The enclosed notes set out the routine followed by a funeral director
using our services and matters of interest to all the bereaved. This, it is
hoped will help the bereaved understand their rights and complete as little
or as much of the funeral arrangements as they wish, even to carrying out
the funeral without a funeral director.

Funerals can be arranged from anywhere in the Country without
difficulty, although the distance can increase costs. If you use a funeral
director you can choose one from your locality or alternatively contact
one in the district of West Lindsey. West Lindsey District Council does
not provide a funeral directing service and cannot collect bodies and
convey them to the cemeteries they operate.

Provisional Funeral Booking

Initially you need to arrange the funeral by telephone:-
The number is 01427 676622 and you can contact us Monday to Friday
8.30am to 4.30pm.
The funeral will then be provisionally booked and we will require the
following information over the telephone:-
1. Funeral site – we administer 5 cemeteries in the district.
2. Funeral date and time – we need a minimum of 3 working days to get
the grave excavated and ready.
3. Details of deceased – name and address.
4. Grave number – this is indicated on the grave deeds if you already own
a grave; if you do not we can allocate a new one.
5. Coffin Size – you may not know this in the early stages but you will
have to notify us so we can ensure the grave is excavated to the correct
size and depth.
6. Funeral Type – this will depend upon how your funeral is organised. If
you have a service outside the cemetery you simply go to the graveside
and a small committal service can take place if required.
If you prefer to have a service at the cemetery you can use our cemetery
chapel (fee charged).
You could hold the entire service outside the cemetery and send only the
body with one or two attendants, to the cemetery for burial. There are no
legal requirements related to the service and you have free choice over
this decision.

7. Person arranging the funeral – this can be a private person or a funeral
director, who must also pay the fees we require.

This completes the telephone arrangements and you must now proceed as
a) Registration – the death must be registered with the Registrar who will
require a certificate of cause of death issued by a medical practitioner.
The registrar will issue a Certificate for Burial or Cremation. This must
be passed to us as soon as possible, as without it the burial cannot take
place. If the cause of death is not known a post-mortem may be required
in which case the Coroner will issue an alternative Certificate.

b) Notice of Burial – you must complete and sign a formal application for
the burial which can be obtained from us. If the grave is not already
purchased you will also need to complete a Deeds of Grant application
form. This confirms your telephone booking and completes a binding
contract over the funeral.
This completes the legal requirements.

c) Container – a coffin, shroud or alternative can be used for burial The
container must be buried with the body and not removed during or after
the ceremony. The container must be acceptable environmentally and be
biodegradable , without using lead, zinc or such materials. It is preferred
that a nameplate or other form of identification is placed on the container.

The container must be lowered into the grave when the burial takes place.
The grave will be 4’6” deep. As it is neither safe nor sensible for
anybody to enter a grave in order to help a body being lowered, tapes
should be used for lowering from the grave side. For coffins and rigid
containers we have tapes available. For other containers the method of
lowering must be considered very carefully. You need to provide
sufficient bearers to carry the body and lower it into the grave.

d) Conveyance – any form of transport can be used to convey the body to
the cemetery. An estate car or van would seem suitable depending on
how easy it is to slide the container in and out of the vehicle. It may be
possible to hire a hearse from a local funeral director.

This completes the summary of funeral arrangements. A few helpful
details follow:-
e) Interview – this information outlines the basic arrangements necessary.
If you need help or advice please contact us and if necessary arrange an
interview with a member of staff.

f) Fees – a table of fees setting out the councils charges follows. All fees
are due before the funeral takes place.
The particular fees you need to consider are:-
i) Right of Burial (Deed of Grant) – this gives you the deed of Right of
Burial in a grave for 99 years. These rights can be bought in advance (see
Grave Purchase).
ii) Burial Fee – this is for excavating the grave, dressing the surface with
timber and grass mats, re-filling the grave and leaving it neat and tidy,
and the administration completed by a member of staff. If you do not
reside within the District of West Lindsey the fees are doubled to
compensate for you not paying council tax to the council.
iii) Chapel usage – a fee is payable to use the chapel for holding a service.
iv) Erection of Memorials – a fee is charged for registering the memorial
checking the inscription and ensuring the memorial is placed on the
correct grave.

Please note that all fees increase each year, usually on 1st April.

Child up to 18 years                                      No Charge
Person over 18 years                                      £129.00
Triple depth grave                                        £239.00
Interment of cremated remains                             £30.70
Use of Chapel                                             £18.00

Exclusive Rights of Burial (Earthen Grave)
Grave not exceeding 9’x 4’                         £98.00
Grave not exceeding 9’x 4’ for 3 interments        £120.00
Cremated Remains only grave not exceeding 4’6”x 4’ £51.00

Monuments, Gravestones, Tablets and Inscriptions
For the right to erect or place on a grave
a) a headstone not exceeding 3 feet in height             £22.50
b) a vase or tablet not exceeding 12inches square         £9.80
c) each additional inscription                            £11.30

Other charges will apply – ie certified copies of Burial Grants etc. Prices
on application.

g) Flowers - you can use a commercial florist or provide your own as you

h) Services – you may wish to devise your own funeral service provided
you or somebody else can deliver it.

i) Green funerals – this is a new trend although there is no definition of a
true “green” funeral. Woodland burial graves are an obvious choice,
perhaps using a shroud or natural materials. There are no woodland burial
sites in West Lindsey at the moment although this option is being
researched for the future. There are a growing number of sites elsewhere
in Britain.
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