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									          ~Franchise Opportunities~
Consider a GarbageManTM franchise if you are looking for a business
opportunity that provides:
• High margins
• Predictable hours – Mon. – Fri. work week
• Recession-proof demand

                              ~ The Concept ~
GarbageMan, A Green Company, has established itself as a premier garbage
collector with friendly and discreet services, competitive pricing and
environmentally responsible disposal practices.

                                ~ The Name ~
GarbageMan, A Green Company, captures who we are. As the competition
spends time and money distancing themselves from the name, saying that they
manage waste or consolidate it. We call it like it is much like other successful
brands: Two Men and a Truck and 1-800-Gotjunk.
                Unique Business Model

No Landfills!            Our small trucks are    Upfront pricing—our
                         1/3 of the weight and   rates include all taxes
100% of the trash we     get 4 times the gas     and fees
pick up is brought to    mileage of our
the Waste-To-Energy      competitor’s trucks     No Fuel Surcharges!
facilities where it is
recycled or used for     Safer for your          2 year price guarantee
energy                   neighborhood
                                                 30 day money back
We recycle E-waste       Quieter                 guarantee
                         Easier on YOUR Roads
Electronic invoices
                    ~ How It Works ~
You provide:
• Truck
• Trash cans
• Driver

We Will Provide:
• Training and  support: Your team will receive all the training and ongoing
support necessary to operate a successful GarbageMan franchise – no
prior hauling experience required.
• A professional sales team to build your route
• The expertise: We spend our time perfecting ways to get new customers
and keep the ones we have.
• Daily updates: route updates, new customers, special pick-ups, etc.
• The call center: All customer calls, new sign-ups, billing, collections.
Owning a GarbageMan franchise gives you added income
that is consistent, predictable and recession resistant

We can build you a new route that will generate cash flow
in 1-3 months or we can sell an existing route as a turn key
business. Both of these opportunities are currently

Whether you are looking to augment your existing
business with a new division, or if you would like to
join our opportunity-filled industry fulltime, give us a
call today – you will not be sorry you did!
                                        ~ Contact Us ~
Stephen Marik
VP Sales
GarbageMan Inc.
(763)230-7499 Ext. 4468

Andrew Sorensen
GarbageMan Inc.
(763)230-7499 Ext. 4472

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Disclaimer: This brochure, and enclosed literature, is not an offering. A franchise offering can only be made
by a prospectus or franchise offering circular. The prospectus or franchise offering circular must first be
filed with the appropriate governmental agencies, although such filing does not constitute approval of such
governmental agencies.

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