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Table of Contents

Chapter 1 Preparation

1. Documents and Depositions: The Basics
2. Reconstructing Reality: Preparing the Deponent to Testify
3. Preparing a Witness for Deposition
4. Talking Green-Showing Red: Why Most Deposition Preparation Fails
5. 130 Rules for Every Deponent

Chapter 2 At the Table

6. Taking Depositions
7. Medium vs. Tedium: Video Depositions Come of Age
8. Conducting the Oral Deposition
9. The Four-Hour Deposition
10. Multi-level Depositions
11. Depositions Under the New Federal Rules
12. Taking Depositions That Stick
13. Taking Chances at Depositions

Chapter 3 Strategies

14. Deposition Traps and Tactics
15. Preparing for Rule 612
16. Using and Utilizing Depositions
17. Deposition Essentials: New Basics for Old Masters
18. Effective Use of Depositions at Trial
19. Showing Your Hand: A Counter-Intuitive Strategy

Chapter 4 Special Cases

20. Preparing a Witness to Testify in a Commercial Case
21. Strategies in Expert Depositions
22. Playing Hardball in Expert Witness Depositions
23. Your Client's Employee is Being Deposed: Are You Prepared?
24. Deposing Corporations and Other Fictive Persons

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