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Reproductive Medicine

                                 The Ministry of
                                 Health Malaysia

                             The Obstetrical &
                           Gynaecological Society
                               of Malaysia


                                     HOSPITAL KUALA LUMPUR

                            Persatuan Pendidikan
                           Obstetrik & Ginekologi
                               Kuala Lumpur

                           Reproductive Medicine
                                Unit HKL

24 th - 26 th April 2009
Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre
The last 12 months has seen the practice of Reproductive Medicine within the Ministry of
Health expand in it’s various facets. It thus gives me great pleasure to invite you to participate
in the 1st National Reproductive Medicine Congress, to be held from 24th-26th April 2009 at
Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre.

The Ministry of Health has given a great impetus towards the development of Reproductive
Medicine and it is therefore timely that this Congress is being held. We do hope to cover all
areas of Reproductive Medicine including Reproductive Surgery, Adolescent Gynaecology,
Contraception, Menopause and most of all Fertility.

We were fortunate to be able to invite a host of renowned Reproductive Medicine Consultants
who are both knowledgeable and involved in ground breaking research.

To further harness the visiting expertise, we are also organising a pre-congress workshop which
focuses on Laparoscopic Reproductive Surgery. On the same vein we have also planned a post
congress workshop on ART labarotary techniques which would be of immense interest to both
clinicians as well as embryologists.

We look forward to seeing you here in Kuala Lumpur.

Dr K.K. Iswaran
Organising Chairman

There will be 10 plenary sessions & 8 symposiums,
These would be some of the topics covered:
1. Ovarian stimulation
   - Does less achive more
   - Tailoring the appropriate protocol to the appropriate patient.
2. PCOS, The Metabolics Syndrome and IVF
3. Reproductive Imaging
   - How to Improve ART outcome
4. Unraveling the mysteries of spermatogenesis
   - Contemporary therapies, stem cells & beyond
5. Adolescent Gynaecology
   - Is this the appropriate time to assess fertility?
6. Gametes & Embryo Assessment
   - What needs to be evaluated
7. Integrating new technology into ART Laboratory
   - The role of compliance & indicators
8. Improving implantation
   - Ensuring a receptive endometrium
9. Menopause
   - when?, how much?, how long?
10. Contraception
    - what’s in the pipeline of contraception
       Dr Basil Tarlatzis             Dr Mohammed Taranissi
• Ex-Chairman of ESHRE              • Director of ARGC (Assisted
  (1997-1999)                         Reproductive & Genetic Center,
• Director of IVF Centre ‘Geniki      UK)
  Kliniki’ in Thessaloniki          • Director of RGI ( Reproductive
• Published more than 300             Genetic Institute)

       Dr Charles Koh                     Dr Seang Lin Tan
• Specializes in advance            • Chairman of Dept. Obstetrics
  laparoscopic surgery                & Gynaecology at McGill
• Associate Clinical Professor –      University
  Medical College of Winconsin      • Published 7 books, over 280
• Co-Director – Milwaukee             scientific papers, over 185
  Institute of Minimally Invasive     research presentations

     Dato’ Dr P C Wong                    Dr Zev Rosenwaks
• Associate Professor & Head of     • Director, Center for
  Department of O&G, National         Reproductive Medicine &
  University Hospital                 Infertility at the Weill Medical
• Published 52 papers in              College Cornell University
  International Journals, 23        • Published over 320 peer-
  papers in local journals            reviewed articles, 100 invited
                                      book chapters & 6 textbooks

 Dr Somchai Suwajanakorn                  Dr Peter Platteau
• Consultant of O&G,                • Senior consultant of
  Chulalangkorn University            Reproductive Medicine,
• Reseacher, Author in several        AZ-VUB, Brussels, Belgium
  international medical journals    • Author of several international
                                      medical books

      Dr Kurian Joseph                 Dr Narendra Malhotra
• Director of Joseph’s Nursing      • Director & Obstetrician &
  Home                                Gynaecologist, Malhotra
• Deputy Secretary-General of         Nursing Maternity home
  Asia & Oceania Federation of      • Dean Elect of Indian College
  O&G                                 of Medical Ultrasound

      Dr Loh Seong Feei               Dr Satha M. Sathanandan
Head & Senior Consultant in         Consultant Gynaecologist -
Reproductive Medicine, IVF,         Fertility Specialist
Laparoscopy & Hysteroscopy          Honorary Senior Lecturer,
at KK Women’s & Children’s          University College London,
Hospital, Singapore                 St Bartholomew’s & the Royal
                                    London School of Medicine
 Dato’ Dr Ravindran Jegasothy
      Organizing Chairman:                       Committee Members:                          Scientific Committee:
           Dr. K.K Iswaran
                                                    Dr. Chuah Bee Poh                              Dr. K.K Iswaran
       Deputy Chairman:                             Dr. Sumithra Devi                          Dr. Mukudan Krishnan
       Asst. Prof. Nazri Yazid                          Dr. P. Vijayan                     Dr. Hj. Mohd Farouk Abdullah
                                                      Dr. Hoo Mei Lin
             Secretary:                                                                        Prof. Dr. Zainul Rashid
                                                   Dr. Noryazlina M. Ali                           Dr. S. Sevellaraja
         Dr. P. Kannappan
                                                     Dr. S.P Rachagan
                                                                                               Dr. Noor Haliza Yusoff
         Asst. Secretary:                         Dr. Eeson Sinthamoney
  Dr. Mohd Niraj Mohd Feizal                                                                     Dr Zulkifli Kassim
                                                    Dr. Patrick Naveen
                                                                                              Dr. Murizah Mohd Zain
                                                   Dr. Sharmina Kamal
            Treasurer:                                                                            Dr. P. Kannappan
          Dr. T.P Baskaran                          Dr. Loh Huey Wen
                                                      Sr. Amarjit Kaur                            Dr. Wan Yoke Har
         Asst. Treasurer:                                 Mr. Chong                                  Dr. Shamala
           SR. Ooi Soh Kin               Staff of Reproductive Medicine Unit HKL                     Pn. Joyce Lean

Congress Registration is a pre-requisite for pre/post congress workshop registration.

Name           :                                                                             Accommodation:
Hospital       :                                                                      1)   Mandarin Oriental Hotel – 5 star
                                                                                      2)   Crown Plaza Mutiara – 5 star
Address        :                                                                      3)   Novotel – 4 star
                                                                                      4)   Traders Hotel – 4 star
                                                                                      5)   Impiana Hotel – 3 star

                                                                                             Registration Fees:

E mail         :                                                                      Before 15 March

                                                                                      Specialist            RM 500
Fax            :
                                                                                      Medical Officer         RM 450
Tel/Mobile :                                                                          Paramedic/nurses      RM 350
                                                                                      Foreign Delegate      USD300
Enclose Cheque/Draft No                    for RM
issued in favour of “Persatuan Pendidikan Obstetrik & Ginekologi                      After 15 March
Kuala Lumpur”.
                                                                                      Specialist            RM 550
                                                                                      Medical Officer         RM 500
                                                                                      Paramedic/nurses      RM 400
                                                                                      Foreign Delegate      USD 350
Signature                                            Date :

                   Please complete & return the enclosed registration form, along with payment to:-
                        Persatuan Pendidikan Obstetrik & Ginekologi Kuala Lumpur
 Jabatan Obstetrik & Ginekologi 50586, Jalan Pahang, Hospital Kuala Lumpur Tel: 03-2615 5452 (Ext 6770) Fax: 03-2694 8980

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