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									              China Power 2009
  Nov. 3     Opening Ceremony,                                                         Incorporated with CHINA POWER 2009
             Forum and Exhibition
                                                                                              Designed and Organized by CEC
                                                                                                      Co-Organized by CDMC
  Nov. 4      China Nuclear New

                                                                              China Nuclear
                  Build 2009

                    Site Tour
  Nov. 5
                                                                                                New Build
              in Sanmen Nuclear
                  Power Plant

November 3 - 5, 2009
Tianjin - Sanmen

Witnessing the Burgeoning Development
of China Nuclear New Build!

                            The First AP1000 Plant Globally,
                            Sanmen, China
                            29°6 N, 121°22 E

      Key Features of Nuclear Energy in China                                      Organizer        Co-Organizer

      Mainland China has eleven nuclear power reactors in commercial
      operation, 12 under construction, and at least 12 more about to start
      construction in 2009.

      Additional reactors are planned, including some of the world's most
      advanced, to give a sixfold increase in nuclear capacity to at least 50
      GWe or possibly to 60 GWe by 2020 and then a further three to fourfold
      increase to 120-160 GWe by 2030.
      The country aims to become self-sufficient in reactor design and
      construction, as well as other aspects of the fuel cycle.                       +86-21-68407633
      Electricity demand is growing very rapidly.
      Mainland China is starting to rely heavily on imported uranium to fuel its
      nuclear power program.                                                       For registration or further inquiries,
                                                                                   please contact the organizing committee

               Supported by                         Endorsed by                                CNEC 2009 Sponsors

National Development And Reform Commission

State Electricity Regulatory Commission
                                                                                              China Nuclear
November 3 - 5, 2009
                                                                                               New Build2009
                                                                      Witnessing the Burgeoning Development
Tianjin - Sanmen                                                      of China Nuclear New Build!

    The Silk Road to the Frontiers of
    Nuclear Renaissance
    Chinese government had planned to increase nuclear generating capacity to 40 GWe by 2020 (of total 1000 GWe then
    planned), with a further 18 GWe nuclear being under construction then, requiring an average of 2 GWe per year being
    added. In May 2007 the National Development and Reform Commission announced that its target for nuclear generation
    capacity in 2030 was 160 GWe. In March 2008 the newly-formed National Energy Administration (NEA) said that the target
    for 2020 should be at least 5% of electricity from nuclear power, requiring at least 50 GWe to be in operation by then. In
    June 2008 the China Electrical Council projected 60 GWe of nuclear capacity by 2020. In April 2009 the State Council was
    reported to be considering raising the 2020 target to 70 GWe installed and 18 GWe under construction.

    The 11th 5-year plan 2006-10 has firmer environmental goals than previously, including reduction of 20% in the amount of energy required per unit of GDP,
    ie 4% reduction per year. As well as the Sanmen and Yangjiang projects slipped from the tenth plan, nuclear power developments originally proposed in the
    11th 5-year plan included:
    four CPR-1000 units at Hongyanhe, Liaoning province (NE),
    two 1000 MWe units at Haiyang, Shandong province (now 1100 MWe AP1000),
    two 1000 MWe units at Fuqing, Fujian province,
    two units at Hongshiding, Rushan city, Shandong province,
    two units at Tianwei, Lufeng in Guangdong province,
    two units at Taishan in Guangdong.

    This year in May we embraced the opening of the 5th Annual China Nuclear Energy Congress (CNEC2009), expectedly a grand gathering for executives
    of the nuclear energy industry in China and elsewhere around the world. This annual summit themed China's nuclear energy industry has been well received
    and acclaimed by participants. To satisfy their demand for further communication and co-operations, we organize China Nuclear New Build Summit, looking
    forward to sharing with them the latest development and achievements of the industry and exploring the substantive nuclear sites. Apart from the keynote
    topics presented in the summit, this year's CNEC will also cover the up-to-date topics and projects. We sincerely wish that all the participants will benefit
    immensely from the three-day trip.

   CNEC 2009 at a glance

   CNEC 2009 Participants
    Areva                               CNNC                                        BHP Billiton                           TradeTech
    Hitachi-GE                          CGNPC                                       Rio Tinto                              COYNE ET BELLIER
    Alstom                              NTPC                                        Cameco                                 Enersense Oy
    Flowserve Technology                Nukem Technologies GmbH                     ARMZ Uranium Holding                   Herbert Smith LLP
    Forge Monchieri spa                 CLP Power Hong Kong Limited                 Converdyn                              JANUS
    Clyde Blowers Ltd                   China Resources Power Holdings              African Energy Resources               KROLL CRANE A/S
    Babcock & Wilcox                    CNEIC                                       PALADIN ENERGY                         Lloyd's Register
    Ansaldo Nucleare                    CGNPC Uranium                               Pele Mountain Resources                Marsh (Hong Kong) Ltd
    CCI                                 China Uranium Corporation                   Tournigan Energy Ltd                   Marubeni Corporation
    Erne Fittings                       ESI Group                                   Greenland Minerals and Energy Ltd      Mitsubishi Electric Corporation
    Curtiss-Wright EMD                  Gutor                                       Trendfield Energy and Resources        Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Ltd
    EZEFLOW INC                         LARSEN & TOUBRO LIMITED                     Liaoning GaoKe Energy Group            Nuclear Cargo+Service GmbH
    Cardia Technologies Ltd             MITSUI & CO                                 Zhejiang Jiuli Hi-Tech Metals          Panalpina World Transport Ltd
    Dresser Italia S.r.L                Saarstahl                                   China Institute of Atomic Energy       POYRY
    SEC-KSB                             Sumitomo Corporation                        Tsinghua University                    PPG
    WEIR Values & Controls              AfroAsia Holding                            Kara-Balta Mining Complex              Rand Uranium (Pty) Ltd
    Tyco Flow Control                   Zhejiang Haiyan Nuclear Power Office        China Mining United Fund               Schneider Electric
    Shanghai Electric Group             Shanghai Municipal Nuclear Power Office     China Marketing Association            Takasho Incorporation
    Jiamusi Electric Machine Co., Ltd   SNPTC                                       AQSIQ                                  TAM International Inc
    Terex Demag Gmbh                    SinoPec                                     Fujian Shuikou Power Generation Co     Tectubi Fittings
    TRAXYS                              Transport Logistics International           VITKOVICE                              The Japan Steel Works Ltd
    Tuul Songino                        URS Washington Division                     GERB (Qingdao) Vibration Control       DunAn Artificial Environmental Equipment

                                                                                          China Nuclear
November 3 - 5, 2009
                                                                                          New Build2009
                                                                     Witnessing the Burgeoning Development
Tianjin - Sanmen                                                     of China Nuclear New Build!

                                                                  Day One        Comfirmed Chinese Power Giants You Will Meet:

   About CHINA POWER 2009                                                                   State Grid Corporation
   The China Power 2009 is one of the most important international events
   designed and organized by the China Electricity Council and China
   Decision Makers Consultancy, and this pageant will obtain the                            China Southern Power Grid
   widespread attention and vigorous supports from all walks of industry
   and society around the world.

   The forum, exhibition and eight sub-forums are prone to carry out the                    China Huaneng Group
   request of developing clean energy by the State Council, complied with
   eight specific forums of the clean energy, advocate the ideology of
   people oriented, safety development and safety civilization, enhance the
   bilateral communication and cooperation between China and other
                                                                                            China Datang Corporation
   developed nations around the world in response to alternative energy
   development, probe effective approaches into alternative energy
   development, impel the generalization and application of the new                         China Huadian Corporation
   technologies and equipments.

   In the first day you will be participating these:
      Opening Ceremony                                                                      China Guodian Group
      Major Forum
                                                                                            China Power Investment Corporation
   Eight Sub-Forums:
     Wind Power
     Solar Energy                                                                           China Power Engineering Consulting Group
     Biomass Energy                                                                         Corporation
     Carbon Emission and CDM
     Clean Coal Burning                                                                     China Hydropower Engineering Consulting
     Hydro Power                                                                            Group Corporation
     Nuclear Energy - China Nuclear New Build 2009
     Smart Grid                                                                             China Water Resources and Hydropower
                                                                                            Constructing Group Corporation
      Who Will Attend?
                                                                                            China Gezhouba Group Corporation
      The organizing committee invites Government and Utility delegates
      with responsibilities or involvement in the following areas:
      Renewable Energy & Energy Efficiency
      Nuclear Power Operation                                                               China Yangtze Power Co., Ltd
      Distributed Power Generation
      Equipment & Facility Manufacturing
      EPC Management
      Customer Service                                                                      State Development & Investment
      Uranium Supply                                                                        Corporation
      Asset Management
                                                                                            China Guangdong Nuclear Power Holding
      Who Will Speak?                                                                       Co., Ltd
      The organizing committee invites directors, deputy director
      generals, Senior State Council Advisors from PRC Government                           Beijing Guohua Electric Power Co., Ltd
      and President, SVP, VP, CIO, Chief Engineer/Scientist, Directors
      with responsibilities in the following areas to speak on the forum:
      Energy Policy Making
      Electricity Regulation                                                                Zhejiang Energy Group
      Power Plant Construction
      Power Plant Operation
      EPC Management
      Uranium Trading
                                                                                            Guangdong Yuedian Group Corporation
      Project Owner

                                                                                            China Resources Power Holdings Co. Ltd

                                                                                            China Nuclear
November 3 - 5, 2009
                                                                                             New Build2009
                                                                     Witnessing the Burgeoning Development
Tianjin - Sanmen                                                     of China Nuclear New Build!

                                                                  Day Two
    0800 Registration                                                               1400 Achieving Cooperation Success in International
    0830 Welcoming Address from the Organizer                                            Uranium Projects
    0845 Chairperson’s Opening Remarks                                                   Semizbay-U LLP, JV between CGNPCURC and KAP, was
                                                                                         established in Dec. 2008; and on Apr. 29th 2009, Mr. Zhang
    0900 Nuclear New Build Projects in China: Major                                      Guobao, Vice Chairman of the NDRC and Director General of
         Builder’s Perspective                                                           NEA of China, attended the commissioning ceremony of Irkol
         The China Nuclear Engineering and Construction Group (CNECC) is                 mine of Semizbay-U LLP. On Nov. 3rd, 2007, CGNPC and the
         a major state entity split off from the rest of CNNC in 1998 and                State Committee of the Republic of Uzbekistan on Geology and
         responsible for nuclear plant construction (including that in Pakistan).        Mineral Resources inked the Framework Agreement on
         CNECC is the main force of nuclear construction and almost                      Establishing Uranium Exploration JV. Currently, CGNPCURC
         covering every aspect in project managements.                                   and Uzbekistan counterpart have reached relative agreement on
         MU Zhanying                                                                     the JV’s establishment and exploration plan of 2009.
         General Manager                                                                 ZHOU Zhenxing
         China Nuclear Engineering and Construction Corporation                          General Manager
                                                                                         CGNPC Uranium
    0930 Nuclear Institute in NPP Construction:
         Advancement and Development                                                1430 The Booming Nuclear Power Industry and the
         Focusing on the construction solution for new nuclear projects                  Security of Nuclear Fuel Supply in China
         What’s the future of NPP construction and management research in                The booming of nuclear power industry in China
         China?                                                                          Security of natural uranium supply
         Sustaining green growth: radioactive waste management system &                  Measures to secure follow-up nuclear fuel processing
         technology                                                                      CHEN Xinyang
         HAN Qinghao                                                                     General Manager
         Deputy Director General                                                         CNEIC
         China Nuclear Power Technology Research Institute
                                                                                    1500 Uranium and China’s Position in Nuclear Fuel
    1000 Seeking for the Cooperation Mode for the NPP in                                 Cycle
         Construction Bidding and Equipment Procurement                                  XU Yuming
         The development perspective under the bidding and procurement                   Deputy Secretary General
         policy                                                                          China Nuclear Energy Association
         How to build a win-win situation between NPP and contractors and
         equipment suppliers?                                                       1530 Coffee Break & Refreshment
         What kind of state-of-the-art technologies and facilities are available
         for NPP by their own features and requirements?                            1600 Extending Front-end Fuel Cycle Market and
         HU Wenquan                                                                      Resource Integration
         General Manager                                                                 Advanced nuclear fuel cycle: Is this the perfect solution of the
         Liaoning Hongyanhe Nuclear Power Company                                        uranium shortage?
                                                                                         Risk factors involved
    1030 Coffee Break & Refreshment                                                      Main issues involved creating steady state of operation?
                                                                                         Environmental and safety concerns in the process of nuclear fuel
    1100 Applying Effective EPC Management to Maximize                                   cycle
         Operational and Facilities Performance
         Kennon HESS                                                                1630 Safety Issues across the Nuclear Fuel Cycle
         General Director
         Joint Project Management Organization, Sanmen Nuclear Power                1700 Chairperson’s Closing Remarks
         Plant                                                                      1800 Cocktail Party

    1130 The EPC & Project Management for the First EPR™ :
         from Paper to Concrete
         Leveraging technology to optimize project performance: integrated
         Equipment, procurement, management: key theme of EPC & project
         Complement of the engineering
         Philippe KNOCHE
         General Project Director OL3
         Areva NP

    1200 Substantive Development of Nuclear Facility &
         Equipment Manufacturing
         Aligning with government targets for NPP construction
         Unlocking the potential of facility & equipment market
         Working around constructing and to be constructed projects in new
         nuclear power plants
         Adjustment of energy structure: benefits and challenges
         CHEN Ganjin
         Executive Vice President, Nuclear Director
         Shanghai Electric Group

    1230 Luncheon Networking

                                                                                                          China Nuclear
November 3 - 5, 2009
                                                                                                           New Build2009
                                                                              Witnessing the Burgeoning Development
Tianjin - Sanmen                                                              of China Nuclear New Build!

                                                                   Site Tour
                                                                                               Day Three

        Zhejiang Sanmen Nuclear Power Project is a nuclear electricity project of self-dependence
        support approved by state council in order to adapt the requirement of social development and
        structure adjustment for energy sources in our country, and meet the electricity supply demands
        resulted from the fast development of economy of Zhejiang province. The State Council approved the
        first phase of Sanmen nuclear power project on July 21, 2003. The State Development and Reform
        Committee also passed the project suggesting report of phase one of Sanmen nuclear power project
        on Sept. 1, 2004, and approved to build 6x1000MW nuclear power units in Sanmen site, two units of
        phase one with introduce into the international advanced technology of third generation of PWR
        through inviting international bidding.

                                                                                             The board of directors and the board of surveillants of Sanmen NPP built
                                                                                             on Apr. 8, 2005. The board of directors consists of five shareholders:
                                                                                             China National Nuclear Corporation, Zhejiang Energy Company (Group)
                                                                                             Ltd., China Electricity Investment Nuclear Power Company, China
                                                                                             Huadian Company Ltd. and China Nuclear Enginerring and Construction
                                                                                             Corporation. The Sanmen Nuclear Power Company founded on Apr. 17,
                                                                                             2005, is the owner of Sanmen nuclear power project, and takes the
                                                                                             responsibility for building this project as like a demonstration project.

        Sanmen is using advanced AP1000 technology and design. Sanmen
        site works commenced in February 2008 and an engineering,
        procurement and construction (EPC) contract was signed in March
        2009 between SNPTC + CNNC and China Nuclear Engineering &
        Construction Group (CNECC) for both units, which will be overseen
        by Westinghouse and Shaw. Full construction for unit 1 started on
        April 19, 2009, with the first power expected late in August 2013.

        0900     Depart from the hotel
        1200     Networking lunch with representatives of Sanmen
        1400     Guide tours for the first AP1000 concrete site
        1700     Take coach to Shanghai
        Note:                                                                                            Major Milestones of Sanmen Site
        All the delegates who register the site tour will be taking flight for Hangzhou in
        the evening of November 4. The flight and the accomodation in Hangzhou are
        covered by the organizer. Contact our registration center for details.                                 Time                          Events

                                                                                                           2007.12.31        The project ATP completed

                                                                                                                             Excavation of Unit 1# foundation pit
                                                                                                           2008.2.26         commenced
                                                                                                                             First Nuclear Concrete Placement
                                                                                                           2009.4.19         completed

                                                                                                           2009.7.10         Hoisting of the CA20 module finished

                                                                                                                             Planned to accomplish the whole project
                                                                                                           2013.11           and start commercial operation
                                                                                                                             Planned to accomplish the Unit 2# project
                                                                                                           2014.9            and start commercial operation

           Ceremony of First Nuclear Concrete Placement at
                Sanmen Nuclear Site, April 19, 2009.                                                                Site tour is separately bookable!


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