Plant Pigments and Photosynthesis Lab(1) by hcj


									                   Plant Pigments and Photosynthesis Lab
                             Analysis Questions

1. In part A, which pigment migrated the farthest? Why?
2. During the summer months, leaves are generally bright green. What would you
   hypothesize that this indicates about the role of green light wavelengths,
   chlorophyll, and the photosynthetic process?
3. Why do leaves change colors in the autumn?
4. What is the function of chlorophylls in photosynthesis?
5. What are the accessory pigments and what are their functions?
6. What does the Rf value represent? If you were to perform your experiment on a
   chromatography strip that was twice the length of the one you used, would your
   Rf values still be the same? Explain.
7. In what way is the spectrophotometer used to measure the rate of photosynthesis?
8. Reflect on this lab. What do you know now, that you didn’t know before?

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