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									            Classified Advertising Department                                                                                                   HUNTING AND SPORTING EQUIPMENT
                                                                                                                                               CUSTOM KNIFE SHEATHS, rifle-shotgun slings, buttstock
This department is especially for subscribers and regular readers. The price is only $1.45 per                                               covers. (806) 856-5251.       (3)
word, minimum ad 10 words. Payment must be sent with order. No billing. Closing date for classi-
                                                                                                                                               PAUL POLLICK'S whitetail deer and trapping lures. Free
fied ads is the 1st of the second preceding month. For example, an ad for the July issue must be in                                           1 oz buck tarsal with $30 purchase. Free brochure. www.
by May 1st. Call Kathy Skelly at (614) 231-9585, or email NEW!                                         - (724) 295-3543.                      (9)
Now all classified ads are included on our website for FREE!                                                                  DEER HUNTERS - We offer a full line of deer urines, cover
                                                                                                                                             scents and hunting accessories at reasonable prices. www.
  ADVENTURE/INCOME OPPORTUNITIES                                                                   DOGS
                                                                                                                                               WALL TENTS - Great quality and price! Buy online www.
   LEARN BY MAIL. Become an outdoor writer. Students can                  FOR SALE: Reg Mountain View Cur Pups, used for all game.  or call (888) 395-7999.           (4/11)
earn the cost of tuition by course completion. Contact us now          Elizabethtown, IL. (618) 287-7789. or
for a free $200 discount coupon. The North American School             e-mail:                            (6)            WANTED: A H Fox double barrel shotguns and Winchester
of Outdoor Writing, 2009-135 Brinkworthy Rd, Saltspring Island,                                                                              rifles. (765) 461-7114.                             (12)
                                                                         HUNTING DOGS BY OLIVER HARDY. Describes in practical
BC V8K-1S2. Phone: (250) 537-4713. <>                     manner the training, handling, breeding, care and treatment of          CAMP & TRAIL METHODS by E Kreps. How to erect
- email:                              (9)        hunting dogs, also types best adapted for night hunting as well       tents and shelters, build permanent log camps, make hunt-
                                                                       as gun dogs for daylight sport. Send $6.95 plus $5.00 p & h           ing boats. Send $6.95 plus $5.00 shipping & handling to:
                ALTERNATIVE ENERGY                                     to: FUR-FISH-GAME Magazine, 2878 E Main St, Columbus,                 FUR-FISH-GAME Magazine, 2878 E Main St, Columus,
  PROPANE GAS REFRIGERATORS AND FREEZERS. All                          OH 43209. Order online along with all our books, videos and           OH 43209. Order online along with all our other books,
sizes - no electricity required. Solar, wind and hydro energy          merchandise at                                     videos and merchandise at
products too! (800) 771-7702. www.BensDiscountSupply.
com                                                       (7)                                 Coonhounds                                                        JOBS AVAILABLE
                           ANIMALS                                        FOR SALE: Wagner/Nightrider Black & Tans. For the finest               $400 WEEKLY ASSEMBLING PRODUCTS from home. For
                                                                       in natural trail and treehounds, for over 50 years. Nighthawk         free information send SASE: Home Assembly-FG, Box 450,
  MINK RAISING BY A R HARDING. How to select breeding                  Kennel, Alan E White, 3174 Middle Sattre Rd, Decorah, Iowa            New Britain, CT 06050-0450.                        (3)
stock, selecting a location, housing and feeding of mother and         52101. (563) 382-2632.
young. To order send $5.95 plus $5.00 p&h to: FUR-FISH-
GAME Magazine, 2878 E Main St, Columbus, OH 43209.                       FOR SALE - Squirrel & coon dogs. Larry Rion, 170 N 40th                                       KNIVES
Order online along with all our books, videos and merchandise          St, Walnut, KS 66780. (620) 724-6555.                 (7)               HANDMADE WORKING KNIFE: Custom made of 0-1 tool
at                                                                                                                        steel, in my shop. Stays sharp longer. Affordable. Info: R
            BIRDS, POULTRY & EGGS                                               EDUCATION & INSTRUCTIONS                                     Hawk, 1042 W 58th Lane, Ferndale, WA 98248.            (7)
                                                                         NATIONAL OUTDOOR LEADERSHIP SCHOOL - NOLS.                            FREE KNIFE MAKING SUPPLY CATALOG! Visit www.
  AMERICA'S OLDEST & LARGEST RARE BREED HATCHERY.                      The premier teacher of outdoor skills and leadership, offers 10 or call 1-877-255-6433 today. (7)
Quality and satisfaction since 1917. Over 140 varieties of baby        days to full semesters in the world's most spectacular wilderness
chicks, bantams, turkeys, guineas, peafowl, game birds, waterfowl.
Also, eggs, incubators, books, equipment and medications. Your #1
                                                                       classrooms.                                                                 LAKES & PONDS
supplier for eggs, meat and exhibition poultry. BEAUTIFUL FREE
COLOR CATALOG. Call 1 (800) 456-3280 (24 Hours a Day).                                 FISHING EQUIPMENT                                       LAKE OR POND? Aeration - first step toward improved water
                                                                                                                                             quality, fish growth, algae control, de-icing, attracting wildlife.
Murray McMurray Hatchery, C80, Webster City, Iowa 50595-0458.
                                                                         FREE: Tiny bluegill bee spinner. Catch more bluegill, perch         Complete systems $189 - $399. (608) 254-2735 open 7 days
WEBSITE:                       (5)
                                                                       & crappie. Please send $1.00 cover mailing expenses. Donald           a week.                              (11)
  WELP HATCHERY. Specializing in Cornish rock broilers.                Sillman, 9 Willow Lane, Ladysmith, WI 54848.              (8)
Also offering baby chicks, ducklings, goslings, bantams, exotics,
                                                                        LAURVICK TROLLING RELEASES plus parts - retail,                                  ROOTS HERBS & PLANTS
turkeys, guineas, pheasants. FREE CATALOG. MC/Visa/Dis-
cover. (800) 458-4473. Box 77, Bancroft, IA 50517; www.                wholesale, export.                                    Ginseng & Other Medicinal Plants by A R Harding. A                                             (7)                                                                             book of valuable information for growers as well as collector of
                                                                                             FISHING BAIT                                    medicinal roots, barks, leaves, etc. Send $9.95 plus $5.00 ship-
  FREE CATALOG. Baby chicks, ducks, geese, turkeys,                                                                                          ping & handling to: FUR-FISH-GAME Magazine, 2878 E. Main
gamebirds, Canadian honkers, woodducks. Eggs to incuba-                  FREE WAXWORMS & MEALWORMS. Raise your own,                          St, Columbus, OH 43209. Order online along with all our other
tors. Books and supplies.                   1,000's of waxworms and mealworms with our breeder kits,              books, videos and merchandise at
Call (800) 720-1134. Stromberg's 88, PO Box 400, Pine                  $24.95. Also, wholesale bulk waxworms (218) 659-4202. www.
River, MN 56474.                                   (12)                                               (7)
  DUCKLINGS, GOSLINGS, guineas, pheasants, wild turkeys,        Alabama jumpers,
                                                                       redworms, European nightcrawlers. (334) 886-3547 price list.             SAWMILL EXCHANGE: North America's largest source of
35+ breeds. Nationwide shipping. Year round hatching. Free
                                                                       Cups, pounds, bulk. Instant Bait Biz.                                 used portable sawmills and commercial equipment for woodlot
color catalog. Metzer Farms, 26000Q Old Stage, Gonzales,
                                                                                                                                             owners and sawmill operations. Over 800 listings. THE place
CA 93926. (800) 424-7755. <> (7)
                                                                                                                                             to sell equipment. (800) 459-2148. www.sawmillexchange.
  FREE CATALOG: Chicks, turkeys, ducklings, goslings, guineas,                FUR SALES AND FURS WANTED                                      com                                                     (3)
gamebirds, bantams, equipment. Hoffman Hatchery, Box 129H,               WANTED: Beaver castors, squirrel tails, turkey wing feathers,
Gratz, PA 17030. (717) 365-3694. <www.hoffmanhatchery.                 antlers and many more items.                              STEEL BUILDINGS
com>                                                       (6)         or send SASE to: White Fox Fur, PO Box 3, Pemberton, MN
                                                                       56078-0003. (507) 869-3877.                                             A DIFFERENT KIND OF STEEL BUILDING! Designed for
           BRIGHT GAS CABIN LAMPS                                                                                                            do-it-yourselfers. Custom homes, barns, sheds, commercial.
                                                                         SQUIRREL HUNTERS - Recycle your squirrel tails. Cash                Phone: (407) 340-9401.       (7)
   ONE LAMP LIGHTS an entire room. Stainless steel construc-           or free Mepp's lures. Call 1 (800) 679-3474 for details or
tion. Low maintenance. Variable brightness. Midstate Lamp (866)
                                                              - Sheldon's, Inc, Antigo, WI                        TAXIDERMY & TANNING
                                                                       54409-2496.                                              (9)
                                                                                                                                               RINEHART TAXIDERMY INSTITUTE - Free housing. Train
                  BOATS & CANOES                                         BUYING RAW FUR, all sections year-round. Ship to: W.                with John and Brad Rinehart. John owned one of America's
                                                                       G. Trading Co, PO Box 1961, Sisters, OR 97759. E-mail:                most successful taxidermy studios, started the world's first
  BUILD YOUR OWN HUNTING BOAT & SAVE $$$ -- Build it          - (541) 280-3349.             (6)                state licensed taxidermy school training thousands of taxi-
yourself with proven plans, full-size patterns & kits, no experience                                                                         dermists. Rineharts know how to teach you professional
needed. Send $9.95 for Catalog of over 300 boats plus FREE               BUYING FURS all sections, also buying roots and herbs.
                                                                                                                                             taxidermy. TALK PERSONALLY WITH RINEHART'S 1 (877)
dinghy plans. Glen-L, 9152 Rosecrans/FG, Bellflower, CA 90706.          Calp's Fur and Root, 561 South Main, Hoisington, KS 67544.
                                                                                                                                             287-4282, Wisconsin.                                 (10)
(888) 700-5007.                          (12)   (620) 653-7668.                                        (8)
                                                                                                                                               TAXIDERMY SCHOOL - offering complete 7 week course
     BOOKS, CATALOGS & MAGAZINES                                         WANTED: Porky guard hair. 6" minimum, up to $20/oz. Pre-
                                                                                                                                             or weekend classes. Four students max per class. For
                                                                       mium on extra long. MHF, Box 8918, Moscow, ID 83843.(7)
                                                                                                                                             schedule and dates call, write or email for brochure. Hutton
  DURACOAT FIREARM FINISHING KIT. Top of the line                                                                                            Valley School of Taxidermy, 2514 Victory Ln, St Charles,
firearm finishes for the working gun. Send $3.00 for catalog.                       HUNTING - GUIDED HUNTS                                     IA 52040. (641) 396-2760. - www.                                   (1)                                                                                                             (8)
                                                                         HUNT WYOMING - Horse Creek Outfitting - BG 287, providing
  FREE COPY OF THE ESSIAC HANDBOOK. About the                          quality outfitted hunts for antelope, mule deer, whitetail deer, elk
famous Ojibway herbal healing remedy. Write to Box 1182,               and merriam turkey. 1 (800) 634-7034. HCO, 5996 Klipstein                                     TRAPPERS
Crestone, CO 81131.                                  (8)               Rd, Cheyenne, WY 82009.                  (7)
                                                                                                                                               Trappers: Two new folders. “Animal Glands,” where located,
 FOR SALE: FUR-FISH-GAME Magazines. 1975 to current.                      WESTERN MONTANA SCHOOL FOR GUIDES - Hands-on                       how to prepare to sell, 4 pages, price postpaid, 50 cents. “Mak-
Call for details. (716) 355-4374.                                      training or home study. Job placement assistance. Financial aid       ing of Volatine Oils,” how to make different oils, where to sell,
                                                                       available. (406) 821-0017. - www.               5 pages, price postpaid $1.00. Paul Grimshaw, P.O.Box 844,
                         CLOTHING                                                                      (3)        Champlain, NY 12919.

  WILDTHINGS FUR HATS. S2471 Highway 131, LaFarge,                       SPRING BEAR IN MAINE - Large, exclusive area, 2 baits                 TRAPPERS: For the best selection of quality traps, lures,
WI 54639. Hats, mittens, earmuffs, headbands, anything you             per hunter, 6 hunters per week. 85% success. (207) 796-2342.          baits, books, boots, knives and other trapping accessories at
want made with your fur or ours. Free brochure. (608) 625-                                  (6)          great prices visit us or call (989) 569-
4181.                            (7)                                                                                   3482. We are Trappers serving Trappers.                  (3)
                                                                         BIG GAME GUIDES NEEDED - Training. FREE BROCHURE.
  FUR HATS, blankets, ear muffs, mittens, etc. Made from               ELM OUTFITTING/GUIDE TRAINING, Box 627B, Corvallis, MT                   “Trapping the Fisher” by Frank J. Gabel. Learn how to
your fur or ours. Tanning services.                59828. (406) 961-3603.      (6)                trap fisher with the 220 Conibear and No. 2 Coilspring. 34 pgs.
(406) 297-7972.                                     (12)                                                                                     Price $3.50 postpaid. Dealers inquire. Paul Grimshaw, P.O.Box
                                                                         PRAIRIE DOG HUNTS - Western Nebraska. Very reasonable               844, Champlain, NY 12919.
  MOSSY OAK™, REAL TREE™, ADVANTAGE™, camoflage                         rates. Call Jerry at (308) 247-2118.                (6)
fabric. Free catalogue. Snyder Creek, Inc, Dept FFG, 10979                                                                                      Trappers: New 120 page 2009-2010 catalog listing complete
Allen Rd, East Concord, NY 14055, (716) 496-5177. www.                   MINNESOTA BLACK BEAR HUNTS. (218) 385-2552. www.                    line of quality supplies. Enclose $1.00 for catalog. Paul Grim-                                      (4/11)                                                        shaw, P.O.Box 844, Champlain, NY 12919.

62                                                                                                                                                                                  FUR-FISH-GAME
  QUARLES TURTLE TRAPS - Quality handmade snap-
ping turtle traps. Alfred Bradford, 4665 Back Shelltown Rd,
Marion Station, MD 21838. or (410)
957-0183.                                              (10)
  Trappers -- New Tanning Powder for home tanning of skins                                                                      ����������������������������������������
$5.00 pound plus $2.00 postage per pound. Dealers write for
price. Paul Grimshaw, P. O. Box 844, Champlain, NY 12919.
   Trappers: For the Largest Selection of traps, repair parts,                                                               ��������������������������������������������
lures, books, & videos. Send $1.00 for supply catalog. Sterling       ������������     �������������      �����������
Fur Company, 11268 Frick Road, Sterling, Ohio 44276.       (2)            ����           �������          �����������
  RAW FUR WANTED! Send $1.00 for market information
and fur price list. F.C. Taylor, Box 173, Seville, OH 44273. (8)

  Special - F-F-G copies to fill issues missing from your                                                                                              ����������������
collection. Currently available: August and September 1978;
September 1980; August 1981; February 1982; February, April,                                                                                        ������������������
June, November, December 1983; Feb, July and Sept 1984; Feb                                                                                           ��������������
& March 1985; March, June and Aug 1987; June 1989; April,
May, June, Nov., Dec. 1990; March, June, July, Aug 1991; All          �����������       �����������  ��������� ��������������                      ������������������
of 1992 except Jan, Feb & April. All of 1993 except March &           ����������        ���������� ��������������� ������
Dec; March, May, July, Aug, Sept & Nov 1994; May, June, Nov
1995. All of 1996 except Jan & Sept. All of 1997 except March,
May, June, July & October. All of 1998 except April, Aug, Sept
& Oct. All of 1999 except January, February, March, July, Aug                                                                                                   �������������������
& Nov. All of 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003 except April, 2004, 2005,
2006, 2007, & 2008. $4.00 each or 12 for $40.00. Postage &                                                                                                       �������������������
Handling $3.00 for 1-6 issues & $5.00 for 7 or more. Canadian
orders add $2 add. shipping and any applicable taxes -- U.S.
Funds only. Send orders to: F-F-G Back Issues, 2878 E. Main
St, Columbus, OH 43209. (614) 231-9585.
   80th ANNIVERSARY ISSUE - September 2005 issue of F-F-G
is a keeper. 12 pages of history & tradition. $4.00 each + $3.00
                                                                      �����������         ������            �������       �������������� �������������
postage & handling. Send check or money order in US funds to:             ����           ��������          ��������        ����������    �������������
FUR-FISH-GAME, 2878 E Main St, Columbus, OH 43209. Or
go to: to order any of our books, videos
and other merchandise.
   70th ANNIVERSARY - Our June 1995 issue is a collector's
item. 13 pages of Looking Back: 1925-1995. Also available
75th Anniversary issue with an article by the grandson of A.R.
Harding. $4 each + $3 postage & handling. Send check
or MO in US funds to: FUR-FISH-GAME, 2878 East Main St,                                     �������������������������������������������������                                            ������
Columbus, OH 43209.                                                                       ������������������������������������������������������                                         ��������
  LARGE GAS REFRIGERATORS. 12, 15, 18, 19 & 21 cubic
foot propane refrigerators. 10, 15, 18 & 22 cubic foot freezers.
(800) 898-0552. Ervin's Cabinet Shop, 220 N County Road 425
E, Arcola, IL 61910.                                       (10)                                       ��������������������������
baseball cards, sports memorabilia wanted. Highest prices paid.        ���������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������
Write: Stan Block, 128 Cynthia Rd, Newton, MA 02159.       (6)
  SILVER AND GOLD COINS WANTED. Fast cash payment.
For complete details go to or send SASE to:             �������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������
Gates Coins, 2648 Wolf Spring Road, Scio, NY 14880.                    ��������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������
   START A WHITE DOVE RELEASE BUSINESS. Informa-                       �����������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������
tion package $35.00. Young white homers, $25 each. www.
  "GORGES' GROUSE" - Country curmudgeon Gorges Smythe's
blog, go to:                          ���������������������������������������������������
  WANT TO PURCHASE minerals & other oil/gas interests.
Send details to: PO Box 13557, Denver, CO 80201. (12)
  "HARD TIMES SURVIVAL" Catalogue $3. George Bryant,
Box 255F, Hanson, KY 42413.

       4th Edition Revised & Expanded 2007
    By Debra M. Eldredge, DVM, Liisa D. Carlson, DVM,
     Delbert Carlson, D.V.M. & James M. Griffin, M.D.

  The guide dog lovers have relied on for over
  27 years, extensively revised to include the
  latest information on everything from canine
  healthcare to nutrition to holistic treatments.

  Every dog owner should have this book, the most
  up-to-date comprehensive dog care guide for laymen
  on the market. Covers symptoms, emergencies,
  and the how-tos of dog care. Fully indexed for easy
  references and includes hundreds of "How-To" illus-
  trations, charts and tables. Covers everything from
  pediatrics to geriatrics.
         Now 628 pages! NOW Only $27.95
                                                                          Call or visit our website for more information.
   $5.00 p & h. Not available outside USA. Ohio residents add 6.75%

                FUR-FISH-GAME                                                                 800-229-7843
   2878 E. Main St. Columbus, Ohio 43209
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