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					                                       HAL DACE

                         Filmmaker – Music Composer – Animator

   LightWave, Avid, Final Cut Pro, Premiere, After Effects, Photoshop, Reason, ProTools,
                       GoLive, DVD Studio Pro, Mac & Windows

                23 years experience in TV production (selected highlights)
                    dark green titles indicate presentation on showreel

Aquarium, generic pet shop TV commercial, 3D Animator, Music

Bork Brothers: TV commercial, Director, Camera, Editor

Fast Women Productions: Fast & Loose, documentary on Tillie Anderson, Camera, Editor

Reed & Elliot Jewelers: 2 TV commercials, Writer, Director, Camera, Editor

Handmade Productions: Naked Arcadia, feature drama, Producer, Director, Camera, Editor

Mercy Regional Health Center: 7 TV commercials, Won Gold Award at the Asters, Director,
Music, Camera, Editor

Little Apple Toyota/Honda: TV commercial, Writer, Director, Music, Camera, Editor

KSU, Kansas Regents Educational Communications Center (Dole Hall TV Studios): The Great
Plains Idea, Editor, Animator, for College of Human Ecology

BBC News: Nationals, Newsnight, Panorama, On the Record, News 24, World Television
News, VT/AVID Editor, Carried out regular stints while between major bookings over 9 year
period under supervision of Tony Ellam (senior news picture editor), Television Centre,
Shepherds Bush, London

KSU, Kansas Regents Educational Communications Center (Dole Hall TV Studios): Kan-Ed
Splash, Producer, Director, Editor, Produced by Mel Chastain

Aegis Films: The Artificial Feast, Sound Editor & Online Editor, Directed by Maria Giese

ITN: Tonight with Trevor McDonald: The Paul Burrell Interview, Co-off-line & On-line
Editor, Produced by James Goldston

World of Wonder, for Channel 4: Secret Rulers of the World, Co-off & On-line Editor, 3
Progs: The Oklahoma Bombing, Ruby Ridge, David Icke The Lizards & The Jews Produced &
Directed by Jon Ronson

World of Wonder, for Channel 4: The History of Surveillance, Co-off & On-line Editor,
Directed by Kate Williams, Produced by Fenton Bailey & Randy Barbato

World of Wonder, for E4: Shock Video (series), Off & On-line Editor, Directed & Presented
by Adam & Joe

BBC: EastEnders Revealed: The Slaters, Off & On-line Editor, Produced by John Yorke

BBC: Ruby Wax Gets Streetwise, Off-line Editor, Directed by Michael Waldman

BBC (& Bravo): The Coen Brothers, Off & On-line Editor, Directed by Sarah Aspinall

World of Wonder, for Channel 4: Pornography: The Secret History of Civilization, Co-off-line
Editor Prog 3, On-line Editor whole 6-prog series, Produced by Fenton Bailey & Randy

ZCZ Films, for BBC: Mad Tracey from Margate, (for Close Up series), Off-line Editor,
Directed by Simon Chu, Executive Producer: Andrea Miller, Producer: Waldemar Januzczak,
review: "I enjoyed every minute of Mad Tracey. It's some of the best television I've seen in
years." Time Out 15-22 Sept '99 (TXed 9/15/99)

Dace Direction, for Blondie: No Exit, Starring Blondie, Concert Film, Director & Editor

Dace Direction, series pilot: Ward No. 6 (by Anton Chekhov), Director & Editor, Produced by
Clarissa Young

Stone City Films, for BBC: JAL 123 (for Disaster series), docu-drama, Off-line Editor

Dace Direction (sell thru): Play Normally!, Starring Deborah Harry & The Jazz Passengers,
Concert Film, Director & Editor

Bell Media, 5 BBC & Channel 4 docs: Equinox, Bookmark, Designs on Your... (Loos & Bras)
Off & On-line Editor

Dace Direction: Imitation of a Kiss, starring Deborah Harry & The Jazz Passengers, Director
& Editor

EPL Pictures (& EMI/PMI), for LWT: The Abbey Road Story, $1.5 million documentary, Off-
line Editor

NBC: Talkin' Jazz/Talkin' Blues music documentary production. Directed 11 Talkin' Jazz
programmes with The Jazz Passengers, Deborah Harry, Branford Marsalis, Ry Cooder, ZZ
Top, Santana, Herbie Hancock, etc. Off & On Lined/Sound Mixed dozens of programs

Castle Communications, 5 MTV Promos: Bruce Dickinson (x2), Suede, Adrian Smith,
Tansads, Off & On-line Editor

Aardman Animations, Passion Pictures, Pizazz Pictures, Uli Meyer Productions: dozens of
commercials including Nick Park's Creature Comforts (Heat Electric) ad campaign, Film
Editor 35mm

I worked with Spike Milligan, Richard E. Grant, Adrian Edmonson, Jonathan Pryce, Bernard
Cribbins, & Michael Nyman on various commercials & programs during this period

Dace Direction: Real Confusion, short science fiction drama, Writer, Director, Editor

Inga Lisa Middleton: A Fairy Tale of Our Time, nominated for Best Short Film at
Cannes 1993, Film Editor 35mm
BBC & Channel 4: Q.E.D., 40 Minutes, Pride of Place, etc, Assistant Film Editor 16mm &

Contact details:
2217 Stone Post Road
Manhattan, KS 66502

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