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									              Creative Resume Guide

Basic Elements…………………………………………………….………...2

Chronological Resume…………………………………………………..…...3

The Functional Resume………………..…………………………………......7

Combination Resume……………………….……………………………....12

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        Although the order may vary, your resume should include the
        following information:

            Name, address (with zip), phone (with area code), email address (if applicable)
            Objectives (desired outcome)
            Education (honors, awards, class standing)
            Co-Curricular Activities (including volunteer work)
            Languages & Special Skills/Interests
            Employment (full-time, part-time, summer, and internships)

  As you create your resume, remember that your intent is to give the reader the impression that
  you get things done. Use strong action words like "accomplished," "created," or "directed."

  Careless typos, grammatical errors and misspelled words are INEXCUSABLE. Have someone
  you trust proof read your resume.

  Duplicated copies are acceptable, but ONLY if the reproduction is of high quality.

  Limit resume to one page (except where extensive experience is a factor)

Although the order may vary, your resume should include the following
           Name, address (with zip), phone (with area code), email address (if applicable)
           Objectives (desired outcome)
           Education (honors, awards, class standing)
           Co-Curricular Activities (including volunteer work)
           Languages & Special Skills/Interests
           Employment (full-time, part-time, summer, and internships)

                               WE ARE HERE TO HELP!
           Take advantage of the assistance offered at the Office of Career Resources
                     (727) 864-8258


       The Chronological Résumé is a listing of your work
experience and education history in chronological order.
Major categories usually include Education, Work History,
Special Skills, Affiliations, and Awards. This type of resume is
excellent either for individuals entering the job market for the
first time or for individuals who are changing jobs within a
given career field.

              Key Concepts for Powerful Effective Resumes:

  A resume is a sales flyer and marketing tool, not an historical document
  for what you used to do.
  It is about You and creates a mental snapshot of your skills and
  It focuses on actions that are Recent and Relevant.
  It summarizes your Accomplishments, not your duties and
  It documents the Skills you enjoy using and want to use again.

                                          Bill Gates
                                       4200-54 Avenue South
                                      St. Petersburg, FL 33711
                              (727) 864-8571

                To acquire a computer science position in the corporate sector utilizing my
                technical talents and knowledge of computer systems.

                Bachelor of Science Degree                               May 2001
                ECKERD COLLEGE, St. Petersburg, FL

Major:           Computer Science       GPA: 3.50
Minor:           Mathematics

    Lab Assistant                                                 8/99 to Present
    ECKERD COLLEGE, St. Petersburg, FL
     Assisted students with Pascal programming on a PRIME System & word
     processing on IBM PCs. Addressed troubleshooting hardware/software
     problems on PCs and the mainframe.

         Programmer/Analyst Intern                                      4/98 to 7/99
         Executed the redesign (system development/design) of an insurance system.
         Development included programming and debugging/error detection.
         Maintained a productivity reporting system.

         Tutor/Instructor                                              11/97 to Present
         LYCEUM STUDY CENTER, St. Petersburg, FL
             Coached students in mathematics, computer science, and reading
         (grades K-12 & college).

    President, Association for Computing Machinery (A.C.M.)
    Honors Scholar
    Dean's List
    Treasurer, Omicron Delta Kappa Honor Society
    Volunteer, St. Petersburg Special Olympics
    Coordinator, Jordan Park Community Center Tutoring Project
    Big Brother/Big Sisters of Pinellas County

                                 References furnished upon request

                                           JIMMY CARTER
                                            Campus Box #000
                                         4200 - 54 Avenue South
                                St. Petersburg, FL 33711 (727) 864-1970

OBJECTIVE:    To secure an internship that will utilize my counseling, research, and communications

                Bachelor of Arts Degree                                        May 2001
                Eckerd College, St. Petersburg, Florid
                Major: Psychology - Minor: Business Management
                GPA: 3.3
                Languages: Conversational Spanish

                                           MAJOR SUBJECTS

                 Clinical & Counseling             Developmental Psychology
                 Social Psychology                 Bio-Psychology
                 Statistics                        Personality Research
                 Abnormal Psychology               Experimental Psychology
                 Independent study in Sports Psychology

                                          MAJOR RESEARCH

        - Positive Physiological Effects of Laughter
        - Evolution of the Violent Antisocial Personality Disorder from Childhood and Adolescence

ACTIVITIES:      3 years of NCAA Collegiate Baseball
                 Psychology Club, Health Advisory Committee, Service Learning with the
                 Salvation Army and Britt Halfway House

HONORS:          Dean's List
                 Special Talent Scholarship - Athletics
                 Alumni Merit Award
                 Who's Who Among College Students
                 Received outside scholarship from Nucor Corporation


Sales Consultant                                                                August 1999 - Present
Presented top quality athletic apparel and equipment to potential customers. Gained experience in
numerous selling and marketing strategies. Developed skills necessary to effectively interact with people
in both individual and group settings.

                                     Amelia Earhart
                                        6900 23rd St. South
                                     St. Petersburg, FL 33711
                                          (727) 555-9089

Bachelor of Arts
Eckerd College, St. Petersburg, FL     May 2000
Major: International Business
Minor: Management
Languages: Conversational Proficiency in Spanish and German


Residential Advisor
ELS International Youth Camp                                               Summer 1998/1999
Organized daily living for over 300 students (8-18 years old) from many non-English-speaking
countries, including Turkey. Created activities that allowed students to practice English languages
skills as well as become familiar with American culture. Experiential learning initiatives
including arts and crafts, games and carious American sports.

Organized Behavior Proctor
Eckerd College                                                             Spring 1999
Collaborated with other facilitators for management/finance majors to prepare each day's
classroom activities. Topics integrated theories of motivation, perception, ethics, and cultural

Management Research Assistant
Eckerd College                                                        Fall 1998
Retrieved and synthesized data and provided general management assistance.

Video Clerk
Network Video                                                           August 1995-1997
Strengthened customer service policies for video rentals of American and Foreign films.

                                         Technical Skills

       Word Perfect              Access    Outlook                       Internet/Netscape
          Windows '98               MSWord     MSExcel                 Power Point

                                       References upon request

Box 10 College of Mount Saint Vincent □ Riverdale, NY 10471
Phone: 458-355-7891 □ E-mail:

                                                  Mark Twain

       An entry-level position in psychology with a focus on counseling.

       College of Mount Saint Vincent
       Bachelor of Arts, May 2005 GPA 3.6
           Major: Psychology
           Concentration: Counseling
           Dean's List, all semesters, Psi Chi (Psychology Honor Society)

Related Course Work
       Abnormal Psychology                                              Psychological Testing
       Contemporary Psychotherapy                                       Child Psychology
       Techniques of Interviewing and Counseling                        Personality

       New York Presbyterian Hospital, White Plains, NY                                      Spring 2005
       Intern, Patient Services
       Interacted with patients in recreational areas
       Observed groups and therapeutic sessions
       Assisted with maintaining records

         College of Mount Saint Vincent, Riverdale, NY                                       2003-2005
         Resident Assistant
         Assisted students with personal and academic issues
         Developed educational and recreational programs
         Enforced college regulations

         Riverdale Neighborhood House, Riverdale, NY                                         Summer 2004
         Camp Counselor
         Supervised groups of 10 children ages 5 to 8
         Planned and monitored craft and sports activities

         Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, and Excel
         Conversational Spanish

        Tennis team, captain; Psychology Club
     Courtesy of Mount Saint Vincent, New York and Job Choices for Business & Liberal Arts Students: 2005 48th Edition


       The Functional Resume organizes your experience
 according to specific skills and abilities. This format focuses
 on the professional skills you have developed over the
 years. This may include the theoretical knowledge attained
 in the classroom or through practical experiences.

      The attention is always focused on the skill rather than
 the context or time of its acquisition.

                           Seven Tips on Writing an Effective Resume

    Always start with a concise, focused Job Objective-or use none at all.
    Identify 3 to 6 essential skills that you possess and that are required to do that job.
    For each essential skill or function, recall accomplishments where you successfully used that
    skill (for pay or not.)
    Describe what you did in brief, lively accomplishment statements. Start each statement
    with an action word or transferable skill word. Quantify and qualify that action to show
    depth and breadth of experience. How did You do it in a unique way? Don't highlight tasks
    and roles you don't want to repeat in future jobs.
    Arrange accomplishment statements either chronologically or functionally to keep the
    resume crisp and focused. White space on the page IS important.
    Top it off with 4 to 5 line Summary outlining your years of experience, strengths,
    qualifications, and one outstanding accomplishment.
    Have a disinterested party proofread it. If possible, get feedback from a pro in that line of

                                      Wilma Flintstone
                                       536 Washington Street
                                         Boston, MS 36492

        Wentworth Institute of Technology, Boston, MA
        B.S. Computer Engineering Technology, May 2005

         A.A.S. Electronic Engineering Technology, 2002
         4.0 GPA, Dean's List every semester

                                                    COURSE WORK

         Operational Amplifiers                                Computer Science I with C
         Logic Circuits                                        Microcontrollers and Embedded Computers
         Digital Applications                                  Integrated Circuits with Applications
         Engineering Graphics                                  Electronic Devices

Technical Competencies:
        Hardware: Signal generador, oscilloscope, digital multimeter, breadboard, DC/AC voltaje
        supply, logia gates
        Software: AutoCAD, C++, PSpice, Agilent VEE Pro, Microsoft Office (PowerPoint,
        Word, Excel)

        Wentworth Institute of Technology/Office of Wellness Education
        Office Assistant, February 2003-present
             • Help promote events around campus
             • Organized paperwork around office and set up office environment
             • Update database with new information

         Wentworth Institute of Technology/Computer Center
         Lab Monitor, September 2003-present
             • Provide hardware and software assistance to lab users
             • Replenish supplies as needed
             • Enforce Computer Lab polices

Leadership Skills:
        Wentworth Institute of Technology
        Resident Assistant, August 2003-present
            • Ensure the safety and well being of 45 residents
            • Organize programs for freshmen and sophomore students to help them adapt to their new
            • Mediate roommate conflicts/school issues and provide a safe resource for residents
            • Enforce housing regulations throughout the building

         Wentworth Institute of Technology
         President of Society of Women Engineers, August 2003-present
              • Organize events for society to help enhance engineering experience and knowledge
              • Set up community service opportunities with other organizations around Boston area
              • Hold bi-monthly meetings to keep members updated and get feedback
              • Educate females about engineering opportunities through lectures

     Courtesy of Wentworth Institute of Technology and Job Choices for Business & Liberal Arts Students: 2005 48th Edition
                                   CHRISTOPHER COLUMBUS
Campus Box #000
4200 54th Avenue South
St. Petersburg, FL 33711
(555) 864-0000

                                     Bachelor of Arts Business Management
                                    Eckerd College, St. Petersburg, Florida 2001


"African American Buying Trends" - Researched, compiled and presented data representing household
composition, purchasing trends and education profiles of African Americans. Recommended how different
marketing strategies should be utilized to advertise to African Americans.

"Consumer Behavior & Consumerism" - Established an understanding of the consumer decision-making
process. Recognized issues, such as, economics, demographics involved in targeting various market

"Marketing Communications" - Analyzed ads in an effort to determine the effectiveness of promotional
strategies implemented. Created and modified ads that could effectively target the intended audience.

                                      COMPUTER EXPERIENCE

         WordPerfect                                  IBM PC          MacIntosh Apple


Insurance Processing Associate                                     May 1999 - Present
    Allstate Insurance Inc.                                         St. Petersburg, FL
    Analyzed policies to compute debits and credits. Researched agent inquiries to
    ensure quality results were generated.

Telephone Interviewer                                       February 1995 - May 1996
    Professional Surveys, Inc.                                      St. Petersburg, FL
    Interviewed and verified clients insurance policies.

Bank Teller                                                July 1994 - February 1995
   Sun Bank of Tampa Bay                                           St. Petersburg, FL
   Provided excellent customer service and processed paying and receiving transactions.

Sales Associate/Cashier                                       August 1991 - July 1994
    Sears Roebuck & Company, Inc.                                   St. Petersburg, FL
    Performed cash/credit transactions on an IBM register and maintained inventory control.

(555) 800-0000
666 Online Blvd
St. Petersburg, FL 33700


BACHELOR OF SCIENCE in CHEMISTRY                                        August 2001
   Environmental Studies Minor
   Eckerd College, St. Petersburg, FL

Environmental, Legal, and Policy Courses
   Legal Issues and Institutions       Environmental Geology
   Environmental Ethics                Environmental History
   Environmental Politics and Policy

Equipment Experience
   Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectrometer         Atomic Absorption Spectrometer
   Gas Chromatography/Mass Spectrometer          Infrared Spectrometer
   High Performance Liquid Chromatograph         Flash/Column Chromatography
   Ultraviolet and Visible Absorption Spectrometer

Software Experience
    WordPerfect 6.1                       Internet/Netscape             SigmaPlot
    Chem Windows                          Windows 98                    Hyperchem


Teaching Assistant                                       September 1997 - August 2001
   Eckerd College - St. Petersburg, FL
   Provided instruction of safe and proper laboratory techniques such as
   titration, NMR, IR, AA, GC-Mass Spec, LC, and UV-Vis spectroscopy.

Chemistry Department Tutor                                September 1998 - August 2001
   Eckerd College - St. Petersburg, FL
   Selected by faculty committee for undergraduate chemistry tutoring for the
   following upper level courses: Organic Structure and Reactivity, Analytical,
   Inorganic, and Physical Chemistry.

Organic Synthesis Research Fellow                                       Summer 2001
   Eckerd College - St. Petersburg, FL
   Researched and carried out synthetic procedures involved in a proposed
   morphinan syntheses.

Chemistry Tutor                                            September 1997- May 2000
   Eckerd College - St. Petersburg, FL
   Taught several high school and junior college students basic chemical concepts.

Page 2
                                PUBLIC SPEAKING EXPERIENCE

Presented several technical seminars including:

"The Scope and Limitation of the [1,4] Sph Shift in the Synthesis of Allylic Alcohols."

  "The Determination of Total Chromium in Whole Blood, Blood Components, and Urine by Fast
Furnace Program Electrothermal Atomization Atomic Absorption Spectrometry."

 "Stereoselective Methoxyseleneylation of Acyclic Allylic Alcohol Derivatives: A Method for the
Synthesis of 1,3-anti-Diols."

"Problems Associated with the Florida Aquifer" for Environmental Politics and Policies.

Directed numerous study and group discussion sessions for the class "Organic Structure and

Taught several class sessions including "Thermodynamics in Biological Systems."

                           MEMBERSHIP and CERTIFICATES

        American Chemical Society
        National Skeet Shooting Association
        American Chemical Society Certified Degree
        Chemistry and the Law, ACS Division
        NAUI SCUBA Certified

                               HONORS, ACTIVITES and AWARDS

        Eckerd College Summer Research Fellowship
        Phi Beta Chi, Science Honor Society
        Eckerd College Special Talent Scholarship
        Eckerd College Honors Scholarship
        Student Government: elected Day Student Representative, 1998-1999
        Attended 1999 American Chemical Society National Conference
        Attended 1999 Collegiate Leadership Seminar
        American chemical Society affiliated Chemistry Club

                                 ATHLETIC ACHIEVEMENTS

        Florida Fall State Lady Runner-Up Champion, American Skeet: 1999
        Collegiate National Championship Lady's Runner-up Champion: 1999
        Florida Fall State Lady Champion, American Skeet: 1998
        Florida State Lady Champion, International Skeet: 1998
        Florida State Class High Overall, American Skeet: 1996, 1997, 1998
        Florida Fall State Class High Overall, American Skeet: 1996, 199
        World Junior Novice Champion, International Skeet: 1996
        Florida Junior Olympic International Skeet Champion: 1996

                                    References Available Upon Request

                                          AL ROKER
    Present Address                                                     Permanent Address
    Eckerd College, Box 567                                             1224 Weather Way Run
    4200 54th Avenue South                                              Englewood, NJ 06841
    St. Petersburg, FL 33711                                            (201) 555-1999
    (727) 864-0004    

 OBJECTIVE: To utilize scientific knowledge, research, and laboratory experience within a challenging
            environmental position.

                         Batchelor of Art, Eckerd College, St. Petersburg. FL         May 2004
                         Environmental Studies Major with Policy Track
                         Biology Minor


        Statistical Methods, Microeconomics, Cultural Ecology , Environmental Politics and Policy,
        Environment in American Thought, Conservation Biology, Writing Environmental Policy, Total
        Quality Environmental Management, Coastal Issues: Ethics and Policy, Wildlife Policy, Estuaries,
        Marine Invertebrate Biology (with Lab), Marine Geology (with Lab), Marine and Freshwater
        Botany (with Lab), Ecology of Amphibians and , Reptiles (with Lab), Biology of Fishes (with

      Freshwater Biodiversity Intern, New England Aquarium, Boston, MA                      Summer 2000
      Participated in an extended experiment sampling ponds throughout Boxfod, MA. Tested water
      quality, collected samples of invertebrates, various fish species (using sein nets), and plant life
      (with quadrants). Serves as a laboratory assistant entering data, testing water samples, and sorting
      fish and plant sample collected on-site.

        Research Assistant, Eckerd College, St. Petersburg, FL                               1998 - 2000
                Removed Blackchin from various freshwater and brackish ponds through Eckerd
                College. Monitored the reactions of the fish to the controlled introduction of salt to
                natural habitat to determine if they were anadromous fish. Analyzed results and presented

                  Merged with the current operations staff of a continuing study examining the impact of
                  red imported fire ants on the population of native green tree and exotic Cuban frogs.
                  Coordinated the weekly monitoring of 14 stations of PVC pipe clusters on campus.
                  Supervised the measuring of the frogs as well as the temperature and humidity of the
                  PVC pipes.

                 Examined the legal, political, and scientific parameters surrounding the water shortage in
                 the Tampa Bay area. Facilitated open dialogs with city/state officials about the rightful
                 ownership of various wellfields in the area.

         National Honor Society             Boating          Camping
         Spanish Honor Society              Fishing          Foreign and Domestic Travel


         The Combination Resume has all the flexibility and
    strength that comes from combining both the
    Chronological and Functional formats. This form can be
    used to present capabilities and transferable skills combined
    with work experience.

         This is becoming the resume of choice. This format,
    in addition to contact information and job objectives,
                            Resume Tips for the Experience Candidate

   Give a summary, not an objective. Specify three or four skills that match the
   employer's needs. These highlights can appear in a short paragraph or quick "bullet"
   Lead with experience, not education (the exact opposite of what a new graduate
   should do).
   List accomplishments, not just responsibilities.
   Determine your résumé's length based on accomplishments. An experienced
   candidate often has enough relevant accomplishments to expand his or her resume to
   a second page. However, be sure your resume does not contain so much information
   that it dilutes the focus.
   Consider listing and describing all of your accomplishments when developing
   the resume. Tailor each resume to include the accomplishments that relate to the
   particular employers' needs.
           Information cited from Job Choices for Business & Liberal Arts Students: 2005 48th Edition page 37
Sidney Doolittle
Eckerd College #1493
4200 54th Avenue South
St. Petersburg, FL 33711
(727) 864-9987


       Bachelor of Science/Bachelor of Arts, Eckerd College, St. Petersburg, FL
       Majors: Visual Arts                                    May 2004
                Biology                                       January 2005

       Associates of Art, North Florida Community College, FL
       Major: Animal Science                                 May 2000

       Suwannee High School, Live Oak, FL                             June 1998
       Honors Diploma


Career Resources, Eckerd College                                                      June 2003-Present
        As a work scholar, greet and interact with students, faculty, and staff seeking employment
        opportunities, career counseling and payroll clarifications. Also assist with data input using Banner.

Shriners Hospital for Children                                                         September 2002-Present
         Responsibilities as a Child Life Assistant in this volunteer position include organizing activities for
         patients which include games, special events, projects and speakers. Also assist patients with

Live Oak Animal Clinic, Live Oak, FL                                                January 2001
        This Veterinary Parasitism internship position included assisting with surgical procedures and animal
        patients intake. Compiled a portfolio of common parasites and treatments. Also ran fecal samples,
        heartworm and FeLv tests, monitored heart rates and respiration.

Live Oak Animal Clinic, Like Oak, FL                                                  January 2000
        As a Clinical Veterinary Medicine intern, Assisted clients under extreme duress regarding concerns
        for their beloved pet, assisted with surgical procedures and patient intake. Ensured families and pets a
        comfortable environment for recovery process.

Counseling Center, Eckerd College                                                 2000-2002
        Proctored exams for students that required extended time. Also worked with students with visual

                                               Awards and Honors

National Dean's List                                                         Phi Theta Kappa
Save Our Animal Resources, President & VP                                    Kiwanis Scholarship
NFCC Outstanding Student Award: Environmental Science                        NFCC Student Ambassador
Walt Disney World Dreamers and Doers, Honorable Mention

Future Farmers of America, State FFA Degree, and State Finalist Swine Production, Supervisee Agricultural
Experience 2nd Place Award, Eagle Award, Outstanding Effort and Leadership.

Homer Simpson
6384-26th Way North
Saint Petersburg, FL 33702
To secure an internship in which I can successfully incorporate analytical, creative and organized skills in a
diverse cultural environmental setting, while offering opportunity for career and professional growth.

EDUCATION          Bachelor of Arts, Eckerd College, St. Petersburg, FL         May 2005
                   Major: International Business                Concentration: Marketing
                   Centro Venezolano Americano, English as a Second Language July 1999

                   Languages: Spanish (Native Language), English (Fluent), French (Basic)

                                    RELEVANT COURSEWORK
Cultural Environment of International Business Pre-Calculus
International Management                       Principles of Marketing
Leadership & Self Discovery                    Accounting
International Marketing                        Anthropology
Human Resources Management                     Personnel Planning

                                   VOLUNTEER EXPERIENCE
Fundana (Foundation of Disabled Children) Carcas, Venezuela                        1998-2000
Happy Workers, Volunteer                                                           2002

                                          OTHER EXPERIENCE
Career Resources Office, Eckerd College, St. Petersburg, FL                          Fall 2002- Present
Responsibilities include greeting all students, alumni, faculty and staff in a fast-paced office environment.
Deal with various matters of confidentiality. Research web information as well as process student work
study forms on a daily basis.

St. Petersburg Chamber of Commerce, St. Petersburg, FL                            January 2003
As an intern, responsibilities include maintaining database for Chamber library, attended various meeting
that included other area chambers of commerce, coordinated survey distribution and collection of
information. In addition, handled incoming correspondence and forwarded to appropriate individuals for

Advancement Office, Eckerd College, St. Petersburg, FL                              Spring 2002
As an office assistant, provided support in the public relations office, which included handling incoming
correspondence and forwarding to appropriate officials for action, data entry, coordinated all news articles
relating to the college, maintained all public relations files.

Centro Venezolano Americano (CVA) Caracas, Venezuela                           2000-2001
Taught children aged 7 through 12 English as a second language. Interacted with staff and administration in
both individual and group settings.

MSWord            Microsoft Excel             PowerPoint                  Netscape/Internet Word Perfect

                  Traveled widely through U.S and Europe. Frequent visitor to Colombia.
                                          Madeline Albright
                              Eckerd College, 4200 54th Ave South, Box #889
                                         St. Petersburg, FL 33711
                             (727) 864-8935 Email:

EDUCATION: B.A. Political Science, GPA: 3.90 Eckerd College, St. Petersburg, FL May 2003

HONORS: Dean's List, National Merit Semi-Finalist, 1999

INTERNATIONAL EXPERINCE:                            Languages: Spanish (conversational, basic writing)
Costa Rica, ICADS Language Program                                            August 2002
        Learned Spanish in intensive language training program, lived with Costa Rican family.

ELS Language Centers, St. Petersburg, FL                                Summer 2001
       Coordinated activities for 120 international students, ages 9 to 15, as a part of a summer camp
       team and provided supervision and safety for 20 children in the residence hall.

Ghana, School for International Training                                           February-May 2001
       Studied the African Dispora, lived with Ghanaian family.

Kenya, Youth International Training                                                September-October 2000
       Performed community service, lived with several local families.

EXPERINCE:                                            Computer Skills: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Internet
Co-Coordinator, Eckerd College Iraq Awareness, St. Petersburg, FL September 2002-Present
       Organized various political actions and discussions, including trip to national protest in
       Washington, D.C. local protest at MacDill AFB, round-table discussion of professors and
       students about the Iraq situation, fund-raising, petition-signing, ect.

Staff Writer, The Triton, Eckerd College St. Petersburg, FL                        September 2002-Present
        Write articles and editorials on political and topical issues for weekly college newspaper.

Campaign Worker, Pinellas County Democratic Party, St. Petersburg, FL   Summer 2002
      Worked on campaign of county commissioner candidate through door-to-door petitioning and
      telephone canvassing.

Community Advocate, Tampa Bay Action Group, St. Petersburg, FL               Fall 2002
     Raised awareness about free trade and labor issues through Citizen's Trade Commission by
     utilizing publicity such as television, newspaper, community gatherings, ect.

Tour Guide, Office of Admissions, Eckerd College, St. Petersburg, FL Summer 2001
       Presented informational campus tours and sessions to prospective students and their families and
       provided support to office staff.

Coordinator of Teen Impact Program, Philadelphia Cares, Philadelphia, PA Summer 2001
       Created outreach strategies for teenage involvement in community projects, facilitated teenage
       focus groups about obstacles and motivations for community involvement.

Athlete, Eckerd College, St. Petersburg, FL                         Spring 2000
         N.Y. University, New York, NY                                      Spring 2002
         Named one of Volleyball Magazines top fifty Freshman. Played on NCAA volleyball Team and
         intramural soccer, volleyball, and basketball.
                                          Donald Trump

5941 Collins Street                                                                    762.439.8181
New York, NY 10016                                                     

                                       CAREER OBJECTIVE

A full-time position as a CAD operator or manual draftsperson with the opportunity to use my
education to produce high-quality designs for clients.

                                SPECIAL SKILLS AND COMPETENCIES

          Auto CAD R14 on Windows 95/NT, AutoCAD R14 Solids-3D Construction,
        Architecture Video Animations, 3D Studio Max, Artistic Presentation Renderings,
                 Making mathematical computations, Working under deadlines,
               Following well-defined instructions, Cooperating with a work team


                                  AAS, Architectural Technology
                    Costal Carolina Community College, Jacksonville, NC 2004
                                            GPA 3.3

  Introduction to Architectural Technology                  Construction Materials and Methods
  Survey of Architecture                                    Residential Architectural Technology
  Building Codes                                            Environmental Systems
  Architectural CAD                                         Architectural 3-D CAD
  Solar Technology                                          Design Project


Manager, Cookie Cutters, Jacksonville Mall, Jacksonville, NC 6/02-present
   • Process wage reports and payroll average $1,200 per week.
   • Train and manage staff of nine employees.
   • Schedule all personnel work shifts.
   • Conduct yearly and monthly inventory.
   • Handle $3,000 to $10,000 in cash transactions weekly.
   • Achieved lowest company payroll percent for the months of January-May 2003.

Library Aide, Southwest High School, NC 1999-2001
    • Organized and maintained library materials.
    • Oversaw the library in the librarian's absence.
    • Checked out library materials to students and staff.

       Courtesy of Costal Carolina Community College and Choices for Business & Liberal Arts Students: 2005 48th Edition

References are available upon request. Make sure you have permission from someone
before using his or her name as a reference. Obtain complete address, phone number,
position (title) of the person(s) you list, as well as email address.

                                  Reference Page

                                           Jane G. Colson
                                Acting Director of Career Resourcess
                                           Eckerd College
                                      4200 – 54th Avenue South
                                      St. Petersburg, FL 33711
                                           727. 864. 8258

                                       Professor Donna Trent
                                   Associate Professor Management
                                            Eckerd College
                                    Behavioral Sciences Collegium
                    Interviewing Tips
        The purpose of an interview is for you and the employer to get acquainted, learn
about one another, and explore the possibility of working together. Preparing for a job
interview requires you to do some homework. You can research the company and
industry via the company's web site and general Internet searches.

                                   Interview Checklist

         Research the organization and industry. Note the following helpful
                Names and job titles of key contacts
                Whether the organization is privately or publicly owned
                Products and/or services
                Year of incorporation
                Number of employees
                Principal locations and subsidiaries
                Type of customers
                Key competitors
                Sales and profit trends
                Possible future ventures

       Practice interviews with a career counselor, friend, family member or by yourself
       in front of a mirror. Employer's prize communication skills in job candidates and
       the interview is your opportunity to showcase your verbal skills, so be prepared.
       Be prepared to answer the following general questions:
                Tell me a little bit about yourself.
                Why are you interested in working for this organization?
                Why have you chosen this particular field?
                What is your major strength/weakness?
                Give me an example of a problem you encountered either in school or at work,
                and explain how you solved it.
                Where do you see yourself in three years?
                Describe an experience in where you worked as part of a team.
                Do you have any questions for me?

       Be prompt and prepared. Arrive 10 minuets early. Bring extra copies of your
       resume, your list of references, a pen and paper, your list of questions for the
       interviewer, and samples of your work, if applicable.

                                             (Interview Checklist)
        Information cited from Job Choices for Business & Liberal Arts Students: 2005 48th Edition pages 44-47.

      Act professionally. Dress appropriately-make sure your clothing is
      pressed, shoes polished, and you are well groomed. Give a firm handshake, make
      eye contact. First impressions count!

       Converse. Don't have the interview turn into an interrogation. Answer the
       interviewer's questions thoroughly but ask questions throughout the process
       Remember, the purpose of the interview is for each of you to learn about the
       other. Keep these questions in mind and address them to your interviewer:
                      Would you describe an average day on the job?
                      What are the key challenges and/or problems facing the person in
                      this position?
                      Is there room for professional growth and upward mobility?
                      With whom would I be working? Who would be my supervisor?
                      Who would I supervise?
                      What is the department environment like?
                      When will you make the hiring decision? May I call you? When is
                      a good time?
                      Do you offer a training program? How long does it last?
                      Will I have the opportunity to work on special projects?
                      Do you have plans for expansion?
                      What skills are especially important for someone in the position?

        Be enthusiastic. A positive attitude goes a long way. Let the interviewer know
        you are a go-getter and are excited about the possibility of working for the

        Follow-up. Ask the interviewer for a business card and promptly send a thank
        you note after the interview. Keep the note brief, but reiterate your interest in the

        Evaluate. Determine if the job is right for you. Did the job description match
        your interests and abilities? Did the employees seem enthusiastic about their
        work? Did you like the management style? Did this seem like a good place to
        work? A good fit will lead to a more successful, fulfilling career for you.

          Information cited from Job Choices for Business & Liberal Arts Students: 2005 48th Edition pages 44-47.

Job hunters make a lot of mistakes negotiating salaries. Many get the short end of the stick because
they are unduly timid. Others are so aggressive about salary demands that they knock themselves out
of the race. To help prepare you with a few ideas, here are some suggestions from career counselors:

        Don't even discuss salary until a firm job offer has been made. Salary should not be
        mentioned on your part during the first interview. You must bargain as the newest member
        of the team, not an applicant.

        Find out approximately what the job pays before you apply for it by studying want ads,
        calling employment agencies and trade associations, and asking others in the field. No job
        has a set salary; it has a range (sometimes just a couple of thousand, other times as much as
        $10,000). The person doing the negotiating usually has the authority to hire anywhere within
        that range.

        Don't volunteer salary information. Keep it off résumés and out of letters. If you are asked
        early what salary you want, reply: "I can't answer that question until I know more about the
        job." When answering blind want ads that ask for salary information, say that your salary is

        If you are asked to name the minimum starting salary you would accept, give a range that
        you can live with but that is slightly higher than what your research shows the job should
        pay. You should quote salary figures as usual amounts. Managers budget salaries on a yearly
        basis and do not normally think of them in weekly or monthly terms.

        If the top salary range is too low and the person doing the hiring says he/she may be able to
        get approval for more money, make an appointment for further negotiations as soon as
        possible. If the salary cannot be increased and you still want the job, negotiate for a review in
        three to six months.

        Do not exaggerate past earnings. Again, the interviewer may know more about you than you

        If you take a cut in salary, make it clear that you expect the cut to be temporary. If there are
        no promise of relief within six months or a year, don't take the job.

        Many decision makers like to drive hard bargains. State what salary and perks you think you
        deserve and why, and ask the person on the other side of the desk if he/she thinks that is

        DO NOT tell anyone at your new job what you make, how big an increase you get over
        your previous salary, or what special perks or fringe benefits you're receiving. Inequities
        always exist and creating dissension is no way to start a new job.

                                    Extractions from Money, December, 1978
ACTION WORDS               Influenced                    Devised                     Compiled
                           Interpreted                   Engineered                  Executed
Management                 Lectured                      Fabricated                  Generated
Skills                     Mediated                      Installed                   Implemented
Administered               Moderated                     Maintained                  Monitored
Analyzed                   Negotiated                    Operated                    Operated
Arranged                   Persuaded                     Overhauled                  Organized
Assigned                   Promoted                      Performed                   Prepared
Chaired                    Publicized                    Programmed                  Processed
Consolidated               Reconciled                    Remodeled                   Recorded
Contracted                 Recruited                     Repaired                    Screened
Corrected                  Spoke                         Retrieved                   Systematized
Created                    Translated                    Solved                      Tabulated
Delegated                  Wrote                         Trouble Shooting            Validated
Developed                                                Upgraded
Directed                   Research Skills                                           Helping Skills
Executed                   Clarified                     Teaching Skills             Assessed
Improved                   Collected                     Adapted                     Assisted
Increased                  Critiqued                     Advised                     Coached
Organized                  Diagnosed                     Coached                     Counseled
Oversaw                    Evaluated                     Communicated                Demonstrated
Planned                    Identified                    Demystified                 Educated
Prioritized                Inspected                     Enabled                     Expedited
Produced                   Interviewed                   Encouraged                  Facilitated
Recommended                Investigated                  Explained                   Guided
Scheduled                  Organized                     Facilitated                 Motivated
Strengthened               Reviewed                      Guided                      Referred
Supervised                 Summarized                    Informed                    Rehabilitated
                           Surveyed                      Instructed                  Represented
Communication Skills       Systematized                  Persuaded
Addressed                                                Stimulated                  Financial Skills
Arbitrated                 Technical Skills              Trained                     Administered
Collaborated               Assembled                                                 Allocated
Convinced                  Built                         Clerical Skills             Analyzed
Corresponded               Calculated                    Approved                    Appraised
Drafted                    Computed                      Catalogued                  Audited
Edited                     Configured                    Classified                  Balanced
Enlisted/Formulated        Designed                      Collected                   Budgeted

Calculated             Discrete
Computed               Economical
Developed              Efficient
Forecast               Energetic
Managed                Enterprising
Marketed               Enthusiastic
Planned                Fair
Projected              Imaginative
Researched             Independent
Creative Skills        Loyal
Conceptualized         Methodical
Created                Objective
Customized             Optimistic
Designed               Perceptive
Developed              Personable
Established            Pleasant
Fashioned              Positive
Founded                Practical
Illustrated            Productive
Initiated              Realistic
Instigated             Reliable
Integrated             Resourceful
Introduced             Respective
Invented               Self-reliant
Originated             Sense-of-humor
Performed              Sincere
Restructured           Tactful
Revitalized            Talented
Shaped                 Will Travel
                       Will Relocate
More Verbs for
Reduced (losses)
Resolved (problems)

Analytical Attentive


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