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					Letter to terminate bank accounts, bank credit cards, bank loans 

        Having a depository or credit relationship with a bank (checking account, savings
account, CD, charge cards, car loan, real estate mortgage, etc.) under your SSN creates an equity
relationship with the United States.
        In the Supreme Court case, Davis vs. Elmira Savings 161 U.S. 275, the Court declared
that banks are instrumentalities of Congress. The bank signature card is evidentiary Commercial
contract and acceptance of Federal Commercial benefits (consideration) which bind you to Title
26 U.S.C. By your signature, you agree to abide by all Rules of the Bank, which are
administrative rulings of the U.S. Secretary of the Treasury.
        The U.S. creates a "juristic personality" with each account. The income & assets
deposited or credited to those accounts are U.S. property. The taxing power of Congress attaches
by contract or use of the U.S . property. The U.S. agents are "excising the bank account use of
the U.S. income and assets."
        Federal judges and administrative officers enforce these private agreements maintained
with the U.S. Secretary of the Treasury. Private agreements always overrule the Constitution
and Bill of Rights. The United States says that Federal Reserve Notes (FRN's) are taxable
instruments of commerce.
        Your participation in the closed private domain (private bank agreement) of Interstate
Commerce is evidence of your Taxpayer status. This Taxpayer status is how and why the IRS
files action against you under Section 7203: Willful Failure to File, which
operate on the penal clause to a civil contract. With your Taxpayer status clearly evidenced on
the bank signature card, you have agreed to file a return. You have also agreed not to
disseminate fraudulent tax advice.
        When you decide you no longer want that specific equity relationship with the United
States, the sample letter below for yourself and/or your business. Or you may decide to create a
business entity with its own TIN (Taxpayer Identification Number) instead.
        Lawful information is not legal advice. Use all lawful and legal means to peacefully
restore the sovereign's place in a Constitutional Republic. Threats and coercion are not advocated
or supported against anyone.
Letter to terminate bank agreement/equity jurisdiction with the United States: 
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Re:       Termination of account # XXXXXXXXX (checking account)
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          Termination of account # XXXXXXXXX (CD account)
          Termination of account # XXXXXXXXX (credit card)
          Termination of account # XXXXXXXXX (auto loan)
          Termination of account # XXXXXXXXX (real estate loan)


Dear Customer Service:

        Effective today, this is my official Notice to terminate any and all Commercial
contracts in effect with your financial institution, which is an instrumentality of Congress. I
will no longer be a party to the invisible juristic contracts in effect with the federal
government and/or the federal U.S. Corporation.
        On grounds harmonious with Natural Law and the United States Supreme Court, I
have arranged my affairs to preclude the attachment of liability to Title 26 altogether as a
non-Taxpayer, not in Commerce with the federal government, and not a recipient of
Federal Benefits. I do not accept national political benefits, among numerous other things.
        The Benefit Acceptance Doctrine applies to both tangible as well as intangible
benefits. If a benefit is forced upon me, even though I have objected, the benefit then
becomes a gift and no reciprocating obligation arises to pay for the benefit, even if the
benefit is experienced by the default of the Grantee to take the benefit back.
        I hereby waive, refuse and reject to experience profit and gain from any
Commercial contract as described in the Instrumentality Doctrine that the Supreme Court
initiated publicly with Davis vs. Elmira Savings 161 U.S. 275, at 283 (1896): "National
banks are instrumentalities of the Federal Government, created for a public purpose, and
as such necessarily subject to the paramount authority of the United States."
        I hereby terminate any and all Equity Relationships, and I will no longer be a party
to any profit or gain experienced from your bank. I have made the determination that I
am not a Taxpayer as defined by the Internal Revenue Code or any other federal
description. I am not the participant in federal commerce, pursuing that type of
Governmental assisted enrichment that you otherwise assume through my silence. I am
not one to have knowingly and voluntarily accepted juristic benefits that carried along with
them latent reciprocal hooks of taxation expectations retained by the benefit donor.
        I am under the impression that the circulation of paper money by the federal
government or its agents or instrumentalities was born a tortuous fraud intended to
damage people, and was designed to accomplish in the practical setting (the damages of
taxation by Inflation) what was not accomplished legally on the Floor of Parliament by
common consent. So, the Congress of the United States now has Sovereignty Jurisdiction
to circulate debased currency. Although debasing the currency to damage a rebel out in
some remote place carries the secondary consequence of damaging loyal subject citizens
who mean the Government no harm; so as to not offend the Government's subject citizens.
        Our Framers never correctly designed the Constitution to repel the special type of
quiet sub rosa political aggression as which appeared in the English Case of 1604, called
the Mixed Money Case, in the context of justifying the Civil War era Legal Tender Acts of
1871; whereas the excitement of war is used as a justification to either initiate or continue
one more turn of Government enscrewment objectives.
        Paper money is characterized by its depreciating nature. Fraudulent because
people with sinister intentions use debased currency (and non-redeemable Federal Reserve
Notes that quietly lose a little decremental value with each passing year are debased
currency) for political conquest and to damage their adversaries. The mere absence of
prosperity, under such highly managed and tightly controlled monetary circumstances, is a
Tort against us by the Federal government.
        The Federal Reserve is not an Article II Executive Agency under Presidential
Jurisdiction. It is a privately owned and independently managed business entity who
prodded and tricked an otherwise reticent and na ve Congress into enacting the Federal
Reserve Act in 1913. The Federal Reserve lacks public accountability to the Congress and
the American people; the GAO has never audited it. However, the Congress under
Eminent Domain Jurisdiction could lawfully reclaim title to Federal Reserve stock, or a
simple repeal, or repurchased under a reservation it its charter. Unfortunately, the
Federal Reserve Board gives the Congress all profits from certain selected trading
activities. In the latter 1970's, this was amounting to approximately $10 billion a
year; not an easy loss for a greedy, fat Congress to do without.
        So the Congress does not want to disturb the Federal Reserve, which was created to
act as a financial enrichment velocity accelerant for its owners. Today's tax collection
system is also handed over to this same private party, for payment on the Government's
National Debt. And even more astounding in parallel, today's IRS collection of loot and
banditry is also governed by a Federal Court acting under the rules of Admiralty
        The use and re-circulation of Federal Reserve Notes falls under the governing
doctrine applicable to Commercial Contract Law Jurisprudence, so the Constitution is
largely irrelevant right from the beginning, since the entire closed private domain of the
federal U.S. Corporation is a benefit/privilege created by the Congress, and there is nothing
in the Constitution to restrain it. I have not located where the Constitution requires the
Congress to recite its enabling Jurisdiction on each Act it passes.
       It is my understanding that correct Principles of Nature operate across all factual
settings. The right to create banks and let that bank circulate Legal Tender is also related
to War Powers and the Suppression of Domestic Insurrections, to Raising Taxes, the
Interstate Commerce Clause, the Article I, Section 8 Money Coin Clause, and the Raising
and Financing Armies and Navies Clauses, and of course, Sovereignty itself.
       The lack of legitimate expectation of privacy concerning the information kept in
bank records was assumed by Congress in enacting the Bank Secrecy Act, the express
purpose of which is to require records to be maintained because they 'have a high degree of
usefulness in criminal, tax, and regulatory investigations and proceedings'.
       I do not consent to you recording my transactions and reporting a broad range of
my financial transactions to the government. Therefore, I instruct you to terminate this
account in its entirety.
       [OPTION 1]: Send any amount remaining in this account to me at the above-noted
       [OPTION 2]: Enclosed is payment in full. Send acknowledgment (title, etc.)to me
       at the above-noted address.


Your Name, account holder

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