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             Supplier             Contract #                                                 Additional Information

REPROCESSING                      Column1      Column2
Ascent Healthcare Solutions       MS00380      Third-party reprocessing services
Hygia Health Services             MS00060      Third-party reprocessing services
SterilMed                         MS00193      Third-party reprocessing services

Symphony Medical                  MS00277      Refurbished Patient Handling Equipment: Beds, Stretchers, Surgical Tables & Lights, Carts
Centurion Service Group           MS00293      Environmentally-friendly solutions for suprlus medical equipment
                                               Recovery and Resale Service for Medical Equipment, New and Used Equipment Sales, Certified Refurbished
Med1Online                        MS00567      Product Sales, and Internal Exchange Program.
SRI Surgical                      MS01453      ComfortSure Reusable gown™ system
                                               Technology Assets Disposition - Environmentally-friendly disposal programs for computers, monitors, printers
Office Max                        MS01008      and toner at no-cost to the customer


Attends Healthcare                HPS10        Bio-degradable patient incontinent products

Berry Plastics                    HPS22        Biohazard bags
Vernacare                         MS00658      Bio-degradable patient bedside products

Dornoch Medical Systems, Inc.     MS00122      Transposal line of fluid management products utilizes green trechnology to significantly reduce redbag waste.


Bemis Health Care                 HPS61        Reusable sharp container systems

Center Medical Supply             HPS155       Reusable sharp container systems

McKesson Medical-Surgical, Ext.
Care                              HPS300       Reusable sharp container systems
Bio Systems                       MS00398      Reusable sharp container systems
Daniels Sharpsmart, Inc.          MS00580      Reusable sharp container systems
Covidien                          MS01450      Reusable sharp container systems

Lakeshore Energy Service          HPS406       Natural gas purchasing service
Sears Commercial                  HPS179       Energy appliances, energy efficient.
Sustainable Research Group        HPS376       Environmental and sustainability development research services.
American Energy Assets            MS00524      Reduce energy consumption by an estimated 5 - 8% through consultative services.
Carrier Corporation               CE00179      HVAC

                                               Reflective roof membranes and coatings qualify for a LEED credit. Depending on recycled content, some
                                               products may qualify for an additional LEED credits. (wood fiberboard, iso, EPS). Amounts of insulation above
                                               that required by code can be seen as an additional LEED credit. Depending on job location, products used from
Centimark                         MS01496      manufacturing locations within 500 miles of the job may also be considered for a LEED credit.
                                               Compact Fluorescent Lamps, LED exit lighting, energy recovery vents, energy star products, motion sensors,
Grainger Industrial Supply        MS01459      low voltage thermostats and more.
                                               Energy Star appliances, energy efficient pluming supplies, HVAC, lighting (Ballasts, T8, Exit Signs), ceiling fans,
HD Supply                         MS00044      hardware (door sweeps, wather strips), sealants and more.
Johnson Controls                  CE00108      HVAC

                                               lighting and lamp solutions that can demonstrate immediate and quantifiable improvement in maximizing energy
Wesco Distribution                MS01118      savings, reducing mercury, and increasing lamp life, resulting in lower cost and less waste for your company.
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           Supplier            Contract #                                                Additional Information
Direct Supply Healthcare
Equipment                      MS00241      Energy Star Products
Xerox                          MS00475      100% of eligible product offerings met ENERGY STAR certification

HPS Furniture Fixtures & Equip. Various     Sustainable Carpet/Recycling Program
Shaw Industries                 MS00369     Sustainable Carpet/Recycling Program
Tandus                          MS01466     Sustainable Flooring

                                            Water conservation products: plumbing products, faucets, aerators, showerheads, flow controller, irrigation,
HD Supply                      MS00044      diswashers, toilets, flushometers, leak-reduction products and more.
                                            Electronic faucets, low-flow pumps, battery flush valves, waterless urinals, flush valve retrofit kits, pressure-
Grainger Industrial Supply     MS01459      assist toilets, water-saving water heaters and more.
Nalco                          MS01230      Water Conservation Consulting
Garratt-Callahan Company       MS01292      Water Conservation Consulting


GFS                            HPS39        Green Seal Certified Cleaning Products

Rubbermaid                     HPS75        Microfiber mops

Nilfisk-Advance Inc.           HPS282       Clean air equipment

Koch Filter Corp.              HPS84        Air filters and air filter media
Corporate Express Office
Products                       MS01018      Green Seal Certified Cleaning Products
Direct Supply Healthcare
Equipment                      MS00241      Microfiber mops
                                            Microfiber mops, third-party certified cleaning products (CRI Green Label, Green Seal and GreenGaurd) and
Grainger Industrial Supply     MS01459      more.
                                            Low-voc cleaning products designed in partnership with the US EPA's Design for the Environment (DfE)
GFS                            HPS39        program, CRI Green Label products and more.
                                            Low-voc cleaning products designed in partnership with the US EPA's Design for the Environment (DfE)
HD Supply                      MS00044      program, CRI Green Label products and more.
Tennant Company                MS00021      Floor maintenance equipment carrying Green Seal, LEED and CRI certifications.

Office Depot-Business Solutions
Div.                            HPS82       Office Supplies - Green Catalog

Staples business Advantage     HPS370       Office Supplies
Corporate Express              MS01018      Office Supplies
Office Max                     MS01008      Office Supplies
Grainger Industrial Supplies   MS01459      Recycling bins and containers
Rubbermaid                     HPS75        Recycling bins and containers


ECS Refining/United DataTech   HPS373       Recycling, refurbishing and destruction of electronics.
Healthcare Waste Solutions     MS00458      Healthcare waste management provider
Grainger Industrial Supplies   MS01459      Recycling equipment and supplies
sanofi pasteur                 PH00123      Return and Recycle program - takeback program for vaccine containers
     Green Index*
              Supplier                     Contract #                                                     Additional Information
                                                            Mercury takeback program. For every new TRIMLINE Sphygmomanometer purchased, Trimline will accept,
Trimline Medical                          MS01470           free of charge. a mercurial unit (from any manufacturer) for safe handling or disposal.
                                                            Towel Recovery Program offers an opportunity for your facility to reduce the amount of used OR towels being
                                                            sent to landfills, minimize disposal costs and receive “Green Back” in the form of revenue checks for the net
Medical Action Industries                 MS01089           weight of your towels.
                                                            MPR offers program to help with dead batteries used in power hand pieces. MPR offers rebuilt batteries that
                                                            provide cost savings, and also save landfill costs, hazardous waste costs by not filling land fills. MPR provides
                                                            to you a credit for dead batteries or we can rebuild your unusable battery or will sell you a new battery at cost
Medical Products Resource                 MS00431           savings.
                                                            PharmEcology Associates, LLC provides the healthcare and pharmaceutical industry with the information and
                                                            systems needed to manage pharmaceutical waste in a cost effective, compliant, and environmentally friendly
PharmEcology Associates, LLC PH00185                        manner.
                                                            Technology Assets Disposition - Environmentally-friendly disposal programs for computers, monitors, printers
Office Max                                MS01008           and toner at no-cost to the customer
                                                            Ortho-Clinical Diagnostics offers a Slide Cartridge Recycling Program for slide cartridges used on our VITROS
Ortho-Clinical Diagnostics, a                               Clinical Chemistry systems. Customers request a cardboard box designed to collect the empty cartridges and
Johnson & Johnson Company                 LB01040           ship them back to OCD.
                                                            ComfortSure Reusable gown™ system reduces the daily quantity of biohazardous waste romvoing this hazard
SRI Surgical                              MS01453           from incineration or landfill disposal.
UNISHRED                                  MS00697           Secure & HIPAA Compliant Document Shredding. All materials shredded are recycled.

McKesson Medical-Surgical, Ext.
Care                            HPS300                      Enteral Feeding Products

Nestle HealthCare Nutrition Inc. HPS209                     Enteral Feeding Products

Abbott Nutrition                          HPS408            Enteral Feeding Products

Medical Nutrition USA, Inc.               HPS358            Nutritional Supplements and Liquid Protein
E-Z-EM                                    MS01054           PVC/DEHP-free Barium Supplier
B.Braun                                   PH40083           IV Delivery Systems
B.Braun Medical, Inc.                     MS00438           IV Catheters
Baxter                                    PH00278           IV Delivery Systems
Coloplast                                 MS00177           Specialty Catheters
Covidien                                  DI01229           Enteral Feeding Products
Hospira                                   PH00343           Infusion Devices
ICU Medical                               MS00326           Specialty IV & Pump Sets
Respironics/Children's Medical
Ventures                                  MS00254           Enteral Extension Sets
Smiths Medical ASD, Inc.                  MS01065           Fluid Management Accessories
Utah Medical Products                     MS00174           Specialty Critical Care Products
*This list provides information derived from third party sources about products and services offered under the above contracts that are environmentally preferable. It is intended to provide guidance and
 is not a comprehensive list of all items and contracted suppliers that should be considered. Members are encouraged to contact the contracted vendor for complete information regarding the specific
  content and attributes of each product, life cycle costs and life cycle envioronmental impacts. MedAssets specifically disclaims the accuracy, adequacy or completeness of the data, and shall not be
     liable for any errors, omissions or other defects in such data, or for any actions taken in reliance thereon. Additionally, MedAssets shall not be liable for any damages relating to your use of the
                                                                                      information provided in this website.

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