Ferrographic Image Recognition Based on BP-GA Algorithm(1) by hcj


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             International Symposium on Test Automation and Instrumentation                                  Alignment: Center, Spacing: Before/After 0.5pt

              Ferrographic Image Recognition Based on BP-GA Algorithm
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                                                            Gao Jingwei Zhang Peilin
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             Abstract: In this paper, the principal characteristics and the                                                      Alignment: Left
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             disadvantages of Genetic Algorithm and BP algorithm are
                                                                                    4       Conclusion                           段前 0.5 行,段后 0.5 行
             introduced                        Size 16, Bold, Alignment: Left            In the experiment, the authors found that it cost
             Keywords: Paper; image.           Spacing: Before/After 0.5pt          us only 156 s to use the GA-BP algorithm to get the
             1       Introduction                                                   results while the pure BP algorithm will need about
                                                                                    325 s. The numerical experiment illustrates that the
                  In recently years, ferrography is widely used to                  new mixed algorithm can raise speed about finding a
             monitor the wear condition of machinery. Now,                                                    Size10.5, Bold, Alignment: Left
             Ferrography Technology is often used to do image                       References
                                                                                                              Spacing: After 0.5pt (No less than 5 references)
             recognition.                                                           [1]Huang Anya Chen Zhaoneng Zhu Jimei. The Application of
             1.1 ………………(Size 9, Bold)                                                   Artificial Neural Networks to Wear Debris Recognition in
             1.1.1………………(Size 9, Bold, Italy)
                                                                                    [2]Hu Shiyan. The Implication of GA-BP Algorithm In Image
                                                                                        Reorganization, Journal Of Zibo University. Vol.3, No 4,
             2       GA-BP Algorithm                                                    2001                                   Size10.5, Bold, Alignment: Left
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                  The main feature of the genetic algorithm is
                                                Alignment: Left Spacing:            Author Biographies
             evolution of population, and by the optimization of the                                                           (All the authors’ biographies are
                                                Before/After 0.5pt                  Gao jingwei:……………….
             population the optimum is found.                                                                                  requested to be given.)
                  (1) Defining coding scheme for the layout
             designs and producing the initial population;
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             3       Application                      Spacing: Before/After 0.5pt

                  In the method, in order to improve the BP
             algorithm’s weak study efficient, the GA is used to
             train the network to get some better points.                                 Notice:

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                                     Fig. 1   Flow chart
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