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                                       Free toxic waste disposal
                                       Coming soon to your neighborhood
                                       From paints and pesticides to solvents     Motor oil
                                       and medical sharps, it’s important         Used motor oil can be recycled at the
What to bring                          never to discard household toxic trash     curb in clear, unbreakable containers
Batteries                              in the sink, on the ground, down           with screw-top lids. Metro also
Paints and stains                      a storm drain or in your garbage           accepts used oil and oil filters for
                                       can. Instead, bring it to a free Metro     recycling.
Pool and spa chemicals
                                       household hazardous waste collection       Medical sharps
Pesticides and poisons
                                       event. While there, you can also learn     Bring medical sharps – syringes, for
Automotive products (motor oil,
                                       about effective, less-toxic alternatives   example – only in approved sharps
                                       for a home and garden safe for             container.
Thinners, solvents                     people, pets and the planet.
Household cleaners and disinfectants                                              Handling your load
Art and hobby chemicals                Preparing common                           •	 Keep	products	in	original
Aerosol spray products                 products                                      containers. Ensure products are
Sharps (medical syringes,              Aerosol cans                                  properly sealed, and secure leaking
lancets, etc.)                         Use up the contents if possible, and          containers in secondary leakproof
Mercury-containing products            place empty containers – no caps,             containers.
(fluorescent light bulbs and tubes,    please – in your curbside recycling        •	 Label	unmarked	containers	if
thermometers, thermostats)             bin. If cans aren’t empty, bring them         certain of contents. Alert technician
                                       to one of Metro’s collection events or        upon arrival if contents are
No electronics
                                       hazardous waste facilities.                   unknown.
(cell phones, computers, etc.)
                                       Antifreeze                                 •	 Avoid	mixing	products	together	to
Household waste only                   Bring used antifreeze in a sturdy,            help prevent dangerous chemical
                                       unbreakable container with a secure           reactions.
                                       lid. Some private recyclers also accept    •	 Use	containers	5	gallons	or	smaller
Questions?                             used antifreeze. Call Metro Recycling         only. No drums or plastic bags.
Call Metro Recycling                   Information at 503-234-3000 for
                                                                                  •	 For	safe	transport,	pack	products	in
Information                            locations.
                                                                                     sturdy, leakproof boxes and place
                                       Cans of dried paint, empty                    in vehicle trunk.
                                       paint cans
                                                                                  •	 Keep	load	to	35	gallons	or	less; for
                                       Metal paint cans with little to no dry
Hablamos español                                                                     larger loads, call Metro Recycling
                                       residue in them can be recycled at the
                                                                                     Information to schedule an
                                       curb – remove and recycle lids. Metal
                                       or plastic cans with a small amount
                                       of paint left inside can be discarded      •	 Remain	in	vehicle	upon	arrival;	
                                       as garbage after removing the lid             a technician will unload your
                                       and letting the paint dry. Bring full or      materials.
                                       partially full paint cans to Metro.
Free toxic waste disposal in
People places. Open spaces.

your neighborhood
Clean air and clean water
do not stop at city limits
                                                                                   Metro offers hazardous
or county lines. Neither
9 a.m. to 2 p.m.
does the need for jobs, a                                                          waste disposal services
thriving economy and good
March 6                              May 15                                        year-round at two locations
transportation choices for
Portland	Fire	Training	Center        Sunset Presbyterian Church                    Metro Central Station
people and businesses in
4800 NE 122nd Ave.
our region. Voters have              14986 NW Cornell Road                         6161 NW 61st Ave., Portland
asked Metro to help with             Portland                                      From	Northwest	St.	Helens	Road	(Highway	
the challenges that cross
March 13                             May 22                                        30),	turn	east	onto	Kittridge	Avenue	and	
those lines and affect the
Tualatin High School                 Sherwood High School                          left	(north)	onto	Front	Avenue.	Go	one	
25 cities and three counties
22300	SW	Boones	Ferry	Road
in the Portland metropolitan         16956 SW Meinecke Road                        mile, turning left onto Northwest 61st
area.                                Sherwood                                      Avenue.	Facility	is	on	the	right.	
March 20approach simply
A regional                           June 5                                        Metro South Station
makes sense when it comes
Whitford Middle School               Cleveland High School                         2001 Washington St., Oregon City
to protecting open space,            3400 SE 26th Ave.
7935	SW	Scholls	Ferry	Road                                                         Just off Interstate Highway 205 at the Park
caring for parks, planning
Beaverton use of land,               Portland                                      Place/Molalla	exit	(exit	10).	Follow	the	exit	
for the best
March 27garbage disposal             June 12                                       to the first traffic light. Turn right onto
 and increasing recycling.
Mt. Hood Community College           Hillsboro High School                         Washington	Street.	Facility	is	first	building	
 Metro oversees world-class          3285 SE Rood Bridge Road                      on the right.
(parking lot “N”)
 facilities such as the Oregon
26000 SE Stark St. to                Hillsboro
 Zoo, which contributes                                                            Hours: 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday to
Gresham and education,
 conservation                        June 18 and 19                                Saturday. Closed major holidays. Schedule
April 3 Oregon Convention
and the                              Tigard High School                            an appointment for loads larger than 35
Center, which benefits the           9000 SW Durham Road
Fern	Hill	Elementary	School                                                        gallons or drums larger than 5 gallons.
region’s economy.
4445 Heather St.                     Tigard                                        Call Metro Recycling Information at
Forest	Grove                         June 26                                       503-234-3000 for details.
Metro Council                        David Douglas High School
April 10                                                                           Keep a healthy home
Wilsonville City Hall                1001 SE 135th Ave.                                                       •	 Select	safer	products	when	
29799	SW	Town	Center	Loop	E.	        Portland
President                                                                             possible.
David Bragdon                        July 10
                                                                                   •	 If	you	need	to	buy	hazardous	
April 17                             Intel – Aloha Campus
Rod Park                                                                              products, get only what
Alice Ott Middle School
District 1
                                     3585 SW 198th Ave.
                                                                                      you’ll use.
12500 SE Ramona St.                  Aloha
Carlotta Collette                                                                  •	 Share	leftovers	(except	old	pesticides)
District 2                           July 17
                                                                                      with someone who can use them.
April 24                             Parkrose United Methodist Church
Carl Hosticka                                                                         Old pesticides lose effectiveness after
Southwest Bible Church
District 3                           11111	NE	Knott	St.	
                                                                                      two years and may contain banned

                                                                                                                                    Printed on recycled-content paper. February 2010_10026mdw
14605 SW Weir Road
Kathryn	Harrington                                                                    chemicals	(e.g.,	DDT,	Kelthane).
District 4                           July 24
                                     Forest	Grove	Transfer	Station                 For information about safer
May 1
Rex Burkholder
                                     1525 B St.                                    alternatives, call 503-234-3000 or visit
Glencoe	High	School
District 5
                                     Forest	Grove	                       
2700	NW	Glencoe	Road
Robert	Liberty
District 6                           July 31                                       Metro representatives
May 8                                Troutdale Transfer Station                    Metro Council President – David Bragdon
Reynolds Middle School (Enter from   869 NW Eastwind Drive                         Metro Councilors – Rex Burkholder,
Suzanne	Flynn
Halsey Street)                       Troutdale                                     Carlotta	Collette,	Kathryn	Harrington,	Carl	
1200 NE 201st Ave.                   Visit            Hosticka,	Robert	Liberty,	Rod	Park
Fairview                             for the most current schedule of collection   Auditor	–	Suzanne	Flynn
                                     events through November 2010.
Fall	2009                                                                
Printed on recycled-content paper.

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