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                                                                                     December 2007/January 2008

       Dear Goddard Students, Parents, and Guardians:

       As we conclude our first semester and head for the holidays, it seems like a good time to pay tribute to some of
       the people and organizations that make our school so successful. Here are some of the groups on my mind this

        I appreciate Centura Health and Hospital Corporation. They are the source of most of the computers that we
          give to students at school. Can you imagine that we have given more than 130 computers to students since
          we began our “Computers for All” program one year ago? Amazing.

        I appreciate our quiet and generous benefactor who lives far away in New York City and who has contributed
          thousands of dollars over the past two years to ensure that every sixth grader goes to Outdoor Education.

        I am tremendously grateful to all of our volunteers. You wipe cafeteria tables, chaperone field trips, sponsor
          activities, raise money, plan parties, attend meetings, answer phones, stuff envelopes, run a school store, plan
          the Goddard Gallop and Red Ribbon Week and Career Day, refurbish computers, run copy machines, and
          more. I don’t know how many hours you give, but I see the results each day.

        I appreciate our custodians. Imagine if eight hundred people came to your house every day and nobody
          helped you clean up! Our building is forty years old, but it is bright and clean, safe and sound, and it is a good
          place for teachers to teach and children to learn.

        I appreciate our school service organizations: WEB, Builder’s Club, National Junior Honor Society, and Stu-
          dent Council. Together, these students teach all of us about the importance of community involvement and

        I appreciate the support of our school district. Their behind-the-scenes work makes a difference for teachers,
          for students, and for administrators. They are the people who figure out the best standardized reading test.
          They help us locate the most economical classroom furniture. They negotiate lease and purchase agreements
          for computer labs. They create a community of school administrators that helps us stick together as a district
          team. Their work is almost invisible to middle school students, yet it affects every minute of our day.

        I appreciate our teachers. You will not find a more dedicated, hard-working, caring group of professionals any-

        Mostly, I appreciate our students. I love their energy, their intelligence, their sense of humor, and their good-
          ness. Thank you for sharing them with me.

       With warm holiday wishes,

       Amy R. Oaks, Ph.D.

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                                                  THE CALENDAR

  December 3, 2007                                                    January 7, 2008
  7th & 8th Grade Boys Wrestling, NMS @ GMS                           Students return to school
  7th Grade Girls BB, NMS @ GMS                                       January 8, 2008
  December 4, 2007                                                    Challenger Learning Center Field Trip, Core 7B
  5th Grade Parent Info Meeting, 1:00-2:15pm                          PTO Meeting, 12:15pm
  6th-8th Grade Wrestling practice, 2:45-4:00pm,                      January 9, 2008
  8th Grade Girls BB, NMS @ GMS                                       6th Grade Parent Information Meeting, 9:15-10:30am
  PTO Meeting, 12:15pm                                                January 11, 2008
  December 5, 2007                                                    Grade Reports mailed home
  Late Start                                                          January 14, 2008
  8th Grade Girls BB practice, 7:00-7:45am, Gym                       Challenger Learning Center Field Trip, Core 7B
  December 6, 2007                                                    January 15, 2008
  6th-8th Grade Wrestling practice, 2:45-4:00pm                       Challenger Learning Center Field Trip, Core 7B
  8th Grade Girls BB Quarterfinals, TBA                               NJHS Meeting, 2:45pm
  Math Counts, 3:00-4:00pm                                            February Newsletter Deadline
  December 7, 2007                                                    January 16, 2008
  6th-8th Grade Wrestling practice (optional), 2:45-                  Late Start
  4:00pm                                                              January 17, 2008
  December 8, 2007                                                    8th Grade Boys BB, PMS @ GMS
  7th & 8th Grade Boys Wrestling Tournament                           Challenger Learning Center Field Trip, Core 7B
  @NMS, time TBA                                                      January 18, 2008
  8th Grade Girls BB Tournament @ EMS, time TBA                       AVID College Day
  Saturday School, 9:00am-12:00pm                                     January 21, 2008
  December 12, 2007                                                   Holiday, No School
  Knitting Club, 2:45-4:00pm, Library                                 January 22, 2008
  December 13, 2007                                                   8th Grade Boys BB, EMS @ GMS
  Math Counts, 3:00-4:00pm                                            Challenger Learning Center Field Trip, Core 7A
  Choir Concert, 7:00pm                                               January 23, 2008
  December 14, 2007                                                   Challenger Learning Center Field Trip, Core 7A
  Concert for Centennial Elementary, 1:30pm                           GAC, 3:15pm
  December 18, 2007                                                   College Night #1: Going to College? 7:00pm
  Orchestra Concert, 7:00pm, Gym                                      January 24, 2008
  December 19, 2007                                                   Challenger Learning Center field Trip, Core 7A
  NJHS Meeting, 2:45pm                                                January 26, 2008
  GAC, 3:15pm                                                         Saturday School, 9:00am-12:00pm
  December 20, 2007                                                   January 28, 2008
  2nd Quarter/1st Semester Ends                                       7th Grade Boys BB, GMS @ EMS
  December 21 – January 6, 2008                                       January 29, 2008
  Winter Holiday Break for all Students                               8th Grade Boys BB, Pathways @ GMS
                                                                      Challenger Learning Center Field Trip, Core 7A
                                                                      February Newsletter Mailed
                                                                      January 30, 2008
                                                                      Challenger Learning Center Field Trip, Core 7A
                                                                      January 31, 2008
                                                                      8th Grade Boys BB, GMS @ NMS
                                                                      Challenger Learning Center Field Trip, Core 7A

   Littleton Public Schools does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, sex, disability, nor on the
   basis of age against persons whose age is over forty (40). Inquiries concerning any of the above should be directed to the
   Executive for Human Resources, 5776 South Crocker Street, Littleton, Colorado 80120; phone (303) 347-3300; or to the
   Director, Office of Civil Rights, U.S. Department of Education, 1961 Stout Street, Third Floor, Denver, Colorado 80294, phone
   (303) 844-5695.

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                                             COLLEGE NIGHTS

  For sixth grade parents, it’s hard to believe, but the time for parents to educate themselves about college is now, during
  middle school. This is the time to start thinking about which high school will be a good fit for your student, what classes
  your student will want to complete for high school graduation and what your student might do after high school. If college
  is in your student’s future, what should you do now to get ready and how can you prepare yourself financially?

  These two evenings are sponsored by AVID, Goddard’s program for college-bound students. Everyone is invited to at-
  tend. Last year’s presentations were crowded and well-received, so please do call early to reserve a spot.

                   GOING TO COLLEGE?                                        PAYING FOR COLLEGE?
              AN EVENING WITH THE EXPERTS                              LEARN MORE FROM COLLEGE INVEST

   Wednesday, January 23, 2008, 7-8 p.m.                          Tuesday, February 5th, 2008 7-8 p.m.
   Goddard Middle School Cafeteria                                Goddard Middle School Cafeteria

   RSVP to Maureen Anderson, 303-347-7850 or                      RSVP to Maureen Anderson, 303-347-7850 or
   (manderson@lps.k12.co.us)                                      (manderson@lps.k12.co.us)

   For the second year, Goddard’s is pleased to present an        Goddard is pleased to pre-
   evening with Gregg Kvistad, Provost at the University of       sent the second of two col-
   Denver, and Tom Willoughby, Vice Chancellor for Enroll-        lege nights. “Paying for
   ment at the University of Denver. This event last year         College?” will feature repre-
   was very successful and we hope you will plan to attend.       sentatives, from CollegeIn-
                                                                  vest. CollegeInvest is a
   Provost Kvistad and Vice Chancellor Willoughby will talk       not-for-profit division of the
   with students and parents about getting into, going to,        Colorado Department of
   and succeeding in college.                                     Higher Education. Their
                                                                  mission is to help Colorado
   Among the topics they will address are:                        families break down the
                                                                  financial barriers to college.
    Choosing the right college or university – how do par-      They focus on providing
   ents find the right fit?                                       expert information, simple planning tools, scholarships,
    When do parents and students need to start thinking         savings plans, and low-cost student and parent loans to
   about college?                                                 take education dollars as far as they can go. Join us on
    Financial Aid – what should parents understand right        February 5th for this information session. In the mean-
   now?                                                           time, for more information you can visit
    How important are programs like IB, AVID and AP for         www.collegeinvest.org or call 1-800-COLLEGE.
    What’s better – harder courses or a higher g.p.a.?
    Is an on-campus interview really all that important?           MEET HERITAGE PRINCIPAL, KEN MORITZ
    Community service, overseas travel, extra-curricular
   activities, high school internships – are they really neces-   Coming to one of our two college nights? If you arrive at
   sary for admission?                                            6:15 you can join Heritage High School Principal for cof-
    How important is senior year?                               fee and conversation. Mr. Moritz will be in the library to
                                                                  talk about Heritage programs. This will be an informal
    What should middle school students be doing to get
                                                                  conversation, so be sure to bring questions for him.
                                                                  Again, please call Maureen Anderson at 303-347-7850 to
   This evening is open to all, but seating is limited by the
                                                                  reserve a spot.
   size of the room, so please call or e-mail to reserve your

                              Visit Goddard on the WEB: http://goddard.littletonpublicschools.net
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                                               SCHOOL NEWS

              FIFTH GRADE TRANSITION                                      HIGH SCHOOL REGISTRATION

 The Goddard administrative team and counselors look            Attention 8th grade students and parents!! As second
 forward to meeting the parents of our incoming sixth           semester begins our 8th graders and their families need
 grade students. We begin with a student-led tour, which        to be thinking about preparation for high school. Parents,
 is a great time for parents to hear what Goddard is like       please continue to encourage your children to put forward
 from the perspective of current students. Your visit will      their best efforts, at Goddard, so they will have positive,
 also include an overview of our academic and exploratory       challenging choices at the high school level. We hope
 programs, and a question and answer session. Informa-          you were all able to attend the preview nights at Littleton
 tion about intramurals, clubs, and special programs, in-       High School and Heritage High School in November.
 cluding Outdoor Education, WEB, AVID, Gifted and Tal-          There are many activities coming up in February and
 ented, English as a Second Language, and Special Edu-          March that you need to be aware of. We will remind stu-
 cation will also be presented.                                 dents at Goddard about upcoming events and also en-
                                                                courage students and parents to visit the LPS website for
 Tuesday, December 4, 2007, 1:00 - 2:15 p.m.                    registration information for all of our high schools.
 Wednesday, January 9, 2008, 9:15 - 10:30 a.m.                  Sharpen up your tech skills as registration is all done
 Tuesday, February 5, 2008, 1:00 - 2:15 p.m.                    online through our Infinite Campus data system.

 Please R.S.V.P. to Maureen Anderson at                                           Arapahoe High School
 303-347-7850, so that we may prepare materials for             Freshman Showcase              March 3, 2008
 you.                                                           Registration                   April 7, 2008
                                                                Registration Help Sessions     April 14 (2:30-4:30)
     KEEPING AN EYE ON YOUR STUDENT’S                                                          April 15 (2:30-4:30)
                                                                                               April 16 (4:30-6:30)
                                                                Honors Auditions               March 1, 11, 13
 The Goddard staff would like to thank our parents and          *Please contact AHS for further information as we gener-
 students for attending October conferences. As you             ally do not have many students choosing AHS for op-
 know, report cards were mailed home on Friday, October         tional enrollment.
 26th. All students received
 second quarter mid-term pro-
                                                                                  Heritage High School
 gress reports on Friday, No-
                                                                Freshman Preview                 Nov. 13, 2008
 vember 16th. First semester
                                                                Registration                     Feb. 12 & 13 (6-7:30)
 report cards will be mailed                                    (this night is showcase and registration together)
 home on January 11, 2008.                                      Registration Help Sessions       Feb. 20 & 21(4-5:30)
                                                                Honors Auditions                 Not required
 We encourage you to continue
 to monitor your student’s pro-                                                  Littleton High School
 gress on a regular basis. Take                                 Freshman Preview                  Nov. 14, 2008
 a minute to look at your child’s
                                                                Freshman Showcase                 Feb. 27, 2008 (6pm)
 Goddard assignment note-
                                                                (“Highlight of Choices”)
 book.                                                          Registration                      March 11, 13, 19
 Student performance information, including current pro-        Honors auditions                  Not Required
 gress reports for every class, is also available through
 your student’s portal or the parent portal of Infinite Cam-

                             Visit Goddard on the WEB: http://goddard.littletonpublicschools.net
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                                                    SCHOOL NEWS

              IB AT LITTLETON HIGH SCHOOL                                                  HOLIDAY ASSITANCE
                                                                                          FOR GODDARD FAMILIES
  Do you have a student who:
   Gets A’s and B’s in core courses                                                 The holidays are fast approaching,
                                                                                      and if your family is in need of assis-
   Likes challenging course work                                                    tance this season, please contact
   Enjoys independent projects                                                      Karen Fowler-Smith at 303-347-
   Has above average writing and speaking skills                                    7887.
   Likes to learn
   Is motivated and curious
   Thinks critically and solves problems
   Participates in extra-curricular activities in and out of
     the school community                                                 FROM YOUR COUNSELORS. . .
                                                                    “DUSTING” TREND PUTTING TEENS AT RISK
  You may have a child who would benefit from the Interna-
  tional Baccalaureate program. IB is a two-year, compre-         Inhalant abuse (sometimes called “huffing”) has been
  hensive, college level course of study, which begins in         around for years but continues to be on the rise amongst
  the junior year of high school. Students receive an LHS         teens. Many young people are drawn to this practice
  and IB diploma. At Littleton, students prepare for the IB       because they think it provides a quick “high” that is rela-
  curricula through honors and advanced classes in the            tively cheap and easily accessible. A recent trend called
  freshman and sophomore years. If your student is excited        “dusting” is causing great concerns in our communities
  about the possibilities of an IB education, pick up an in-      because of its potentially lethal effects. It’s called
  formation packet at the counseling office at LHS and plan       “dusting” because the term comes from the brand Dust
  to apply for the IB program.                                    Off which is used to clean computer keyboards.
  Applications for the IB Program have been available             Users often believe that dusting is not dangerous be-
  since Mon., Oct.1, 2007 at Littleton High School’s Coun-        cause they believe it contains only compressed air. In
  seling Office and Littleton district middle schools. Appli-     reality, these products contain compressed gas. The high
  cations are due back at Littleton High School Counseling        from the gas paralyzes the user for several minutes and
  Office on Jan. 31, 2008. If you have any questions, you         gives a feeling of euphoria. Both dusting and huffing can
  may contact either Claudia Anderson at 303-347-7724 or          result in damage to the brain, lungs, heart, kidneys and
  Barb Houser at the above listed number.                         liver, and can cause death. In computer cleaning prod-
                                                                  ucts, a Freon type of gas, or fluorinated hydrocarbon, is
                                                                  the dangerous ingredient.

                                                                  This practice was dramatized in the movie “Thirteen”.
                                                                  Please be aware of this practice in your homes and work-
                                                                  places and notify one of the school counselors if you
                                                                  have concerns about any student that may be engaging
                                                                  in these or other high risk behaviors.

                     EYE GLASSES FOR KIDS
                                                                                OMISSION CORRECTION
  Thanks to the work of our social worker, Mrs. Karen
  Fowler-Smith, 15 GMS students will be fitted for new eye          Last month we told you that one of our sixth graders
  glasses, free of charge, by Lens Crafters. Mrs. Fowler-           had been selected as the student whose Outdoor Ed
  Smith took these students for eye exams and will return           journal would be included in the time capsule at the
  with students to pick up their glasses in early December.         YMCA Camp of the Rockies at Estes Park. But we
  Thanks to Lens Crafters for a great program and thanks            omitted her name. Congratulations to Natalie Glaess
  also to Mrs. Fowler-Smith for getting us organized.               for that honor!

                              Visit Goddard on the WEB: http://goddard.littletonpublicschools.net
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         Visit Goddard on the WEB: http://goddard.littletonpublicschools.net
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                              PTO NEWS                                               COMMUNITY NEWS

                         THANKS FOR A GREAT                                 DISTRICT TASK FORCE OPPORTUNITY
                           FALL FESTIVAL!
                                                                         . . . District seeking parents and community
              Thank you very much to all the volunteers that             members, principals, and teachers to serve on
              made our Fall Festival possible. We could not              facility use task force
              do it without the time and dedication of so many
              people. Thank you also to everyone who made                Littleton Public Schools is accepting applications for
              and donated cakes, cookies and other treats!!              the Facility Use Task Force being convened in
              The students really enjoyed them.                          January, 2008. The task force will address underuti-
                                                                         lized school facilities through the following actions:
              Special thanks to the National Junior Honor So-             Review data concerning facility use
              ciety students that helped with decorations and             Review data for estimating future enrollment
              set up.                                                    growth
                                                                          Develop criteria to guide decisions about facility
              Denise Roberts             Mike McNally
                                                                         use and programs
              Patty Gerze                Donna Martin
              Karen Alexander            Michele Pugsley                  Recommend minimum and maximum school
              Clare Lumley               Cathy Green                     sizes
              Nicki Sabin                Kelly Flynn                     Make recommendations to the Board
              Betsy Pike                 Ann Ammon
              Laurie Sarno               Wendy Cogdal                    Application deadline is January 15, 2008. Applica-
              Kelly James                Diane Christensen               tions can be accessed online at
              Krista Benner              Carla Lupton                    www.littletonpublicschools.net or by calling Mary
              Megan Henderson            Ingher Leeuwenburg              Stevens, 303.347.3378. More information can be
              Mike Pollard               Peggy Merrill                   found online at the address above.
              Jen Pollard                Chris Hancock
              Paige Homeyer                                                             COMMUNITY BLOG
              Sally Bernsten                                                             ONLINE FOR YOU
              Dawn Solich
              R.C. Myles                                                 Littleton Public Schools has launched a community
              Karen Long                                                 blog!
              Amy Austin
              Meg Vellone                                                The LPS Community Conversations Blog, which can
              Anne Ritchie                                               be accessed on the home page of the district web-
              Amy Linscott                                               site, provides yet another way for LPS key decision
                                                                         makers to hear from students, parents, staff, and
                                                                         community members. Periodically, a new topic will
                                                                         be posted, and fellow bloggers are invited to share
                                                                         their thoughts and converse with one another on
                                                                         that topic.

                                                                         Participate in the LPS Community Conversations
                                                                         Blog today at www.littletonpublicschools.net.!

                                Visit Goddard on the WEB: http://goddard.littletonpublicschools.net
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                                            STUDENT NEWS

              2008 GMS TALENT SHOW                                  NATIONAL JUNIOR HONOR SOCIETY
     The 2008 GMS Talent Show try-outs are com-
     ing soon!! Students wishing to enter their talents       Goddard NJHS members have had an incredibly busy two
     should plan to attend an informational meeting           months. Students collected over 950 coats to donate to
     after school on Wednesday, Jan. 16th in the GMS          the Coats for Colorado drive. Every
     cafeteria. General information, rehearsal dates,         member learned a bit more about
     and talent show guidelines will be discussed.            poverty and homelessness and gave
     Talent show try-outs for all performances will be        back to those in need in our larger
     Wed. Jan. 30th and Thurs., Jan. 31st. We are             community.
     also looking for students who are interested in
     being stage crew. These students will be helping         Additionally, this year’s Holiday Ba-
     with all the “behind the scenes” work. Students          zaar was a tremendous success.
     must attend the informational meeting on Jan.            Members researched a variety of lo-
     13th in order to participate in try-outs. Please         cal, national and international issues
     see Mrs. Blei or Mrs. Hosler, the talent show            including countries impacted by famine, the AIDS epi-
     sponsors, if you have any questions.                     demic, genocide and hunger. Students then spent an eve-
                                                              ning selling products that directly benefit persons impacted
     Please mark these 2008 GMS Talent Show dates             by these issues. Over $8,700 was made and donated
     on your calendar. Tuesday, March 18th stu-               directly to 8 different causes. We are very proud of all the
     dents will perform for family and friends at a           hard work and generosity from our NJHS members and
     7:00 p.m. evening show, and on Wednesday,                entire Goddard community.
     March 19th, three school assemblies will take
     place.                                                                      BUILDER’S CLUB
            WINTER CONCERTS                                   Builder’s Club sponsored another successful canned food
                                                              drive last month. Goddard staff and students collected
     Join us for an evening of music with                     1,661 non-perishable food items to donate to Inter-Faith
     our winter concerts. All concerts                        Community Services. Club members also assisted Karen
     begin at 7 p.m. in the Goddard gym-                      Fowler-Smith, GMS social worker, with Thanksgiving food
     nasium:                                                  baskets. They will continue to assist with holiday projects
                                                              during December.
     Choir:          December 13
     Orchestra:      December 18                                        YEARBOOK 2008 IS SNAPPING!

                                                              The last few yearbook meetings were quite eventful. Stu-
           MATH COUNTS COMPETITION!                           dent members met our Jostens representative and voted
                                                              on a cover choice. The choice will be revealed to the
     All current Math Counts members are invited to           school in January, after the winter break!
     attend and compete in this year’s competition.           Our student photographers are doing a fabulous job and
                                                              have captured Red Ribbon Week events, electives and
     What: Littleton District Math Counts Competition.        more! This year, Yearbook students will be assigned at
     When: Saturday, January 12, 2008                         least two of their very own pages to create, edit and place
     Where: Powell Middle School                              photos.
     Time: 9am-12pm                                           Congratulations to this year’s student
                                                              editors: Mary Sholl, Lindsay
     Please see Mrs. Anderson (Rm. 119) or Ms.                Lundberg and Taylor Egbert. Student
     Brown (Rm 203) if you are interested in attending.       editors must be second year Year-
                                                              book students. Way to go girls!

                            Visit Goddard on the WEB: http://goddard.littletonpublicschools.net
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                                           STUDENT RECOGNITION

         Congratulations to the following students who were recognized as “Vikings of the Week.” Here’s how this
         works — as teachers see students doing good things, they give students coupons to record their good
         deeds. One copy of the coupon goes into a box and we draw one student from each core each week, as
         well as one student from electives. Thanks to all of these students for making Goddard a nicer place!
         Sep 10 - 14, 2007               Oct 8 – 12, 2007                     Nov 5 – 9, 2007
         Michael Wade                    Calib Michaels                       Sara Leovic
         Portre Scarborough              Tyler Robb                           Courtney Lall
         Ginny Hancock                   Efrain Hernandez                     Yasmine Miller
         Meredith James                  Taylor Blagg                         Victoria Holm
         Nick Gallegos                   Jenny Holdaway                       Addie Wilkins
         Caleb Hsu                       Garrett Blackwell                    Nate Novotny
         Will Kinsley                    Sam Swartz                           Hannah Bevier
         Hannah Gazett                   Chip Bollendonk                      Stephen Hoffman
         Juan Gallegos                   Katie Roberts                        Helen Watson

         Sep 17 – 21, 2007               Oct 15 – 19, 2007                    Nov 12 – 16, 2007
         Matthew Rodriquez               Camille Lemke                        Elizabeth Bollendonk
         Carson Long                     Morgan Merrill                       Abby Wagner
         Jordan Todd                     Austin Porter                        Samantha Sabin
         Christian Hall                  Mary Hinton                          Jonathan Sullivan
         Anna Azadegan                   Erin Ems                             Max Windle
         Davis Benedict                  Lina Marajan                         Jordan Healy
         Riley Gonzales                  Claire Lorenzo                       Jake Cain
         Megan Domroese                  James Molineaux                      Tess Ortiz
         Matt Clark                      Lucas Vellone                        Alina Guldy

         Sep 24 – 28, 2007               Oct 22 – 26, 2007                    Nov 19 – 23, 2007
         Chloe Flitton                   Conrad d”Leeuwen                     Young Kim
         Andrew Kaufman                  Trianna Williams                     Chloe Cheshire
         Robert Spofford                 Giovanna McCord                      Robert Spofford
         Libby Lutz                      Brandon Montoya                      Bethany Nogal
         Matt Clark                      DJ Farley                            Sam Martens
         Garrett Delphia                 Garrison Sizer                       Jake Engman
         Holden Wiens                    Tyler Nelson                         Myranda Willingham
         Kyle Ericksen                   Morgan Gopsill                       Casey Allen
         Stephanie Logan                 Matt Clark                           Kyle Herion

         Oct 1 – 5, 2007                 Oct 29 – Nov 2, 2007                 Nov 26 – 30, 2007
         Anna Green                      Michael Wade                         Caesare Tamag
         Jesse Marquez                   Austin Dye                           Natalie Glaess
         Stephanie Logan                 Kenny O’Leary                        Michelle Barco
         Juan Morales                    Brittani Loepp                       Kelsie Lombardi
         Cole Franson                    Charles Marchese                     Ian Minzer
         Clay Adams-Berger               Clay Adams-Berger                    Emma Bulba
         Tyler Nelson                    Joliyah Neal                         Tyler Nelson
         Dillon Cogdal                   Jose Morales                         Debbie Pineda
         Natasha Storey                  RJ Fischel                           Carl Wagner

                              Visit Goddard on the WEB: http://goddard.littletonpublicschools.net
                                 Visit Goddard on the WEB: http://goddard.littletonpublicschools.net
                Littleton, CO
                Permit No. 77
                U. S. Postage Paid
                NON PROFIT
                                                                            Arapahoe County School District #6
         Come to College Night!                                        HONOR ROLL ASSEMBLY DATES
    January 23, 2008—”Going to College”                              Our honor roll is based on first-semester
   February 5th 2008 — “Paying for College”                          grades, which are finalized in January. The
                                                                     dates of our recognition assembly is February
 Both evenings begin at 7 p.m. in the cafeteria                      7th. Parents will be notified by mail if students
                                                                     qualify for this honor.
 What high school classes will kids need for
   college?                                                                  8th Grade 8:30am
 What are colleges looking for?                                            6th Grade 10:30am
 How important is GPA or IB or AVID or                                     7th Grade 1:30pm
 How many activities is enough, already?                           Students are honored in three groups based on their first
                                                                     semester grade point average (GPA):
 What will it really cost?
                                                                             Honorable mention: GPA of 3.0-3.49
Information on page 3                                                        Honors: GPA of 3.5-3.74
                                                                             High Honors: GPA of 3.75-4.0
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