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					   Aug/Sept ‘09
Organic Food!                   1                             Organic Food
Who’s Who
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                                                      and the New Global Warming Bill
Current Needs                   3
Notes from the Board            3                                                By Dan Everett
New Product Review              4
Q&A                             5            On June 26, the U.S. House
                                         of Representatives passed
Veganmomicon                    6        a historic “cap-and-trade”
Local Milk                      8        climate bill. This complex
GMOs                            8        legislation promotes a myriad
Blast From the Past             9        of strategies to combat global
Staff Picks                     9        warming, including some
Classified Ads                  10       provisions that could poten-
                                         tially give a boost to organic
Community Organizations         10       agriculture.

                                             The idea of cap-and-trade
                                         is that the government sets a
                                         cap on the total allowed emis-
                                         sions of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gasses, and sells or gives away permits
                                         for that amount. Companies such as electric utilities must then trade for these permits.
                                         For example, Georgia Power would need to buy enough permits to cover the carbon
                                         emissions of its coal-fired power plants, so this would give them an incentive to replace
                                         coal power with less polluting sources of energy. Businesses can also earn offset credits
                                         for activities that reduce carbon emissions – such as better agricultural practices. These
                                         credits could then be sold on the open market.

                                             In theory, cap-and-trade should allow the free market to determine the most cost-
                                         effective way of reducing carbon emissions. However, many grassroots environmental-
                                         ists have opposed cap-and-trade for fear that industry lobbyists would fill the rules with
                                         enough loopholes to resemble a Swiss cheese, creating a slew of fake carbon offsets
                                         that would not actually combat global warming as much as advertised. Cap-and-trade
                                         systems can also be rendered ineffective if the government hands out too many free
                                         permits, which was the case with the European carbon trading system set up after the
                                         Kyoto Protocol. The result was that the price of carbon credits fell so far that it became
                                         cheaper for polluting industries to buy permits than to actually reduce carbon emissions.
                                         To many enviros, a carbon tax would provide a much simpler mechanism that would be
                                         harder to circumvent.                                                    (Organic, cont. on 2)
  Open till 10 p.m. every day!
Daily Groceries Co-op v 523 Prince Ave v Athens GA 30601 v v v 706-548-1732
                                            (Organic, cont. from 1)     In the end, political pragmatism ruled the day: the big envi-
    Who’s Who                               ronmental organizations such as the Sierra Club all signed on to cap–and-trade, on the
                                            theory that a flawed climate bill was much better than none at all. And in fact, the bill
     at Daily Groceries                     passed the House only after extensive political wheeling and dealing, involving handing
                                            off blocks of carbon credits to politically powerful players. A straight carbon tax prob-
                                            ably would have been defeated. So we are stuck with cap-and-trade for the foreseeable
Board of directors                          future.
 Dan Everett - President
  & Outreach Chair                              The major last-minute compromise that allowed passage of the bill was to allow
                                            the Agriculture Department, not the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, to write
 Krysia Haag - Liaison                      the rules for agricultural carbon offsets. If the rules break in favor of organic, it could
 John Rogers - Treasurer                    become more cost-competitive with traditional industrial agriculture.
 Lisa Merva - Clerk                            The major climate gain from organic agriculture is in preserving organic matter in
 Jim Davis - Membership                     the soil. Up to 1800 billion tons of carbon is stored as organic matter in soils worldwide.
                                            This is about twice as much carbon as is contained in the atmosphere. Any farming prac-
                                            tice that leads to bare soil will promote oxidation and loss of carbon to the atmosphere.
 Joan Autry                                 Conversely, converting a field from industrial farming practices to organic farming sucks
 Liz Cherry                                 carbon out of the atmosphere to build organic matter in the soil.

                                               The amounts of carbon involved are substantial and could make a major difference in
co-Managers:                                the economics of organic farming. Dr. Christine Jones estimates that at a carbon offset
 Walter Swanson                             price of $15 per ton of carbon, increasing organic carbon content by 2% in the top 30
                                            centimeters of soil would be worth $1,600 per acre.
 Meng Xiaoxi
                                               For those farmers not ready to make the jump to organic, a new report from the
Produce:                                    Worldwatch Institute identifies several changes in farming practices that could help slow
                                            global warming:
  Eleanor Davis
  Phillip Jordan                                     o Conservation tillage, such as no-till methods;
                                                     o Use of “biochar” charcoal to enhance soil carbon storage;
                                                     o Farming with perennial plants instead of annuals;
deli:                                                o Climate-friendly livestock production, such as grass-fed beef;
  Jeff Morris                                        o Protecting natural habitat;
                                                     o Restoring degraded farmland.
  Liberty Newberry
                                               Any of these practices could potentially be eligible for tradable carbon credits. Of
radish staff:                               course, agricultural practices cause only about 30% of global carbon emissions, so these
 editor                                     measures are only one phase of the global warming response.

  Tanya Comer                                  At the time of this writing, the cap-and-trade climate bill has passed the House but
 layout & design                            has not yet been taken up by the Senate. Passage in the Senate will be difficult, given
                                            the requirement of 60 votes to break a filibuster, and the current Republican strategy of
  Kristi Swanson                            obstructing all of President Obama’s initiatives. Expect further wheeling, dealing and
                                            compromise in the Senate. Both of Georgia’s Senators, Senator Chambliss and Sena-
                                            tor Isakson, are at this point solidly against the measure. I have begun the process of
                                            contacting their staff members to persuade them to look at the benefits that might accrue
                                            to Georgia farmers through the sale of carbon offsets; please contact me at drdan@uga.
  PUSH            for options.              edu if you’d like an update.

                                               Should the cap-and-trade bill be passed and made into law, President Obama will
                                            have a much stronger hand going into the global climate change negotiations in Copen-
      color copies • forms • fax
                                            hagen this December. In the most optimistic scenario, the United States could suddenly
  digital output yers • newsletters
                                            change from dragging its feet on global warming to becoming a global leader again.
 binding • full and self-service copies

                                                Writing agricultural carbon credits into a global climate change treaty might open the
                                            door to a major benefit in terms of global social justice as well. What if poor farmers all
                                            over the world could somehow get paid for improving their soil health? Not only would
                                            the world’s climate and soil benefit, but millions of poor farmers might be able to stay on
163 E. Broad Street       706-548-3648
 Downtown Athens   the land instead of making the desperate trek to cities in search of work.
 otes the Board Current
N from
                 Needs                   by Lisa Merva

   Ahhhh.... It’s summertime and the living’s easy. The pace of life around Athens has
slowed noticeably, traffic has lessened and empty bar stools are easier to find. Though it
feels nice to have a bit more breathing room, a smaller summer population also means
                                                                                                     Daily has volunteer shifts
less business at Daily. To keep our sales up and encourage new patronage, the Daily               available! In as little as an hour
Board and management have been working on a few projects....                                      at a time, you can earn your
                                                                                                  membership and a discount.
    In one of our newest outreach projects, Daily Groceries Board members and volun-
teers are rubbing elbows with local farmers, crafters, food-makers and community-sup-
                                                                                                     Stocker: Our most flexible
porting shoppers at the Athens Farmers Market every Saturday morning from 8 a.m. un-              volunteer position. The primary
til noon. Our booth offers a selection of delicious Sammies and spreads also found in the         opportunity is when delivery
store, as well as locally-made lip balms and lotions. Shoppers will also find information         trucks arrive on Mondays and
about what our Co-op is all about, how to get there and why to come in. Spreading the             Thursdays from about
word about Daily’s existence and mission is a main goal of our inclusion in the AFM,              11 a.m to 4 p.m.
as there are still lots of Athenians who have never set foot in our little store. There’s still
time to help out at the Athens Farmers Market. Contact Kate Blane via email:                         Closer: This is an essential or phone: 706-248-8057.                                                       service to the store operation
                                                                                                  at closing (8 - 10 p.m.). Tasks
   In another effort to increase sales during these slow summer months, Daily has made            include preparing the store for
coupons available in the Flagpole and at the Farmers Market and placed ads in the                 next morning’s opening, mostly
Athens Wellness Directory and the Green Page of the Athens Banner-Herald. This has
brought in a few new faces, helping us to continue to expand our customer base.
                                                                                                  cleaning! Closer shifts count as
                                                                                                  four hours toward your working
   To make the store a little more welcoming for new customers and old, Daily has held            member discount.
three “cleaning parties,” in which Board members, employees and a handful of volun-                  Cashier: Cashiers assist the
teers have managed to de-clutter, spiff up and rearrange the store a bit. We commend
everyone for their effort and hope customers have enjoyed the more pleasant shopping
                                                                                                  supervisor with customer ser-
environment.                                                                                      vice and general upkeep tasks.
                                                                                                     General Help: Shift hours
   Help us to thrive by continuing to shop and letting neighbors and friends know where           are available every day during
they, too, can get local and organic produce, a quick and healthy lunch and a variety of
                                                                                                  open hours.
other natural foods and goods. Daily Groceries: Friendly, Healthy, Local. See you there!
                                                                                                     Photos Wanted! We are try-
   …. Let us know what you think! Come to a Board meeting, held the last Tuesday of               ing to put together a photo album
the month, 5:30 p.m. at the Heritage Foundation, or email             featuring Daily and its members.

Become a Member and Save
                                                                                                  Did you take pictures at a Daily
                                                                                                  party or event? Let us know.

                                                        Working Members work to
                                                                                                     The Radish needs someone
     Anyone can shop at Daily Groceries Co-                                                       in charge of ad sales. We also
                                                    receive benefits of member-
 op, but it’s more fun and less expensive if                                                      accept contributions, includ-
                                                    ship. After an initial investment
 you are a member. You can be a part of our
                                                    of four hours of work, you can                ing feature articles or short
 vibrant, diverse community and help Daily be
 its best. We have two types of memberships,
                                                    earn up to a 20% discount on                  product reviews. Membership
                                                    purchases by working four                     and discounts are available in
 so you can choose which suits your needs.
                                                    hours per week. Discounts are
                                                                                                  exchange for contributions.
generally assessed at a 5% per hour worked per week; however, some jobs are
assessed differently. Duties can include cleaning, stocking, cashiering and other                    We always need office sup-
miscellaneous tasks.                                                                              plies such as pens, markers,
                                                                                                  paper products, etc. Anyone
   Investor Members contribute $50 annually for a 5% discount on purchases,                       who doesn’t use their city-pro-
or $100 annually for a 10% discount. Memberships run January 1 through De-
cember 31, 2009, and are prorated on a monthly basis at the time of purchase.
                                                                                                  vided garbage bags, we will
                                                                                                  gladly put them to use.
           Ask a cashier how to become a member today!
                         Sacred Heart Chocolate
                                by Liberty Shea Newberry

           A New (to the Co-op) Product Review

    Sacred Foods in San Rafael, CA combines authentic, artisan chocolatiering with the alchemic marriage of tasty,
 flavorful, high-end raw chocolate and nutrient-dense, healthful, superfood components to create an unforged path
 toward bringing the ethereal back to our store shelves, plates and bodies. This is more than a movement in the eyes
 of Sacred Chocolate creators David Wolfe and Steve Adler. It’s an epiphany.

 Flavor                                                        tual sense. It supports a healthy cardiovascular system
    Each chocolate heart weighs in at approximately            because it contains theobromine, a chemical which acts
 two ounces and contains these fundamental ingredients:        as a vasodilator that opens and relaxes blood vessels in
 vegan organic maple sugar, cacao nibs, cacao butter and       the heart. Cacao is one of the highest sources for magne-
 whole cacao beans with skins. Available varieties in-         sium, iron and chromium, and is especially antioxidant
 clude: Amazonian, Immuno Mushroom, Jungle Peanut,             rich! Vitamin C (found in cacao) is one such antioxidant
 Mylk, Mintifluous, Coco Nibby, Gingeroo, Fluffy Citrus,       that helps minimize oxidative stress in the body brought
 61% Whole Bean and White Passion.                             on by an excess of free radicals that induce disease-like
                                                               conditions – namely, cardiovascular disease, hyperten-
 Etymology                                                     sion, chronic inflammation and diabetes. Research using
   The Latin name for raw chocolate is Theobroma ca-           the ORAC (Oxygen Radical Absorption Capacity) Scale,
 cao, which translates to, “Cacao, the food of the gods.”      a laboratory test developed by USDA scientists at Tufts
                                                               University, has shown cacao to possess antioxidant levels
 History & Legend                                              at 20 times higher than red wine and up to 30 times
     When Spanish conquistador Hernando Cortez first           higher than green tea. That’s amazing!! Raw cacao is also
 encountered the Aztecs, he was amazed to find a thriving      a good source of soluble fiber, fatty acids and essential
 highland metropolis known as Tenochtitlan (now Mexico         minerals. The list goes on and on…
 City) where Emperor Montezuma’s royal coffers were
 overflowing, not with gold, but with cacao beans! Gold        Ecology
 was used in the Aztec empire for aesthetic purposes,             Sacred Chocolate chooses only the finest, organic
 while the coin of this ancient realm was cacao. Cacao         sugar source for its bars. Maple sugar is an authentically
 likely spread from the Americas to Spain via Cortez           produced, eco-friendly alternative that ensures the exten-
 around the year 1528, where it then migrated into France,     uation of forests rather than the deforestation witnessed
 Holland, England, Belgium, Italy and eventually across        when land is cleared for sugar cane fields to provide a
 Western Europe. When a small island off the coast of          cheap sweetener for modern confections. Maple sugar is
 West Africa (circa 1590) began cultivating cacao, trade       vegan-friendly and no animal bone char is used during
 outside of the Americas was established. Some 200 years       processing of this flavorful, sweet, earthy disaccharide.
 later, the Dutch invented a method of manufacturing and       Sacred Chocolate is certified organic, Fair Trade, vegan,
 distributing cheap, powdered and solid forms of choco-        kosher and halal.
 late that became widely accessible to millions, yet dimin-
 ished the flavor and nutrient profile of ancient cultivars.   Digestion
                                                                   Cacao is a feel-good food that harbors over 300 chem-
 Nutrition                                                     icals which alter the mind, body and spirit, thus affecting
    Like all superfoods, chocolate straddles the line          our spiritual evolution! Look for raw cacao powder, nibs
 between a food and a potent, beneficial medicine. Cacao       and Sacred Chocolate on Daily Co-op shelves today!
 supports the heart in a literal, metaphysical and spiri-

                                                                                             Iris, please try to order more of the
                                                                                             Solixir Restore sparkling beverages!
                                                                                                 The next time they are on sale she will
                                                                                             order them.

                                                                                             Organic pop tarts (toaster pastries).
From the Suggestion Book                                                                     Earth Fare has them; so does Kroger,
                                                                                             Publix, etc.
                                                                                                 We will look into it but I have to tell
                                                                                             you that there is only so much room here
                                                                                             and we would rather bring in healthier
by Walter Swanson, with a little help from his friends                                       products. You can special order them and
                                                                                             get a 10% discount.
Superfruits Kombucha.
   It’s in our rotation but have you tried our very own Daily Deli KalmBuddha, locally       Teff flour for making injera.
made by Michael Davis?                                                                           Now that’s interesting and a very ver-
                                                                                             satile, healthy, gluten-free wheat alterna-
Could the Deli make more Original Sammies? They’re always out by the time I                  tive to regular flour. We can get it from
come in (5 p.m.) and there are no options that don’t have tofu... Could you make             Bob’s Red Mill. It has long been a staple
more non-tofu/lunch meat Sammies?                                                            of highland Ethiopians.
    Jeff wants to know if you’ve tried the Tempeh Reuben Sammies, as they don’t use tofu
for their “meat.” Sammies are made every morning, designed to be fresh for lunchtime.        Please, please, please...! Look into
                                                                                             Perky’s Nutty Flax cereal (gluten free).
Two customers asked for Colloidal Silver.                                                    And would they do bulk orders? The
   Sammi says the Island Fire (Noni Sun) contains Colloidal Silver. Ask Sammi or             boxes are tiny! So yummy! As you prob-
Liberty about our full line of Elements for Life supplements.                                ably know – it’s tough to find gluten-
                                                                                             free cereal!! Thanks.
We need cornmeal in bulk! Thanks!                                                                I’m looking into it as our supplier,
   It doesn’t sell fast enough to have it in bulk and our local red mule cornmeal from       United Natural Foods, doesn’t carry it.
Mills Farm is so good when Luke, the mule, grinds it.
                                                                                             Please stock PB2 – it’s powdered peanut
Two customers asked for our shopping bags.                                                   butter made in Georgia.
   Our cloth bags are now sold out after having them for several years and we now                 There are in stock again; the first four
have some purple or pink bags made from recycled materials with Human Rights                 jars flew off the shelf! The Georgia com-
imprinted on them for $4.00. We also have our first tie-dyed T-shirts from the Athens        pany doesn’t sell wholesale so it might be
Human Rights Festival.                                                                       a little pricey but it has 85% less fat.

Diva Cup – tampon alternative.                                                               I would love sea vegetable sheets, not
    Lisa knows about them but brought in “The Keeper” to the Co-op instead for the           toasted, only dried. I would buy a lot of
following reasons: Simple to use, The Keeper is an innovative feminine hygiene product       these, if Daily stocked them. Love.
that is worn internally, freeing women from dependency on cumbersome, uncomfort-                 Fooks Foods on Baxter has them but
able, expensive, paper- based products. Economical, efficient, comfortable and envi-         our supplier doesn’t.
ronment-friendly, reusable menstrual cups are attractive alternatives to other feminine
hygiene products. Made by a woman for women, The Keeper (made from natural gum               Please have a full fat plain (small size)
rubber) is FDA-approved and the only menstrual cup made in America. With proper              yogurt – not Stonyfield but Greek or
care, The Keeper has a potential life expectancy of up to 10 years. It comes with a three-   Brown Cow.
month money-back guarantee! Talk to Lisa about them if you want a personal recom-                We have it in Mediterranean/Greek
mendation.                                                                                   style. We no longer carry Brown Cow
                                                                                             because it is not organic.
I had a TLT Sammie with pesto... it was super tasty... you should put pesto on Sam-
mies ALL the time... or somethin’.                                                           Trevor! When will we FINALLY see
    Liberty says pesto is a seasonal thing and basil is just now coming to us. If we get a   some hot peppers here?
large supply the Deli will put pesto in an 8 oz. container for you to use at home.               Trevor is now in grad school in
                                                                                             Canada so you’ll have to talk to Eleanor
Whole leaf aloe juice, please!                                                               or Phil, our new produce supervisors.
64 oz. West Soy Rice Milk, PLAIN, not vanilla.                                               Between last year’s scare and slow sales
Will we be getting the plum walnut yogurts back in?                                          Trevor hasn’t carried them this year.
Bring back Quorn Naked Chicken Cutlets!
   They will all be back.
               Robot Vegans on Vacation!                              ...or The (Mis)adventures of One Single Mom
             Part 3: DeLand, Florida (Revisited)
                                                                     Lacking Time, Money, Culinary Skill, and Knowl-
                The previous installment of this                     edge of Uncommon Foods Learning to Cook
             series took us to DeLand, Florida,
             a town located about twenty min-                        Satisfying, Delicious, Toddler-Approved Meals
             utes west of Daytona Beach. In it
             I mourned the lack of vegan food
                                                                     Minus Animal Suffering
             options but also suspected that                                                        by Tanya A. Comer
             perhaps it wasn’t the town itself
             but my own lack of planning which                       how I was going to start planning when I got in the car. I suppose I only
             was at fault. When I realized that I                    really started strategizing when we were already a couple hours into the
             would be making my way down to                          trip. I started by taking a quick look at our route and identifying the larger
             DeLand again for my grandfather’s                       cities through which we would pass. Jacksonville was right in our path
             75th birthday celebration, I was de-                    and, since it boasts a large university, we guessed it might also have a
             termined to make sure that we had                       terrific health food store. I called ahead to the one I had found, Grassroots
             plenty of delicious, healthy, vegan                     Natural Market, and verified their address, that they would be open later
             food available to us during our trip                    that afternoon and that they sold vegan baked goods. When we arrived,
             just as we do at home. Thanks to                        it was so pleasant to really drive into this town that we had only driven
             a little forethought and my handy                       around on the interstate so many times before. The store was in a neat,
             dandy iPhone, I am happy to report                      colorful part of town. We picked up a big fat slice of Turtle Island cake
             that not only was I victorious in                       to bring to my grandfather’s celebration, so the little robot – and we big
             that endeavor but that there were                       robots, for that matter – would have a dessert whilst the other partygo-
             other unexpected rewards that                           ers dined on their birthday cake. We struck up a conversation with a guy
             came as a result of this more con-                      who turned out to be one of the Grassroots Natural Market’s owners. I
             scious manner of traveling.                             told him about the Daily and Athens and, learning where we were from,
                                                                     he excitedly ushered us over to his extensive selection of Terrapin beers.
                                 Okay, so I used the term “fore-     He told us that the Rye Squared had just arrived! Sure, the stop took us
                                               thought” loosely.     slightly out of our way, but what a great way to create community away
                                                     Forethought     from home. We left the store with a sense of excitement – joyful that we
                                                      in this case   had made a connection with this other human being who we might never
                                                       means I had   have met and hopeful that we could travel in this way – making a home of
                                                       a vague       every little health food store in the country, in the world! My mind reeled.
                                                         plan of     (I know, I know. Don’t make fun! I am fully aware – and mostly comfort-
                                                                     able – with the fact that I am a total dork.)

                                                                         When we arrived in DeLand, one of our first orders of business was to
                                                                         locate a health food store. We were surprised to discover one right on
Illustrated by rachel cabanIss

                                                                          the main drag of the town. I had just never noticed it before – never
                                                                          bothered to seek it out. They had most of the items that we normally
                                                                          purchase at home and then some brands and foods that we had never
                                                                            seen and about which we were eager to learn. And, oddly enough,
                                                                              the store is connected with a bakery (DeLand Bakery) which
                                                                              sells its famous millet breads to the EarthFare right here in Ath-
                                                                             ens. Small world! We stocked up on fruits, snacks, soymilk and

breakfast items for our visit.

   Even at the beach, we found a home away from home. A quick                              Summer T-Shirt Sale!
search in my phone while in New Smyrna yielded Heath’s Natural
Foods, which turned out to be a pristine, well-lit store with tons of                     All T-shirts with the slogans:
options. Their ready-to-eat pasta dishes were fantastic after a long af-
ternoon in the sun, and felt much better in our bellies than the typical                         Pesticide Free
tourist-y, beach-y fried fare one associates (well, at least this robot
associates…) with the less expensive seaside eateries.                                      All Natural Ingredients
   Overall, we came home feeling triumphant. We could travel, eat                         I’m Not Sick, I’m Detoxing
the way that we wanted to eat and meet new and interesting people
in the process. And the roads didn’t feel nearly so long as I sat in the                       Got Almond Milk?
passenger seat, staring into my phone as if it were a crystal ball, just
wondering what other happy little stores and culinary delights await-
ed us around the next bend…

  And, in other news:
                                                                                                $10 each
       the “Oh GOd, I Was abOut tO clImb In bed but then I
    remembered I have a POtluck tOmOrrOW rIGht after WOrk
     and I have tO make sOmethInG rIGht nOW” Pasta salad                                      Buy Local!
        (adapted from the Better Homes and Gardens New Cook Book’s Potluck Pasta Salad)

     8 ounces penne, wagon wheel, rotini or other desired pasta                             Every purchase made
     2 cups cucumber, quartered lengthwise and sliced                                     here at Daily Groceries
     1 medium red, green or yellow pepper, cut into strips (about 1/2 cup)
     1 cup tomato, quartered and sliced
                                                                                          Co-op strengthens our
     1/4 cup red onion (1 small)                                                          community and quality
     2 teaspoons dried oregano or basil                                                   of life by investing in the
     3/4 cup balsamic vinaigrette salad dressing
                                                                                          local economy. For every
    Takes 10 minutes to make, and then just sits in the fridge and chills                 dollar you spend at a lo-
  until you’re ready to eat it. Perfect size for a gathering of potluckin’                cally-owned business, 45
  robots. Kid approved. Mom approved. Fiancé approved. Waseca
  guide, parents and children approved!                                                   cents is returned to the
                                                                                          community. For every dol-
     1. Cook pasta according to package directions; drain.                                lar spent at a chain store,
     2. In a large bowl combine all ingredients well and toss to coat.
     3. Cover and chill for 2 to 24 hours.                                                only 13 cents stays in the
                                                                                          local economy while 87
                                                                                          cents is leached from our
              Check out our new product for women:                                        community. We also carry
               “The Keeper” Menstrual Alternative!                                        locally-made T-shirts, can-
 Simple to use, The Keeper is an innovative feminine hygiene product that is              dles, soaps, music, lotions,
 worn internally, freeing women from dependency on
 expensive, wasteful or cumbersome products. Made from                                    incense, and now jewelry
 natural rubber and typically lasting for 10 years or more,                               kombucha and granola!
 The Keeper is an excellent economical, environmentally-
 friendly alternative to other feminine hygiene products.
 Ask Lisa for a glowing testimonial!

             Fresh Local Milk is Here                                                         Co-op Survey Identifies
                 from Johnston Family Farm                                                    GMOs in Natural Foods
                                                                                          from The Organic & Non-GMO Report, Vol. 9, No. 6 June 2009
                                  By Walter Swanson
                                                                                             With a lack of mandatory labeling of geneti-
    Daily Groceries Co-op is proud to be the first and only Athens store to carry         cally modified foods in the United States, some
Johnston Family Farm milk. We were happy to stock this fresh local milk,                  natural food cooperatives are taking matters into
especially after seeing milk go up and up in price lately. You can buy a gallon           their own hands by removing GM foods from their
of Johnston Family Farm milk for the price of a ½ gallon of other milk we carry           stores or labeling them. The Park Slope Food
                                                                                          Co-op in Brooklyn, New York, recently conducted
from other companies. But that is not why you should drink it or why we carry
                                                                                          an exhaustive three-year study of the 8,000 food
it. It is better and tastier milk and here’s why I say that…                              products in its stores aiming to identify and label
                                                                                          products containing GM ingredients. […]
                                                     Sure, the milk and cows
                                                 have no added hormones, as                   After excluding certified organic products, which
                                                 you would expect. Addition-              cannot include GMOs, and those produced in the
                                                 ally, though, these cows have a          European Union, which require labeling of GMOs,
                                                 personal nutritionist and a diet         the study identified 555 products with ingredients
                                                 which includes 43 nutrients.             from the GMO risk categories. A series of three
                                                                                          letters were mailed to the producers requesting
                                                 The cows are free-grazing. The
                                                                                          verification of whether GM source material was, was
                                                 milk is low temperature pas-             not or possibly was part of their products.
                                                 teurized to preserve beneficial
                                                 enzymes and amino acids and                 Of these, 93 products were attested to as being
                                                 is non-homogenized to preserve           free of GMOs. Producers of nine products admit-
                                                 richness and flavor. That means          ted the presence of GMOs among the ingredients,
                                                 you may find some cream on               while producers of 64 products identified them as
top, the way milk used to be in “the old days.” That’s before your time, unless           “possibly” containing GMOs because they could
you’re as old as I am or you live on a farm. The Co-op gets its deliveries late           not state with certainty that their products did not
                                                                                          contain GM source material. The remaining 393
Thursday afternoon by Russell Johnston and his two young sons, Ranson and
                                                                                          products were included in the “possibly containing
Rush. They come straight from the farm and the cows were usually milked that              GMOs” category by default, because their produc-
very day. How’s that for freshness!? The milk is not stored, sent to a warehouse          ers declined to respond to the mailing.
and then shipped to the Co-op from out of state like other milk.
                                                                                              Gregg Bromberg (co-op member and lab
   The farm was started with 17 cows by Russell’s father in 1956. Now Russell             administrator at Virginia Dare, an ingredient sup-
and his wife, Holly, a certified teacher, along with one full-time and three part-        plier) says the production of GMO-contaminated
time employees, milk 80-100 cows a day. They also grow many crops includ-                 foods was not confined to large conventional food
ing wheat, barley, grain sorghum, hay, peas and oats. They offer farm tours               corporations. “It was evident among some of the
                                                                                          ‘health conscious’ producers as well. It’s indicative
which include the pastures as well as interaction with several calves that range
                                                                                          of how pervasive these dangerous substances are
from just born to 2 months old. Many of the tours can be customized to fit your           becoming.”
group’s size and age level. Give them a call and make your reservation and you
can get a hayride and make ice cream, too. For a fee, they do structured tours,               A surprising result of the study was that “appar-
school tours, birthday parties or they can even bring the farm to where you live.         ently a state of denial characterizes the majority of
                                                                                          producers’ approach to GMOs,” according to Safe
Daily Groceries Co-op carries:                                                            Food Labeling Committee members. [Greg] Todd[,
  Whole Milk (3.8% cream, or all the cream that cows provide.)                            chair of the co-op’s committee,] says some compa-
  Skim Milk (They remove all the cream they can.)                                         nies, including high-profile organic companies, were
                                                                                          indifferent or “cavalier” about the presence of GMOs
  Low Fat Milk (2% cream or somewhere in between the two milks.)
                                                                                          in their products. “Some didn’t know if they had GM
  Chocolate Milk (Do I need to explain?)                                                  ingredients and some didn’t want to know.”

   And what do I like best about it? Putting their chocolate milk in my 1,000faces cof-       According to many estimates, GM ingredients
fee in the morning and reading their mission statement:                                   appear in more than 70% of processed foods sold
      “Our mission is to share the wonderful lifestyle we live each day with              in the U.S.
  everyone we can. We feel that each child should be exposed to a wide vari-
  ety of experiences so that they can have a better understanding of the world                   Safe Food Labeling Committee member
  and life itself. We feel especially blessed to be able to do what we love for a         and Pulitzer Prize winning photographer Nancy
                                                                                          Siesel says the need for the study arose from the
                                                                                          absence of mandatory GM labeling in the United
                                                                                          States. “What this situation desperately calls for is
Johnston Family Farm                                   a Federal law requiring producers to disclose the
2530 Broughton Rd.                                   genetic status of their product ingredients.” […]
Newborn, GA 30056            (706) 247-5023 (before 6 p.m.)
Blast from the Past...
Excerpt from the January 2001 Issue of the Daily Monthly (a previous
incarnation of The Radish)
                                                                                 Staff Picks
                                                                       Sammi likes the Sea Tangle’s Kelp Noodles and Ele-
                  Why Buy Bulk?                                        ments for Life’s Gold Rush.
                           by Chris Lutz
                                                                       Trevor enjoys Daily’s citrus – oranges, lemons, limes
                                                                       and – oh – tangelos.
   Have you ever wondered, while filling up a bag with tasty
organic rice, if buying in bulk really makes a difference? Are we
                                                                       Ed is lovin’ the watermelon and the So Delicious Sand-
really saving any money or packaging, or are we just making a
                                                                       wich Minis.
mess in the bulk aisle for the faithful Co-op workers to sweep up?
                                                                       Melissa just likes So Delicious Coconut Milk Ice
    By purchasing foods in bulk, you cut down on the use of un-        Cream… minus the sandwich.
necessary and wasteful packaging. Say, for instance, you and 23
of your friends all have a hankering for some blueberry granola.       Liberty recommends the Pesto Sammies - using local
A typical, non-bulk scenario would involve the Co-op ordering          basil. Here for a limited time only!
24 one-pound packages of granola, each wrapped in plastic, then
in a pretty box and finally shipped to us in two large disposable      Keith digs hemp anything. Here in the store that
cardboard boxes. That’s a lot of chemically-created plastic and        includes two varieties of organic hemp oil, shelled
paper products, and it will multiply over and over again, every        hemp seeds, three varieties of powdered hemp pro-
time someone wants blueberry granola. Now, let’s look at the           tein and some hemp seed snack bars.
bulk scenario: We order one 25-pound box of granola, and you
all come with your handy dandy refillable granola containers, and      Lisa agrees with Keith, and is a fan of bulk hemp
scoop out a pound each. Very little waste, and you probably paid       seeds - on everything!
a dollar less for the same amount that would have come in a box.
                                                                       Blueberries (local, of course) rock Jason’s face.
   One of the most obvious features of bulk foods is that they
allow you to take as much or as little of an item as you need. If      Christopher enjoys any and all local produce items
you only need a teaspoon of nutmeg for your apple pie, no need         from Mel’s Garden.
to blow three dollars on a jar of nutmeg that will hibernate above
your stove for the next three years. Simply buy a tablespoon’s         Forrest loves Miguel’s Honey Plantain Strips… espe-
worth and be done with it! By allowing you to purchase only as         cially when they’re on sale!
much as you need, buying in bulk helps to reduce the waste of
food while at the same time saving you money.                          Laura likes Just Once Women’s One Vitamins and Green
                                                                       & Black’s Chocolate Ginger Bar.
    Speaking of saving you money, bulk foods’ value is perhaps
its strongest selling point. By eliminating excess packaging, pro-     Diana recommends the bulk Genmaicha green tea and
ducers can offer us much better prices on products sold in bulk as     organic bananas as the best way to start your day!
compared to their pre-packaged counterparts. There is no better
way to illustrate this point than by getting down to some nitty-       Don’t take it personally, but Walt thinks you sure
gritty mathematical comparison:                                        could use a new T-shirt… especially one of the five
                                                                       or ten that are on sale.
                                 2001                     2009
                            Pre-                 Pre-
      Item                Packaged
                                     Bulk      Packaged       Bulk     And Phillip enjoys using some Stirrings Simple Mojito
  Whole Wheat Flour       0.94/lb    0.69/lb   1.59/lb      1.59/lb
  Bulk Peanut Butter      2.93/lb    2.19/lb   5.99/lb      4.99/lb
  Wild Rice               2.69/lb    1.99/lb   8.99/lb      8.29/lb
  Herbal Shampoo          4.17/lb    2.99/lb   9.99/lb      3.69/lb
  Shoyu Soy Sauce         3.20/lb    1.95/lb   4.49/lb      1.99/lb
  Honey                   3.69/lb    1.89/lb   4.09/lb      2.99/lb

  As these figures illustrate, buying in bulk can often save
you a great deal at the checkout. Not only can you save
money, but you can also help to reduce wasteful packaging
and cut down on the clutter in your own cabinets.

     Community                                                      Classified Ads
    of the Month                                                 Wanted to buy: surfboards, any condi-
                                                               tion. Call Keith Newcomer at (404) 775-4385 or
                                                               email him at
     Daily Groceries Co-op donates to one community
 organization for each month of the year. Five percent of
sales on the last Friday of the month or the proceeds from
    our donation jar collected throughout the month,            widespread destruction of wildlife by fish farmers. Millions of se

  whichever is greater, go to our designated community          cormorants, dolphins, porpoises and sharks are killed by shooting
 organization. So come on in and shop on Friday, August         deliberate entanglement.
 28th, and Friday, September 25th, or throw a quarter in
     the donation jar at the register and help support
                                                                Methods for commercial shing:
                                                                         Holly Johnson, LCSW                     Inc.
         institutions important to our community!                  Trawling: Fish caught in trawl nets are often crushed to death
                                                                weight of the catch.
                                                                          Anne C. Those still alive when they hit the deck of the
                                                                                     H. Ethier, M.A. Psy.
                          August                                allowed to suffocate 706-614-6060 gutted while still alive.
                                                                                     to death or are
   Are you aware that at any given time there are most like-          Baraka Bethany Elihu, M.A. Psy.
                                                                   Line fishing: lines are up to 400 m long. A large numbers of h
ly over 450 homeless people right here in Athens-Clarke
                                                                tached to branching off lines. The hooks are ripped from fish mou
County? The Bigger Vision Community Winter Shel-                well-endowed with pain receptors).
                                                               Integrating Spirituality and Traditional Psychology
ter, located at 415 North Lumpkin Street, helps to house
                                                                    Drift nets: Nylon nets hang suspended in the water for up to 3
and feed these fellow Athenians during the cold months of
                                                                become trapped by their gills, as do other animals, who often drow
each year (mid-October through mid-April). Check out www.
                                                                able to reach the surface to breathe. Drift nets often break free, be to find out how you can help by                    Check us out online at:
                                                                nets’, an invisible hazard killing many millions of animals.
donating your dollars, supplies, clothing or time.
                                                                   Bottom trawls: Net bags dragged over the seabed to catch bot
                                                                fish. They also catch non-target species living on the seabed and r
    Speak Out for Species is an organization which pro-         destroying the habitat and leaving clouds of silt in the water.
motes the protection of all animals through education and           To stay connected, sign up for our behind
                                                                   Purse seine nets: Bag-shaped nets pulled Daily a boat. Two s
advocacy. Though UGA-based, one does not need to be a           net are brought together to encloseyou’re there! shoals gather b
                                                                      Groceries listserv while the catch. Tuna
student to participate in S.O.S. The group aims to practice     pods. In the last 30 years, these nets have drowned several million
activism that is smart and substantive but not sensational,     More than a fifth of all marine catch is thrown back because it is t
overly aggressive or negative. By using                         wrong species. Unwanted fish and other animals are usually throw
positive tactics, they hope to appeal to many                   the sea dead, injured, or so weakened that predators easily kill the
types of people and to strategically work                       90% of large fish populations have been exterminated in the past 5
to educate and change behaviors, not just
protest or show dissent. By seeking to be                                       Eco-friendly
                                                                “But they are just sh!”           Products for
respectful, they wish to embody the kind of                                                   Kids
                                                                  According to biologists, fish have cognitive abilities that often
compassion they are asking others to feel. If                                           and Mamas
                                                               of nonhuman primates. They can recognize individuals, maintain c
this mirrors your personal philosophy, please                  relationships, and use tools. Their tool use is extensive: for examp
visit to sign up for their                                      Organic Cloth to move
                                                               recently been observed using leavesDiaperstheir eggs to more se
listserv and find ways to take both global                     when their nests Organic Wool Covers
                                                                                are disturbed.
and local action.
                                                                                 Wooden, Cotton, through a range
                                                                  Fish communicate with one another Rubber Toys of low-fre
                                                               sounds—from buzzes and clicks to yelps and sobs that communica
                                                                                 Organic Slings
                                                               tion and emotional states such as alarm or delight. The sounds tha
                                                                                 Stainless Steel Sippy Cups
                                                               are not audible to humans without special equipment
                                                                                 Reusable Feminine Products
                                                                  Fish are not swimming vegetables and vegans/vegetarians do n
                                                                  For more info:
                                                                                           Athens, GA
                                                                  Rae Sikora at

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