Guide to the Internet for Scholarship Seekers by guy23


									Guide to the Internet for Scholarship Seekers
One more time, all together now, “Thank you for the internet!”. The internet saves
enormous time and expense by allowing you to access websites specifically designed to
help scholarship seekers, visit scholarship websites to learn more about the judging, and,
in some cases, apply for scholarships on-line. Not surprisingly, the Internet also presents
a number of opportunities to spend money without result. This page discusses the good,
the bad and the ugly on the web.

Scholarship Websites

Absolutely Scholarships

data base of more than 200,000 awards. Features its own $10,000 scholarship


more than 900,000 scholarships worth over $3 billion. Personalized calendar and
keyword search; helpful

College Board

2,300 sources of college funding, totaling nearly $3 BILLION in available

Collegenet/Mach 25

The Mach25 database contains over 600,000 awards totaling over $1.6 billion. Allows
key word search; nice feature

College Scholarships


Groups scholarship by interest; includes middle school and high school awards

This site provides a scholarship directory so you can brows as well as search; a nice
feature. Very good financial aid explanations.

Club Scholarship

Part of the network, and lists more than 500,000 awards.


Maintains a data base of more than 2.5 million awards; offers an essay writing course.


600,000 scholarships from more than 8,000 funding sources; includes info on distance

Hispanic Scholarships

data base of scholarships for Hispanic students.

International Education Financial Aid

Specializes in scholarships for international students and study abroad.

International Scholarships

International scholarship listings


Scholarships specific to current and former military personnel.

Nationally Coveted Scholarships and Fellowships

Limited undergraduate, graduate and postdoctoral awards.

Pacific Northwest Scholarship Guide

Search by category or key word


Data base containing more than 600,000 awards; fascinating story about a committed
guidance counselor; worth a look


Looks like there’s good info on site. Must register to access.

SRN Express

A database of over 8,000 programs with a distribution level of over 150,000 awards for
undergraduate and postgraduate students worth a total of more than $35 million!


U.S. and Canadian scholarship data bases.

The Scholarship Page

Small search capability


over 2.4 million scholarships worth over 14 billion dollars, and is expanded and updated
daily. Provided by SallieMae, federal loan group
How many of these sites should you use? You can be obsessive and try to use them all.
A more reasonable alternative might be to pick five or six that seem most suitable and
go for it.

Key Word Searches

Go back to your personal assessment and select interests, hobbies, types of community
service. Now, using a search engine such as Google, enter the interest and the word
“scholarship”. We entered “chess and scholarship in MSN search and got over 8,000 hits.
One site,, listed 22 chess
scholarships. We tried “girl scouts and scholarship” in Google and got 43,000 hits,
starting with, that listed 50 girl scout scholarship sources. We
even found scholarships for spelunking (that’s cave exploration for those of you who
haven’t been studying your SAT word lists!).

On-line Scams

Be oh so careful when searching for scholarships on-line. As in every area of the internet,
schemes for fleecing people have developed in the scholarship arena. The typical scams
involve application fees, “guarantees”, fees for publicly available money and requests for
an unusual amount of personal information.

Paid Searches

Usually paid searches suggest that they have access to otherwise unlisted scholarships.
This scenario is very unlikely. Considering the tremendous availability of free databases,
there is no good reason to pay for scholarship information.


Guarantees of any kind are a huge red flag. It just isn’t possible for an organization to
make guarantees about winning an award and those who guarantee matches are hyping
their services; legitmate scholarship search sites do not need to rely on BIG PRINT and
lots of exclamation points!!!!! And possibly bolding and underlining to describe their

Application Fees

Beware of any scholarship fund that requests a fee. We have heard of funds that
essentially turn the fees into scholarships and if so, terrific. But, be sure that the ratio of
scholarships to money collected is reasonable. If you can’t get that level of information
from their website, it’s not worth the key strokes to get involved.

Contact Information

Legitimate businesses will list methods for contacting them beyond and e-mail address
and PO Box. If you can’t talk to them, they may not exist as a real business.
The FTC has developed several excellent publication s on the issue of scholarship
scams. Try for a copy of “Ouch!
Students Getting Stung Trying to Find $$$ for College” .

 Essay Writing and Editing Services

We encourage you to get coaching and editing assistance on your essays. It’s almost
always useful for someone else to review your work and provide fresh insights.

There are services available on the internet that will edit your essay for you for a fee.
Editing is good; re-writing is not. We have concerns that some “editing” groups are really
re-writing students’ essays based on just a core idea or two. The point of the essay is for
the judges to get to know you, not some freelancer who’s picking up $50 to massage
your thoughts for you.

When we asked judges about the practice of students having their essays written or
substantially written for them, we were told that those essays tend to stick out because
they are out of character with the rest of the application. We can pretty comfortably
speculate on the fate of those “diverging style and competence” applications. Flushed.

Students are often looking for freelance writers to compose essays and college
applications (and term papers and graduate theses). It’s very sad to realize that those
people are managing their lives by lying and cheating. Makes you wonder how they’ll
operate once they become doctors and lawyers and architects and engineers and the
pressure to perform and produce gets intense. Fall back on old habits?

Essay assistance can be an excellent learning tool if done well. The internet can put you
in touch with people who can coach you through writing your essay. Just be sure that at
the end of the day, you can still honestly call it your own work.

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