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									Clean Development Mechanism
      (CDM) Methodologies

       DENR Training Workshop
      MMLDC, October 19-21, 2004
I.   CDM Approved Methodologies

II. Examples of CDM Approved

     1. Salvador da Bahia Landfill Project

     2. Consolidated Methodology for
     Grid-connected Elecriticy Generation
     for Renewable Sources
A project proponent planning to develop a
CDM project has two options with regards to
baseline and monitoring methodologies. He

1) Use an approved methodology, or

- CDM Executive Board has approved a total of
  17 methodologies

- Indicative simplified methodologies for
   selected small scale CDM Project categories

2) Propose a new methodology
I. CDM Approved

   UNFCCC website modified
   As of October 4, 2004
    CDM Approved Methodologies
                                       Name of Approved Baseline                   Sectoral       Reference
         Name of Project                     Methodology                            Scope          Number
1   HFC Decomposition Project    Incineration of HFC 23 waste streams            Consumption of   AM0001
    in Ulsan, Korea              (Currently on hold)                             halocarbons &

2   Salvador da Bahia Landfill   GHG reduction through landfill gas capture      Waste Handling   AM0002
    Gas Project                  and flaring where the baseline is establshied    & Disposal
                                 y a public concession contract

3   Nova Gerar Landfill Gas to   Simplified Financial Analysis for Landfill      Waste Handling   AM0003
    Energy Project               Gas Capture Project                              & Disposal

4   A. T. Biopower Rice Husk     Grid-connected biomass power generation            Energy        AM0004
    Power Project                that avoid uncontrolled burning of biomass        Industries

5   El Gallo Hydroelectric       Small grid-connected zero-emissions                Energy        AM0005
    Project                      renewable electricity generation                  Industries
    CDM Approved Methodologies
                                      Name of Approved Baseline                Sectoral      Reference
         Name of Project                    Methodology                         Scope         Number
6    Methane Capture and        GHG emissions reductions from manure            Waste        AM0006
     combustion of swine        management systems                            Handling &
     manure treatment for                                                      Disposal
7    TA Sugars Proposed Sugar   Analysis of the least-cost fuel option for    Energy &       AM0007
     Cogeneration Plant and     seasonally operating biomass cogeneration    Manufacturing
     Fuel Switch Project        plants                                        Industries

8    Graneros Plant Fuel        Industrial fuel switching from coal and      Manufacturing   AM0008
     Switching Project          petroleum fuels to natural gas without        Indsutries
                                extension of capacity and lifetime of the

9    Rang Dong Oil Field        Recovery and utilization of gas from oil       Fugitive      AM0009
     Associated Recovery and    wells that would otherwise be flared          Emissions
     Utilization Project                                                      from fuel

10   Durban Landfill Gas to     Landfill gas capture and electricity           Energy &      AM0010
     Electricity Project        generation projects where landfill gas          Waste
                                capture is ot mandated by law                  Handling
 CDM Approved Methodologies
                                       Name of Approved Baseline                Sectoral       Reference
         Name of Project                     Methodology                         Scope          Number
11   Onyx Landfill Gas           Landfill gas recovery with electricity       Waste Handling    AM001
         Recovery Project            gneeration and no capture or                 & Disposal       1
                                     destruction of methane in the baseline

12   Treatment cum Energy        Biomethanation of municipal solid waste in   Biomethanation    AM001
          Generation, India          India, using compliance with MSW              of MSW          2
13   Bumibiopower Methane        Forced methane extraction from organic       Waste Handling    AM001
        Extraction & Power            waste-water treatment plants or grid        & Disposal       3
        Generation Project in         coneected electricity supply
14   MGM Natural Gas-based       Natural Gas-based package co-generation        Energy &        AM001
        Package Cogeneration                                                     Manufactur        4
        Project in Chile                                                             ing
15   Vale do Rosario Bagasse     Bagasse-based cogeneration connected to an      Energy         AM001
          Cogeneration Project       electricity grid                             Industries       5
          in Brazil
     CDM Approved Methodologies

               Consolidated Methodologies Title        Sector      Reference

16           Consolidated Methodology for Landfill     Waste      ACM0001
             Gas Project                             Handling &

17           Consolidated Methodology for Grid-       Energy      ACM0002
             connected electricity generation from   Industries
             renewable sources
II. Examples of CDM
   Approved Methodologies

       UNFCCC website modified
       As of October 4, 2004
CDM Approved Methodologies

 AM 0002 – Greenhouse Gas emissions
           Reductions through Landfill Gas
           Capture and Flaring where the
           Baseline is established by a
           Public Concession Contract
  A. Description of the Project Activity

• Name of Project to which Methodology was based:
  Salvador da Bahia Landfill Gas Project in Brazil

• Category of Project Activity
  Landfill gas reduction project
• Brief description of the Project
  The project involves installing equipment for methane
  destruction with capacity of 6,250 m3/hr in 2000
  (expanding to 46,250 m3/hr in 2020). This equipment will
  consist of enclosed flaring with controlled burning
 A. Description of the Project Activity

• Primary GHG Impact
 Landfill methane (CH4) avoided and

• Total Estimated Emissions Reductions
  13,958,155 tonnes CO2e for 16 years
B. Establishing Additionality

•   Method for establishing additionality
    Barrier test:

    Investment barriers
    The concession contract does not provide for additional
    payment for capturing and destroying additional
    methane. Any investment or operation to destroy more
    than the contractual amount will not have other form of
    remuneration other than the CERs.
C. Establishing Baselines

• Baseline Scenario

  The baseline quantity flared is determined by
  the contractual requirement, which is
  established through a competitive bidding
  process. The project must demonstrate that the
  quantity of methane flared reflects
  performance among the 20% in the previous
  five years for landfills operating under similar
C. Establishing Baselines

• Baseline Approach
  Emissions from a technology that represents an
  economically attractive course of action, taking
  into account barriers to investment.

• Method of calculating Baseline Emissions
  Emissions reduction is the difference between
  amount of methane actually capture and flared
  less the amount of methane captured and flared
  specified by the contract corrected for the
  quantity of waste received.
D. Conditions for Applicability

• This method is applicable to biomass-fired power
  generation project activities displacing grid
  electricity that:

       There exists a contractual agreement that makes
       the operator responsible for all aspects of the
       landfill design, construction, operation,
       maintenance and monitoring;

       The Contract was awarded through competitive
       bidding process;
D. Conditions for Applicability (cont.)

     The contract stipulates the amount of landfill gas
     (expressed in cubic meters) to be collected and flared
     annually by the landfill operator;

     The stipulated amount of landfill gas to be flared
     reflects performance among the top 20% in the
     previous years for landfills operating under similar
     social, economic, environmental and technological
     circumstances; and

     No generation of electricity using captured landfill
     gas occurs or is planned.
CDM Approved Methodologies

 ACM 0002 – “Consolidated baseline
          methodology for grid-connected
          electricity generation from
          renewable sources”

•Vale do Rosario Bagasse Cogeneration Project
•Wigton Wind Farm Project
•El Gallo Hydroelectric Project
•Jepirachi Windpower Project
•Haidergarh Bagasse Based Co-generation Power Plant
•Zafarana Wind Power
•Bayano Hydroelectric Expansion and Upgrade Project
•Darajat Unit III Geothermal Project
 Conditions for Applicability

• This method is applicable to grid-connected
  renewable power generation project activities under
  the following conditions:

      Applies to electricity capacity addition from:

  •   Run-of-river hydro power plants
  •   Wind sources
  •   Geothermal sources
  •   Solar sources
  •   Wave and tidal sources
Conditions for Applicability
   Not applicable to project activities that involve
   switching from fossil fuel s to renewable energy at
   the site of the project activity;

   The geographic and systems boundaries for the
   relevant electricity grid can be clearly identified
   and information on the characteristics of the grid is
   available; and

   Applies to grid connected electricity generation
   from landfill gas capture to the extent that it is
   combined with the approved consolidated

The consolidated tools for demonstration of
additionality being developed by the Executive Board
shall apply. This methodology will therefore only
become valide as of the approval by the Board of
consolidated tools for demonstration of additionality.

The baseline scenario is the electricity that would have
otherwise been generated by the operation of grid-
connected power plants and by the addition of new
generation sources.
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