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					                            CURRICULUM VITAE

                                 PERSONAL DETAILS

Name: Derek Hehir                              Occupation: Freelance Sound Mixer / Rec.
Date of Birth: 20th October 1971               Sex: Male
Mobile: +44(0)7967-646725                      E-Mail:
Member: Assocation of Motion Picture Sound
Member: Institute of Broadcast Sound
Clean Driving Licence
Secondary Education:          Colaiste Eoin Stillorgan Road, Booterstown, Dublin.
                              St Columbanus’s High School Bangor Co. Down.
                              Our lady and St Patrick’s College, Knock, Belfast.

Third Level Education:         University of Dundee.
                               University of Portsmouth.

Qualifications:                7 G.C.S.E.’s including English & Mathematics.
                               3 A’ Levels in Irish, English Literature and Geography.
                               BSc in Environmental Design.
                               MSc in Coastal and Marine Resource Management.

                              TRAINING IN SOUND
1994: Universal Sound Studios, Perryvale, London.
      Sound Supervisor: Michael Narduzzo
      Re-dubbing of Tales of the Unexpected in preparation of Japanese

1995: Brian Waddells Film and Television Production, Holywood Co. Down.
      Sound Supervisor: Conor O’ Brien
      PSC training on Gourmet Ireland
      Studio Training on Over the Wall

1996: Television Mobiles, Fermoy Co. Cork.
      Sound Supervisor: Karl Walker
      Outside Broadcast training on Horse Racing, Gaelic Games, and various Concerts.

1997: MacMillian Media, Lisburn Road, Belfast.
      Sound Supervisor: Martin Harrison
      PSC Film and Television Recording Techniques.

1998: Turned Freelance.
        I have spent the past seven years enjoying my work and the people I meet. I strive to
give every job my utmost expertise and dedication no matter how big or small. I feel
passionate about working as part of a team aiming to produce something that everyone can
be proud of. I believe that this is a hard industry and I love to work hard.
                              PREVIOUS WORK

Film & Drama

Shelter :                   (Sound Mixer) 2009 Feature Film; Red Ray Films; Director
                            Ger Leonard; Producer Villi Ragnarson & Liam O’Neill;
                            Director of Photography - Tim Flemming

Ghost Machine :             (Sound Mixer) 2008 Feature Film; Generator Films; Director -
                            Chris Hartwill; Producer - Mark Huffam & Simon Bosanquet;
                            Dir. of Photography - George Richmond

Cherrybomb :                (Sound Mixer) 2008 Feature Film; Generator Films; Director
                            Lisa Baros D’Sa & Glenn Leyburn; Producer Mark Huffam &
                            Simon Bosanquet; Dir. of Photography - Damien Elliottt

Fifty Dead Men Walking (2nd Unit) 2008 Feature Film; Future Films; Sound Mixer
                            Mervyn Moore; Director Kari Skogland

Peacefire :                 (Sound Mixer) 2007 Feature Film; Mayfly Entertainment;
                            Director Macdara Vallely; Producer Chris Martin & Sarah
                            Perry; Dir. of Photography Nuria Raldos

Waz :                       (Boom Operator) 2007 Feature Film; Vertigo Films; Sound
                            Mixer (Paul Maynes); Director Tom Shankland

Waiting for Dublin:         (Boom Operator) 2007 Feature Film; Corsan Productions;
                            Sound Mixer Clive Copland; Director Rodger Tucker

Vets II :                   (Sound Mixer) 2006 TV Drama 6pt series; Ulysees Films

Vets:                       (Boom Operator) 2005 TV Drama 6pt series; Ulysees Films

Rip & the Preacher :      (Sound Mixer) 2008 Short Film NI Screen DV8; Dir. Michael
                          Lennox; Producer Villi Ragnarsson
Happy as Larry :          (Sound Mixer) 2008 Short Film NI Screen DV8; Dir. Brian
                          Philip Davis; Producer Villi Ragnarsson
Black Taxi:               (Sound Mixer) 2007 Short Film; 4X4 Films; Dir. Colin McIvor;
                          Producer Katie Jackson
Sleeping With Prostitutes (Sound Recordist) 2005 Short Film; NI Screen DV8; Dir Philip
                          Young; Producer Northern Visions
Driven :                  (Sound Recordist) 2005 Short Film; NI Screen DV8; Dir Colin
                          McIvor; Producer Northern Visions
Ostán na gCroíthe Briste: (Sound Recordist) 2004 Short Film; New Decade; Dir
                          KeiranO’Connor; Producer Patrick Fitzsimmons
DOCUMENTARYS-                                           Production House    Transmitted

    Dispatches - The Big Heist                          ManyRiverFilms      Chl 4
    Sister Rosie                                        Dennis Bradley      UTV
    Elements of Irish Art (Earth)                       BBC NI              BBC NI
    Martin McGuinness                                   BBC NI              BBC NI
    The Way of Peace-Dalai Lama in Belfast              Visionworks         NHK (Hi-Def)
    A Passage from India.                               Green Inc.          BBC NI
    You Thought you Knew .. King Billy                  BBC NI              BBC NI
    Kitty Sean                                          Jimmy Breslin       TG4
    Bloody Sunday A Diary.(IFTA Nominiee)               Besome Prod.        RTE
    At Home with the Clearys (IFTA Winner)              TERN TV             RTE
    Blind Vision                                        Hot Shot Films      BBC NI
    The Morellies                                       BBC NI              BBC NI
    Rape Crisis Belfast                                 Tern TV             RTE
    Complementary Medicine                              Tern TV             BBC NI
    Antiques Road Show PSC Crew                         BBC Bristol         BBC Network
    The Big Six :Six part fishing series RTS Award      BBC NI              BBC NI
    Coast to Coast Ten part fishing series              BBC NI              Discovery
    Waterworld Six Part diving series                   BBC NI              BBC NI
    Heineken Green Energy Music Festival                Millbrook Studios   RTE
    Gerry Anderson in…                                  Green Inc.          BBC NI
    A Pocket History 16 part history series             Network Media       BBC NI
    Countryfile                                         BBC Birmingham      BBC Network
    Ulster Fly / Getaways        10 Part holiday Show   Waddells            BBC NI
    CD:UK Cat Meets U2.                                 Windmill Lane       ITV Network
    Soap Box Racing                                     Green Inc.          Chl. 4
    The Tractor Tour Show                               Tripple Vision      UTV
    Future Weapons 13 part series                       Waddell Media       Discovery(US)
    Belfast Dirty Work                                  Network Media       BBC
    Derek’s Dreams 4 Part series                        Network Media       BBC NI
    A Month of Sun Days (Fermanagh& Bangor)             BBC NI              BBC NI
    Celebrity Bainestoir (GAA)                          Animo TV            RTE

    Panorama                                            BBC                 BBC Network
    Spotlight                                           BBC NI              BBC NI
    Insight                                             UTV                 UTV
    Prime Time                                          RTE                 RTE
    Hearts & Minds                                      BBC NI              BBC NI

    Hound: Feature Film (in Progress)                   Inferno Films       NI Screen
    The Wolfman                                         Below the Radar     Sky Crime

              Alison Millar, Producer, Tern T.V., Waring Street, Belfast
    Karl Walker, Sound Engineer, 72a Portglenone Road Randalstown, BT41 3EG
      Mark Huffam, Producer, Generator Films, 26 Wellington Park, Belfast. BT9 6DL

Mixers-         1 Audio Developments 149 : 8 Channel Film & Drama Mixer
                1 SQN 4S Series IVe : Stereo Mixer
                1 SQN 3M : Mono Mixer

Recorders-      1 Sound Devices 744T Hard Disk Recorder
                1 Fostex PD-4 Dat Recorder
                1 Sony MZ-R70 Mini Disc Recorder

Microphones -   1 Sennheiser MKH416T (Tuchel)Rifle Mic
                1 Sennheiser MKH60 Rifle Mic
                1 Sennheiser MKH50
                1 Sennheiser MKH30
                4 Sony ECM 77/50 Lapel Mics
                4 Audio RMS 2020 UHF Diversity Radio Mics
                4 Voice Technology Lapel Mics
                2 Sony ECM 88 Lapel Mics (waterproof)
                2 Sanken Cos 11 Lavellier Mics
                1 Sennheiser Evolution G2 IEM Radio System * 4 Recivers
                2 AKG CK91
                              } Stereo Pair
                1 AKG CK94
                2 Shure SM58’s
                1 Beyer M 58 Reporters Mic
                1 AKG 414 (Music)

Headphones      4 Sennheisser HD 25
                2 Sennheiser HD 25 sp
                3 Beyer DT/100
                1 AKG K101

Power         Sony NP1 Batteries *10 with Two 4 way chargers
              2 12volt Yuasa Batteries
              4 6volt Yuasa Batteries
              1 RMS RK 4 radio rack
Misc.         Malcolm Davies Sound Cart / Lots of Cable / Lots of Connectors / Lots of
Video Monitor Panasonic 7in. LCD Monitor / Murraypro Down Converter
Note:         Any additional equipment can be hired in order to meet the needs of your

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