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					By: Amy Claggett
          Information on Adjectives
• An adjective describe a noun

• Adjectives can be words that
  describe size, color, shape,
  smell, feeling.

(Remember a noun is a person, place or thing.)

1.) It is sunny outside.
In this sentence, sunny is the
    adjective because it is describing
    what it is like outside.
2.) The big red ball.
In this sentence, both big and red
    describe the ball.
         Now give it a try!
   Can you identify the adjective?
  Read the following sentences and choose the one that uses and
                  adjective to describe the flower.

• The white flower is
• The flower is growing.
• The flower has petals.
• Flowers make good
      Oops…try again!
Go back and read the question.
             Great Job
    You found the adjective!

       The white flower is beautiful.
Both white and beautiful describe the flower.
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