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Characteristic Features

–Unsorted sediments
–Smoothing of ground moraine into hills.
•Shape indicates movement
•Kettle lakes
–Circular depression left by blocks of ice that fill with water
–Horizontal sorting of sediments caused by melt water
– unsorted sediments to large to be carried by the melt water

Streams (running water)
•Flood plains
–Deposition of fine sediments adjacent to the bank
–Vertical sorting
–Deposition at the mouth of the stream
–Horizontal sorting
–Amazon River has the largest delta
–Deposition at the edge of the stream

•Sand Dunes
–Layers of sand deposited in opposite directions
–Gentle slope indicates windward side
Waves and Ocean Currents
–Deposition of sediments by ocean waves
•Sand Bars
–Sediments deposited by long shore currents
•Barrier Islands
–Large sandbars
•Rock Fall
–Deposition of unsorted jagged sediments found at the bottom of a steep slope or cliff
•Vertical sorting can occur if rocks fall into still water.

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