Molecules of Life - Functional Groups and Linkages by sdv27298


									SBI4U             Molecules of Life - Functional Groups and Linkages

For background please read p 16 -24 of the text

Sketch basic functional groups

Sketch the changes as a 3 carbon hydrocarbon changes one carbon for an hydroxide,
then for an aldehyde, then for a carboxylic acid. What chemical properties are affected
by this progressive change.


Compare “neutral” covalent bonds with polar covalent bonds.

What does oxidation mean? What does reduction mean? Which has more energy?

From the text, document using words or diagrams, how an ionic substance dissovles in
water, and how water molecules interact with each other.

Acids and bases are discussed on page 21 and 22. Please diagram the process of
carbonic acid formation from water and CO2.

Answer questions #6-15 from page 23.

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