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					                                                                                   Newsletter for Department of Buses Employees

Some of Our Best                 2
Ms. Subways                      3
DOB Roadeo Awards                4-5
Cheers                           6
Talking Technical                7                                                                           November 2004
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           NYCT Celebrates Subway’s Centennial
     On October 27th, exactly
one hundred years
after the first NYC sub-
way train rumbled into
passenger service, a
fully-restored subway
train, consisting of early
IRT subway cars, left the
original ornate City Hall
station to make a partial re-enactment of     Second Ave. Subway, as well as the           than a subway station. Chandeliers and
that historic trip.                           Flushing Line extension, we are continu-     leaded skylights, combined with a unique
     Filled with dignitaries, including Lt.   ing the legacy that was begun a century      arched ceiling design and decorative tile
Governor Mary O. Donohue, Mayor               ago.”                                        work, blended to create a splendid piece
Michael Bloomberg, MTA Chairman                    In the late 1890s, Financier August     of municipal artwork. With a platform
Peter Kalikow, MTA Executive Director         Belmont, Jr. and contractor John B.          long enough to handle only five cars, the
Katherine Lapp, and NYCT President            McDonald sought to create a profitable       stop was decommissioned on 1945, when
Lawrence Reuter, the string of                alternative to the city’s trolley and the    the system went to longer trains.
restored subway cars made the slow            elevated train systems. The most modern           Of course, the subway would not be
loop around City Hall, before making the      safety features imaginable were incorpo-     the success it is without the hundreds of
dash up the Lexington Avenue Line and         rated into the design of the new subway      thousands of workers who, over the
onto the shuttle tracks at Grand Central.     and the promise of much higher speeds        decades, have made their careers in the
These segments were part of the original      was also an attractive point.                system. Bearing this in mind, the celebra-
subway, which actually turned west on              “It is an extremely fortunate coinci-   tion also honored the contributions of
42nd Street, then north at Times Square       dence in timing that finds me at the helm    three veteran NYCT DOS employees who
and terminated at 145th Street and            of the finest transit system in the world,   have each contributed over 50 years on
Broadway.                                     as New York celebrates the Centennial        the job.
     “Today’s event is important, not only    of the very first subway trip,” said              For the Centennial celebration, the
because it gives us the chance to reflect     President Reuter. “As we celebrate the       City Hall Station was scrubbed and
on the impressive history of the New          past, we also have a clear vision of         brightened so that, for a few hours, New
York City subway system, but also             the future and we are well on our way        Yorkers could travel back to the early days
because it extends to us the opportunity      with a fleet of state-of-the-art cars, a     of the subway system. The Lo-V subway
to look ahead,” said Chairman Kalikow.        modern signal system now being               cars, veterans of more than five decades
“With planning well underway for the          installed on the Canarsie Line and the       of service before they were retired in the
construction of the vitally important         continuation of our station rehabilitation   1960s, were restored to like-new condi-
                                              program. More than 150 stations have         tion and were fitting carriages
                                              already been rehabilitated, with 51 of       for the day’s event. Though
                                              them made accessible to the physically       not the same car class as
                                              challenged.”                                 those used during the sub-
                                                   The starting point of the new subway    way’s initial run, the Lo-Vs,
                                              was a jewel of a station built on a tight    from 1917 and 1925, none-
                                              horseshoe curve in lower Manhattan.          theless served to illustrate
                                              Now serving as the turnaround loop for       just how far subway car
                                              the No. 6 Local, the City Hall Station was   technology has advanced
                                              always more of an architectural treasure     over the past 100 Years!
                      Depot                     Some of Our BEST                                                   “Staff Reporter”
                                                                                                                   Denise Grey-Stewart,
                                                                                                                   Customer Relations

               Many of you may remember                                                         More than a
          a “Centennial News” clipping                                                          Bus Operator at
          in our June issue. The article refer-                                                 Mother Clara Hale Depot
          enced the opening of a special
          exhibit celebrating the “inventive                                                        If you would like to find out more
          genius” of engineer and inventor                                                        information, you may contact the
          Granville T. Woods. Well, in case                                                       David L. Head Foundation at
          you didn’t read the fine print, it just                                                 115-34 152nd Street, South Ozone
          so happens that the creator of the                                                      Park, NY 11436-1025, or call (917)
          exhibit                              is                                                 517-1770.
          David Head, a bus operator at                 David Head, bus operator
          DOB. David has over 19 years with              Mother Clara Hale Depot
          NYCT and currently hails from Mother
          Clara Hale Depot.                          Woods also invented the Induction
                                                                                                   The Department
               When David’s not operating his        Telegraph System. This device enabled             of Buses
          run on the M1, he’s busy with the          dispatchers to know the location of           wishes a Happy
          David L. Head Foundation, a not-           moving trains and helped to prevent
          for–profit organization established        accidents.
                                                                                                 100th Birthday to the
          to ensure that the legacies of minority          David invested many months of             Department
          Founders of America are not lost. The      extensive research at the New York              of Subways!
          mission statement of the organization      Public Library (with the help of several
          is to research obscure historical events                                                         Don’t forget, 2005
                                                     library employees). The result of his
                                                                                                             will mark the
          to cultivate traditions, educate, and      study was the formulation of a research
                                                                                                           100th anniversary
          pass on information and knowledge          paper that chronicled the experiences                  for bus service!
          via literary and visual media. Its         of Woods and many other unknown
          objectives are also to identify impor-     African Americans, whose contribu-
                                                                                                                 The Leader
          tant contributions by minor innovators,    tions have improvedthe quality of
                                                                                                This is an official publication
          recognize people of color who’ve           living we all enjoy to this day.           of New York City Transit: Lawrence G.
          made contributions to society, reveal            David’s work was on display          Reuter, President; Butch Seay, Senior
          legacies by storytelling, and relay        earlier this year in the lobby at 2        Vice President, Buses. It is produced by
          historical facts to the uninformed.        Broadway, in conjunction with the          DOB’s Customer Relations Center: K.
               How did David get “bitten” by the     Department of Subways’ 100th               Jennifer Sinclair, Chief Transportation
          historical bug? It all started when he                                                Officer. Art Director; Carol Monroe.
                                                     anniversary. The exhibit, which was
                                                                                                Production            Assistants:     Charles
          learned about an African American          featured on six 6 ft by 8 ft panels, had
                                                                                                Fr i e r s o n , M a r s h a Granville, Daniel
          trailblazer, none other than – you         illustrations and documentation of         Harding, Rick Stewart, Betty Taylor and
          guessed it - Granville T. Woods!           some of Granville’s more famous            Frank Veneziano. Printing, NYC Transit
          For those of you who are not familiar      inventions. David’s work was heralded      Print Shop, George Watson, Director; Art
          with the name, Woods was an engi-          by MTA Chairman, Peter Kalikow:            Simari, Manager; Don Giryluk, Printer.
          neer and inventor who patented over        “We wouldn’t have a NYC Transit,           Customer Information             Distri-bution:
The Leader NOV 2004

          35 electrical and mechanical inven-                                                   Joan Johnson, Director; Frank Marino,
                                                     Metro-North or Long Island Rail Road
                                                                                                Manager.          If      you   would      like
          tions. Fifteen of his applications were    if it wasn’t for Wood’s inventions. And
                                                                                                to contribute an article for “Depot
          invented for electric railways, includ-    we wouldn’t know about Woods if it         Doings,” or recommend a fellow employ-
          ing a complete Electric Railway System     weren’t for Bus Operator David             ee           for       “Cheers,”        contact
        2 developed in 1892. In addition,            Head.”                                     Chris Lake at 1-888-692-8287.
            To Your Health

         Colitis is an inflammatory bowel
                                                Ulcerative Colitis
           “Staff Reporter” Felicia D. Jones, Training
                                             The most common symptoms of
                                                                                      mainly upon the severity of the disease
disease. It causes inflammation and          ulcerative colitis may include the       and includes medication. Some people
ulceration of the mucous membrane that       following:                               have severe cases of this disease and may
lines the colon and rectum area. This        1. Diarrhea. Some people can have        require additional medications or surgery.
disease usually affects the left side of        diarrhea from 10 to 20 times a day.   The purpose of the treatment is to relieve
the colon and rectum. In some instances,                                              the symptoms and end or prevent the spo-
                                             2. Rectal Bleeding.
it can occur in the rectum and throughout                                             radic attacks; moreover, to treat the com-
the colon.                                   3. Abdominal pain and cramping.          plications that develop with ulcerative coli-
    The two most common inflammatory         4. Constipation                          tis, such as anemia. Recommended treat-
bowel diseases are ulcerative colitis                                                 ments may include nutritional supplements.
                                             5. Loss of Appetite
and Crohn’s Disease. The basic cause of                                               Most treatments may be managed medica-
ulcerative colitis is unknown. Researchers   6. Fever                                 tions to keep the disease in remission and
suggest that this disease may result in      7. Weight Loss                           to avoid flare-up.
abnormal response to normal intestinal                                                    As always, if you experience any of
                                             8. Anemia can develop due to bloody
bacteria. This disease can run in families                                            these symptoms, the best advice is to see
                                                stools and intestinal inflammation.
that have a genetic predisposition to                                                 your physician as soon as possible.
develop this condition when triggered by     Treatment of Ulcerative Colitis          Remember, your health is key to living life
certain conditions.                             The treatment varies, depending       abundantly.

And The Winner Is…
2004 Ms. Subways is crowned and poised to
                                                                                      search for Ms. Subways 2004 was a
begin her reign!                                                                      great way to revisit one of the many
    For the first time in more than                                                   enjoyable things that New Yorkers
30 years, Ms. Subways reigns once                                                     remember about the Subway. I’d like
again over the sprawling NYC                                                          to thank the New York Post and par-
Subway system. Her reign coincides                                                    ticipation of its readers for making
with the celebration of the Subway’s                                                  our search so successful.”
100th Anniversary, a milestone cele-                                                       Caroline Sanchez-Bernat, a 29-
brated on October 27th, 100 years to                                                  year-old Manhattanite and actress,
the day the first subway train rode up                                                believes that the subway displays an
the IRT from City Hall to Harlem.                                                     accurate picture of the cultural diversi-
    During 1941 and 1963, when the                                                    ty that New York City has to offer. She
original Miss Subway contest was                                                      feels that New York is a “shining gem
held, the young women who were                                                        of diversity and possibility that is a
chosen to represent the City’s                    Caroline Sanchez-Bernat
                                                                                      template for what our world aspires
                                               was crowned Ms. Subways 2004
Subway system represented the best                                                    to be.”
and the brightest of the city. They          ented New Yorkers, Caroline                   As Ms. Subways 2004, Ms.
graced subway car posters for 35             Sanchez-Bernat was crowned Ms.           Sanchez-Bernat received one year of
years. Most became local celebrities         Subways 2004, making her the first       free transportation on NYC Transit
and some went on to have successful          Ms. Subway since 1976. Note that the     subways and buses, a home subscrip-
acting or modeling careers.                  original title of “Miss Subways” has     tion to the New York Post, a Crown &
    The winner of the Ms. Subways            now become “Ms. Subways” – you’ve        Sash and a Ms. Subways 2004 Gift
                                                                                                                                      The Leader NOV 2004

2004 contest was crowned at                  come a long way!                         Pack. As a part of her reign, she will
Ellen’s Stardust diner on October                “Re-opening the search for Ms.       also be a featured spokesperson in
25th by NYCT officials and the New           Subways was a fun way to get             future NYC Transit Marketing &
York Post, following a three-month           New Yorkers involved in the subway       Service information ads, and appear
contest. From the thousands of entries       centennial celebration,” said MTA        at various New York Transit Museum
submitted by articulate, poised and tal-     chairman Peter Kalikow. “The             events.                                   3
                      “Staff Reporter”
                      Regina Richardson,
                                               DOB Roadeo Banquet 2004:
                      Customer Relations                                                               SVP Butch Seay
                                                                                                    congratulates the winners.
            The Department of Buses held
       its annual Roadeo Awards Banquet
       on October 21st. Guests of honor
       were the 60 Depot Winners in the
       Maintenance, Shifter, and Bus
       Operator categories.
            SVP “Butch” Seay was on
       hand to personally congratulate each G/Supt Phil Travers, our
       winner. Seay commented, “New Roadeo “MC extroadinaire”.
       York City Transit is the best. So,                 CTO Jennifer
       when you’re the best here, you’re                  Sinclair gives out
       already the Best of the Best!” SVP                 the system awards.
       Seay also awarded the trophies and
       savings bond certificates and took
       photos with the honorees. TWU Local
       100 Vice President Ed Watt and
       ATU      1056       Vice    President
                                                                                  First Place Transportation System winner,
       Tony Breaux each offered their
                                                                                 East New York B/O Anthony Griffith, is
       congratulations to the roadeo                                         flanked by G/S Tony Zanatta, AGM Kingsley
       awardees. Senior Managers from                                            Douglas, CTO Sinclair and SVP Seay.
       each Division and Depot were also
       on hand to honor all the winners.          APTA Team
            Each year, the depot with the     members, East
       largest percentage of depot employ-     New York Mtr
       ees competing in the roadeo receives
                                             Registre, CMF
       the Depot Participation Award. Once
                                                Mtr Donald
       again, the award was won by Beatty, Mother
       Flatbush Depot.                       Clara Hale B/O
            The first place System Winners          Michael
       represented NYCT at the APTA             Sanua, East
       International Bus roadeo, held this    New York B/O
       year in Atlanta, Georgia. Returning
                                                Griffith and M. J. Quill Mtr Peter Brown share the spotlight with G/Supt Joe
       DOB representative Anthony                 Roberto, AGM Jim Anderson, G/Supt Tony Zanatta, Mother Clara Hale
       Griffith (East New York) and APTA         Depot Vice Chair William Isabel, AGM Kingsley Douglas and SVP Seay.
       newcomer (yet a former NYS
       Champion) Michael            Sanua
       (Mother Clara Hale) delivered
                                                                                                           TWU Local 100 VP
       NYCT’s best showing in many years,                                                                  Ed Watt honors
       capturing 5th place and 6th place,                                                                  the awardees.
The Leader NOV 2004

       respectively.     Veteran   Donald
       Beatty        (Central   Maintenance
       Facility) and newcomers Peter
       Brown (Michael J. Quill) and
                                                                                       Supt Mike Danilczyk speaks about the
       Joseph Registre (East New York)                                                 NYS Roadeo competition.
     4 composed the Maintenance Team.
                                   Celebrating Excellence!
                    ATU 1056 VP
                    Tony Breaux                                                     The final set of awards went to
                    congratulates                                              the overall System Winners in
                    all the honorees.                                          Maintenance and Transportation.
                                                                               Chief      Transportation    Officer
                                                                               Jennifer Sinclair presented the
                                                                               Larry Lusk Memorial Award for
                                                                               Maintenance to Donald Beatty.
                                                                               The Transportation award went to the
                                         Casey Stengel B/O Mike Barone, with   top Bus Operator at this year’s
                                          SVP Seay and VPs Ted Basta and
                                                                               Roadeo, Anthony Griffith. The
                                         Howard Ende, also took Second Place
                                             at this year’s NYS competition.
                                                                               skill and determination exhibited by
                                                                               these                     competitors
First Place Maintenance System winner,                                         characterizes the spirit of all our
CMF Mtr Donald Beatty, is flanked                                              participants.
   by AGM Derrick Lawson and
                                                                                    Of course, we must remember
              SVP Seay.
                                                                               to make a few special acknowledg-
                                                                               ments! First, to our returning host,
       Flatbush B/Os Edward Wright,                                            Bus Command Center’s own Phil
              Norberto Santiago and
                                                                               Travers – your “handle” says it
        Christopher Baird, with Depot
                                                                               all! Our continuing thanks to
       Chair Louretha Carter and SVP
                               Seay.                                           Employee Recognition Programs staff
                                                                               for their assistance in coordinating
                                                                               our banquet. Thanks also to
                                               AGS Devon Rogers, TWU           Susan Pokodner and Peter
                                               Division Chairman Brian         Cheung for handling all of the
                                               Clarke and SVP Seay take a
                                                                               fine details. Big thanks go to Carl
                                               photo with Kingsbridge B/Os
                                                                               Bonsignore for taking these pho-
                                               Guillermo Caban and
                                               Roland Lewis.                   tos! And we can’t forget to thank
                                                                               Mike Danilczyk (Transportation
                                                                               Supervisor) and George Canner
                                                                               (Maintenance Team Supervisor) for
                                                                               coming through for us every year!
                                                                               And, extra-special thanks to the set-
                                                                               up crew – your hard work, though
                                                                               behind-the-scenes, makes the roadeo
                                                                               an annual success!
                                                                                    Next year, the NY State
                                                                               Championships will be held in
       TWU Division                                                            Ithaca, New York and the APTA
                                                                                                                    The Leader NOV 2004

   Chairman Brian                                                              International in Dallas, Texas.
Clarke, West Farms                                                             Remember, only the System Winners
 Depot Chair Frank                                                             will represent NYCT in the APTA
 Austin, SVP Seay
                                                                               competition. Be on the lookout for
    and GM John Hein congratulate West Farms B/O Howard Davis, Shifter
                                                                               the 2005 roadeo applications, so
       Clyde Richardson, and B/Os Jacinth Fiocco and Loyard Harrison.
                                                                               you don’t miss your chance!           5
             Cheers For                                                       Bus Operators
            Gold                                Santana, Charlie          Mangro, Jaggernath       Filippelli, Caroline     West Farms
            Commendations                       Stevens, Manuel           Rivera, Denise           Henry, John              Depot
                                                                          Thomas, Louis            Pietrantonio, Michael    Cintron, Heriberto
                      126th Street Depot     Gun Hill Depot                                        Samuels, George          Soto, Bernard
                      Ingram, Curtis         Jacques, Bernard (Sld) Michael J. Quill Depot
                                             Rivera, Lydia          Caballero, Carrie
                      Flatbush Depot         Williams, Courtney     Clarke, Ewan
                      Mann, Jacqueline                              Coonan, Elaine
                                                                                                  Want to save some money? If you
                                             Jackie Gleason         Quigley, Patrick
                                                                    Trugman, Leroy             have AT&T wireless service, you can get
                      Jackie Gleason Depot Depot
                                                                    Wharton, Laura             a 20% monthly service discount.
                      Cohl, William          Brown, Gregory
                                             Casimer, Rigaud        Young, Mark                Simply call their national business office
                      Jamaica Depot          Charvez, Angel                                    at 1-888-444-4410 and give the NYC
                      Matthews, Chester      Coss, Michael          Mother Clara Hale          Transit Sponsor ID Number of 45223
                                             Heaney, Walter         Depot                      (also called a FAN number).
                      Michael J. Quill Depot Rodriguez, Dennis      Coughlan, Patricia            You can also get a 45% discount on
                      Horton, Thomas                                Jackson, Clarence          phones or equipment in any AT&T store
                      Limage, Patrick        Kingsbridge Depot                                 or over the phone. This discount is
                      Sadler, Michael        Delgado, Leopoldo      Queens Village Depot       being offered for a limited time only, so
                                             Hodsden, Ernest        Jacobs, James              don’t delay!
                      Queens Village Depot                          Stuart, Roberto
                      Stuart, Roberto        Manhattanville
                                             Depot                  Ulmer Park Depot
                                             Allen, Louis           Burke, Joyce                    Safety Tidbit
                      Red                    Caputo, John           Chandler, Franklin
                      Commendations                                                       Be on the lookout for the new mini-cars

                      126th Street Depot                       Watch                                   - AKA Mini Coopers, for example.
                      Daniels Vincent                               the                         These cars can cause havoc with our buses
                      Domenech, Alberto (Cc)          “Transit Transit”                                    and other large vehicles.
                      Figuera, Danny                               annual                       Because of their size and shape, they may
                      Harris, Marvin
                      Jacob, Herb (Cc)                  Holiday Sing-a-Long                    not readily appear in you right side mirrors.
                      Medina, Pedro (Cc)              during the enitre month of               Their size allows for quick, sudden maneuvers
                      Miranda, Marcello (Cc)
                                                              December!                        that may put them in your path unexpectedly.
                      Pinckney, Nikia
                      Rouse, Sean                       WNYE-TV Channel 25                          Watch out and stay alert when you
                      Solivan, Oscar                     Saturdays at 3:30pm
                                                                                                       approach these types of vehicles!
                      Williams, Steven
                                                                    “Technical Trivia”
                      Bus Command Center
                      Walsh, Robert (Supt)                                By Ronald Cuomo

                      Casey Stengel Depot                    Question What depot housed
                                                             Question--                                 it to Ronald Cuomo, C/O Customer
                      Bowie, Loretta                         the DOB “Double-Decker”                    Relations, Room #1, East New York.
                      Genussa, Angela
                                                             buses during the 1970s?
                      Miles, Anthony
                      Olivo, Horatio                                                                    Send your answers today directly
                      White, Kenneth                              Be the first in your department or    to “The Leader” at the above
The Leader NOV 2004

                                                             unit to correctly answer the “TT” ques-    address.
                      Flatbush Depot                         tion and Customer Relations shall
                      Hayes, Quentin                         award you with a genuine Department        ANSWER to last month’s question:
                      Olivier, Laurence                      of Buses Prize! If you have a trivia       There is one set of green rear door
                      Pitts, Harry
                                                             question that you wish to be used, send    interlock lights (containing two lights
                      Racco, Joseph
  6                                                                                                     in the unit).
  "Talking Technical"                                                                                 "Staff Reporter" Ronald Cuomo,
                                                                                                                 Maintenance Training

                                                       Fun with Future Bus Visions
      This month, “Talking Technical” would            ■ “Employee Pass Starting Systems” -                  that is close to the bus to help aid the operation
like to expand on an idea from Desmin                  Buses would have the ability to start, only when      of the bus. This could be especially helpful on
Dorsett, Bus Operator from M J Quill Depot,            authorized by official DOB personnel, designat-       the rear of the bus and on articulated models.
who suggested, “Could you list some future bus         ed with bus operation rights.                         ■ “Terrorist-Proof Bus Operator Back
options and some items that may be on future           ■ “Gauge-less             and      Tell-Tale-less     Shield" – A Bus Operator compartment back
buses that run in Manhattan?”                          Dashboard” - Use one LCD control board to             shield that would provide a high level of
      Desmin, even as no one could accurately          provide all the pertinent data to the Bus Operator    protection in the event of an incident on a bus.
predict the transit bus future, I thought it would     as required. Bus system data on sub-systems           ■ “Touch-less Fare Collection System” -
be fun to outline some personal ideas and a few        that are functioning normally need not be dis-        Use a magnetic or RF sensor-based system to
technical visions. These would be nice for             played which would simplify the dashboard that        acknowledge and collect each fare from our
the bus industry to consider for development           would ultimately eliminate all the gauges and         customers for payment of each ride as they
and use during this new century on future and          multi telltale lights. An audible voice would alert   enter the bus.
existing transit buses.                                the Operator of pending system failure and also       ■ “Voice Actuated Operator Controls” -
      Some ideas and dreams may be far-fetched         advise on critical actions necessary.                 Replace all physical/manual switches and Bus
and reaching, while others could theoretically         ■ “Memory Responsive Mirrors” as the                  Operator compartment controls with voice trig-
become a reality. Of course, as one would              Bus Operator logs into the bus, all the mirrors       gered controls to eliminate switches.
expect, many factors play a part in the develop-       would automatically adjust to the needs and           ■ “Wheelchair Tie-Downs” - Install an
ment of new technical advancements and inno-           requirements of the Operator that he/she pre-         automatic wheelchair tie-down retractor system
vations. Since the bus manufacturers’ customers        selected during previous runs.                        to retain each tie-down in an enclosed case to
are not as substantial as the traditional automo-      ■ “Multi-Zone Climate Control” - Offer                protect each tie down.
tive consumers market, cost and quantity are           different levels of heat and cool air throughout      ■ “White LEDs “ - Fluorescent lighting in the
sometimes determining factors in the cultivation       the bus, thermostatically controlled, to provide      bus interior would be replaced by white
of new devices. Nevertheless, imaginative              different levels of comfort and balance areas of      LEDs which would operate on longer lasting
visions and inventive foresight to make transit        the bus. This would stabilize cool or warm drafts     duty cycles and consume lower currents. All
buses safer and to offer additional comfort for        and maintain a constant temperature in the bus        other white incandescent lighting could be
our Bus Operators, are always paramount, not           cabin.                                                replaced with LEDs.
to mention increasing the efficiency of current        ■ “National Bus Numbering System” –                         While these are only a few innovative
technical gadgets and options.
                                                       A consecutive bus numbering system would              ideas, the fact remains that many DOB
      The bottom line is, how many times have
                                                       provide a national, uniform standard. The bus         personnel have some great suggestions that may
you heard a co-worker, friend or family member
                                                       numbers should also match their license plates        not be as abstract or complicated to develop and
say, “Why don’t they …”. Well today, for fun,
                                                       for ease of administration, tracking and added        implement which would aid and help DOB!
I have listed and paraphrased some of the
                                                       security.                                                   In essence, this may be a good time for
dreams and thoughts of DOB personnel that also
                                                       ■ “One way filtered bus glass” - That                 you to participate in the NYCT “Employee
have been shared with me during the years and
                                                       would change the tinting, according to the sun-       Suggestion Program”. Who knows, if your
during casual conversations.
                                                       light and environmental lighting, to provide the      idea is adopted, you may be eligible for a cash
How about;                                             bus interior with a constant hue. Being a one-        prize award for your efforts! So, why not get a
■ “Air curtains” – Air curtains that surround          way device, security and law enforcement per-         form, fill it out and send it in today. The forms
the front and rear door openings to help main-         sonnel could still monitor the bus’ interior.         are available from the TENS Kiosks or, simply
tain the climate control system as the bus doors       ■ “Plasma Advertisement Information                   ask your Supervisor or Manager for one today.
are opened and closed.                                 Screens” – Multiple advertisement screens             If you wish, you could contact a representative
■ ”Automatic Refuse Disposals” -                       installed in the interior of the bus that are trig-   directly, at 130 Livingston Street, Room
Convenient, interior disposals, vacuum assisted        gered by the local vendors’ location, would be        136, Brooklyn, New York, telephone number
and strategically mounted in the bus, to be            displayed for our customers, sequenced to the         (718) 694-5490, fax number (718) 694-4549
available for customers to dispose of trash and        arrival at the bus stop prior to the vendors loca-    and e-mail address
refuse while riding the bus. The trash would then      tion. These flat screens would also be a vehicle      Special thanks goes to Roy Beers, 19A
be accumulated in one unit for easy removal.           to provide public service announcements as well       Dispatcher at Casey Stengel Depot for his aid in
■ “Bus-Noise Cancellation” – This system               as MTA safety advisories and any other data that      accumulating some of these bus visions.
could provide a quieter bus when traveling             the DOB wishes to transmit.
                                                                                                             If you have a technical or maintenance ques-
through residential communities and hospital           ■“Sliding Bus Entrance and Exit Doors”
                                                                                                             tion/topic or ideas on future bus technologies
                                                                                                                                                                  The Leader NOV 2004

zones, as well as when operating during late           – Install sliding pocket doors that slide into the
                                                                                                             that you wish to be answered or included in
night runs.                                            bus body as they are opened. They would elim-
                                                                                                             my column, please send it directly to me,
■ “Chameleon Exterior Bus Paint” - The                 inate the need for customer rear door interven-
                                                                                                             Ronald Cuomo, c/o The LEADER at
bus paint would actually change its color accord-      tion and may provide a clearer egress for enter-
                                                                                                             Customer Relations, Room #1, East New York. If
ing to the desired scheme to celebrate holidays,       ing and exiting the bus.
                                                                                                             your suggestion or request is used, you shall
events or adjust its color to provide increased vis-   ■ “Sonar Warning System” - Monitor and
                                                                                                             receive an extraordinary DOB trinket prize - the
ibility when traveling through safety zones.           alert the Bus Operator of any vehicle or object
                                                                                                             envy of everyone in the neighborhood.            7
                          “Staff Reporter”       Some of our
                          Denise Grey-Stewart, Customer Relations
                                                                    BESTSpotted in Action!
                                                                                     Ulmer Park
                                                                             A group of men and women
                                                                              dedicated to serving the
                                                                                 public in a safe and
                                                        1                2

                      3                                                                                          5

                                                                         4   1- TWU Rep Jimmy Manzella, B/O
                                                                                Lou Ramos, G/S Trans Ed Catanzaro
                                                                                and AGS Wayne Murphy

                                                                             2- Michele McNulty, Admin Manager

                                                                             3- 19A Disp Ian Moreno and
                                                                                B/O Theodore Eckman

                                                                             4- “S.O. Crew”, BMB Nick Galia, BMB
                      6                                                         Joseph Battista, MHB Ronald
                                                                                Pennachio, BMA Francesco Martino,
                                                                                and BMB Richard Chantaduly

                                                    7                        5- B/O Noel E. Guzman and
                                                                                Disp Naser Khan at the Keane Machine

                                                                             6- Joseph Battista, BMB

                                                                             7- MMC Yuriy Inochkin, LM Anatoliy
                                                                                Kirtsman, LM Val Feldman, MMC
                                                                                Rudy Anirude, M/SUPV Robert
                                                8               9               Blafford

                                                                             8- Brian McCaffrey, BMB

                                                                             9- Ralph Gambali, L/Supv
The Leader NOV 2004

                                                                             10- B/Os Herbert Reaves, Jeffrey Policar,
                                                                                 Rod Anchelowitz, Russell Maring,
                                                                                 Rhonda Hopkins, AGM, John Carroll,
                                                                                 B/Os Milton James, George Samuels,
                                                                                 Michael Samson, and Carmine Russo
  8                                                                 10

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