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									     eArmyU: Expanding Access,
           Removing Barriers, and
      Promoting Student Success

Ms. L. Dian Stoskopf: Director, Army Continuing Education System – United States Army
Mr. Mark Bolter: Deputy Program Manager, eArmyU – IBM Business Consulting Services

                                    June 2004

 Today’s session is designed to discuss the ways in which eArmyU is
  helping the Army to meet its educational needs.

    – Overview of the Army Continuing Education System’s (ACES) Guiding Principles
      and Goals

    – Review of the eArmyU Program

    – Applicable Lessons Learned from eArmyU

    – Discussion

Please feel free to interject with questions as we proceed through the

                         Overview of the ACES’ Guiding Principles

 Guiding Principles
    – Education is an integral part of the Army culture.
    – Lifelong learning is for everyone.
    – Education enhances well being and quality of life.
    – ACES is critical to Army Transformation and mission readiness.
    – ACES planning is visionary.
    – Program success is based on effective partnerships and a diverse workforce.
    – Diversity of programs and services and resources demands flexibility.
    – Teamwork is critical.
    – Accountability is a must.
    – Career program professionals are essential to our mission.
    – Professional development of our workforce is non-negotiable.
    – Education workforce facilitates change.
    – Education is an American value!

                            Overview of the ACES’ Strategies for Meeting its
                            Educational Goals

 Strategic Goals: In support of its mission and that of the Army, the
  ACES strategic plan asserts to:
       1. Provide vision, policy, and direction to plan and operate programs and services
       2. Provide lifelong learning opportunities to enhance job performance, skill
          qualifications, and career growth
       3. Promote the development of critical thinking and decision-making skills through a
          variety of programs including basic skills and postsecondary, enabling Soldiers to
          adapt to new challenges
       4. Build an integrated workforce for the Army 2020
       5. Support Army Transformation
       6. Design, build and implement an education enterprise architecture

    We train Soldiers to deal with certainty, but we educate them to deal
                       with uncertainty and ambiguity.

                      Review of the eArmyU Program -- Goals

 The Army identified a need for a program that would offer Soldiers
  "anytime, anywhere" access to high-quality learning opportunities from
  accredited postsecondary and technical institutions while on active duty.

    – The program is student-centered, student-friendly, and appropriate to the
      Army environment.

    – Access to asynchronous web-based learning content and instructional
      tools is via the Internet, using laptops.

    – Soldiers can complete all coursework to meet certificate or degree
      requirements, regardless of duty station and mission requirements.

    – Online education is becoming a seamless part of being a Soldier.

                       Review of the eArmyU Program -- Objectives

 Expand Access               Served as a retention tool:
                                   Over 21% of eArmyU students reenlisted or extended to be
                                     eligible for eArmyU.
                              Reached a new population of Soldiers:
                                   Over 26% of eArmyU students had never attended college
                                     before enrolling in eArmyU.
                                   Over 47% of eArmyU students are returning to higher
                                     education after a hiatus of a year or more.

 Remove Barriers               Soldiers are actively participating in eArmyU from more than 50
                                Soldiers are provided unlimited, toll-free Internet access in
                                 more than 110 countries around the world.
                                Soldiers are able to continue with their home institution even as
                                 they move from installation to installation around the world.
                                Soldiers are provided with fully funded tuition and course
                                 materials (up to a $4,500 fiscal year ceiling and $250 SH cap)

 Promote Student Success    The successful course completion rate is over 80%.
                             487 Soldiers have earned degrees to date.
                             Soldiers are provided with proactive mentoring, academic tutoring,
                              and 24x7 technology support.

                               Review of the eArmyU Program – Major Milestones

    DATE                                TECHNOLOGY MILESTONES                                STUDENT ENROLLMENTS

Spring 2000         Army cites need for enterprise-wide distance learning program

December 14, 2000   PricewaterHouse Cooper wins largest distance learning contract ever

                    MIDNIGHT – Students line up outside education centers at three           More than 1,000 students
January 15, 2001
                    initial sites: Ft. Benning, GA; Ft Campbell, KY; Ft. Hood, TX            seek enrollment on Day One

                    eArmyU opens “portal doors” for business                                 1 Month: 1,500 students
January 16, 2001
March 15, 2001      Interim release provides added functionality                             3 Months:   2,100

                    Backbone systems are fully operational; all processes are
June 15, 2001       automated and technology is now seamless                                 6 Months:   4,500

January 2002        Total virtualization of program now complete (e-supply chain)            12 Months: 12,000
                    Customer Relationship Management functionality—Soldier
June 2002           recognition feature added to portal                                      18 Months: 23,000

February 2003       e-commerce functionality                                                 24 Months: 32,000

June 2003           Centralized Tuition Assistance Management initiative launched            28 Months: 35,000

September 2003      Architecture for a virtual student support system is fully operational   30 Months: 36,000

March 30, 2004      Data Warehouse Phase 1 Release                                           38 Months: 43,855

                                  Case Study: eArmyU – Soldier Requirements

     In exchange for fully-funded technology support (laptop or no laptop option), tuition,
      books, fees, and support services, Soldiers are required to meet several program

       Commit to remaining in the Army for a specific period of time.
               1 year for the no laptop option

               3 years for the laptop option

       –   Commit to successfully completing semester hour (SH) program milestones.
               If selecting the laptop option, 12 SH in 2 years

               If selecting the no laptop option, 3 SH in 90 days

       –   Commit to completing each course with a passing grade.

     Soldiers who fail to meet these requirements are required to repay
    the Army for prorated portions of the dollars expended by the Army
                   for tuition and the technology option.

                                    Case Study: eArmyU – eArmyU Portal

  Downloadable postings of ancillary course materials
   such as instructor notes, sample quizzes, student Datawarehousing Powerful online, integrated course
          assignments, and other materials             capabilities  catalogs with sophisticated search
Comprehensive web of virtual                                           options and an integrated view
student support and mentoring
                                                                                     Personalized virtual desktop
                                                                                     with customized degree map
Multiple Platforms interface to
support education partners,
counselors, students, and program                                                            Online testing,
management.                                                                                  multiple formats

  Common application                                                                Access to 29 participating
                                                                                    institutions offering 149
Online course registration                                                          certificate and degree programs

                                                                                           Links to electronic
         Online news and                                                                    library resources
                                                                Access to course documents, assignments, and
            Online diagnostic, self-assessment,                  bulletin board discussions, downloaded for off-
 and self-help tools; online tutoring; 24x7 technical support   line work and automatically synchronized at the
                                                                             next online opportunity

                          Case Study: eArmyU – Off-line Learning Capabilities

 eArmyU enables Soldiers to complete courses anytime anywhere:
     – eArmyU uses a custom-developed Offline Learning Application (OLA) that enables
       students to download to their laptops course materials, announcements, and bulletin
       board discussions and to complete assignments off-line.

     – eArmyU automatically synchronizes the off-line work and checks for new
       assignments when Internet access is restored.

     – More than 70% of the eArmyU student population has access to OLA courses.

     – Future plans to expand OLA functionality to additional education partners are

     – An integrated eArmyU course catalog enables Soldiers to select courses with OLA

                         Case Study: eArmyU – Strategies for Soldier Success

 Student success is eArmyU’s primary mission. eArmyU uses an
  integrated web of student support services to help Soldiers succeed.

     – Integrated, comprehensive student services system

     – Integrated Customer Resource Management (CRM) tool

     – Innovative end-to-end outreach strategy: ―Operation ViCTORY‖ (Virtual Counselor
       Transforms Online Resources for You)

These tools already are demonstrating significant positive effects on
                       student success rates.

                             Case Study: eArmyU – Strategies for Soldier Success-
                             Student Services System

     The eArmyU student services
     system consists of the following
      – Army Education Centers: Provide
        counseling, administrative support,
        and interface with Soldiers’
      – Helpdesk: Provides toll-free,
        dedicated support to all eArmyU
        Soldier-students on a 24x7 basis.
      – Program Mentors (PM): Work
        proactively to assist Soldiers in
        overcoming barriers in online
      – Campus POC: Address questions
        related to school-specific issues.
      – Student Services Team: Responds
        to issues escalated by the helpdesk,
        PMs, and campus POCs.

                             Case Study: eArmyU – Strategies for Soldier Success
                             Customer Relationship Management

 eArmyU created an innovative
 Customer Relationship
 Management tool that
 integrates and manages
 outreach strategies.
     – Enables students, ACES
       counselors, program mentors,
       helpdesk staff, education partners,
       and student services staff to view
       a student’s helpdesk case
       summary, behind pace in course
       status, and progress toward
       completing eArmyU program
                                              – Coded portal functionality automates
     – Allows users to launch cases,            escalation of issues to experts who can
       enter notes, process transactions,       resolve a case.
       and resolve cases in real time.
                                              – Portal functionality mandates resolution
     – Provides one comprehensive               within specific timeframes based on
       source of information for student        issue type.
       services team members.

                        Case Study: eArmyU – Strategies for Soldier Success-
                        Operation ViCTORY

      Operation Virtual Counselor Transforms Online Resources for You
       (ViCTORY) is a robust, proactive, end-to-end process that greets
       newly enrolling Soldier-students and monitors their learning progress
       through interventions.

      The architecture for this virtual student success initiative involves two
       parallel tracks:

         – Operation Early Academic Guidance for Learning Excellence (EAGLE)
           which assists Soldiers who are behind pace in a course or in their

         – Operation Student Online Achievement Recognized (SOAR) which is the
           outreach to the successful – or on pace – Soldier.

                                        Case Study: eArmyU – Strategies for Soldier Success
                                        Operation ViCTORY

                                Student Enrolls in 1st Course/                   Student completes
                                Completes 1st Course                             requirements
                                 Congratulatory email                            Congratulatory email
                                 Follow-up phone call/emails re: next            Featured on Student         Student graduates
     Welcome to                   course enrollment/ degree progress               Recognition page             Congratulatory email
     eArmyU                                                                                                     Featured Student
                                                  Student completes 2 courses                                    Recognition page
       Welcome to eArmyU
        contact                                   with GPA < 3.5
                                                   Congratulatory Email
                                                   Featured on Student Recognition

 Soldier                                                   1 Year                               2 Year                           Graduation
Enrolls in                                               Anniversary                          Anniversary
                                            Student Falls
             Student does not                                             Student identified as EAGLE student if behind
                                            Behind In Course
             enroll in 1st course                                         pace to complete program requirements
                                             Behind pace in
             (Operation HAWK)                 course process                 Email sent by mentor
               Email sent at 30- and                                        Follow-up phone calls made
                                             Email/phone
                90-day mark
                                              outreach                       Counseling delivered to recommend entry courses
                reminding Soldier of
                the 12 SH policy
               Follow-up phone
                call/emails re:                  Operation ViCTORY is already demonstrating significant positive
                inactivity in program            results.

                         Case Study: eArmyU – Strategies for Soldier Success
                         Operation ViCTORY Behind Pace in Course

                                Tier 4: Student fails course or withdraws from course (stage:
                                   course complete).
     Student exits the
       system when
        he/she has                      Tier 3: Student has missed several class meetings
      demonstrated                         and/or performed below acceptable standard on one
        success in                         or more tests/quizzes– as a result student is at high
         courses.                          risk of failing course (stage: course is between 20% -
                                           99% complete).

                                               Tier 2: Student has missed first week of
                                                  course or first major milestone of course
                                                  (stage: course is less than 15% complete).

                                                        Tier 1: Student flagged as behind pace
                                                           upon entrance into the eArmyU
                                                           program and/or after
                                                           failing/withdrawing from course (stage:
                                                           course not yet started).

                            Discussion of Applicable Lessons Learned

 Identify institutional objectives.

 Continually improve service quality and perform usability testing.

 Screen students for distance learning success prior to online enrollment.

 Identify and develop strategies for resolving barriers to success facing students at your

 Recognize and showcase students who achieve key milestones.

 Reach out proactively to students to promote success and remove barriers throughout the
  educational journey.

 Reach out proactively to students to enhance attrition.

 Conduct pilot studies to evaluate effectiveness of outreach initiatives.

 Develop a CRM tool to enable integrated and efficient support to students.

 Integrate virtual support systems for all users.


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