tentative plan of contract work ��Establishing intersectorial by ramhood4


									           Action plan for 2004 of the contract work „‟Establishment of an intersectorial
         network among the working groups coordinating the implementation of the NPA
                              for Food Security, Safety and Nutrition“

                                 Collaboration                                                             Responsible
 ¹             Activities                          Time        Expected results           Indicators
                                 organizations                                                             organization

I quarter:
      To finalize survey “Food   PHI, MOH,       January-   Survey results                                 PHI
      safety situation of                        March
  1                                                                                      Summary
      Mongolia and future
      Edition of the report of   MOH, PHI,       March      The report of                                  MOH
      survey “Food safety         WHO                       survey (in English                             PHI
                                                                                    To put the report
      situation of Mongolia                                 and Mongolian)                                 WHO
                                                                                    in online website
      and future trends” by
  2                                                                                   of WHO, MOH
      the MOH and WHO,
                                                                                         AND PHI
      publishing, distribution
      and dessimination by
      mass media
II quarter:
 3    To organize first           MOF&A,           April    - Organization          - Administrative       MOF&A
      meeting of the               MOH,                                             team                   MOH
      National Intersectorial       PHI                     - Approve plan of                              PHI
                                                            action for 2004         - Action plan and
      Committee and                                         - Discuss on “3rd
      propagand by mass                                     National Nutrition      - consent form of
      media                                                 Survey”                 the survey

                                                            - Conference of
                                                            capital city, central   - Recommendation
                                                            and eastern regions     of the conference
                                                                                    “Food security and
                                                            - Discuss the issue     safety”
                                                            on introducing
                                                            HACCP system in         - Decision on
                                                            food manufacturing      establishing
                                                            and catering            professional working
 4    Preparatory work for       PHI, MOH,        June      Opportunity to          Information web        PHI
      creating online web         MOF&A                     disseminate             site‟s links
      site on implementation                                information
      NPA for FSSN
 5    Radio programs for the      PHI, Office      May       Improved health        Contract on            PHI
                                                             education of the       cooperation ¹ 1
      community under             in charge
      framework of NPA for       for Radio &                   community
                                                                                    Radio lesson ¹1
      FSSN                             TV
      /to conclude contract/     (OICFR&TV)
                                      PHI,        June       Improved nutrition     Radio lesson ¹2        PHI
                                  OICFR&TV                    education of the

III quarter:
 6   Radio lessons for the          PHI,            July         Improved           Radio lesson ¹3        PHI
     community                   OICFR&TV                     knowledge and
                                                               attitude of the
                                                             community on food

 7   To develop and edit           Newspaper       August      Opportunity to       Drafts of contract     PHI
                                 house „‟Zuunii                   improve           on cooperation
     the draft of contract on
                                    medee‟‟,                    cooperation
     cooperation                Mongolian TV,
                                 useg” Co.Ltd,
                                Department for
                                 training of PHI

 8   Radio broadcasting for       MOF&A             Sept     Improved                -Radio broadcast ¹4   MOF&A
     decision-makers and                                     information of
     professionals on                                        decision-makers        -Improved
     implementation                                          and professionals.     support from
     activities of NPA for                                                          decision-makers
     FSSN.                                                                          and professionals.

9    Meeting of the                 MOH             Sept     Worked out main        - Team                 PHI
     intersectorial                  PHI                     character of the       - Meeting ¹1
     information team                                        information            - Bulletin ¹1
                                                             working team

10   Making the contract         MOH, PHI           Sept     Improved               - News article ¹1      PHI
     with newspaper house                                    information of
     “Zuunii medee” and                                      decision-makers        - Improved support
     preparing and editing                                   and professionals      from decision-
     of publishing materials                                                        makers and

IV quarter:
 11 Radio broadcasting on           MOH            October       Improved            -Radio broadcast ¹5   MOH
     implementation                                           information of                               PHI
     activities of NPA for                                   decision-makers        - Improved support
     FSSN for decision-                                      and professionals      from decision-
                                                                                    makers and
     makers and

12   Meeting of                    PHI,            October     To inform current    - Meeting ¹2           PHI
     intersectorial               MOF&A,                      situation of works,   - Bulletin ¹2, 3       MOF&A
     information team               State                     which have been                              SSSA
                                 Specialized                    conducting by                              NCFS&M
                                 Supervision                    each sector for
                                   Agency                    implementation of
                                   (SSSA),                       NPA for FSSN
                                   Center for
                                and Metrology
13   Preparing 10 minute‟s        MOF&A,         October        Improved        ÒV broadcast             MOH
     TV broadcast                MOH, SSSA                   information of                              MOF&A
                                                            decision-makers                              SSSA
                                                            and professionals                            PHI
                                                           on implementation
                                                             of NPA for FSSN

14   Meeting of                   MOH, PHI,      Nov         Information and    - Meeting ¹3             PHI
     intersectorial                 National                    progressive                              MOH
     information team              Research                  methodology on     -Bulletin ¹4             SSSA
                                   Center for               works conducting                             NRCCD
                                 Communicab                for implementation
                                  le Diseases                 of NPA for FSSN
15   Publishing an article on    MOF&A, PHI      October        Improved        - Newspaper article ¹2   MOF&A
                                                             information of                              PHI
     implementation of NPA
     for FSSN in newspaper                                  decision makers     - Improved
                                                            and professionals   support from
     “Zuunii medee”
                                                                                decision- makers
                                                                                and professionals
                                  SSSA, MOF      Nov            Improved        - Newspaper article ¹3   SSSA
                                                             information of                              MOF
                                                            decision makers     - Improved               PHI
                                                            and professionals   support from
                                                                                decision- makers
                                                                                and professionals
15   Publishing an article for    Mongolian      Dec            Improved        - Newspaper article ¹4   PHI
                                 Food Industry               information of                              MFIF
     NGOs on NPA for FSSN
                                  Federation                decision makers     - Improved support       MCA
     in newspaper “Zuunii                                                                                CGAOM
                                    (MFIF),                 and professionals   from NGOs
     medee”                                                                                              MWF
                                 n of Mongolia
16   Writing the report to        MOH, PHI       Dec       Evaluated the        - Report,                PHI
     WHO                                                   project
                                                           implantation         - Action plan for
                                                           process              2005
     Report of activities of the contract work „‟Establishment of an intersectorial network
      among the working groups coordinating the implementation of the NPA for Food
                    Security, Safety and Nutrition“ (first two quarters of 2004)

¹      Name of the work           Conducted activities              Results            Indicators
    To finalize survey      1. Conducted the survey         1. In the result of the                  PHI,
    “Food safety               on food safety situation        survey worked out                     MOH
    situation of Mongolia      in country and was              a manual with
    and future trends”         analyzed information of         important     newly
                               all aspects of food             information
                               safety and made                 related to food
                               conclutions and                 safety    for who
                               recommendations.                interested in this
                            Recommendations:                   area.
                            -   a food safety monitoring
                                program should be           2. Determined current
                                developed and the border    problems and ways
                                laboratories need to
                                                            to solve it and the
                                upgraded to be able test
                                for common microbs and
                                                            direction of     future
                                contaminants and train      works in food safety.
1                               staff.                                                Summary
                            -   The training module,
                                handbook and
                                propagands on hygiene
                                and food safety for
                                consumers should be
                            -   Trainings on HACCP and
                                GHP should be conducted
                                at local level.
                            -   A study tour, training on
                                food safety program
                                management should be
                                organized and
                                international advisor
                                invited for consultation.

                            2. Writed the report.
    Edition of the report   1. The report was edited        The summary of the                      MOH
    of survey “Food            and revised by relevant      report (in English and                  PHI
    safety situation of        officials of the MOH and     Mongolian) became                       WHO
                                                                                      To put the
    Mongolia and future        WHO. Also it translated      the common property
                                                                                       report in
    trends” by the MOH         into English.                of the people.
    and WHO,                2. Printed and distributed
2                                                                                     website of
    publishing,                to MOH, WHO and other
                                                                                      WHO, MOH
    distribution and           relevant organizations
                                                                                       AND PHI
    dessimination by           /20 pieces/.
    mass media              3. Dessiminated by web
                               sites of MOH, WHO and
3    To organize first      1. The first meeting of the    - In the result of the       -                   MOF&A
     meeting of the            National Intersectorial     meeting            was       Administrative      MOH
     National                  Coordinating                approved the action          team                PHI
     Intersectorial            Committee held in 19        plan 2004 of the
                                                                                        - Action plan
     Coordinating              April 2004 and              Committee.                   and schedule
     Committee and             participated
     propagand by mass         Committee‟s members.        - Discussed issues related   - consent form
     media                  2. By this meeting was         to preparatory work of       of the survey
                               discussed 4 topics and      “3rd National Nutrition
                                                           Survey” and Conference       -
                               made decisions.
                                                           „‟Food    security    and    Recommendatio
                            3. The meeting was             safety‟‟ for capital city,   n of the
                               propagandized by            central    and     eastern   conference
                               mass media.                 regions and gave duty        “Food security
                                                           for responsible people.      and safety”

                                                           - Approved the structure     - Decision on
                                                           and responsibility and       establishing
                                                           action plan for 2004 of      professional
                                                           professional     working     working group
                                                           team in charge of
                                                           introducing HACCP in
                                                           food sector.

                                                           -Discussed the draft of
                                                           revised       rule   for
                                                           communication         of
                                                           bioactive          food
                                                           supplements         and
                                                           decided       to   make
                                                           addition in Law of
                                                           Special Approval on
                                                           bioactive          food

4.   Meeting of an              The first meeting of an    - In the result of the       - Decision on       MOH
     intersectorial           intersectorial information   meeting was                  establishing        PHI
     information team        team was held in June. In     discussed on                 intersectorial      NRCCD
                             this meeting participated     establishment of                                 SSSA
                               officials from MOH, PHI,    information network
                                  NRCCD and SSSA.          among sectors and
                                                           approved the
                                                           structure and
                                                           responsibility of the
                                                           information team.
5    Preparatory work for   1. Concluded a contract        Opportunity to               1.   Contract        PHI,
     creating online web       between PHI and             disseminate information      2.   Informatio     MOH,
     site on                   “Magicnet” Co.Ltd.                                            n web          MOFA
                                                                                             site‟s links
     implementation NPA     2. Preparatory work
     for FSSN                  related to technical side
                               is going.
                            - typing the data
                            - developing computer
                            - preparing design of web
6   Radio programs for   1. Concluded a contract        Improved health    Contract on         PHI,
                                                        education of the   cooperation ¹ 1    OICFR&T
    the community           between PHI and
    under framework of      Mongolian Office in           community                              V
                                                                           Radio lesson ¹1
    NPA for FSSN            charge for Radio and                           Radio lesson ¹ 2
    /to conclude            TV.
                                                                           TV lesson ¹1
    contract/            2. Developed and
                            broadcast 10 minute‟s
                            radio lessons for general
                            population on
                            activities of „‟NPA for
                            FSSN‟‟ and broadcast
                            by Mongolian radio 2
                         3. Developed and
                            broadcast TV serial
                            “Food safety and
                            Nutrition” by TV-9
                            channel, which is one
                            of the TV serial “Family
                            and Health”.
      Financial report of the contract work „‟Establishment of an intersectorial information
        network among the working groups the implementation of the of NPA for Food
                              Security, Safety and Nutrition“ for 2003
                                          (as first two quarters of 2004)

                                                                    Actually spended             Remained
 ¹       Item                                                            (US$)                     (US$)

     Meetings:      Per diem for participants
                    (24person x 4 times x 5$)                 Meeting ¹ 1 – 300$
                    Per diem for coordinator                  Meeting ¹ 2 – 250$
                    (1person x 16 days x 6$)
                    Sub coordinator
                    (1person x 16 days x 4$)
                    Per diem for assistant
 1                  (2 person x 16 days x 3$)
                    Room rent (4 hours x 4 times x 3$)
                    Stationary (24person x 4 times x 2$)
                    Communication (4 times x 20$)
                    Petrol expensis (4 times x 10$)
                    Miscellaneous (10%)
     Sub total :                   1202                                     550                    652

     Maior                                                                   -
 2   equipment                      492                                                            492

 3   Informatio     Web site 700$                             Web site - 350$
     n:             Bulletins (4 bulletins x 120$)
                    Radio programms (4 programs x             Radio lesson ¹ 1, 2 – 150$
                                                              TV serial - 300$
                    TV programs (1 program x 600$)
                    Newspaper article (4 articles x

     Sub total:                    2480                                     800                   1680

Grand total                        4174                                     1350                  2824

                Developed by:
                      Project coordinator,
                      Director of PHI                                              L.Narantuya

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