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									                 EXECULET PROPERTIES LIMITED

What documents to sign, keep or return

Quantity               Doc Type                    Action

1                      Section 21                  Just keep it until tenancy terminated

2                      Tenancy Agreement           Sign both on all pages, keep one, return

2                      House Rules                 Sign both, keep one, return one

1                      Standing Order              Complete form and hand to your bank.
                       Mandate                     1st month rent and deposit is by cash so
                                                   1st electronic bank payment should be
                                                   for 1st of second month. e.g. Move in 1st
                                                   August, 1st month rent and deposit paid
                                                   cash, therefore set up 1st bank payment
                                                   for 1st September

2                      Holding Deposit             If you have not already completed this
                       Receipt                     form when viewing, sign one and send
                                                   to Execulet and keep one as receipt for

1                      Application Form            Complete and post as soon as possible
                                                   so Referencing can be done. Please
                                                   attach photo ID (passport or driving
                                                   licence ), proof of employment, last 3
                                                   months copy pay slips & bank

2                      Inventory                   An inventory of landlords furnishings will
                                                   be given to you to sign some time after
                                                   you move into the house. Please sign
                                                   one copy and return to below address.

                                                 One more thing-please note that whilst the
Please post documents to                         house is insured for buildings and landlord’s
Execulet properties Ltd                          contents, you are responsible for insuring
Rosewood, Grosvenor Road                         your own possessions if you feel it
Orsett                                           necessary.
Essex RM16 3BT

Registered Office: Rosewood, Grosvenor Road, Orsett, Essex RM16 3BT
Registered number: 05450106

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