Salem Witch Trials Script

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					Salem Witch Trials Script
Caroline Stiles is the accused witch
Olivia Shuler is the sheriff
Brooke Adams is the afflicted girl
Brittany Marsh is the judge of the case

Caroline is on her knees, on the ground tied up.
Olivia is guarding her.
Brittany is sitting in a chair with the gavel
Brooke is lying on the ground.

Brittany - "The court is now in session." She hits the gavel. "We have Caroline Stiles
who has been accused of witch craft against this poor child." She nods at Brooke.
Brooke - twitches on the ground and screams.
Brittany - "Ms. Stiles has been accused of witch craft because this girl Brooke Adams
who is afflicted has accused her and she has failed to attend church on numerous
accounts." Brittany looks at Caroline. "Would you like to plead guilty or innocent?"
Caroline - "I will plead innocent"
Brooke - screams and spazes when Caroline looks at her.
Brittany -"Because we have proof of you witch craft" Brittany points at Brooke, "I
think that the jury should decide" ---- wait for response, "You have now been found
guilty of witch craft. Your sentence is to be burned at the stake!"
Caroline -"No! No! No!" Caroline begins to shake
Olivia - "Be Quiet!"
Olivia makes Caroline stand up and sits near the pole "Put your hands behind your
back!" Olivia ties her up and stands by the stake.
Caroline - "No! No! Please! I'm innocent!" Caroline dies.
Brittany - "Court dismissed!" Every one walks past Caroline shaking their heads in
Olivia unties Caroline at the end.

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