000-0000 the number you would like on file?

Let me confirm the e-mail address. _________ is that correct?

What form of payment would you like use to set up your account: credit card, debit
card or checking account?

Go ahead with that number when you are ready. And the expiration date?

_______, do you have a pen and paper handy? I want to make sure that you have
my contact information as well. It is ________ my phone number 000-000-0000 and
e-mail address is ….

________, Please feel free to contact me at anytime. There is no such thing as a
stupid question and I am here to help you. If for any reason I am not available let
me give you another support team member's information that you can contact with
any need you may have.

Their information is _______ 000-000-0000 and the e-mail address is ……
Now we are going to fill out the form online for making money.

Would you like the checks in the same name shipped to the same address?

Great, and birthdate?

Your SSN or Tax ID for tax information purposes?

Great, I am processing this information via online enrollment as we speak. The next
step is for you to verify I entered your information correctly and complete your

Can you be on the phone and the internet at the same time? (If "yes" then walk
them through the process right then and there while you are on the phone. If not,
continue with explanation of what will happen next.)

No? That's ok, let me explain what our next step is. You have received an instant e-
mail from and in that e-mail they provide a link that
you can click on. A screen will pop up that prompts you to enter your zip code.

Do you have a pop up blocker on your computer? If not that's perfect. (If yes then
they will need to remove it before they are able to complete the online enrollment.)

Once your zip code is entered they will ask for your e-mail address again, and once
that is entered then your information screen will appear. You will need to confirm it
is correct twice and then your enrollment will be complete.

This process is quick and easy, it will only take a brief 5 minutes and you will have
immediate access to start taking advantage of Melaleuca's benefits.

I want to make sure this process is quick and easy for you so I will hop off the phone
with you now so you can complete your online enrollment right away. Remember the
e-mail will come from and you will click on the link in
the e-mail. From there you simply follow the directions.

I will give you a call back in 15 minutes to make sure that everything has gone
smoothly and give you details on getting your website set up.

Thanks and talk to you soon.

15 minute enrollment follow-up call

Hello ________, This is ________. I am just giving you a quick call back like I

If they were not able to confirm …. (rare)

Ask them what the problem is then call Melaleuca via 3-way at 800-742-2444.
Explain the problem then ask them to help you find the quickest and easiest solution
to get your new customer enrolled. Follow their instructions from there.
If they were able to confirm …...

It looks like everything went smoothly for you. I received confirmation of your
enrollment. You should have another e-mail from
confirming your enrollment and assigning you a customer ID number. This will give
you the ability to log into Melaleuca's website right away.

I want to make sure you get your first product order in right away. This will make a
real difference in your belief system, confidence, and connection to this company. On
the live presentation call I am sure you heard about the Value Pack and all the
benefits. I do want to share with you my personal experience with the value pack
because I feel it was the best decision I made when starting my business to get
started with. I found that I saved money - 50% off retail to be exact. The company
makes no profit off these packs and they are only available to new customers. It
helped me convert my home to safer products, and this developed my belief system,
helped improve my family's health, and I was more informed. Because of that fact, I
was able to build my business faster. I really liked the fact that the value pack came
with the same 100% satisfaction guarantee as any other product order did so I knew
there was no risk! The biggest benefit came with the optional pacesetter program
that buying a Value Pack qualified me to participate in. I had the ability to earn an
additional $10,600 in bonuses my first year if I advanced my business every 2
months. Where the pacesetter benefit really stands out is the fact that if you
participate in this program anyone you ever refer to this company, who also
participates in the pacesetter program by starting out with a value pack, will also
qualify for up to an additional $10,600! And YOU, for being the person who referred
them, would earn 20-100% of that same bonus each time they advanced, for each
and every person you personally refer!

Would you like to get started with the VP today? (If yes, explain you will place the
order with Melaleuca for them, e-mail them the total and invoice, and confirm they
are making the right decision.)

(If no) Then let's start putting together a basic order for you that you can enjoy and
benefit from. Go ahead and grab your Wal-Mart shopping list and read off to me
what you have on that list. (As they read the list convert it to Melaleuca products and
write them down. example: Windex = Clear Power, Tide = Melapower. After you
have gotten that list complete share 3 product experiences about products you are
really passionate about. Share 1 experience about a pharmacy, 1 about Nicole Miller,
and 1 about Vitality for life.)
Then simply ask, "Would you like to add any of those products to your first order?"

(Once complete) Great, we have a great first order started. We will be placing the
order after your first training session. I will send you a follow up e-mail today with
what we have on our list so far and if you think of anything else just let me know.

Alright, we are well on our way. I am really excited to help reach your goals with our
company and team. I would like to schedule 2 types of training calls and I do
understand your time is valuable so let me explain what they are and why they will
help you.

The first is a product call. With over 350 products which all have alternative uses, no
harsh chemicals, and a preferred customer program where you can save money and
even earn free products, we feel an introduction call will really help you feel educated
and informed as well as help you take advantage of all Melaleuca has to offer. Would
you prefer _____ @ _____ o'clock or ________ @ _______ o'clock?

Great I have you written down. I will call you directly for this appointment and in the
follow up e-mail I send today it will confirm everything for you.

The second call is a newcomer/48-hour follow-up call. This will help you understand
the role MW & CH can play in your business, the next steps to take, understanding
and defining what you want out of our company, and since this is not a business in a
box we will develop a custom 90-day action plan to help meet your needs. Would
you prefer _____ @ _____ o'clock or ________ @ _______ o'clock?

I will send you a follow up e-mail today with all the details on how to access
Melaleuca's website, your first order, and our next appointments.
Remember if you need anything please do not hesitate to call or e-mail at anytime. I
am here to help!

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