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									                             CITY OF BOULDER, COLORADO
                                          MANAGEMENT COMMISSION
NAME/TELEPHONE OF PERSON PREPARING SUMMARY:                            Ruth Weiss 303-413-7318
TYPE OF MEETING:                     MINUTES                    REGULAR MEETING: March 19, 2008
AGENDA ITEM 1 - Roll Call: Meeting called to order at 9:05 a.m.

AGENDA ITEM 2 – Approval of the February 20, 2008 Meeting Minutes. (SEE ACTION ITEM BELOW)

AGENDA ITEM 3 – Public Participation: None

AGENDA ITEM 4 – Police Update: Wegscheider commented the criminal mischief and noise stats increased. St.
Patrick’s weekend went well. End of school will be the next big event. Mitchell requested a copy of the memo by the
Chief of Police regarding potential changes to the drinking age.

AGENDA ITEM 5 – Farewell to Doug Mayhew: Mayhew is leaving the city of Boulder, after 18 years, to take
a position with Colorado State University as Assistant Commander. Winter expressed Mayhew’s best wishes to
everyone. Winter is the acting supervisor with staff stepping up as points of contact to assist with daily activities.
 Mayhew’s position will be changing and the new position will encompass coordinating with all the areas of
parking services.

AGENDA ITEM 6 – UHNA Update: Stoyva put out a newsletter that included a Shrum article regarding UHGID
changes. A general membership meeting was held on March 6. Morgan Rogers, civic forum director of The
Community Foundation, spoke. Bill Swan and Ken Wilson attended and discussed affordable housing. May meeting
will follow up with trends and would like a panel to discuss the issue. Restorative Justice has been instrumental on
the Hill.

AGENDA ITEM 7 – Hill Alliance Update: Shrum did not attend the last meeting. Cunningham remarked on
the cancellation of Rail Jam and they will work towards next year’s event. The Hill Fest tentative dates are for
Thursday 9/4 or Saturday 9/6, immediately following the home game on 9/6.

AGENDA ITEM 8 – Parking Services Update: Winter commented that most of the new parking kiosks were
installed and only one complaint call received to date. Winter continued that it has gone smoothly on the hill.
Jobert remarked on the parking solution for the Fox Theatre would be hoods on meters with the mechanics inside
removed. Mitchell asked about the disposition of the old meters. Winter responded that Jobert was looking into
what other communities have done; some to be used to raise money for Social Services and there is interest from
the city of Colorado Springs to purchase. The potential cost may be $100 each and as digital meters, there might
be more interest for another city to purchase the whole lot. Dahl asked how many there are, with a response of
approximately 1200.

AGENDA ITEM 9 – Matters from the Commissioners: Mitchell remarked on the cardboard recycling
process on the hill and has queried retailers about how much they discard. Shrum commented that Jon Price
visited Berkeley, CA, and returned with their city’s tourist publication, and mentioned that there is no city of
Boulder visitor/tourist brochure. Price is formatting a piece with hill retailers participating financially. Shrum
has limited participation in this product. Dahl commented that there is the free Boulder Magazine and this would
be duplication of information. Jobert commented on what UHGID advertises in the Chamber Directory, resort
maps, Parent Guide Book, CU Date Book which parking services did an article, “Parking 101”, for the residents
of the hill. Shrum said the Berkeley magazine was geared to trip planning with all events listed along with
restaurants and that the Boulder Magazine was for Boulder County and not just the city. Winter questioned the
market for the hill and how does this vehicle get to the market, and that parking pays for marketing and needed
involvement. Shrum is involved to make sure that the hill is highlighted. Miller asked if there was a marketing
package with parking addressed. Jobert mentioned a map/flyer created and distributed last year regarding parking
identification. Shrum was working with some people from CU athletics to increase participation at sports events
and looking to collaborate with hill retailers for before and after game incentives. Wed, March 26, 3pm the
candidates for the CU Tri Execs will be at the Sink to hold an Open House for questions and answers to start a
dialogue with the business district to coordinate events. Miller mentioned the replacement of standard lights with
LED lighting was the latest energy conservation effort questioned the city’s participation. Winter commented
that the past year’s Christmas lights were the more expensive, energy conserving LED bulbs. Miller also
questioned the bike parking issue and the exploration of innovative bike parking ideas. Jobert mentioned that a
contest for bike parking design was in process on the hill and several poles are donated for this contest. Miller
questioned if there is a place for large bike parking. Jobert commented that a survey was in process to identify
where the need for more bike parking is and what is the need. Miller mentioned that other cities have designated
large bike parking areas. Winter mentioned that people want to park right next to their target and bike parking
lots may cause participants to walk to their destinations.

AGENDA ITEM 10 – Matters from the Director: At the City Council meeting last night, Shrum was
reappointed to this commission and Hillary Griffith was appointed to the Commission and swearing in at the
April meeting. Rail Jam is not happening. Winter mentioned that the budget process was beginning and Hill
redevelopment was a big issue for the new budget year. Winter continued that a study line item would be
inserted for 2009. There is an ongoing line item for streetscape improvements and marketing efforts. In addition,
with an inventory of bike parking, a line item may be included. Landrith commented on the recycling efforts with
what levels of participation were going on and there was no response from the community. The CU Intern, Cid
Leeker, is looking to revise the hill logo to incorporate green efforts, conceptual at this time. Landrith continued
that physical examples of products for the recycle containers on foam board rather than verbal signage seems to
work better. Other boards have taken interest in greening downtown and will be present at tomorrow’s Green
Hill Partnership meeting. Shrum revealed that EcoCycle would cost $400 per month with 3 – 4 times per week
pick up and projects a 40% to 50% decrease in cost of disposal with retailers working together and sharing the
dumpsters. Public organization recycling programs, State funding availability, consistent presentation to the
consumer, working on back of the house sorting ideas, and compiling retailer’s individual business needs
regarding recycling are efforts under review. Winter commented that the city deals with trash as a user and incurs
its costs, and questioned the city role on the hill as a recycling participant, perhaps co-mingle container trash bins
with the city helping, perhaps as a city entity obtain a grant to pick up public trash from city containers in the hill.
Shrum will have access to the volume of trash on the hill but not rates yet from garbage disposal companies.
Landrith commented that the hill co-mingle containers were vandalized and not replaced. Shrum mentioned that
mid summer was the target date to begin. Winter voiced that Jen Korbelik is on maternity leave and the change
to the UHGID name has approval and perhaps a contest for the acronym was warranted. Winter included in the
packet the comments from staff regarding the Hill Commercial Context Study addressing hill redevelopment.
Shrum asked regarding Charlie Zucker’s role with the city. Study session showed the issues to be addressed, how
it exists with current regulations and noted that they do not change policy. Conference center situation is that CU
has decided to do an analysis of the CU community, what could they use, assembly of space for meetings and not
classrooms. The city of Boulder is going to suspend any further work on a city conference center concept until
CU makes their determination of needs. Winter continued that questions such as, is there any reason to do
something together/jointly, or does CU need to create a space that they will use all the time, need resolution first.

Meeting adjourned at 10:30am.
MOTIONS:         Miller made a motion to approve the February 20, 2008 meeting minutes, as amended by
                 Mitchell. Mitchell seconded. Approved unanimously.

                                      FUTURE MEETINGS:
April 16, 2008                          Regular Meeting                           Council Chambers
                                           9:00 a.m.

APPROVED BY:                                              UNIVERSITY HILL COMMERCIAL AREA
                                                          MANAGEMENT COMMISSION

Ruth Weiss, Secretary                                     David Miller, Chair


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